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Music Press Release Examples

Example #1: New Single Release

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The Musician’s Guide to Writing and Distributing Press Releases

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What to Write a Press Release About – Musicians, Bands, and Music Publicists

Need ideas for topics a musician or music publicist could write a press release about? Here are 50 ideas to get you started:

  1. Album Release: To announce the release of a new album or EP.
  2. Single Release: Promoting a new single.
  3. Music Video Launch: Announcing a new music video.
  4. Tour Announcement: Sharing details of an upcoming tour.
  5. Concert or Gig: Promoting a one-off concert or performance.
  6. Award Nomination/Wins: Highlighting a nomination or victory at a music award.
  7. Collaborations: Announcing a collaboration with another artist or band.
  8. Charity Work: Raising awareness for a charitable event or cause they’re supporting.
  9. New Band Member: Introducing a new member of the band.
  10. Band Breakup: Announcing a band’s split or hiatus.
  11. Merchandise: Launching a new line of merchandise.
  12. Festival Appearance: Revealing participation in a music festival.
  13. Record Label Signing: Announcing a new contract or label change.
  14. Rebranding: If the band or musician undergoes a name change or a major shift in image.
  15. Side Projects: Sharing news about members’ other endeavors.
  16. Album Anniversary: Celebrating a milestone anniversary of an iconic album.
  17. Documentary or Biopic: Announcing a documentary about the artist or band.
  18. Book Release: Promoting autobiographies, photo books, or other literature.
  19. Vinyl/Reissue: Announcing the reissue or first-time vinyl release of previous works.
  20. Music Streaming: Sharing milestones related to streaming numbers or platforms.
  21. Fan Club News: Announcing fan club events, contests, or exclusives.
  22. Endorsement Deals: Announcing partnerships with brands or products.
  23. TV/Radio Appearances: Promoting an upcoming appearance on a show or interview.
  24. Podcast Guesting: Sharing their participation in a podcast episode.
  25. Music Workshops: Announcing workshops, masterclasses, or lectures.
  26. Soundtrack Contribution: Announcing their music’s inclusion in a movie or series.
  27. Cover Art: Revealing the artwork for a new release.
  28. Crowdfunding Campaign: Starting a Kickstarter or another crowdfunding effort.
  29. Retirement: Announcing the retirement from music or touring.
  30. Live Stream Concerts: Promoting a digital performance or event.
  31. Rescheduled Events: Informing fans about changes in tour or event dates.
  32. VIP Packages: Announcing special deals or experiences for concerts.
  33. Personal News: Sharing significant personal milestones or messages.
  34. Remixes: Promoting a remixed version of a song.
  35. Studio Updates: Providing updates from the recording studio.
  36. Licensing News: Announcing their music’s use in commercials, trailers, etc.
  37. Health Updates: Addressing health concerns or updates that impact their career.
  38. Contests: Launching a fan contest or giveaway.
  39. Acoustic Versions: Announcing stripped-down versions of tracks.
  40. Fan Meetings: Promoting meet and greet events.
  41. Special Editions: Announcing deluxe or expanded editions of an album.
  42. Behind-the-Scenes: Sharing insights into the making of an album or song.
  43. Philanthropy: Announcing charitable donations or initiatives.
  44. Mobile Apps: Launching an app related to the band or musician.
  45. Virtual Reality: Promoting VR content or experiences involving their music.
  46. Music Gear: Announcing the release of signature musical equipment or gear.
  47. International Ventures: Sharing news about overseas tours or projects.
  48. Record-Breaking Achievements: Celebrating milestones or achievements in the industry.
  49. Lyric Video: Releasing a video that primarily showcases the song’s lyrics.
  50. In Memoriam: Remembering a band member or associated individual who has passed away.

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