How to Write a Press Release for an Art Exhibition

Why Write a Press Release for Your Art Exhibition

Are you planning an art exhibition or an art show and want to spread the word?

A well-crafted press release can be your best friend! It helps you share the exciting news about your event with the media and art lovers alike.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the steps of writing an effective press release for your art exhibition. You’ll learn how to catch the attention of journalists and provide all the essential details that encourage people to visit your show.

Whether you’re a seasoned artist or hosting your first exhibition, these tips will help you communicate your artistic showcase effectively and professionally.

Table of Contents
The Beginner’s Guide to Writing a Press Release for an Art Exhibits or Art Show
Art Exhibition Press Release Templates
Art Exhibition Press Release Samples
Tips to Increase The Quality of Your Press Release
Distributing Your Press Release
Creating and Distributing Your Art Exhibition Press Release
Press Release Examples Across Several Industries


The Beginner’s Guide to Writing a Press Release for an Art Exhibits or Art Show

Writing a press release is not the same as writing an email or blog post. There’s a very specific format for press releases that you should follow.

Here’s a description of each element you should include in yours:

Headline and Subheading

Start your press release with a clear and attention-grabbing headline. It should summarize the main event or feature of your exhibition. For example, “Vibrant Horizons: Exploring Modern Landscape Art”. Directly beneath the headline, include a subheading that provides additional detail or a compelling fact to intrigue the reader, like “Featuring Award-Winning Artists from Around the Globe”.

Date and Location Line

This line shows when and where the press release is being written and when the information can be released to the public. A typical dateline may read: New York: June 1, 20XX.

Introduction Paragraph

Your first paragraph should answer the who, what, when, where, and why of your exhibition. Keep it concise but informative. For instance: “This May, City Art Gallery presents ‘Vibrant Horizons’, a captivating showcase of modern landscape paintings by internationally recognized artists. This month-long exhibition will open with a reception on May 15, 20XX, and features works that reinterpret traditional landscapes through bold colors and innovative techniques.”

Body Paragraphs

The next section of your press release should dive deeper into details. Discuss the themes of the exhibition, highlight key artists or pieces, and mention any special events related to the exhibition, like artist talks or workshops. Use simple sentences and avoid jargon: “The exhibition will highlight the work of Jane Doe, a Pulitzer Prize-winning painter known for her vibrant use of color and texture that challenges our perception of natural scenery.”


Include a quote from a key figure involved in the exhibition, such as the curator or a featured artist. This personal touch adds credibility and depth to your press release. Make sure the quote reflects enthusiasm and insight: “‘Vibrant Horizons’ offers a fresh perspective on landscapes, inviting viewers to engage in a visual dialogue about nature and art,” says John Smith, curator of the exhibition.

Call to Action

Encourage people to visit the exhibition with a clear call to action. This could be an invitation to the opening reception, a prompt to check out the gallery website for more information, or an encouragement to visit while the exhibit is on. Example: “Join us at the opening reception to experience these transformative works first-hand and meet the artists behind them.”


End your press release with a boilerplate—a short paragraph about the gallery hosting the exhibition and the artist. Include basic information like the gallery’s history, its mission, and types of exhibitions it generally hosts. This context helps readers who might not be familiar with your gallery: “City Art Gallery has been a cornerstone of the Downtown arts community since 1998, featuring eclectic monthly exhibitions that showcase both emerging and established artists.”

Contact Information

Finally, make sure your press release includes contact information. Provide the name, phone number, and email address of the person who can be contacted for more information about the exhibition. This is crucial for journalists or guests who may have questions or need further details.

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Art Exhibition Press Release Templates

We know it’s always easier to write something when you have a template, so here are several of them, each addressing different types of exhibitions, to give you ideas as you write your own.

Note, the bold elements in these templates are provided to show you the different elements of the template. You should not include the bolded words in your actual press release!

Headline: Celebrating Contrast: The Art of Emma Lin
Subheading: An Immersive Solo Exhibition by Critically Acclaimed Painter Emma Lin
Date & Location: Opening Night: June 3, 20XX, at Downtown Art Gallery, New York

Join us at Downtown Art Gallery for the unveiling of “Celebrating Contrast,” a compelling new collection by Emma Lin. The exhibition opens on June 3, 20XX, and runs through July 5, featuring a stunning array of paintings that explore the beauty of opposites.

Body Paragraphs:
Emma Lin has captivated audiences worldwide with her unique ability to blend traditional techniques with modern themes. “Celebrating Contrast” focuses on the juxtaposition of light and dark, showcasing over 30 works that highlight the drama of these extremes. Visitors can also attend a live painting session and Q&A with Emma on June 10.

“Art is a dialogue, and through ‘Celebrating Contrast,’ I hope to spark conversations about the nuances that define our reality,” says Emma Lin.

Call to Action:
Don’t miss this mesmerizing display of talent. Visit Downtown Art Gallery this June and experience the world through Emma Lin’s eyes. For more details and event updates, please visit our website.

Downtown Art Gallery has been a celebrated venue in New York’s art scene since 2000, dedicated to showcasing innovative artists and diverse artistic expressions.
Contact Information:

Contact: Jane Doe, Gallery Manager
Phone: (123) 456-7890
Email: [email protected]

Template 2: Group Art Show Press Release

Headline: Fusion of Horizons: A Group Exhibition at Horizon Gallery
Subheading: Experience a Diverse Range of Artistic Expressions This Summer
Date & Location: Starts July 20, 20XX, at Horizon Gallery, San Francisco

This summer, Horizon Gallery is proud to present “Fusion of Horizons,” an eclectic group art show featuring works from ten dynamic artists. Opening July 20, 20XX, the exhibition explores the convergence of cultural and personal narratives in contemporary art.

Body Paragraphs:
“Fusion of Horizons” brings together a variety of mediums—painting, sculpture, and digital art—to create a cohesive yet diverse display. Highlights include a sculptural installation by renowned artist Mark Wei and a digital art performance by emerging talent Lisa Rey. Special events include artist-led workshops and panel discussions throughout the duration of the show.

“‘Fusion of Horizons’ is about showing how diverse experiences can lead to profound artistic collaboration and understanding,” comments Alex Chen, curator of the exhibition.

Call to Action:
Visit Horizon Gallery to see “Fusion of Horizons” and engage with the artists and their creations. Check our website for a full schedule of events and exhibition details.

Established in 1995, Horizon Gallery is a leader in San Francisco’s art community, dedicated to presenting groundbreaking exhibitions that challenge and inspire.

Contact Information:
Contact: Sarah Lee, Public Relations
Phone: (321) 654-9872
Email: [email protected]

Template 3: Thematic Exhibition Press Release

Headline: Shadows and Whispers: Exploring the Intangible in Art
Subheading: A Thematic Exhibition at ModernArt Space
Date & Location: Exhibition Runs August 15 – October 10, 20XX, at ModernArt Space, Chicago

ModernArt Space invites you to explore “Shadows and Whispers,” an evocative thematic exhibition that delves into the subtle and often overlooked aspects of our existence. The exhibition features a curated selection of works by five international artists and opens on August 15, 20XX.

Body Paragraphs:
“Shadows and Whispers” examines themes of silence, absence, and the unseen forces that shape our lives. The exhibition includes powerful installations by Sofia Ibarra and thought-provoking photography by Tom Harford. Visitors can participate in a series of interactive sessions and talks aimed at uncovering deeper meanings within the art.

“This exhibition challenges us to find beauty and meaning in the shadows and whispers of our world,” states Mia Foster, director of ModernArt Space.

Call to Action:
Join us at ModernArt Space for a journey into the intangible. Experience art that makes you look closer and think deeper. Visit our website for more information and event registration.

ModernArt Space, located in the heart of Chicago, is dedicated to presenting contemporary art that engages and inspires a diverse audience.

Contact Information:
Contact: Tom Johnson, Events Coordinator
Phone: (456) 123-7890
Email: [email protected]

Template #4: Museum Art Exhibition Press Release

Headline: Timeless Echoes: Journey Through Classical Art
Subheading: A New Exhibition at the Grand Museum Featuring Masterpieces from Antiquity to Renaissance
Date & Location: Opens September 5, 20XX, at The Grand Museum, Boston

The Grand Museum proudly announces the opening of “Timeless Echoes,” a spectacular exhibition that traces the evolution of classical art from ancient Greece to the Renaissance. The exhibition opens on September 5, 20XX, and offers an unparalleled collection of artworks that have shaped the foundations of Western art.

Body Paragraphs:
“Timeless Echoes” features over 100 iconic works, including sculptures, paintings, and manuscripts, some of which are on loan from the world’s most prestigious museums. Highlights include a rare 5th-century BC Greek amphora and Leonardo da Vinci’s early sketches. In addition to self-guided tours, the museum offers guided tours every weekend, led by our expert historians, to provide deeper insights into the historical and cultural contexts of the artworks.

“Our aim with ‘Timeless Echoes’ is to connect people across time through the universal language of art. These works not only display aesthetic excellence but also convey the rich narratives and philosophies of their times,” explains Dr. Elizabeth Nguyen, Director of The Grand Museum.

Call to Action:
We invite all art lovers and history enthusiasts to join us in exploring these timeless treasures. Whether you’re a scholar, student, or simply curious, ‘Timeless Echoes’ promises to enrich your understanding of classical art. For tickets and more information, please visit our website.

The Grand Museum has been a cornerstone in Boston’s cultural landscape since 1895, renowned for its extensive collection that spans across continents and centuries. The museum is committed to fostering an appreciation for the arts through exhibitions, educational programs, and community outreach

Contact Information:
Contact: Michael Roberts, Communications Officer
Phone: (789) 456-1230
Email: [email protected]

These templates are examples to show you how you might want to write your press release. Keep in mind the following as you do so:

  1. They should be personalized to fit your specific art exhibition.
  2. The bold lines are to help you understand each element. They should not be included in your press release’s copy.
  3. Even though each of these templates shows a single Body Paragraph, most press releases have multiple body paragraphs, including a quote within one or two of them.

Art Exhibition Press Release Samples

Here are several real examples of press releases promoting art exhibitions to give you even more ideas:

Museum Art Exhibit Press Release Example

Thrivent Brings Rare Exhibition featuring the Vatican Museums’ Graphics Art Collection from the Contemporary Art Collection to Minneapolis for First Ever US Appearance in Dialogue with Thrivent Art Collection

Thrivent is a Fortune 500 diversified financial services organization (PRNewsfoto/Thrivent)

The landmark exhibition opens to the public April 22nd at the Thrivent Art Gallery

MINNEAPOLIS, April 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Art That Unites: A Dialogue between the Centuries from the Vatican Museums and Thrivent Art Collection is the title of the exhibition created from the collaboration between Thrivent and the Vatican Museums and curated by Joanna Reiling Lindell, Director and Curator of the Thrivent Collection of Religious Art and Corporate Art Collection, and Francesca Boschetti, Assistant Curator of the Modern and Contemporary Art Collection of Vatican Museums.

The exhibition is “a momentous exhibition, a significant occasion, because these works of art from the Vatican Museums have never before been exhibited in the United States”, said Joanna Reiling Lindell.

“The dialogue between works from both collections is a very enriching opportunity that confirms the importance of being open for exchange with other institutions and to create a fruitful dialogue between our own and other collections,” said Barbara Jatta, Director of the Vatican Museums.

Art That Unites features 27 artworks from the Vatican Museums’ Collection of Modern and Contemporary Art together with 29 objects from the Thrivent Art Collection. This special exhibition is a rare opportunity to admire 20th century works on paper from the Vatican alongside masterpieces from the past that were their sources of inspiration.

“The dialogue between older historical works from the Thrivent Art Collection and contemporary pieces from the Vatican Museums is an excellent chance to understand how sacred subjects are a fundamental model for following the history of their survival, continuation and innovation through the centuries,” said Micol Forti, Curator of the Collection of Modern and Contemporary Art of the Vatican Museums.

The Collection of Modern and Contemporary Art was inaugurated in 1973 by Saint Paul VI who wanted a section within the Vatican Museums dedicated to the art of the present. Today, the collection has over nine thousand and five hundred works of art, of which four thousand are works on paper.

The Vatican’s collection includes drawings and prints from Joan Miró, Henri Matisse, Marc Chagall, Edvard Munch, among others. Pieces on display from Thrivent’s collection include art by Pablo Picasso, Albrecht Dürer, Rembrandt van Rijn and Elizabeth Catlett. Shown together, these objects weave a narrative spanning the evolution of art and theology, inviting visitors to explore the intersections of faith, art, and the human experience.

“Usually considered a field for specialists, graphic art is in fact a privileged ‘observatory’ for understanding the often unusual paths chosen by artists seeking new modes of expression, new forms, new symbols,” said Francesca Boschetti, co-curator of the exhibition.

Art That Unites is set-out in eight sections: The Creation of the World, The Old Testament, Madonna and Child, the Life of Jesus (including the Baptism and Passion of Christ), Peace and Angels, The Apocalypse, The City, and Prayer.

This exhibition not only showcases exceptional art but is also a testament to the power of collaboration, shared values and the relationship between two institutions committed to supporting the arts, culture and community.

This experience will be open to the public from April 22 through June 25 at the Thrivent Art Gallery, located inside Thrivent’s Corporate Center in downtown Minneapolis.

Location: Thrivent Art Gallery; 600 Portland Avenue S., Minneapolis, MN
Dates: April 22 – June 25
Public Hours: 10 a.m. – 2 p.m., Tuesday – Thursday, or by appointment.
Admission: Free

Justin Herndon, Director of Public Relations and Enterprise Communications
[email protected]
(813) 995–3847

Art Gallery Press Release Example

IKKO Art Gallery unveils ‘Mediums of Enclosed Departures’ — its latest art exhibition

MUMBAI, India, April 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — IKKO Art Gallery, an experiential space for art, based in Mumbai, hosted their first-ever exclusive preview event, titled ‘Mediums of Enclosed Departures’. Curated by Nilesh Kinkale, a renowned experimental contemporary artist, in collaboration with IKKO’s co-founder, Ar. Jasleen Changani, the show was a confluence of paintings and sculptural works from leading artists in the country. The preview explored the intricate interplay between memories and their expression in material explorations.

IKKO, inspired by the Punjabi word meaning one, stands as an artist’s vision from a designer’s perspective. A brainchild of Resident Artist Narinder Kaur and her daughter, Ar. Jasleen Changani, Principal Architect at CY Corp, the gallery’s intent is to blend boundaries between art and architecture. Evolving the design process to reshape the discourse on residential redevelopment in Mumbai’s real estate sector is their constant endeavour. The artwork is made from castaway waste, keeping in mind the concepts of reuse and recycle.

Commenting on the occasion of the preview, Jasleen Changani said, “Furthering IKKO’s path to promote art that transcends the traditional confinements of the visual art discipline, our space, a black box flooded with natural light and a green envelope, fosters an environment of artistic learning and unlearning, breaking through stereotypical barriers of style and taste. IKKO invites you to immerse yourself in the experience of art, to become ‘one’ with its profound essence. I am honoured and elated to be working with some of the finest names in the industry, and it gives me immense pleasure to open the doors of the gallery to Mumbai.”

‘Mediums of Enclosed Departures’ is a dialogue between materiality, memory, and identity. It showcases how contemporary artists navigate the intersections of personal experience, cultural history, and social critique. Through their diverse mediums, these artists contribute to a broader understanding of contemporary art as a reflective and reflexive practice, capable of encapsulating complex narratives of change, loss, and resilience. This exhibition, therefore, not only showcases individual talent but also illuminates the collective endeavour of contemporary artists to engage with the world in all its complexity.

Having worked in Master Architect Geoffery Bawa’s office, Jasleen’s aesthetics were strongly influenced by his legacy of vernacular modern architecture. Integrating green building design principles within an Indian context is her forte. Lessons learnt in Sri Lanka, being mentored by Master Architect Anjalendran, further fuelled her endeavour to bring the seamlessness with which art and architecture embody the build there, in her work.

Along with Nilesh Kinkale, artists Smita Kinkale, Vinay Gusain, Rohit Varekar, Sadanand Shirke, Arjun Rathi, Narinder Kaur Gilotra, Ravi Teja Varma, Gurmeet Marwah, and Mananpreet Singh Saluja also have their work come together in a homogenous creative alchemy that turns excerpts of life into a more tangible medium of expression.

CY Corp, the key collaborator of IKKO Art Gallery, co-founded by Milind Changani, Yomesh Rao and Jasleen Changani, is a one-stop consultancy firm comprising architects, engineers, valuers, lawyers, and project management consultants with a singular focus on real estate design & development. The brand works with some of the leading developers, like Godrej, Runwal Group, Shreepati, Lodha Group, Raymond Group and many others, to provide consolidated & integrated liaison, design and advisory services on redevelopment and self-redevelopment.

About IKKO Art Gallery

An experiential art gallery in the bustling city and artistic hub of Mumbai, IKKO Gallery gets its name from the Punjabi word ‘Ikko’, which translates to ‘only one/one of a kind’. IKKO transcends the traditional boundaries of art and finds expression in various forms, unrestricted by the confinement of walls. To know more about IKKO Art Gallery please visit:

Press Release Announcing Museum Exhibitions for the Year

The Biggs Announces Exciting Annual Exhibition Line-up and Wyeth Exhibit Extension By Popular Demand

DOVER, Del., Jan. 26, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The Biggs Museum of American Art is thrilled to share a year of diverse, inspiring, and thought-provoking exhibitions with the community in the hopes of making art feel available and accessible to all through the showcase of both local and nationally renowned artists.

The Museum’s first exhibition new of the year, “Artworks for All: Celebration of Creativity Exhibit,” is presented in partnership with Art Works for All (AWA). This community-focused exhibit will be on view through March 24, highlighting the creative achievements of children and adults with disabilities.

Art Works for All (AWA) is an organization committed to providing educational opportunities through the arts, and their exhibit at The Biggs showcases the remarkable artwork produced by program participants. This collaborative effort not only recognizes the artistic talents of individuals with disabilities but also professionally presents their creations to a wider audience, fostering inclusivity and appreciation for the power of art.

In addition to this community-driven exhibition, The Biggs is excited to present a stellar lineup of major exhibitions throughout 2024, along with the extension of their feature exhibition, which has caught the attention of visitors across the country.

Currently on display at the Biggs Museum is The Wyeths: Three Generations| Works from the Bank of America Collection. This exhibition provides a comprehensive survey of three generations of the Wyeth family—N. C. Wyeth, Andrew Wyeth, and Jamie Wyeth. Explore themes of American history, artistic techniques, and creative achievements in this captivating showcase. The Biggs is delighted to announce the extension of this exhibit. Initially scheduled to conclude on February 12, due to overwhelming demand for visits and tours, the exhibition will now run through President’s Day, providing an additional week for art enthusiasts to explore this nationally significant showcase.

Following the Wyeth Exhibition, the museum will host a captivating exhibition by prominent local Delaware artist, Rebecca Raubacher from March 14 through July 7. Titled Rebecca Raubacher Horses & Other Creatures, this showcase of new works focuses on animals, displaying Raubacher’s signature large-scale pieces that beautifully capture the essence and beauty of majestic creatures of land, sea, and air.

In April, the museum will present Award Winners XXIV, an annual exhibition shining a light on the visual, performing, and literary arts fellowship recipients for 2024, curated by the Delaware Division of the Arts. 2024 marks the 24th year that the Biggs has partnered with DDOA to host this incredible exhibition supporting Delaware’s exceptional individual artists. This feast for the eyes, ears and imagination will be on display through July 28.

Opening on July 25, Circle of Truth 49 Paintings Ending with Ed Ruscha is a unique exhibition inspired by the childhood game of conveying messages through a chain of individuals. This visual domino chain involves 49 artists over nine years, each interpreting and responding to the previous artist’s work, resulting in a captivating journey of artistic exploration.

The Biggs Museum will close out the year with a blockbuster exhibition opening in October by renowned artist Rozeal. Titled I Shall Not Want, Rozeal’s contemporary paintings blend traditional ukiyo-e print techniques with Japanese folklore, geisha, kabuki, and samurai imagery, infused with hip-hop references and African-American culture.

For more information, visit

About the Biggs Museum of American Art

The Biggs Museum of American Art is a dynamic, accredited, art museum in Dover, Delaware, founded in 1993 by collector Sewell C. Biggs. The Biggs Museum is nationally recognized for its exceptional collections of American decorative arts of Delaware and the Mid-Atlantic region, and for its collections of American art from 1700 to today. The Museum engages audiences through a compelling program of collection based and temporary exhibitions plus encourages the development of creativity and an appreciation for art by offering a comprehensive slate of educational programming for all ages. The Biggs Museum of American Art is a private, non-profit 501(c) (3) organization. Hours of operation: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Thursday to Sunday

Media Contact: Kerri Lacey
Director of Marketing & PR
Biggs Museum of American Art
[email protected]
302.760.5305 (work)

Tips to Increase The Quality of Your Press Release

Great, now you’ve got the basics down, here are some tips to enhance the quality of your art exhibition’s press release:

  1. Use Clear and Compelling Language: Keep your language simple and direct. Avoid jargon and overly complex sentences that might confuse readers.
  2. Make It Visually Appealing: Use formatting tools like bold headers, bullet points, and short paragraphs to make the press release easy to scan and read.
  3. Emphasize Unique Points: Highlight what makes your exhibition unique. Whether it’s an exclusive piece, a renowned artist, or a unique theme, make these elements stand out.
  4. Include High-Quality Images: Attach one or two high-resolution images of key artworks or the venue to capture interest and give a visual taste of what to expect.
  5. Proofread Carefully: Errors can undermine your credibility. Proofread your press release multiple times, or have another person review it to catch any grammar or spelling mistakes.
  6. Optimize for SEO: If your press release will be published online, include relevant keywords about the exhibition, artists, or art style to help improve its visibility in search results.
  7. Target the Right Audience: Make sure your language and content resonate with your target audience, whether they are art critics, general art lovers, or potential buyers.
  8. Follow Up with Media Contacts: After sending out your press release, follow up with key journalists and influencers who might be interested in covering the exhibition.
  9. Use Quotes Effectively: Include engaging and insightful quotes from artists or curators that add depth to the narrative of your exhibition.
  10. Check the Timing: Release your press release at an optimal time, generally 2-4 weeks before the event, to give media outlets enough time to cover your exhibition and people to plan their visit.
  11. Include All Necessary Details: While you’ve covered what to include, double-check that essential information like the date, time, and venue are correct and clearly visible.
  12. Maintain a Consistent Tone: Ensure the tone of your press release matches the nature of the exhibition and your gallery or museum’s branding.

By following these tips, your press release can effectively capture the attention of your intended audience and generate excitement about your art exhibition.

Distributing Your Press Release

Now that you’ve created a masterpiece of a press release that equals the quality of the art you’re exhibiting, let’s talk about distributing your press release.

You could do what most people do – send it out to the local media, cross your fingers, and hope something happens.

Or you can use a press release distribution service like to send it out. Doing so can greatly increase the reach and impact of your press release. Here’s why you might want to use such a service:

  1. Wider Reach: Distribution services have extensive networks that include journalists, media outlets, and online platforms. This means your press release can reach a much larger and more diverse audience than you might manage on your own.
  2. Targeted Distribution: These services allow you to target specific industries, geographic areas, and even demographics. This ensures that your press release reaches the most relevant and interested parties, increasing the likelihood of coverage.
  3. Time-Saving: Sending out a press release manually to a large number of outlets can be very time-consuming. A distribution service streamlines this process, letting you focus on other important tasks related to your exhibition.
  4. Professional Presentation: Press release distribution services are experts in formatting and presenting information in a way that appeals to media professionals. This professional presentation can boost the credibility of your release.
  5. Tracking and Reporting: After your press release is distributed, these services often provide detailed reports on its reach and impact, including how many people viewed it, where it was published, and other valuable metrics.

Using a service like simplifies the process of sending out a press release and enhances the chances of your exhibition gaining significant attention and attendance.

Creating and Distributing Your Art Exhibition Press Release

Crafting a well-structured and engaging press release for your art exhibition is a crucial step in ensuring its success.

By following the outlined tips and utilizing a professional distribution service like, you can significantly enhance the visibility and impact of your event. These strategies not only help attract a larger audience but also engage media outlets and art enthusiasts in a meaningful way.

Remember, a great press release communicates the unique value of your exhibition compellingly and concisely, making it an indispensable tool in your promotional arsenal. So, take the time to perfect your press release, leverage the right distribution channels, and prepare for a successful exhibition opening.

Press Release Examples Across Several Industries

And, just because I know you’ll appreciate them, here are another 15+ great press release examples for situations you may encounter.

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Additional Press Release Examples

Finally, here are some tips and training to help you write an amazing press release:

Additional Press Release Resources

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