Company Milestone Press Release Examples [+ Templates]

Company Milestone Press Releases

Whether you’re marking a key anniversary of your company being in business, celebrating your xth product shipped, or announcing the achievement of a major goal, company milestones are an opportunity to generate publicity for your company and that product through issuing a press release announcing that upgrade and what it means to customers.

In this article we’ll provide:

Company Milestone Press Release Examples

We recognize that seeing real-life examples of press releases announcing achievement of company milestones can make it easier to write yours – so here you go: 12 recently released press releases announcing company milestones and other achievements:

Example #1: Company Completes Major Milestone

600 Miles and Counting: PG&E Hits Significant Milestone as Crews Safely Complete Construction, Energization of 350 More Miles of Underground Powerlines in 2023
Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PRNewsfoto/Pacific Gas and Electric Company)

Customers in 20 Counties Now Being Served and Protected by Buried Lines, Reducing 98% of the Wildfire Risk in Those Locations

OAKLAND, Calif., Dec. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — As of this week, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) has constructed and energized more than 600 miles of underground powerlines since its ambitious 10,000-Mile Undergrounding program started in mid-2021.

And the 350 miles completed in 2023 represents the most ever in a single year by PG&E and nearly twice as many miles as were completed in 2022.

“Our customers in high fire-risk locations where we have undergrounded powerlines not only benefit from wildfire mitigation, but also improved reliability at the lowest cost over the asset lifecycle,” said Peter Kenny, PG&E’s senior vice president of Major Infrastructure Delivery, which includes the 10,000-mile Undergrounding program. “That progress will continue in the years ahead.”

From $4 million per mile when the program first started, PG&E targeted cost reductions to $3.3 million per mile by this year. In fact, the unit cost has now fallen below $3 million per mile.

Eliminating risk with layers of protection

Undergrounding eliminates nearly 98% of the risk of wildfire ignition from electrical equipment. And it’s one of many layers of wildfire protection from PG&E, ranging from 600-plus weather stations and high-def cameras with AI capability for early fire detection to safety shutoff programs that prevent ignitions that could lead to catastrophic wildfires.

The Undergrounding program was launched in June 2021 by PG&E CEO Patti Poppe. PG&E and contract crews completed 73 miles that year, 180 miles in 2022 and 350 miles this year.

The California Public Utilities Commission recently approved PG&E’s 2023-2026 General Rate Case, which authorized 1,230 miles of undergrounding during those four years. PG&E is evaluating the GRC decision and creating the specific work plans for 2024 and beyond. Also, by mid-year, PG&E will file its 10-Year Undergrounding Plan, which was enabled by the passage of SB 884.

Here’s how the process works. Using sophisticated modeling, PG&E identifies the circuits with the highest wildfire risk. After engineering and permitting are completed, the most time- and labor-intensive part of the process—digging trenches and installing conduit, the piping that securely holds the electric lines in place—begins.

Once the civil construction work is complete, electric crews arrive to pull powerlines through the conduit, make the necessary electrical connections, de-energize the overhead lines and energize the underground lines. Final steps include removing the overhead lines and poles in some cases, and then completing paving and other work to return the surrounding area to a condition as good as or better than before the construction.

In recent months, on average, PG&E energized about 20 miles of undergrounded line each week. In all, customers on circuits in 20 counties now benefit from underground powerlines, extending from Trinity and Shasta counties in the north to Fresno County in the south.

Multiple benefits from undergrounding

Investing in undergrounding in the highest fire-risk areas benefits all PG&E customers in several ways—from improved air and water quality resulting from fewer fires; protection of wildlands; and over the long run, lower costs to customers due to reduced maintenance and vegetation management costs.

Expanding PG&E’s electric system underground in High Fire-Risk Areas (HFRAs) will not only help reduce wildfires caused by utility equipment, but also will improve reliability and reduce the need for safety-related power outages.

Go to to see PG&E’s progress and learn more about this crucial safety program.

Note to media: B-roll is available upon request

About PG&E
Pacific Gas and Electric Company, a subsidiary of PG&E Corporation (NYSE:PCG), is a combined natural gas and electric utility serving more than 16 million people across 70,000 square miles in Northern and Central California. For more information, visit and

Example #2: Company Opens its 1,000 Location

Take 5 Oil Change reaches milestone with 1,000th location grand opening

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Dec. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Take 5 Oil Change, a leader in the quick lube industry, celebrated a momentous occasion today with the grand opening of its 1,000th location. This marks an extraordinary achievement, propelling the brand’s growth by more than 1,400% since its acquisition by Driven Brands in 2016.

Following on the grand opening of its 300th franchised location in the U.S. earlier this year, Take 5 Oil Change continues to solidify its position as a leading player in the quick lube industry. The stay-in-your-car oil change franchise climbed the ranks on the Franchise Times’ Top 400 and Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 lists in 2023, coming in at #87 and #106, respectively.

“This is a major milestone for our brand, which started with humble beginnings as a local oil change shop in New Orleans back in the 1980s,” said Mo Khalid, EVP and Group President, Maintenance, Driven Brands. “Since acquiring Take 5 Oil Change with only 50 locations, we have seen tremendous growth and have more in the pipeline to look forward to.”

The newest service center, operated by franchisee Purple Square Group and located in Fort Pierce, Florida, hosted a 1,000th grand opening celebration in honor of the milestone. The event featured Take 5’s partners and premier oil suppliers, RelaDyne and Mobil 1. RelaDyne showcased a sprint car exhibition and hosted a meet and greet with accomplished sprint car driver, Logan Schuchart. Mobil 1, one of Take 5’s newest collaborators, added to the excitement with a NASCAR vehicle display and an immersive racing simulator, creating an unforgettable experience for attendees.

As part of its commitment to local communities, Take 5 Oil Change will make a charitable donation of $5,000 to GraceWay Village, which serves the Fort Pierce community. GraceWay Village is a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting residents who face challenges related to poverty, food scarcity, homelessness, and other pressing needs. Take 5 Oil Change’s support of local communities runs deep. Throughout 2023, Take 5 Oil Change locations collectively raised over $1.1 million for children’s hospitals nationwide and organizations supporting active duty military, veterans, and their families.

About Take 5 Oil Change
Established in 1984, Take 5 Oil Change® is a quick lube service featuring a unique drive-thru concept that allows customers to never leave the comfort of their car. The brand offers an on average 10-minute oil change service and ancillary services such as air filter replacement, wiper blade changes, and coolant exchanges. Take 5 has more than 900 company-owned and franchised service centers throughout the United States and Canada. Take 5 Oil Change is a member of Driven Brands, the largest automotive services company in North America. For more information, visit To learn more about Take 5 Oil Change franchise opportunities, visit

About Driven Brands
Driven Brands™, headquartered in Charlotte, NC, is the largest automotive services company in North America, providing a range of consumer and commercial automotive needs, including paint, collision, glass, vehicle repair, oil change, maintenance and car wash. Driven Brands is the parent company of some of North America’s leading automotive service businesses including Take 5 Oil Change®, Take 5 Car Wash®, Meineke Car Care Centers®, Maaco®, 1-800-Radiator & A/C®, Auto Glass Now®, and CARSTAR®. Driven Brands has more than 4,900 locations across 14 countries, and services over 70 million vehicles annually. Driven Brands’ network generates approximately $2.3 billion in annual revenue from more than $6.2 billion in system-wide sales.

Example #3: Announcing One-Year Partnership Anniversary

Excellon Software and Grupo UMA Celebrate One-Year Milestone in Transformative Collaboration

NAGPUR, India, Nov. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Excellon Software, a global leader in Dealer Management Systems, is excited to announce a significant one-year milestone in collaboration with Grupo UMA, a prominent multi-brand automotive distribution and dealer network in Colombia.

Over the past year, Excellon Software has proudly served as Grupo UMA’s trusted ally, delivering cutting-edge solutions to enhance customer service and operational efficiency. Excellon’s cloud-based Dealer Management System (DMS), accessible in Spanish, has seamlessly integrated with third-party systems like SAP, providing Grupo UMA with a comprehensive 360-degree view of customer engagement.

A standout feature of Excellon’s DMS solution is its compliance with local tax regulations, ensuring a seamless Invoice Posting process through the DIAN Portal. With a large network of Grupo Uma’s Sales & Service locations, the hosted solution in the USA offers Grupo UMA unparalleled flexibility and accessibility. This unique setup gives the Headquarters a real-time view of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) across the entire network.

“This one-year milestone is a testament to the success of our collaboration with Grupo UMA. Our tax-compliant solution and integration with the DIAN Portal highlight our commitment to meeting local regulatory requirements. The ability for Headquarters to monitor KPIs across the network further solidifies Excellon DMS as a unique and indispensable tool in the automotive industry,” said Vinod Tambi, Co-Founder and President of Excellon Software.

This strategic collaboration highlights Excellon Software’s commitment to delivering innovative, reliable, and tailored solutions and emphasizes dedication to providing a comprehensive and locally compliant system for the automotive industry. As Excellon celebrate this milestone, they also remain focused on elevating Grupo UMA’s excellence in the dynamic automotive landscape.

About Excellon Software

Excellon Software with its award-winning software is recognized among the most innovative software product companies from India. The company’s product portfolio includes complete dealer network management, sales & distribution management, and service management software. Excellon Software is a user-friendly, feature rich DMS platform used by more than 13K+ locations across 80+ Countries.

Excellon boasts some of the largest deployments in the world for dealer & service chains, consisting of large blue-chip enterprises that run Excellon for their mission-critical business. Excellon’s robust and proven platform processes the sale of One New Vehicle every 15 sec and services a vehicle every 5 seconds.

Shingita Kumar,
[email protected]

Example #4: Company achieves multiple milestones and closed an investment round

Example #5: Company builds 100 millionth product

Example #6: Company creates world’s first product that meets a key specification

Example #7: New product functionality improves content creation

Example #8: Company to cross one billion in revenues, unveils expansion plan

Example #9: Company is #1 in the world, again

Example #10: Company achieves 1 million monthly unique visitors to its websites

Example #11: Company celebrates partnership milestone

Example #12: Company files patent to protect key innovation

Reasons To Write a Company Milestone Press Release

Are you looking for ideas to write a press release about? Here’s a list of 50 different milestones a company might write a press release about:

    1. Anniversary Celebrations: Marking 5, 10, 25, 50, 100 years in business.
    2. Significant Sales Milestones: Achieving sales targets like 1 million units sold.
    3. Major Customer Acquisition: Signing a contract with a major client.
    4. New Product Launches: Introduction of a new product or service.
    5. Business Expansion: Expanding operations to new regions or countries.
    6. Mergers and Acquisitions: Merging with or acquiring another company.
    7. Awards and Recognitions: Winning industry awards or recognitions.
    8. Corporate Restructuring: Announcing changes in management or organization structure.
    9. Initial Public Offering (IPO): Becoming a publicly-traded company.
    10. Partnership Announcements: Forming strategic partnerships or alliances.
    11. Funding and Investment News: Securing new funding or investment rounds.
    12. Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives: Launching CSR projects or initiatives.
    13. Employee Milestones: Achieving a significant number of employees.
    14. Technology Breakthroughs: Developing or adopting innovative technologies.
    15. Environmental Sustainability Achievements: Reaching sustainability or green goals.
    16. Financial Milestones: Achieving record profits or revenue.
    17. Research and Development Achievements: Breakthroughs in R&D.
    18. Major Project Completions: Completion of significant projects.
    19. Corporate Headquarters Relocation: Moving to a new corporate office.
    20. Website or Brand Relaunch: Launching a new corporate identity or website.
    21. Executive Appointments: Hiring a new CEO or other high-level executives.
    22. Patent and Trademark Achievements: Securing new patents or trademarks.
    23. Legal Victories: Winning significant legal battles or settlements.
    24. Corporate Philanthropy: Major donations or charitable contributions.
    25. Market Share Achievements: Gaining significant market share in a sector.
    26. Certifications and Accreditations: Receiving industry-specific certifications.
    27. Customer Service Achievements: Reaching significant customer service goals.
    28. Supply Chain Developments: Major improvements in the supply chain.
    29. Staff Training and Development Programs: Launching new training initiatives.
    30. Quality Standard Achievements: Meeting high industry quality standards.
    31. New Office or Facility Openings: Expanding with new offices or facilities.
    32. Conference or Event Hosting: Hosting significant industry events.
    33. Collaborative Ventures: Starting collaborative projects with other firms.
    34. Product or Service Upgrades: Significant updates to existing offerings.
    35. Crisis Management Success: Effectively managing a corporate crisis.
    36. Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives: Promoting workplace diversity.
    37. E-commerce Milestones: Achieving significant online sales figures.
    38. Social Media Achievements: Reaching milestones on social media platforms.
    39. Government Contracts and Deals: Securing significant government contracts.
    40. Historical Company Moments: Remembering key historical moments.
    41. Health and Safety Records: Achieving health and safety milestones.
    42. International Recognition: Gaining recognition on a global scale.
    43. Community Engagement Initiatives: Significant community involvement projects.
    44. Data and Security Advancements: Implementing major data security improvements.
    45. Employee Health and Wellbeing Programs: Initiating wellbeing programs.
    46. Innovative Customer Support Solutions: Introducing new customer support methods.
    47. Reduction in Carbon Footprint: Achieving goals in reducing carbon emissions.
    48. Trade Show Participation: Major appearances at industry trade shows.
    49. New Business Model Implementation: Adopting innovative business models.
    50. Breaking Production Records: Achieving record-breaking product

ion numbers.

Each of these milestones offers a unique opportunity for a company to share its story, highlight its achievements, and engage with its stakeholders. Press releases for these milestones should be crafted to clearly convey the significance of the achievement and its impact on the company, its customers, and the industry at large.

Company Milestone Press Release Template Examples

Work is always easier when you have a template into which you can insert your information. Since we’re all about making things easier for you, here are three press release templates to announce your new company’s milestone achievements:

1. Template for Celebrating a Company Anniversary:


[Company Name] Celebrates [Milestone] Years of Innovation and Excellence

[City, Date] – [Company Name], a leader in [industry/niche], proudly commemorates its [milestone]-year anniversary. Founded in 2024, [Company Name] has consistently set the standard for [industry-specific accomplishments].

Over the past [number] years, [Company Name] has achieved [key milestones and innovations], significantly impacting the [industry/niche] sector.

“[Quote from a senior company official highlighting the significance of the anniversary and future outlook],” said [Name], [Position] of [Company Name].

To celebrate this milestone, [Company Name] is [details about anniversary events, promotions, or initiatives].

For more information about [Company Name] and its [milestone] years of service, visit [website].

Contact Information:
[Contact Name]
[Phone Number]

2. Template for Announcing Expansion into New Markets:


[Company Name] Announces Expansion into [New Market(s)]

[City, Date] – [Company Name], a prominent player in the [industry], today announced its expansion into [new market(s)], marking a significant step in its global growth strategy.

This expansion builds on [Company Name]’s existing presence in [current markets] and reflects its commitment to [specific goals related to the new market].

“[Quote about the strategic importance of the expansion and what it means for the company],” stated [Name], [Position] at [Company Name].

The expansion into [new market(s)] is expected to [specific benefits or opportunities expected from the expansion].

For additional details about [Company Name]’s expansion, please visit [website].

Contact Information:
[Contact Name]
[Phone Number]

3. Template for Achieving a Significant Business Milestone (e.g., Sales, User Numbers):


[Company Name] Reaches Remarkable Milestone of [Specific Achievement]

[City, Date] – [Company Name], a leader in [industry/niche], is excited to announce that it has reached a significant milestone by [specific achievement, e.g., selling 1 million units, acquiring 500,000 users].

Achieving this milestone is a testament to [Company Name]’s commitment to [what the company stands for or its mission].

“[Quote from a company leader about the importance of this achievement and its impact],” said [Name], [Position] of [Company Name].

[Additional information about how the company achieved this milestone, plans for future growth, or next steps].

To learn more about [Company Name] and its recent achievements, visit [website].

Contact Information:
[Contact Name]
[Phone Number]

Each template can be tailored to fit the specific details and tone suitable for the company’s brand and the nature of the milestone being announced. The press release should be clear, concise, and highlight the significance of the milestone to engage the audience effectively.

Crafting Your Company Milestone Press Release

In crafting an effective press release to celebrate a company milestone, it’s crucial to communicate not just the facts, but the story behind them. The provided templates and examples offer a comprehensive guide on how to approach different types of milestones, ensuring that each announcement is not only informative but also resonates with the intended audience. From celebrating anniversaries and announcing market expansions to recognizing significant business achievements, these examples and templates serve as a versatile toolkit for corporate communication, adaptable to a wide range of scenarios.

The 12 examples of press releases discussed in the article highlight the diversity and depth that press releases can announce. They demonstrate the ability of a well-written press release to communicate a company’s successes, standing in the marketplace, and future goals in a manner that engages and informs. Whether it’s the excitement of a new product launch, the strategic importance of an expansion, or the pride in achieving a sales milestone, each example serves as a testament to the power of effective communication in building and maintaining a strong corporate image.

Ultimately, the key to a successful press release lies in its ability to capture the story of the milestone while engaging its audience. By using the provided templates and drawing inspiration from the diverse examples, companies can craft messages that not only deliver the necessary information but also strengthen their brand narrative.

These announcements are more than just news; they are opportunities to celebrate achievements, to share stories of growth and innovation, and to connect with stakeholders on a deeper level, paving the way for continued success and recognition.

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