Press Release Pricing: How eReleases (Plus PR Newswire Distribution) Measures Up

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eReleases’ press releases are submitted to Google News. Click to see the most recent listings in Google News.

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eReleases’ press releases are submitted to Bing News. Click to see the most recent listings in Bing News.

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Custom National PR Newswire Distribution
Tier-1 National Newswire Distribution Direct to Editorial Desks

eReleases is the only service that has an exclusive partnership with PR Newswire to distribute press releases through a custom national distribution. Click for more information.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

At eReleases we optimize press releases for search engines. We take care of the title tags, H1 tags, meta descriptions, and other things to make sure that the search engines can discover the release, but we don’t do any “black hat” or deceptive SEO stuff in an attempt to influence the search engines. We make sure that your press release is coded in a way that is easy for the search engines to read and understand.

Unlimited Hyperlinks (we recommend including 1-3 hyperlinks per press release)
PR Newswire Visibility Report

Just 2 hours after your press release is distributed, you will receive a link to your Visibility Report direct from PR Newswire. You may view an example of a recent Visibility Report here and a description of the report metrics here.

2-Tier Editorial Process including PR Newswire
Number of Words Included400500600
Additional Words - charged per block of 100 words or fraction of a block.$150$150$150
Industry Target List(s) Included

Target lists located here. Industry targets are limited to four maximum per release.

Additional Industry Target List(s) - per list$150$150$150
Local Saturation

Local lists located here.(Locality target limited to one maximum per release.)

Cision Influencer List - a Direct-to-Journalists Email Send

We curate a list of reporters, bloggers, and influencers who would be interested in your press release. We send an email directly to each specific person with your entire message, including your links and images.

PR SpamShield™

Only eReleases protects your email from spam resulting from public disclosure in your press release

Two Images Included
Embedding of Image(s)$150$150$150
Embedding of YouTube Video$200$200$200
PR Newswire Syndicated Posting of Press Release on Media Sites
WireWatch™ Proof of Distribution Report


Within hours of distribution, you receive a report showing proof of distribution to various media websites. Click to see today’s WireWatch™

International Distribution
(per country | global)

International Distribution is available for these countries: Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Philippines, South Africa, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, United Kingdom, and Vietnam.

$150 | $1,000$150 | $1,000$150 | $1,000
Press Release Writing$300$300$300
David Hamburger, SVE, review of eReleases PR serviceSue Ellen Gardiner, GSG, eReleases press release reviewMark Lemon, CO2Meter, eReleases PR review
"It's blown every other service out of the water."
- David Hamburger, Specialty Vehicle Engineering
"I feel extremely lucky to have found eReleases and their amazing staff. They are always so pleasant and helpful."
- Sue Ellen Gardiner, Government Services Group
"Some PR services are cheaper, I've tried them all, eReleases is best."
- Mark Lemon,

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Answers to Your Press Release Questions

How much does press release distribution cost?

The cost of press release distribution varies depending on the depth and breadth of the distribution. If you only want syndication distribution in which you don’t reach journalists but your press release streams on a few news/media sites, expect to pay under $100. However, if you are looking for comprehensive distribution, including transmission over an actual newswire, like PR Newswire, expect to spend between $400 and $1,200 to send your press release.

This is largely dependent on whether you want local city/state distribution or something wider like national or international distribution. eReleases acts as a co-op for small businesses, giving you wide custom national distribution over PR Newswire as well as a hand-selected send to subscribing journalists – all for an affordable price, starting at just $299.

How do you release a press release?

A press release is issued to the media electronically, either by email, newswire, or another method, like streaming. Very few journalists accept press releases by fax any longer and most find snail mail annoying.

eReleases combines a custom national distribution of your press release over PR Newswire with a personalized email send that targets specific reporters, writers, bloggers, and influencers we believe will be receptive to your message.

Are press releases worth it?

If you are looking to grow your business and are looking at public relations, specifically press releases, you should know the math is both for you and against you. A successful PR campaign can generates many hundreds of thousands of dollars in media exposure for you, often for a cost of just a few thousand dollars. However, it’s important to know that this rarely happens with a single press release.

David Meerman Scott points out in the audiobook version of his best-selling book, “The New Rules of Marketing and PR,” that he issued more than a dozen different press releases to promote his book before getting critical mass.

Sometimes, it is the third, fourth, or sixth press release that finally gets traction. If you are willing to commit to a proper PR campaign, press releases can be a valuable and profitable expense for a business, especially if you can keep the costs to a minimum by using a service like eReleases.  

Is PR Newswire free? If not, how much does PR Newswire cost?

No, PR Newswire is not free. Being the oldest and largest newswire of press releases, PR Newswire offers its services to journalists and newsrooms throughout the United States, including blogs, industry publications, TV, and radio. For this service, PR Newswire members pay an annual fee and must also pay for each press release distribution.

How much does it cost to send a press release on PR Newswire?

Cision PR Newswire pricing isn’t cheap. For a press release of 500 words, the PR Newswire price list shows a range between $400 for a local city/state distribution to more than $1,000 for a national press release distribution. All eReleases press release sends include a custom national distribution over PR Newswire so we’ve got you covered.

When should you send a press release?

If you are committed to an ongoing PR campaign, expect to send a minimum of four to six press releases a year, ideally at least one press release a quarter. If you have more newsworthy events, continue to send more releases. For example, a new product or service merits a press release that capitalizes on its most newsworthy elements.

The actual timing of a press release depends on several factors including the seasonality of your product or service. If you are selling an electronic tie rack for Father’s day, you will want to get your message out to the media well in advance, ideally six to eight weeks before the holiday. This window of availability closes one to two weeks before the event, with only bloggers and online media able to cover it at that time.

Regarding day of the week, there is no magic day but there is a mediocre day of the week. Mondays are a day where there are a lot of press releases filling email inboxes and newswire feeds so competition is strongest then. Because of this, reporters are much more likely to just lightly skim your press release headline rather than give it a proper once-over. That being said, newsworthy press releases get picked up Monday through Friday. Weekends are to be avoided, except for breaking news.

Where do you send press releases?

Press releases are sent to the media, which may include newspapers, bloggers, magazines, industry trade publications, radio and tv. While also shared to trade associations, vendors, and analysts, they are usually not sent directly to consumers. Ideally the media will develop a story from the press release, which will ultimately reach consumers.

eReleases sends its press releases through a custom national distribution over PR Newswire as well as a hand-selected email send to subscribing journalists, as well as appropriate social media and industry influencers. You are also able to target your press release by industry and locality, like a major city or state. You can view this distribution here:

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