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Why Use A Press Release Writing Service?

Writing a press release is different than almost any other type of writing, and those in the media can spot an amateur-written press release a mile away.

If you don’t know how to write a press release it will show. The result: your release won’t get published.

And, even if you are trained in press release writing, you know it takes time and focus to craft a powerful, ROI-generating press release.

That’s why we here at eReleases offer press release writing services in addition to the best press release distribution service for small businesses.

How Our Press Release Writing Service Works

First, and most importantly, unlike some other press release writing services that outsource their writing to people with limited experience (sometimes even interns!), all of our press releases are written by seasoned professionals at the art of writing press releases whose sole job is writing press releases that attract media attention for your news, event or announcement.

We start with gathering information from you. Most people give us their newsletter, website or notes as the basis for us to write from. Others prefer to talk with us on the phone or to answer a few short questions by email. The key is, we’ll work with you to make this happen*.

Next, we’ll write a compelling press release for you.

Finally, you’ll review our finished press release and you can approve it as is, suggest changes, or revise it. Our press release writing service doesn’t end until you’re satisfied with the product.

You know your topic best — but our affordable and efficient service can take the writing task off your plate. Our writers can help you maximize your time and PR resources by translating your expertise, raw thoughts and data into media-ready prose.

You Call the Shots on How Your Press Release is Written

We know our clients are busy. That’s why our press release writers will work according to your preferences. This is where they really shine. If you prefer a writer to talk to you on the phone, we will make that happen — at your convenience. If you prefer to answer a few short questions by email, that’s fine with us. You can even point the writer to your website and let them do their magic.

Quite simply, you choose the amount of oversight you want to have during the press release writing process. Our writers will do the rest. They are very good at reaching out to you to glean that vital piece of information that pushes a press release from good to great, often in the first draft. Click here to find out what we need to get started writing your press release (pop-up).

What You Get from our Press Release Writing Services

  • A concise, well-written press release
  • Second-tier proofreading by an editor
  • Satisfaction (we don’t distribute your press release until you are satisfied with the copy)
  • Quick professional service (less than one week turnaround)

Get real ROI on your press release, plus get 30% off your first order.

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Have Us Write & Distribute Your Press Release

Not only do you save money when we write and distribute your press release (starting at a special combination price), you enjoy the greatest chances of major media pickup because we’ve professionally written your press release and distributed it to the appropriate audience.

Get real ROI on your press release, plus get 30% off your first order.

For those of you wanting to write your own press release, here are some tips and resources on effective press release writing.

Click here to learn how to write a press release

* Additional charge if research or interviewing are required, or if you require a press release longer than the included words.

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