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Media Advisory vs. a Press Release: What’s the Difference?

media advisory vs. a press release
November 28 2023

The PR industry is anticipated to grow to a worth of $134 billion worldwide by 2027. There’s no denying the power of the press, especially when it comes to press releases. A press release is a powerful marketing tool capable of making a big... Read More

How Can You Write a New CEO Press Release? The Best Tips

new CEO press release
November 21 2023

How do top-tier companies manage to announce their leadership changes with such finesse and clarity? How do they craft a new CEO press release that not only informs but also builds trust and excitement among stakeholders, employees, and the media? The... Read More

How Can You Create the Greatest CTA Press Release?

CTA press release
November 14 2023

What’s the capstone of an effective press release that separates it from the noise? It’s the call-to-action (CTA). The right CTA can be the difference between a press release that fizzles out and one that captures the imagination and... Read More

What Is a Boilerplate in a Press Release? The Ultimate Guide

what is a boilerplate in a press release
November 07 2023

What is a boilerplate in a press release a boilerplate? It’s the DNA of your company’s first impression in a press release. Often, it’s the last thing read but the first to linger in the memory of journalists and readers... Read More

A Guide to the Top Business Publications for Press Releases in 2023

top business publications
October 31 2023

Last year, 90% of press releases were sent to publications with a digital presence. While some businesses still use TV and radio stations to distribute their press kits, most turn to the written word to get the message out. Whether you have an huge... Read More

PR Email Lists: 11 PR Lists to Join For Businesses

pr lists to join
October 24 2023

Failing to pay attention to what their competitors are doing is the reason 20% of small businesses fail. It’s very likely that many of their competitors are already finding PR lists to join. They’re doing this to gain a competitive... Read More

15 Tips for Crafting a Successful Media Alert for PR Professionals

media alert
October 17 2023

As a small business owner, you know that breaking through the noise and capturing the media’s attention is no small feat. Crafting compelling media alerts is the key, and in the following article, we’ll reveal 13 invaluable tips that will... Read More

13 Signs of Quality Press Release Writing Services

press release writing services
October 10 2023

In today’s evolving and fast-paced digital landscape, it’s more important than ever to use every resource to your advantage. But not everything needs to rely on high-tech methods to make an impact. The humble press release is a... Read More

How Nonprofits Can Benefit From Press Releases

nonprofit companies
September 24 2023

Most companies funnel marketing money into channels like social media, SEO, or even paid ads. While those are profitable areas to invest in, PR is often overlooked in nonprofit marketing. In fact, 90% of professionals think that PR and marketing are... Read More

Writing a Press Release for Your New Business

writing a press release
September 20 2023

The time has finally arrived! After months, maybe years, of careful planning and sleeping nights, your company is ready for the next step. It’s time for your company to step into the spotlight and make its grand entrance into the world. Your... Read More