Press Release Quote Examples [+ Quote Templates]

Using Quotes In Press Releases

It is always a good idea to include quotes in your press releases, as they add a personal touch and allow you to strengthen your message and/or add another story idea for a journalist to cover.

In this article, we will provide:

Examples of Quotes In Press Releases

Need examples of quotes you can model yours on? Here are a number of sample quotes taken from real press releases:

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Example #1: CEO Quote, Praising Team

“It’s inspiring to see a team of veterans, military spouses, and first responders produce positive and engaging content for the military community,” said Recurrent CEO, Lance Johnson. “We’re thrilled to be a part of helping them grow. The company’s digital focus complements our other brands and will afford more opportunities for veterans and military reporters to work alongside each other. WATM’s unique approach to partnerships will uplevel various aspects of our business, specifically custom content production for our partners and audiences.”

Harper said, “Since the day We Are The Mighty was founded, our singular goal has been to celebrate service by inspiring, educating, informing, and entertaining our audience. Seven years later, we’ve grown immensely and continue to create positive digital content and events for the military community. We’re honored to join such brands as Task & Purpose, MilSpouseFest, and The War Zone to collectively better serve our audiences.”


LExample #2: CEO Quote, Announcing New Hire

“Through our time working together at Fullscreen and Studio71, I’ve always been blown away by Jordan Worona’s talent development skills.” Ranta noted, “I’m thrilled to be joining this best-in-class team to build a 21st century value proposition for WAV’s creative entrepreneurs.”

“In 2022 alone we’ve helped create over 1,000 pieces of branded content and generated over $10m in value for our clients. With new expansions in both our team and our partners, we expect to triple that goal in 2023,” Worona says, “With the best-in-class industry expertise of Phil Ranta on the team, we’ll unlock web3, investment, and platform partnership relationships as well.”


Example #3: Treasurer and VP Quotes, the Goals of this Program

“Every single day, there are thousands of powerful stories from the disability community that can teach, empower and inspire,” said Treasurer Ma. “Our goal with CalABLE has been to build the best possible program for the disability community. We designed CalABLE to be accessible, user friendly, and easy to understand. We recognized early on that the most powerful tool to spread awareness is to hear directly from the people who are benefitting from CalABLE. The ‘We Are CalABLE’ campaign raises the voices of those whose lives have been impacted by their decision to open an account.”

“This project is a great example of how people with disabilities can help develop skills, gain valuable experiences, and contribute in ways that directly affect their own lives,” said John Peterson, OFA’s Vice President of Film and Media.


Example #4: CEO Quote, Giving a Message to the Community

“This campaign is a reflection of our promise as an organization to provide empathetic and culturally, competent care throughout Orlando and beyond,” explained 26Health CEO Syvonne Carter. “We want the community to know that we have our doors open to all, and that no matter who you are or what stage of life you’re in, we’ll meet you there.”


Example #5: CEO Quote, Next Year’s Plans

“2024 looks to be another fun year with exciting new rides in our parks and our first jellyfish exhibit,” said Marc Swanson, CEO of SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment. “We know our fans will delight in the all-new lineup of marine life inspired experiences that gives everyone even more new ways to really enjoy our parks. And when they do, they can feel good knowing that a portion of proceeds goes toward our rescue and conservation work.”


Example #6: CEO Quote, Work Done by Team

“We know how important the right costume is for that perfect Halloween moment. That’s why we spend all year creating, crafting, and cultivating the best costume and accessory assortment on the planet,” said Steven Silverstein, CEO of Spirit Halloween. “Whether you’re creating a classic show-stopping look inspired by your favorite characters, or hunting for the perfect group costume for your crew, Spirit Halloween’s quality, imagination, and attention to detail will not disappoint for Halloween season or those everyday spooky vibes.”


Example #7: CEO Quote, Company Anniversary

“Growing up on the website myself, I’ve had the opportunity to see how Neopets is about so much more than simply raising a virtual pet online,” said Dominic Law, CEO of Neopets. “The community behind Neopia have kept the magic of the website alive for over two decades and credit the platform for everything from starting lifelong relationships to learning the basics of coding.”


Example #8: Restaurant President, New Product Launch

“Culinary is an integral part of our ultra-luxury experiences, and we are committed to continuously innovating to delight our guests with unparalleled dining options. The addition of Solis is truly inspired by the voice of our guests and our team has worked hard over the past several months to bring this to life,” said Natalya Leahy, president of Seabourn. “Solis will showcase a vibrant, chic atmosphere with feel-good background music and a menu reminiscent of our favorite travel memories. With each dish, guests are transported to the sun-kissed shores of the Mediterranean. An evening at Solis will surely delight our guests and leave them with lasting Seabourn Moments and memories.”


Example #9: Executive Producer, International Appeal of New Media Offerings

Executive Producer Askia Fountain, renowned for his work on the Grammy-nominated album “Victory Lap” by Nipsey Hussle, leads a talented team of producers, singers, and songwriters. Fountain, also Vice President and Brand Manager of Afro Unicorn Entertainment, expresses the intentional creation of the EP, saying:

“It represents our ongoing commitment to children’s music, animation, and live-action. It has a profound message about the true meaning of the holidays, celebrating creativity, and supporting one another.”


Example #10: New Hire Quote, Expressing Excitement to be Part of the Team

“I am honored to assume the role of President at PANTHERx Rare and work with such a talented team. Together we will continue to build upon the Company’s remarkable achievements and propel the Company to even greater success. I am confident that our collective expertise and passion for serving individuals with rare and devastating conditions,” said Ken Bodmer.

“I am excited to join PANTHERx Rare and contribute to its ongoing growth and development. The Company’s reputation for excellence, innovation, and commitment to serving its customers’ needs is inspiring. I look forward to working closely with the PANTHERx team and leveraging my experience to drive a meaningful impact”, said B.J. Vaughn.


Example #11: Medical Trial Coordinator, Early Results of Clinical Trials

“We believe these encouraging early results in patients with advanced heart failure are important for the congestive heart failure community, as they bring hope to a sub-population where treatment options are needed,” said Litsa G. Kranias, PhD, Hanna Chair of Cardiology at the University of Cincinnati and US Coordinator, Cure-PLaN. “Seeing the potential of gene therapy being explored in heart failure is a key step forward in one day potentially changing the direction of this devastating disease, which is a leading cause of morbidity and mortality in westernized countries.”


Example #12: Association President, Disappointment on Bill Veto

“We are extremely disappointed that the Governor squandered this opportunity to make this smart investment to improve health outcomes, lower health system costs and address inequities. AB 85 provided real solutions to the problems Governor Newsom has long committed to address.” said CAFP president Dr. Raul Ayala.

“Despite the well-documented impact of SDOH on health outcomes and cost of care, our current health care system does not operate in a way that includes addressing them.” added Dr. Ayala.


Example #13: Company CEOs, Commenting on Merger Cancellation

“While today’s announcement is unfortunate and unexpected, First Horizon will continue on its growth path operating from a position of strength and stability,” said First Horizon Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Bryan Jordan. “Our strong capital position, disciplined credit quality, expense control measures, and well-diversified and stable funding mix have enabled our business to navigate challenging banking industry dynamics and remain focused on executing our client-centric growth plan. We continue to develop and expand deep client relationships across all of our markets, which include some of the fastest-growing U.S. markets, while maintaining a strong, asset-sensitive balance sheet well-positioned for the current rate environment.”

“This decision provides our colleagues and shareholders with clarity. Though disappointed with the outcome, we move forward with a strong, growing franchise in the United States, servicing more than 10 million customers across our footprint.” said Bharat Masrani, Group President and Chief Executive Officer, TD Bank Group. “I want to thank First Horizon for their partnership over the last several months and wish them enormous success for the future. Above all, I want to thank our colleagues at TD Bank, America’s Most Convenient Bank, for their tremendous efforts and steadfast dedication to the Bank, the millions we serve and the communities in which we live and work.”


Using Quotes in Press Releases

There are several different types of quotes you can include in your press releases, including:

The Spokesperson Quote

A spokesperson quote is one of the most common types of quotes in press releases. It typically comes from a company executive or an official representative. The purpose of this quote is to provide an official statement from the organization and convey its stance on the news being announced.

Spokesperson Quote Template:

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with [Company Name]. This collaboration represents a significant step forward in our commitment to delivering innovative solutions to our customers,” said [CEO/Spokesperson’s Name], CEO of [Your Company].

Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials can be a powerful addition to your press release, especially if they highlight the positive impact of your product or service. These quotes serve as third-party endorsements, reinforcing your message’s credibility.

Customer Testimonial Quote Template:

“[Your Product/Service] has transformed the way we do business. Its efficiency and reliability have helped us increase productivity by 30%,” said [Customer’s Name], CEO of [Customer’s Company].

Expert Opinions

Including quotes from industry experts or thought leaders can lend authority and credibility to your press release. These quotes provide valuable insights and context to the news you’re sharing.

Expert Opinion Quote Template:

“[News Topic] is a significant development in our industry. It reflects a growing trend towards [Industry Trend]. This move by [Your Company] is a strategic decision that aligns with the evolving needs of the market,” noted [Expert’s Name], industry expert and author of [Expert’s Book Title].

Employee Perspective

Sharing quotes from your employees can humanize your organization and highlight your company culture. It also allows your team members to express their excitement or enthusiasm about the news.

Employee Perspective Quote Template:

“I’m proud to be part of a company that continually pushes the boundaries of innovation. Our team has worked tirelessly on [Project/Initiative], and I can’t wait to see the positive impact it will have on our customers,” shared [Employee’s Name], [Job Title] at [Your Company].

Partner Collaboration

When announcing partnerships or collaborations, quotes from your partners can emphasize the mutual benefits and shared goals.

Partner Collaboration Quote Template:

“[Your Company] has been a fantastic partner throughout this journey. Together, we are poised to revolutionize [Industry] with our joint efforts,” stated [Partner’s Name], CEO of [Partner’s Company].

Community Engagement

If your news involves community initiatives or social responsibility efforts, including quotes from community leaders or beneficiaries can highlight your organization’s commitment to making a positive impact.

Community Engagement Quote Template:

“Thanks to [Your Company]’s generous contribution, we were able to provide food and shelter to over 1,000 families in need. Their dedication to our community is truly commendable,” praised [Community Leader’s Name], [Title] of [Community Organization].

How To Gather Quotes for Your Press Releases

Gathering press release quotes can be a crucial aspect of creating an effective press release. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to gather press release quotes:

  1. Identify Key Stakeholders:

    Determine who the key stakeholders are for the news or announcement you’re sharing in your press release. This may include company executives, employees, customers, partners, industry experts, or community leaders, depending on the nature of your news.

  2. Conduct Interviews:

    Reach out to the identified stakeholders and schedule interviews or discussions with them. These interviews can be conducted in person, over the phone, via email, or through video conferencing, depending on what’s most convenient for the individuals involved.

  3. Prepare Questions:

    Before conducting interviews, prepare a list of open-ended questions that will prompt stakeholders to provide insightful and relevant quotes. Tailor your questions to the individual’s role and perspective. For example, you might ask executives about the strategic significance of the news, while customers can be asked about their experiences or benefits.

  4. Encourage Authentic Responses:

    During the interviews, encourage stakeholders to provide authentic and honest responses. Explain the importance of their input in conveying the significance of the news to the media and the public. Authenticity is key to crafting compelling quotes.

  5. Record or Transcribe:

    Ensure you record the interviews or take detailed notes if you can’t record them. Accurate quotes are vital, so you can refer back to these recordings or notes when crafting the press release.

  6. Select the Most Relevant Quotes:

    Review the interview responses and select the most relevant and impactful quotes that align with the key messages of your press release. Quotes should enhance the news and provide valuable insights.

  7. Attribute Quotes Properly:

    When using quotes in your press release, make sure to attribute them correctly, including the speaker’s name, title, and affiliation. For example: [CEO’s Name], CEO of [Company Name], stated, “[Quote here.]”

  8. Seek Approval:

    Before finalizing your press release, share the draft with the stakeholders whose quotes are included. This ensures that they are comfortable with the context and wording of their quotes. It’s essential to maintain accuracy and uphold your organization’s reputation.

  9. Edit for Clarity and Conciseness:

    Sometimes, interview responses may need minor editing to enhance clarity and conciseness while preserving the speaker’s intended message. However, be careful not to alter the meaning of the quotes or misrepresent the speaker’s words.

  10. Incorporate Quotes into the Press Release:

    Insert the selected and approved quotes into your press release at appropriate points. Ensure that they flow seamlessly with the overall narrative and reinforce the key messages.

  11. Proofread:

    Carefully proofread the entire press release, including the quotes, to eliminate any errors in grammar, punctuation, or formatting.

  12. Distribute the Press Release:

    Once your press release is ready, distribute it to your target media outlets and share it through your organization’s communication channels. We recommend using a press release distribution service like those offered by to expand your reach and the impact of your press release.

By following these steps, you can effectively gather and incorporate meaningful quotes into your press release, adding depth and authenticity to your news and increasing its impact on your target audience and the media.

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