Press Release Submission Services
“Promises” or Actual ROI?

Where Should I Submit My Press Release To Maximize Its ROI?

Take Advantage of the Best Press Release Distribution Site for Small Businesses, eReleases, and get:

  • Our private database of over 1.7 million highly-targeted journalists and social media influencers.
  • 94% delivery rate to hand-selected journalists.
  • The only nationwide partner of Cision PRNewswire.
  • Access to all major media: NYT, WSJ, Washington Post, Financial Times, ABC, NBC, FOX, etc.
  • Our team of editors, not sales reps (editing your headlines to catch attention).
  • 23+ years of helping businesses like yours  generate huge ROI for their press releases.

Your big news, submitted to the right media, can bring in thousands in sales or go unseen: will you use press release distribution service proven to succeed or wing it?

You’ve written (or plan to write) a press release and now face a key question:

Where Should I Submit My Press Release To Maximize Its Distribution and ROI?

As the leading press release distribution service for small businesses, who’s been sending press releases for 23+ years, we believe there are several “insider secrets” you should understand about this business before you make your decision of where to submit your press release:

Not all press release submission sites are created equal

You’ve got one chance to succeed with this press release – why not choose a press release distribution service that is designed and proven to maximize your ROI?

Let’s look at the insider secrets of the press release distribution service industry – what usually happens when you submit your press release to a distribution service:

Most press release distribution services send press releases to the media’s generic email address.

That email address, if it even still exists, often times receives thousands of non-targeted emails every day, making your release about as likely to be read as you buying something from an email sent to your spam folder.

We don’t do that. eReleases has a 94% delivery rate to hand-selected journalists in your specific market.

Most press release submission services blast their emails out to every media outlet they hear about. Let me ask, how likely is it that your media release on this summer’s hottest colors in sandals is going to be picked up by Car and Driver Magazine?

That’s why eReleases targets every press release we send out, to only reach those media and reporters most likely to want your release. Those reporters know that, trust us, and are much more likely to read and act on your release.

Submit your press release to over 1.7 million journalists.

Only eReleases has 1.7 million journalists and social media influencers on our press release distribution list.

Submit your press release through Cision PR Newswire, the most trusted press release distribution wire service.

In addition to that, only eReleases is the exclusive full-exposure, nationwide partner of PR Newswire, the oldest true press-release newswire.

Press release submission without any sales pressure.

When you work with eReleases, you’ll work directly with an editor (not a salesperson, ever) who will help you refine your headline and do everything they can to help you maximize your ROI.

There – those are the insider secrets to the press-release submission industry – aren’t you glad you know them?

When it comes to sending press releases, you don’t always get what you pay for.

As you look at the options, you’ll find several of our competitors who charge more, much more than we do. Doesn’t that mean they’re better? Nope. You can pay more, but why would you when that extra money actually buys you less? Most of those more expensive press release distribution services are targeted at big publicly-traded companies – so they charge more, but almost always give you less: less distribution, less targeting, and a lower ROI.

There’s a reason why eReleases is known as the best press release distribution service for small businesses, bar none!

Most press releases submitted to free press release submission sites get almost no distribution or ROI

Unfortunately, with free press release submission sites you DO actually get exactly what you pay for. Most of them have no real press pickup at all. They promise you’ll be seen on hundreds of websites, but those sites are ones that they own, that get virtually no traffic and generate you no ROI. Don’t waste your time and hopes in that direction. Like I said, you get one chance for success with this press release, why waste it?

Sending out a press release on your own almost guarantees your press release will fail

The key to success in press release distribution is targeting. It’s gathering a list of all the reporters, influencers, and media outlets most likely to read, react, publish, and actually write a story about the topic of your press release.

The problem is that news people change jobs, email addresses, beats, and interests constantly. Keeping that list accurate and up-to-date costs a ton of money – I know, that’s what we do for a living. Don’t waste your time and money gathering and updating a media database, let us do it for you.

Why is eReleases commonly referred to as the best press release distribution service for small businesses?

Let’s dive deep into what you get when you use eReleases to distribute your press releases and how it will help you make the biggest possible splash with your customers and the media? We’re editors, so we love getting down to the details!

1. 1.7 million journalists and social media influencers in our database

Did you ever wonder if your press release is just “sent to all” email of some cold list, appropriately ending up in the Spam folder? Sadly, that’s exactly what many cut-rate online press-release services do, sending to generic “[email protected]” emails that may not even exist (or else just gets filtered out). So if you want to pay $50 to get zero actual deliveries, go ahead. But there is a much better way that doesn’t even cost much.

How we are different:
Having been in the press release industry for more than two decades, we have built through personal relationships and research a gigantic database of active journalists, organized by coverage areas and other key factors. This is why we have the delivery success metric below.

2. Our Cision Influencer Lists have a 94% delivery rate to hand-selected journalists covering a wide range of industry niches.

We curate  and submit your press releases to a list of reporters, bloggers, and influencers who would be interested in your news and announcements. We send an email directly to each specific person with your entire message, including your links and images.

We cultivate personal relationships with our sources, so your individual release is highly likely to reach their personal inboxes. They expect quality, targeted releases from us and trust our reputation (journalists respect editors).

3. We’re the only full-exposure, nationwide partner of Cision PR Newswire, the oldest authentic press release newswire.

You may have been promised that your press release will be sent to the Associated Press and UPI newswires. Sorry to break it to you, but  that won’t happen. AP and UPI use their wires only for content their reporters write. Everything else gets buried deep where journalists under deadline do not bother to look.

Here is another thing they don’t tell you: many press release “distributors” negotiate some limited local distribution on a wire so they can claim your release “went out on the wire” – or was “distributed through Cision PR Newswire.” That’s not true. Other services are contractually barred from distributing press releases so it’s possible your release didn’t even get sent to the markets you’re really targeting. In that case, what’s the point?

How we are different:
We send it to the only dedicated press release wire. And we are their only full-exposure, nationwide partner. This is so important that it bears repeating: the only full, nationwide partner of the only dedicated newswire. Don’t fall for the fakes! Get your big news released widely and wisely.

4. We send you proof of distribution, with links you can test yourself: our WireWatch™ Report.

Screenshots or links to press releases that get taken down in an hour is not proof. “Trust us, we sent it to everyone” is not proof.

How we are different:
Our WireWatch™ reports are available just 2 hours after your press release is published. Just click to see your press release on sites like MarketWatch, PR Newswire, Yahoo!, and many, many more.

5. We are editors – no sales pressure, ever.

Other PR services have commissioned salespeople whose job it is to sell and upsell you, or they don’t eat. How much is their advice really worth?

How we are different:
Our editors are trained in journalism, and they don’t have the pressure of commissions. When they give you advice, it’s because it is good advice backed by our 23+ years in distributing press releases — not some sales tactic. This is especially important for your headline. A small edit from a professional can turn your headline from a snoozer to a head-turner. And that’s a must-have first step to press release ROI.

By the way, you will always talk to your actual editor, all of whom are in our office in Maryland. No call centers. No nonsense.

Get real ROI on your press release, plus save 30% on your first order.