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Popular Social-Networking Podcasting Platform PodMatch.com Rockets Past Major Milestone: 4,000 Registered Members and More Than 1,200 Confirmed Podcast Bookings

PodMatch automatically matches ideal podcast hosts and guests for interviews using a matching core algorithm, similar to that which online dating apps use to match people together for dates.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Jan. 28 /PRNewswire/ — PodMatch.com announced that it had recently registered over 4,000 members to its dedicated free platform in a continuing effort to connect both podcasters and professional guests looking to book interviews. PodMatch uses a matching core algorithm that connects specific hosts with the perfect guests needed to produce high quality interviews, driving audience engagement for podcast success. Professional guests can be rebooked for future interviews or move on to other podcasts as they see fit, while podcasting hosts can continue to use the site to fill their interview queue with weeks and months of similar interviews for future shows. PodMatch offers basic services for free, and Professional Plans on a subscription basis.

PodMatch: Featured Guests and Hosts

Founded by Alex Sanfilippo, host of the Top 20 Entrepreneurship Podcast, “Creating a Brand,” PodMatch has already generated a great deal of excitement in the podcast world, serving as a much-needed, secure networking resource. PodMatch works with just four simple steps:

  1. Create a free guest or host account and set up a profile. PodMatch gives each user a dedicated page with an online information sheet containing a brief resume, approved media, reviews, social media links, ideas for episode titles/themes, and other important info.
  2. PodMatch’s core algorithm processes new users’ information and begins matching hosts with potential guests.
  3. Users receive matches in minutes, with links to host/guest pages for more information.
  4. Users access the built-in messaging system to meet, connect, schedule and book interviews.

“Podcasts are the popular radio of the Information Age, and they cover all aspects of our society,” said Alex Sanfilippo. “A uniquely 21st-century invention, podcasts contain as much cultural diversity as the online generation that invented them, and they add depth and value to our lives. The best podcasts resemble old time radio interviews and performances, and can reach the level of performance art. That’s no easy feat to achieve. It takes a fantastic idea, amazing hosts and guests, along with skill and finesse to mix the production. And it takes planning. Guests are very important, with the best ones helping to co-create the most memorable podcasts. Finding and booking those guests can be time consuming and extremely daunting. And that’s why I created PodMatch – to give podcast creators a chance to meet the dynamic guests they need to keep their listeners engaged, so their podcasts thrive and remain in demand.”

Some featured guests and podcasts currently connecting on PodMatch include: Jordan Paris, host of Apple’s #15 Education podcast; Steve Gutzler, author and keynote speaker; Jacqueline Wales, author of “The Fearless Factor” and “The Fearless Factor @ Work”; Brian Thorp, founder and CEO of Wealthtender; ProfServ Traction, with Steve Preda; Outspoken, with Joshua Gagnon; and Couch Funeral.

PodMatch User Testimonials:

“Just wanted to drop you a note to share how powerful PodMatch has been for me and my show. Thanks in large part to you and your team, starting this week, we’ve moved to a twice a week show format, are completely booked with great guests throughout the end of the year, and are starting to work on our 2021 episodes.” –Tim Kubiak, Bowties and Business podcast

“We have discovered our ideal match magic at PodMatch.com. As an industry leader in the podcast space, no other podcast matching service has provided better value and service in delivering high-engagement content interactions! As a result, we have efficiently and quickly utilized their services to assist in aligning with great guests and filling our upcoming season roster for the coming year.” –Jeffrey Besecker, The Light Inside podcast

For the latest PodMatch features and announcements, follow them on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn.

About PodMatch

PodMatch is a website dedicated to matching #podcastguests and #podcasthosts together to produce #podcast interviews. To learn more, please visit: www.PodMatch.com.

Media Contact:

Alex Sanfilippo
Tel: 904-755-9953



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