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First Tru-D SmartUVC Disinfection Robot Deployed in Montgomery

Jackson Hospital invests in innovative technology to fight infections

MEMPHIS, Tenn. and MONTGOMERY, Ala. , June 20 /PRNewswire/ — Jackson Hospital has added a new member to its team to proactively reduce the risk of hospital-acquired infections. The new addition, Tru-D SmartUVC, is a UV disinfection robot that kills up to 99.9 percent of harmful germs and pathogens that can live in health care environments and will be used primarily in Jackson Hospital’s surgical areas.

Jackson Hospital is a community not-for-profit hospital serving Montgomery and the Alabama River Region. Since 1946, Jackson Hospital has been committed to improving the health of all members of the community by providing superior, patient-centered and cost-effective care in a safe, compassionate environment.

“Jackzon Hospital is a leader in providing exceptional quality of care for residents in the region,” said Joe Riley, president and CEO at Jackson Hospital. “While we already implement stringent infection prevention protocols, having Tru-D added to our standard cleaning methods will give our patients and staff peace of mind that our facility is safe and continually improving,” said Riley.

Using effective and chemical-free UVC light energy, Tru-D eradicates hard-to-kill germs and superbugs such as C. diff, MRSA, VRE, Ebola and more. Before Tru-D is activated, the room is cleaned using traditional methods. Tru-D is then brought in to begin administering a single cycle of UV energy, providing total room disinfection. Using patented Sensor360 technology, Tru-D is able to compensate for room variables such as size, shape and contents to deliver the precise, lethal dose of UVC energy needed. Through its method of calculated, measured UV dosage, Tru-D is able to disinfect in both direct and shadowed areas while removing the chance of human error in the disinfection process. After the cycle is complete, Tru-D alerts the operator via text and/or audio message that the cycle is complete and the entire room has been disinfected.

“Tru-D’s Sensor360 technology ensures total room disinfection from a single position while eliminating the chance for human error in the process,” said Chuck Dunn, CEO and President of Tru-D SmartUVC. “Due to this innovative technology, Tru-D was the only device chosen for the first-ever randomized clinical trial on UV disinfection, which was funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Results of the Benefits of Enhanced Terminal Room Disinfection (BETR-D) study proved that Tru-D can cut transmission of four major superbugs by a cumulative 30 percent.”

For more information, visit

About Tru-D SmartUVC
Only Tru-D delivers an automated, measured dose of UVC light to consistently disinfect an entire room during a single cycle. Operating from a single position in the room, Tru-D ensures significant pathogen reduction in direct and shadowed areas. Validated by more than a dozen independent studies, Tru-D’s automated, measured dosing capabilities and real-time usage-tracking features make it one of the most advanced UV disinfection systems available.

About Jackson Hospital:
Founded in 1946, Jackson Hospital ranks among the largest hospitals in Alabama and is nationally recognized for the excellence in care it has traditionally provided to all who use its services. Jackson is a certified Advanced Primary Stroke Center and was the first hospital in Alabama to earn the Gold Seal of Certification from the Joint Commission for spine surgery, heart attack care (AMI) and abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) repair. Jackson has also earned the Blue Cross Blue Shield Distinction Center for Maternity Care, Knee and Hip Replacement and Spine Surgery. For more information about Jackson visit                                      

Media Contacts:

Christin Yates
Public Relations
Tru-D SmartUVC
[email protected]

Mary Tyler Spivey
Marketing and PR
Jackson Hospital
[email protected]


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  2. Launch of a new office, hospital, or healthcare facility
  3. Partnership or collaboration with a healthcare organization
  4. Acquisition of a healthcare company or organization
  5. Implementation of new medical procedures or protocols
  6. Development of a new drug or treatment
  7. Research studies or clinical trials on a new treatment
  8. Recognition of a healthcare professional for their contribution to the industry
  9. Addition of new specialty services to a healthcare facility
  10. Introduction of a new health insurance plan or policy
  11. Expansion of healthcare services into new regions or markets
  12. Announcement of a major healthcare conference or event
  13. Introduction of a new telemedicine platform or service
  14. Partnership with a healthcare nonprofit organization
  15. Successful completion of a healthcare accreditation or certification
  16. Implementation of a new electronic medical record system
  17. Launch of a new health and wellness program for employees
  18. Introduction of or participant in a new medical training program or certification
  19. Development of a new medical technology startup
  20. Introduction of a new mobile health application
  21. Announcement of a major donation or philanthropic initiative
  22. Implementation of new patient safety protocols or initiatives
  23. Introduction of a new healthcare policy or regulation
  24. Recognition for environmental sustainability initiatives in healthcare
  25. Introduction of a new hospital or healthcare system initiative to improve patient outcomes.

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