Hyper-Targeting of Journalists Interested in Your News Release

Connect with industry-specific trade magazines, reporters, and bloggers.

Who-what-when-300x225Here are just some of the tasks that need to be completed to create a targeted media PR list:

Where do these journalists publish? You may want to pitch to traditional media, sometimes to bloggers, podcasters, media on Twitter, or perhaps trade journals. If your story has a local angle, you will need to take geography into account, too.

Who is interested in your story? You don’t want to send your story to media who aren’t interested – journalists will hate that. Sending a journalist irrelevant pitches is one of the biggest (and most typical) mistakes you can make.

Once you know the media outlets to target, determine who the right person is to contact at each media outlet. The general contact information provided by most medial outlets is not enough. You need to know the right reporter who is likely to cover your news release.

Building your own media list can be tiring. By letting eReleases do all the work of getting your news out, you can benefit from our comprehensive list of media contacts without taking the time to do all the research.


  • Our editor-selected Cision Influencer Lists, included with our PR Pro press release distribution, include a hand-curated send to journalists within your industry niche.
  • Each press release send includes hand-selected reporters, with PR delivery by email or fax.
  • Each email or fax is sent directly to a specific person and is likely to merit a strong browsing by industry journalists.
  • In fact, the PR delivery rate to these lists exceeds 94 percent