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PR Writing: When You Should Hire a Professional

September 21 2020
PR writing

Did you know about 83% of small businesses believe in the effectiveness of a digital marketing campaign?

If press releases are not part of your online marketing strategy, you could be missing out on many business opportunities. You can benefit from professional press release writing services if you’re nee to press releases. 

Read on to learn why PR writing in the way to go. 

Achieve Instant Exposure

As a business owner, you want to achieve the most exposure for your business without having to spend a lot of money on advertising. 

By hiring press release writing services, you will be able to get instant exposure without going over your advertising budget. 

Many people understand that content is king, but if no one sees your content, then it will lack exposure. 

Press releases create instant exposure and create more leads to your site. 

Increase Your Sales

The purpose of your business is to sell products or services, and a press release can help you achieve your goals. 

Because many people will get the chance to see your press release, you will be able to increase your profits. For example, if you launch a new product or service, a press release will allow you to announce it to the world. 

With a press release, you will be able to reach a wider audience because you will give people a glimpse of what you have to offer. 

Industry Expert

Let’s face it, people like press releases because they see those businesses as legitimate. When you put out press releases for your business, you establish yourself as an industry expert. 

Industry experts get involved with their industry, they write about it, they pitch ideas, and they get involved with the media. Writing and putting out press releases helps you check off some of those boxes.

When your customers read your press releases, it will solidify you as a high authority and an industry expert. 

Boost Your Marketing Plan

When you think about creating a marketing plan, you automatically think about expensive efforts to attract new customers. 

After all, if you don’t let your customers know you’re open for business, they won’t know about you. 

If you don’t want to completely change your marketing plan every time you release a new product or service, sending out a press release is the best way to do it. You will spend a fraction of the price on press release writing than you would re-launching a new marketing campaign.

Think of a press release as an extension of your marketing plan because its purpose is to deliver useful information to your customer base. 

Increase SEO Rankings 

When you distribute a press release in many different media outlets, your SEO possibilities will grow immensely. For starters, press releases offer many valuable backlinks to your site

Optimized press releases also make your content more searchable on search engines. You can give your PR writer a set of relevant keywords, which will allow the content to be optimized. 

The Google algorithm is always looking for newsworthy, relevant, and well-written content, and a press release touches all those points.

Every well-written press release also has catchy and sharable headlines, which also wins you major SEO points. 

Boost Website Traffic

What’s the main goal of writing press releases? While there’s not one specific answer, one of the main goals of a press release is to create more leads to your website. 

Whether you want to launch new products or sell services, chances are you’re going to do it from your website. 

Because all press releases include a call to action, this is the perfect opportunity to lead readers back to your website to learn more about who you are and what you have to offer. 

Also, press releases will also allow you to maximize the use of keywords, videos, headlines, photos, descriptions, hashtags, and more. 

Increase Distribution Potential

If you’re used to sharing new content on only on your social media handles, press releases will increase your distribution potential. 

You can distribute your press releases across many different channels, such as social media, newspapers, magazines, etc.

Target Audience

Whenever you release a new product or service, your success will depend on whether it reaches your target audience. 

Aside from writing the piece, press release distributions are also important. With the help of strategic press release distribution, you can maximize on ways to reach your target audience. 

For example, if you’re an LA-based business, you will want to distribute your press release with local publications. While you can still alert national media, you will reach your target audience by distributing locally. 

Opportunity to Attract Investors

Do you have a killer product or idea? Are you looking for ways to grow your business? 

Writing press releases is a great way for you to attract new investors. Because you will deliver your press release in the hands of the right people, you can attract new investors. 

Build a Relationship with Journalists

Well-written press releases also you to build strong relationships with journalists. They will grow to respect what you do and will be excited to work with you in the future. 

Journalists care about their reputation, so you will always want to produce the best content possible. 

Stay on Top of the Competition

Another perk of hiring a press release writer is that you can stay ahead of the competition. If you’re working hard to create exposure for your business, chances are your competition works just as hard. 

When you consistently publish press releases, you create exposure, which will help you stay on top of the competition. By putting out press releases, you will let the world know about your accomplishments. 

Are You Ready to Take Your PR Writing to the Next Level?

Now that you know more about press release writing benefits, you can decide if this is the right move for your business.

PR writing can help your business stay on top of the competition, help you attract new investors, bring more traffic to your website, and help you achieve instant exposure. 

Are you ready to learn more about how PR writing can change your business? Contact us for more information.

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