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Transportation and Trucking Press Release Examples

Example #1: New Trucking Campaign Product Announcement:


Online Driver Application Introduces a “Ban the Box” Option for Carriers allows carriers to eliminate felony related questions on driver applications to comply with new legislation.

SOUTHFIELD, Mich., Dec. 13 /PRNewswire/ — In response to an initiative known as Ban the Box, Michigan-based recently updated its popular software to support carriers who are required to remove felony and criminal history questions from their driver applications. is a software platform that allows small and medium carriers to implement affordable online driver job applications that are mobile-ready and can accept electronic signatures on any device.

Ban the Box is an international campaign aimed at persuading employers to remove from their hiring applications the check box that asks if applicants have a criminal record. Nationwide, over half of the states and localities have already adopted the “Ban the Box” legislation, as well as other Fair Chance laws requiring prospective employers to consider a job candidate’s qualifications first, without the negative stigma of their criminal history. On a federal level, President Obama has endorsed Ban the Box by directing all federal agencies to delay inquiries into a job applicant’s criminal history until later in the hiring process. has made it possible for its client carriers to easily comply with any Ban the Box regulations by making criminal history questions a client-controlled option on their online employment applications and consent forms. “Nearly all of the carriers we serve have some sort of unique hiring circumstance to contend with. This is just another example of how our online application is designed to address those exceptional requirements,” says Brandon Lawrence, Customer Service Manager at

As the number of states and counties enacting Fair Chance laws continues to grow, more carriers will be required to revise their application processes in order to comply, starting with any hiring forms they use. Carriers who utilize as their online driver application are able to update their hiring forms with the press of a button. “We have actually been surprised with the number of carriers that have proactively removed the criminal history questions from their application forms in support of the initiative,” says Lawrence. “Those carriers are still investigating each applicant’s history as required by FMCSA, however, they have simply moved the general criminal history part of the investigation downstream.”

Ban the Box legislation varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. In some states the laws are currently limited to the public sector, while other jurisdictions target private employers, including trucking companies. Under most Ban the Box legislation, criminal history may still be examined, but only after the driver applicant has been evaluated on their ability to perform the job. Carriers are offered some exemptions for convictions specifically related to violations of motor vehicle laws within the prior 3 years.

Carriers are encouraged to seek guidance from counsel prior to making changes to their employment applications or hiring practices to ensure compliance.

To learn more about, please contact:
Ken Walker, Media Relations


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12 More Transportation and Trucking Press Release Examples:

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The Transportation and Trucking Marketer’s Guide to Writing and Distributing Press Releases

Resources to help you write an amazing press release and distribute it to the right people to get publicity for your company, cause, or announcement.

What to Write a Press Release About – Transportation and Trucking

Need ideas for topics a trucking or transportation company could write a press release about? Here are 50 ideas to get you started:

  1. New Company Launch: Announcing the launch of a new transportation company to attract clients and partners.
  2. Merger or Acquisition: Publicizing the merging of two companies or the acquisition of one by another to reassure stakeholders and clients.
  3. Service Expansion: Announcing the addition of a new route or delivery area to attract potential clients in that region.
  4. New Partnership: Publicizing a strategic collaboration with another business, perhaps to offer more comprehensive services.
  5. Introduction of New Fleet: Announcing the purchase of new, modern trucks which might be more fuel-efficient or eco-friendly.
  6. Safety Milestone: Sharing a safety record, such as a million miles without an accident, to underscore commitment to safety.
  7. Awards and Honors: Publicizing any industry or business awards the company has received.
  8. New Technology Implementation: Announcing the adoption of new tech like GPS tracking, self-driving trucks, or advanced logistics software.
  9. Environmental Initiatives: Highlighting efforts to reduce carbon footprint or other green initiatives.
  10. Community Engagement: Sharing news about community service or charitable activities the company is involved in.
  11. Financial Results: Announcing quarterly or annual results, especially if they’re particularly favorable.
  12. Expansion of Facilities: Opening a new warehouse, terminal, or office.
  13. Offering New Services: Such as refrigerated transport, hazmat delivery, or intermodal transportation.
  14. Rebranding: If the company undergoes a name change, logo redesign, or any major rebranding.
  15. Leadership Changes: Announcing new hires in leadership roles or major promotions.
  16. Initial Public Offering (IPO): If the company decides to go public.
  17. New Training Programs: Emphasizing a commitment to driver training and safety.
  18. Trade Show Participation: Publicizing a booth or presentation at a major industry event.
  19. Crisis Management: Addressing a major incident, like an accident or data breach, and describing remedial steps.
  20. Research Findings: Sharing findings from a study or research they sponsored or were involved in.
  21. Employee Achievements: Recognizing outstanding employees or teams for their contributions.
  22. Rate Changes: Announcing changes in pricing, whether it’s a hike or a discount.
  23. Lobbying Efforts: Sharing efforts to influence relevant regulations or industry standards.
  24. Industry Trends: Offering insights on industry trends based on company data.
  25. Celebrating Anniversaries: Marking milestones like a company’s 10th or 50th year in business.
  26. Customer Testimonials: Showcasing success stories or feedback from key customers.
  27. Referral Programs: Launching programs that encourage existing clients to refer new ones.
  28. Endorsements: Announcing endorsements from high-profile clients or personalities.
  29. CSR Initiatives: Sharing corporate social responsibility initiatives or achievements.
  30. Legislative Changes: Discussing how new regulations or laws will affect operations.
  31. Addressing Rumors: Setting the record straight on misinformation or speculations.
  32. Sustainability Reports: Sharing progress on sustainability goals.
  33. Sponsorships: Announcing sponsorship of events, teams, or community activities.
  34. Charity Initiatives: Publicizing charitable donations or partnerships with NGOs.
  35. Web or App Launch: Announcing a new website, customer portal, or mobile application.
  36. Employment Opportunities: Promoting job openings or recruitment drives.
  37. Seasonal Promotions: Announcing special rates or packages for a season or holiday.
  38. Policy Changes: Discussing any significant changes to company policies.
  39. Franchising Opportunities: If the company is offering franchise opportunities.
  40. Workshops or Events: Hosting or participating in educational workshops or seminars.
  41. Product Recalls: Informing about recalls related to any equipment or product they sell.
  42. Venture Capital: Announcing the receipt of venture capital or other significant investments.
  43. New Certifications: Earning certifications relevant to their operations, like ISO standards.
  44. Cultural Initiatives: Highlighting company culture or diversity and inclusion initiatives.
  45. Legal Updates: Addressing any major lawsuits or legal actions the company is involved in.
  46. Price Guarantees: Introducing a price match or price guarantee policy.
  47. Client Milestones: Celebrating long-term relationships with major clients.
  48. International Expansion: Announcing services expanding to new countries or regions.
  49. Investment in Infrastructure: Sharing investments in facilities, equipment, or technology.
  50. Response to Current Events: Addressing how global events, like pandemics or economic downturns, affect operations or policies.

Who can use These Press-Release Ideas

These press release ideas can be used by most trucking and transportation companies, including:

  1. Long-Haul Trucking Companies: These companies operate large semi-trucks over extended distances, often between states or countries, to transport goods from manufacturers to distributors or retailers.
  2. Less than Truckload (LTL) Carriers: LTL carriers transport smaller shipments that don’t require the full space of a semi-truck, consolidating cargo from multiple customers onto a single truck.
  3. Full Truckload (FTL) Carriers: FTL carriers specialize in transporting shipments that take up an entire truck. This method is faster than LTL as it typically goes directly to the destination without stops.
  4. Intermodal Trucking Companies: These companies use a combination of sea, rail, and truck to transport goods. For instance, containers might be moved from a ship to a train and finally to a truck.
  5. Refrigerated Trucking Companies: Also known as “reefer” trucking, these companies transport perishable goods that require temperature control, like food or certain pharmaceuticals.
  6. Tanker Trucking Companies: These companies specialize in transporting liquid goods, such as milk, chemicals, or oil, in large tank trucks.
  7. Flatbed Trucking Companies: Flatbed trucks are used for goods that don’t fit easily into a standard closed trailer, like machinery or construction equipment.
  8. Bulk Material Trucking Companies: These carriers transport loose materials, such as coal, grain, or sand, which are typically poured or dumped with little packaging.
  9. Parcel and Package Delivery Companies: Companies like UPS, FedEx, and DHL fall into this category. They deliver smaller shipments directly to businesses and homes.
  10. Moving Companies: These companies provide trucks and services for individuals or businesses relocating their belongings from one place to another.
  11. Freight Brokers and Third-Party Logistics Providers (3PLs): While not trucking companies per se, they play an essential role in the industry. They connect shippers with carriers, and often handle aspects of the logistics process like warehousing or managing transportation networks.
  12. Dedicated Contract Carriers: These companies provide transportation services for specific customers under long-term agreements. They may use the client’s branded vehicles and adhere to their specific requirements.
  13. Hot Shot Trucking Companies: These are often smaller operations that transport expedited loads, often using smaller trucks or vans, and are typically used for urgent shipments.
  14. Drayage Companies: Drayage refers to the transportation of goods over a short distance, especially as part of a longer overall move, such as from a port to a nearby warehouse.
  15. Specialized Trucking Companies: These carriers transport unique or sensitive cargo, such as artworks, electronics, or hazmat materials, requiring special handling or equipment.

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