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Earned Media vs. Advertising

July 19 2024

The Battle for Consumer Trust

In today’s digital age, businesses are constantly vying for consumer attention and trust. With countless advertising messages bombarding consumers from every angle, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stand out and establish credibility.

This is wh… Read more

Small Business PR: How to Get Big Media Coverage on a Small Business Budget

July 19 2024

How to Generate Affordable PR for Your Small Business

As a small business owner, you might think that earning media coverage is out of reach without a big PR budget.

But after helping small businesses increase their visibility and credibility for over 25 years through my company, e-Releases, I can confid… Read more

Mastering Media Outreach: Effective Press Release Strategies

July 17 2024

media outreach

Are media outlets and consumers engaging with your brand? It can take five impressions before people recognize your business. Without a media outreach strategy, you could miss a chance to generate brand visibility.

Generating media attention can help you reach your ideal customers online. As you gain … Read more

Press Release Site: Maximize Visibility & Amplify Your Brand Message

July 10 2024

press release site

Did you know it can take over five impressions before people start remembering your brand? Generating online brand visibility can help you linger in a consumer’s mind. When they want to purchase your product or service in the future, they’ll remember you!

Using a press release site can he… Read more

Using AI For Press Releases

July 02 2024

Using ChatGPT to Create Compelling AI-Generated Press Releases

As a long-time advocate for press releases to gain earned media, I’ve seen firsthand how a well-written press release can generate significant publicity for businesses of all sizes.

With the rise of AI writing tools for press relea… Read more

Do You Need a Media Alert Template for Effective PR?

June 23 2024

As a brand, having an effective media outreach strategy is essential. It allows you to communicate key messages to your target audience in a compelling yet professional manner.

While press releases are great, sometimes you’ll need something more concise. This is where media alerts come into pla… Read more

Top Crisis Communication Plan Examples for Your Business

June 16 2024

crisis communication plan examples

You know how important it is to be prepared for anything in business. Unexpected crises can strike at any time, and if you’re not ready, they can seriously damage your company’s reputation and bottom line. That’s why having a solid crisis communication plan is crucial.

A crisis commu… Read more

12 Key Elements of a Robust Media Relations Strategy

June 09 2024

media relations strategy

Imagine your brand launching a groundbreaking product, but instead of the media buzz you anticipated, there’s silence. Your competitors, with less innovative offerings, are dominating headlines and capturing market attention. This could be happening because your media relations strategy … Read more

12 Best Practices to Maintain a Media Contact List

June 02 2024

media contact list

You built your media list, had an exciting news story, and heard nothing but crickets. When that happens, you might feel like PR has been a complete failure, but it’s not.

Often, a few simple tweaks can make the difference between a campaign that falls flat and one that goes viral. If you have a media co… Read more

Hiring a PR Service: Understanding Your Distribution Options

May 26 2024

pr service

You want your press release to effectively reach the right readers at the right time. But how can make that happen?

The answer is partnering with a PR service to optimize your distribution strategy!

Today, we’re diving into targeted and national distribution options, crafting the perfect press r… Read more