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University Press Release Examples

Example #1: New degree program announcement


Jacksonville University Introduces World-Class Master of Science in Nursing Programs Online

JU’s School of Nursing Empowers Working RNs to Earn an MSN Degree With the Convenience of a 100% Online Classroom

TAMPA, Fla.June 3 /PRNewswire/ — Jacksonville University is revolutionizing nursing education by bringing its acclaimed Master of Science in Nursing degrees to RNs nationwide via a 100% online classroom. This development introduces an unprecedented level of convenience to JU’s renowned MSN degree programs, which include specializations in Nursing Education and Nursing Administration. RNs seeking a Master of Science in Nursing can now complete a degree on their own schedule while fulfilling family and work obligations. Both online MSN degree specializations are taught by the same doctoral-trained professors who teach on campus at JU, a university consistently ranked by U.S. News & World Report as one of “America’s Best Colleges” among master’s-level universities in the South.

A Master of Science in Nursing degree will enable nurses to enjoy greater control, prestige and compensation in their career. According to, nurses who hold an MSN degree can take home an annual salary of over $94,000 as a Director of Nursing. Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show abundant opportunities for nurses to move into more advanced positions, as employment of medical and health services managers is expected to grow 16% over the next 10 years, and employment for nursing educators by 15% during the same period.

“The advanced education that our programs provide will empower nurses with the ability to compete for more rewarding jobs in their chosen specialization,” said Dr. Judith M. Erickson, Dean of Jacksonville University’s School of Nursing. “A Master of Science in Nursing can open a lot of doors. We’re happy to now be able to provide busy nurses with the opportunity to earn their MSN degrees in a flexible online program.”

Graduates from JU’s online MSN degree programs will possess enhanced expertise in leveraging technology to foster greater success for their organization, forming health policy and evaluating the health of specific populations. All will garner a valuable credential that will enable them to enter a more fulfilling new phase of their professional life.

JU’s online MSN degrees are open to graduates of an NLNAC- or CCNE-accredited BSN nursing program. The MSN in Nursing Education is designed for registered nurses who want to combine clinical expertise and a passion for teaching into a prominent role such as Clinical Nurse Educator or Assistant Professor, while the MSN in Nursing Administration is for those who wish to manage nurses and institutions, and influence policies related to both, as a Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) or Nurse Administrator. These online programs are ideal for nurses whose schedule, location or other limitations have prevented them from pursuing their higher education goals.

Visit to learn more about the online MSN degree programs offered worldwide through the JU School of Nursing.

About Jacksonville University

Founded more than 75 years ago in Jacksonville, Florida, Jacksonville University has more than 18,000 alumni. Recognized as one of the nation’s foremost teaching institutions, JU offers one of the largest online RN to BSN degree programs in the country. To meet the needs of those seeking the advanced opportunities of a postgraduate education, JU also offers two convenient online Master of Science in Nursing degrees. The School of Nursing is a member of the American Association of Colleges of Nursing and is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE). JU was named one of “America’s Best Colleges” for the sixth consecutive year in 2010 by U.S. News & World Report.


Sandy Levine, VP of Marketing Services
Jacksonville University Online/University Alliance Partner

SOURCE: Jacksonville University Online/University Alliance Partner

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What to Write a Press Release About – Universities, Schools, and Colleges

Need ideas for topics a university, school, or college could write a press release about? Here are 50 ideas to get you started:

  1. New Program Launch: Introduction of a new academic or extracurricular program.
  2. Accreditation: Achieving a new academic accreditation or renewal.
  3. Research Breakthrough: Announcing significant findings or innovations from university research.
  4. Faculty Achievements: Professors receiving awards, appointments, or distinctions.
  5. Student Achievements: Students winning national or international competitions, fellowships, or scholarships.
  6. New Construction: Groundbreaking or completion of new facilities or infrastructure.
  7. Distinguished Guests: Hosting renowned speakers, guests, or visiting professors.
  8. Major Grants: Receiving significant research grants or endowments.
  9. Athletic Achievements: Wins in major sports events or championships.
  10. Art Exhibitions: Hosting or curating significant art or historical exhibitions.
  11. Partnerships: Announcing collaborations with other institutions, corporations, or organizations.
  12. Rankings: Climbing or maintaining a high position in national or international rankings.
  13. Alumni Achievements: Celebrating successful alumni or their significant donations.
  14. Enrollment Milestones: Reaching a record number of applications or enrollments.
  15. Campus Events: Organizing events open to the public, such as festivals or fairs.
  16. Online Offerings: Launching new online courses, degrees, or digital platforms.
  17. Diversity Initiatives: Announcing new diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives or milestones.
  18. Financial Developments: Introduction of new scholarships, financial aid programs, or budget updates.
  19. Crisis Management: Addressing incidents or crises impacting the campus or its community.
  20. Study Abroad Programs: Announcing new international exchange or study opportunities.
  21. Environmental Initiatives: Achieving sustainability goals, green initiatives, or environmental recognitions.
  22. Library Collections: Acquiring significant collections, books, or digital resources.
  23. Conferences Hosted: Hosting significant academic or industry conferences.
  24. Technological Advancements: Introducing new tech facilities, labs, or initiatives.
  25. University Anniversaries: Celebrating significant anniversaries or historical moments.
  26. New Leadership: Appointing new deans, presidents, or other key administrators.
  27. Community Engagement: Announcing community outreach or service programs.
  28. Publications: Releasing significant university or faculty publications.
  29. Campus Expansions: Opening of satellite campuses or expansions.
  30. Global Initiatives: Establishing new international partnerships or campuses.
  31. Health Initiatives: Announcing new health or wellness programs for students.
  32. Staff Achievements: Recognizing staff members for their achievements or years of service.
  33. Honorary Degrees: Bestowing honorary degrees upon notable individuals.
  34. Innovation Hubs: Launching new innovation or entrepreneurial centers.
  35. Start-ups: Announcing successful student or faculty-led startups.
  36. Arts and Culture: Debuts of theatrical or musical productions.
  37. Scientific Expeditions: Launch or findings of significant scientific expeditions led by the institution.
  38. Legal Matters: Addressing significant legal matters, lawsuits, or regulatory changes.
  39. Fundraising Campaigns: Initiating or successfully concluding fundraising drives.
  40. Philanthropic Gifts: Receiving major philanthropic gifts or donations.
  41. Safety Measures: Implementing new safety or security measures on campus.
  42. Veteran Initiatives: Announcing programs or services dedicated to military veterans.
  43. Continuing Education: Launching new courses or programs for adult or lifelong learners.
  44. STEM Initiatives: Introducing new initiatives to promote STEM education.
  45. Faculty Books: Highlighting books or major works published by faculty.
  46. Student Government: Recognizing major achievements or changes initiated by student government.
  47. Historical Discoveries: Announcing findings related to the institution’s history or past.
  48. New Courses: Introducing unique or timely new courses.
  49. Sports Facilities: Opening or renovating sports or athletic facilities.
  50. Humanitarian Efforts: Announcing significant student or faculty-led humanitarian projects.

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