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New Book Launch Offers Hands-On Advice for Physicians at Every Stage of Career

The Three Stages of a Physician’s Career: Navigating from Training to Beyond Retirement by Neil H. Baum, MD, Joel M. Blau, CFP®, Peter S. Moskowitz, MD, and Ronald J. Paprocki, JD, CFP® is now available.

PHOENIX, Md.May 17 /PRNewswire/ — Today’s medical graduates are superbly trained to practice state-of-the art clinical medicine.  However, only in rare instances are they trained to self-manage their careers and medical practices. This new book launch from Greenbranch Publishing is designed to fill that gap in training and knowledge.

Dr. Neil Baum, et. al. Cover ImageThe authors have divided physicians’ careers into three stages: Early-Career, Mid-Career, and Late-Career. This new book, featuring insights from physician career and practice management experts, is an invaluable treasure trove of practical, hands-on advice from an author team gathering their expertise in one place! Jam-packed with easy-to-implement suggestions, you’ll hear sage advice from a career coach for physicians, two certified financial planners, a healthcare attorney, a medical school dean for student advising, two experts who launch, merge, and sell physician practices, and a surgeon who literally “wrote the book” on the business aspects of running a medical practice.The Early-Career section provides in-depth descriptions of career theory, renewing and balancing yourself, managing career transitions, and practical guidelines to navigate the many other challenges of early careers in medicine.The Mid-Career section offers the broadest and most detailed information available regarding practice organization and management, building assets and retirement planning, estate planning, common legal issues, and how to manage the challenges of malpractice and/or impairment.The Late-Career section covers deciding what to do after practice, closing the doors or selling a practice, and evolving estate and practice priorities so there is joy in a well-planned retirement filled with fun, meaning, and contribution.From day one of medical school, until you take off the white coat, The Three Stages of a Physician’s Career:  Navigating from Training to Beyond Retirement will guide the physician to be career-resilient, sustain practice success, and enter an exciting and fulfilling retirement without financial worries.About Greenbranch Publishing

For the past 19 years, Greenbranch Publishing has earned a loyal following for its medical practice management educational materials, including the flagship publication, The Journal of Medical Practice Management and highly regarded books and seminars for physicians and practice managers covering reimbursement, practice development, compliance, patient safety, and financial and operational issues. Get more information at or at (800) 933-3711.

Media Contact:
Nancy Collins
[email protected]

SOURCE: Greenbranch Publishing

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The Authors and Publishers Guide To How to Write and Distribute a Press Release 

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What to Write a Press Release About

Need ideas you as an author or publisher could write a press release about? Here are 25 ideas to get you started:

  1. A new book release
  2. An upcoming book signing or author event
  3. A book reaching a notable milestone (e.g. 100,000 copies sold)
  4. A book being optioned for a movie or television adaptation
  5. An author receiving a prestigious award or recognition
  6. A publisher acquiring a highly anticipated manuscript
  7. A book receiving rave reviews from critics or readers
  8. An author’s unique backstory or writing process
  9. A book’s relevance to current events or cultural trends
  10. An author’s personal connection to the subject matter of their book
  11. A book’s positive impact on a particular community or group
  12. An author’s appearance on a popular podcast or talk show
  13. A book being selected for a book club or reading group
  14. An author’s successful crowdfunding campaign for a new project
  15. A book being translated into multiple languages
  16. An author’s participation in a literary festival or conference
  17. A book being used in a university or college course curriculum
  18. An author’s work being featured in a prominent literary journal or magazine
  19. A book’s inclusion on a bestseller list or award nomination
  20. An author’s or publisher’s contribution to a charitable cause or organization
  21. A book being recommended by a celebrity or notable figure
  22. An author’s collaboration with another author or artist
  23. A book being adapted into a stage play or musical
  24. An author’s engagement with their readers through social media or events
  25. A book being used as source material for a research project or academic study.

How to Write a Results-generating Press Release

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