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Here’s Mickie’s answer.

If you are considering PRBuzz, may I recommend a far cheaper option? Just set up a blog and post your releases online: https://wordpress.com – it’s free!

That’s about all you get at PRBuzz: a webpage, a cheap syndication on inferior sites (what Google characterizes as “bad neighborhoods”), and of course the loss of your $299.

You won’t reach journalists. Your release will be keeping company with these non-newsworthy releases on PRBuzz:

  • We Are Modern Pharma’s First-Round Lab-Rats!
  • DJ Scott Fijolek to Offer a Family-Friendly Interactive DJ MC Service with a 100% Moneyback Guarantee
  • Oxnard, CA Dentist Dr. Rafi Davidian Promotes Good Oral Hygiene and Periodontal Health
  • Green Coffee Beans Direct Correlation to Weight Loss
  • The Experienced Dentists at Dentistry of Albuquerque Restores Dental Implants after Surgery in Albuquerque, NM
  • Waugh Chapel Dental Utilizes CEREC Technology to Enhance Tooth Restorations in Gambrills, MD 15

Google certainly doesn’t appear to like their releases (at least not picking up any syndication partners on Google web search). Do a Google search of the first headline above in quotes: “We Are Modern Pharma’s First-Round Lab-Rats!” (issued the day of the customer’s inquiry, in late May, 2015).


The release appears on one site. PRBuzz. Do the same search with any release you’ve issued through us. That’s the difference.

Since the release appears on one site (PRBuzz.com), lets look at the traffic.

PR Newswire is averaging 3.5 million monthly visitors. PRBuzz is averaging less than 50,000 a month. (stats from Compete.com)


Ideally, you want your press release to reach a newswire of press releases. All press release newswires start at $600+ for a national press release of 400 words (PR Newswire is about $1,000). There are no exceptions; no one else is offering a national newswire of press releases for anything less than $600 other than us, which we can do as PR Newswire’s largest reseller. In addition to this newswire distribution, we also have our database of subscribing journalists through which we target your releases.

Any additional questions, let me know. šŸ™‚



Mickie Kennedy
Founder & President
eReleases Press Release Distribution
Telephone: 410-931-2966 or 800-710-5535

Here’s what customer said.

Thank you for all of this!

I agree with you, but am very glad you have given me the reasons for maintaining my relationship with you all at eReleases.

I have been very happy with how you all proceed with the releases, now in quite a few releases with your company.

I now have the ‘pushback’ fodder I need to spend the money with you all to get way better results. More to come soon!

If You Are Open to More Results from Actual Media, Consider eReleases

A press release succeeds or fails on the quality of its writing.
  — eReleases Founder Mickie Kennedy

First Time Customers - Save 30%

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