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Home Page – Press Release Distribution – Overview of press release distribution and press release writing services.

Pricing Details – View our simple and upfront press release pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions – Visit our FAQ for answers to your frequently asked questions.

Press Release Case Studies – check out these case studies of select clients.

COVID-19 Press Release Case Study – check out a successful press release strategy to help restaurants during the world pandemic.

Press Release Submission – Details on our press release submission services, including PR Newswire distribution services.

Send a PR Newswire Press Release – How the process of sending a PR Newswire press release works.

New Press Release Customer Special – Save on your initial order through this special offer.

Press Release Writing – Details on our press release writing services.

How to Redeem eReleases’ Press Release Distribution Credits

Press Release Preview – What your press release will look like on PR Newswire.

News Outlets – Reach 150,000+ journalists with a three-pronged approach.

WireWatch Report – We don’t just send your news. We send you confirmation of press release distribution with our WireWatch report, which is free to all clients when we send your press release.

Order Press Release Distribution – Place your order for press release distribution, including our Buzz Builder, Newsmaker, and PR Pro services.

Order Press Release Writing & Distribution – Place your order for press release writing and distribution.

CauseWire™ – Communicate Your Cause™ through our Nonprofit Wire™ service, starting at US$249.

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Contact Us – Let us know if you have any questions about our services. Let us walk you through your pr strategy.

Panda and the Death of SEO PR – Google is attacking SEO press release gimmicks – what it means to you.

eReleases vs. – uses PR Newswire and their prices are competitive. What are the differences vs. eReleases’ service?

eReleases vs iReach – eReleases’ prices are higher than PR Newswire’s iReach platform – why?

eReleases vs PR Buzz (Unlimited Press Releases) – How does eReleases compare with unlimited press release services?

Public Relations Alternative – You may not need a pr firm. We set the record straight.

Registration for Journalists and Editors – Signup to receive press releases from the leader in press release distribution services.

PR Newswire Distribution – Our newswire partner PR Newswire ensures your press release receives the best of both worlds: newswire distribution from PR Newswire, the leader in newswire services, and press release distribution from eReleases, the leader in targeted national press release distribution.

Hyper-Targeting of Journalists Interested in Your News – Our editor-selected Cision Influencer Lists are high-priority lists covering a wide range of industry niches.

MyPR™ Personal Publicist Program – Have us build a PR plan for your business centered on strategy.

Free PR Strategy Training – Free Video Training: 8 Steps Our Clients Use to Consistently Earn Media Coverage.

White Label Reseller Program – PR Newswire custom national distribution under your own brand.

PR Firm Partner Program – Preferred pricing for PR partners distributing over 12 releases a year.

eReleases Press Release Affiliate Program

eReleases Customer Referral Program

Public Relations Tips: Grow to New Heights Fast in 2020 – How PR is a strong strategy for promoting your business and how it can work with other strategies to help you grow.

SEO Basics: The Definitive Guide to Optimizing Your Website – This guide includes everything you need to know about website SEO basics in 2020. All of which we gleaned from Brian Dean and a few of his friends so you can trust it to help you grow your business.

The Definitive Guide to Local SEO – If you’re a small business owner, read through this local SEO guide to hear our best local SEO tips and strategies.

The Definitive Guide to Viral Marketing – Learning to create your viral marketing campaign without using our guide is possible. It would be a lot like learning to play the piano without thumbs though. Get the guide.

COVID-19 Crisis: Tips to Help Your Restaurant and Retail Shop – As a retail or restaurant owner, how can your business survive this pandemic? Although it won’t last forever, you need to make sure that your business can come out on the other side of it.

Small Business Promotional Strategies: The Definitive Guide – It’s the old question: How does your business find paying customers? Growth isn’t magic. Growth happens when you deliberately improve consistent website traffic. With growth you can expand your team, develop new products, and invest in state-of-the-art technology to improve your current offerings.

Press Release Tips

What Is a Press Release? – The press release explained plus my own definition.

How to Send a Press Release – If sending a press release yourself, heed this advice.

How to Write a Press Release: A Killer Press Release Guide – a condensed version of the Advanced Guide linked below.

Advanced Guide: How to Write Powerful Press Releases – a Seven Chapter “How To” Guide

Your Press Release Headline: The Most Important Part of Your Press Release“Wait, did I really just say that the headline for your press release is the most important part of your press release?”

Write a Press Release? – If you are uncertain whether you should write your own press release or have a professional do it for you, let us give it you straight.

Press Release Sample – Here’s a press release sample. Note the format, tone, and style.

Press Release Template – Use this press release template to develop your own press release.

How To Format A Press Release (+ Free Template and 80+ Examples) – comprehensive article about press release formatting, including dozens of examples.

Press Release Ideas – 60+ ideas for your next press release.

How To Write A Music Press Release (With Examples) – Musicians, artists, or bands can generate traction and buzz with press releases. Here’s how.

How to Write A Press Release For A Book (+Template and Examples) – Writing and distributing a press release for your book is a great way for an author to start the process of getting media attention.

How To Write A Press Release For An Event (+Template and Examples) – How to promote your events to receive additional PR exposure.

How to Write a Press Release for a New Hire – including template and examples.

How to Write a Press Release for a New Product – New products and services can be a great trigger for publicity. Learn how to write press releases announcing them – this article includes template and examples.

News Clipping Services – Clippings services can be a valuable, albeit expensive, resource to determine if your press release made waves.

PR Fuel: Online Publicity News and Public Relations Tips – PR Fuel, our free weekly newsletter, provides invaluable pr advice and resources.

Top 10 PR Fuel Articles – PR Toolkit™

Make Room for the Press on Your Website – If you don’t have an online newsroom, this article explains why you should.

Mastering the Media Interview – Whether being interviewed for an radio or television interview, these tips will help prepare you for both the expected and unexpected.

Who Should Write Your Press Release? – Before you write your own press release, consider your options.

There Is No Magic Press Release Bullet – The belief that one single press release on one single day is all you or your company needs is an unrealistic dream. This article sets the record straight on your expectations and goals.

Hook Editors With Strong Openings – It takes a hook to catch a fish … or an editor. In this case, the hook is a newsworthy angle.

Improving Public Relations: Is a Communications Audit Right for You? – A media audit may be just what you need to assess your current and future pr strategy.

The News Conference: Controlling Your Message – The news conference remains one of the most abused events by companies and pr firms. This article provides tips to get the most out of your news conference and leave you in control of the message being announced.

Meet the Press: Tips for Your First Media Interview – This article will help you keep your cool when you’re in the hot seat.

Is a Press Release Your Best Public Relations Bet? – If you worship at the shrine of the press release, it’s time to rearrange your priorities.

Using Plain Language In Public Relations – A simple, concise press release that is easy to understand will get more results than a wordy, jargon-filled press release that fails to get its point across. The surprising thing about this common sense advice is how often it is ignored.

Press Release Resources

BizFuel™: Media Searches – Links to news and media searches online.

BizFuel™: Reference Tools – Bookmark this page for easy to find links to online dictionaries, currency conversions, and more.

Journalism Sites – A roundup of journalism websites.

Public Relations Resources – A collection of public relations resources and links.

PR Organizations and Associations – A great list of media organizations & associations.

Media Careers and PR Jobs – Looking for a career in PR or news? Start your search here.

Free PR Whitepapers, Press Release E-Books, and Quick-Study Publicity Guides

eReleases Free PR Whitepapers, Press Release E-Books, and Quick-Study Publicity Guides – Click on any of the thumbnails below to be taken to the signup page for each whitepaper, ebook, or guide. Yes, they are all free! smiley face

Beginner’s Guide to Writing Powerful Press Releases – Secrets the Pros Use to Command Media Attention.

PR Bonus Bundle – 5 Free eBooks – Hone your PR skills with these valuable PR tools, publicity tips, and press release resources.

Free PR Checklist – 24 point list of Press Release Dos and Don’ts.

BIG Press Release Samples Book – Press Releases for Every Occasion and Industry – More than 60 press releases thoughtfully selected and brought to you by the editors at eReleases.

The Grammar Geek’s Guide to Writing Press Releases – Avoid Silly Mistakes & Blundering Gotchas.

8 Shocking Secrets PR Firms Don’t Want You to Know – About to spend precious marketing $$$ on a press release service? Here are some odd little questions you might not have thought to ask …

7 Cheap PR Tactics for Success in Any Economy – In this report, you’ll discover the 7 most effective, cheap PR tactics your business can put to use immediately.

Leveraging Social Media & PR – Using Social Media, Blogs, and PR to Reach Influencers and Drive Traffic.

BizFuel™: Successful Crowdfunding – How to Drive Traffic to Your Crowdfunding Project.

BizFuel™: Tips, Tricks & Techniques to Promote Your App – Using PR and Social Media

BizFuel™: How to Get Your Company Covered on Top Blogs – Drive Traffic by Targeting Bloggers

BizFuel™: LinkedIn for Business

BizFuel™: My Facebook Formula – Over 1 Billion Users, Unlimited Potential – Tap and engage the enormous social community of Facebook for your marketing efforts.

BizFuel™: Twitter Wonder Tactics – Harness the Power of Twitter for Pure Profit

BizFuel™: The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest – How to Access 20+ Million People in Less than 20 Minutes.

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