Press Releases for Real Estate

Real Estate Press Releases

In the dynamic world of real estate, where market trends can shift as quickly as the landscape itself, the power of communication and promotion cannot be overstated.

Press releases serve as a critical tool for real estate professionals, developers, and agencies to broadcast achievements, announce new projects, and shape public perception.

As a player in this industry, you can use press releases to share your successes, announce new projects, and influence how people see your business. Press releases can help you stand out, shape market trends, get your news out to millions, and attract new clients.

This article will show you how to create press releases that grab attention and deliver your message clearly. You’ll get instructions, templates, and tips to teach you how to make your news more impactful using simple strategies and digital tools, and see ten examples of how good communication has helped others in real estate succeed.

Table of Contents
The Beginner’s Guide to Writing a Real Estate Press Release
Real Estate Press Release Templates
50 Reasons to Write a Press Release for Your Real Estate Project/Company
Real Estate Press Release Examples
Tips to Create a Successful Real Estate Press Release
Distributing Your Press Release
Press Release Examples Across Several Industries

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The Beginner’s Guide to Writing a Real Estate Press Release

Writing a press release is different than any other document you write. Recipients of a press release expect them to be written in a specific way and for them to be formatted properly, allowing them to quickly make decisions about whether they wish to further pursue that news for their audience.

Here’s a brief summary of the key elements in a press release:

  1. Headline: Start with a strong, catchy headline that grabs attention. Make it clear and directly related to your news. Your headline should be compelling enough to make someone want to read further. For example, “Local Real Estate Firm Announces Launch of Revolutionary Eco-Friendly Housing Development.”
  2. Subheadline (optional): This is a secondary, more detailed line that can add more context to your headline. It’s useful for adding a critical detail that might not fit in the main headline but is important to draw in the reader. For instance, “New Development Promises Sustainable Living in the Heart of the City.”
  3. Date and Location: Right at the beginning, include the city and the date. This helps to localize your news and gives it a timely context. Mentioning the location also targets the news to an audience familiar with the area, which can be particularly effective for regional publications or community interest.
  4. Introduction: In the first paragraph, answer the who, what, when, where, and why. This is crucial as it summarizes the most important details of your news. It’s like the elevator pitch of your press release; if someone only reads this part, they should still understand the essence of your announcement.
  5. Body Paragraphs: Here, you can expand on the details. Describe the project or achievement more fully, include quotes from key people involved, and explain how this news affects your clients or the real estate market. You might also include statistics or data to support your claims, such as market trends or previous successes.
  6. Boilerplate: At the end, include a short paragraph about your company. This should give background information that helps the reader understand who you are and what your business does. Describe your mission, the areas you serve, and any notable accomplishments or recognition you’ve earned.
  7. Contact Information: Finally, provide the name, phone number, and email address of the person who can be contacted for more information. This is usually you or your PR representative. Make sure this information is accurate and that whoever is listed is readily available to respond to inquiries following the release.

By ensuring each of these elements is well-crafted and informative, you can create a press release that effectively communicates your news and enhances your visibility in the real estate market.

Real Estate Press Release Templates

It’s always easier to write when you have a template into which you can insert your information. Since we’re all about making your life easier and more successful, here are a number of press release templates you can use:

Template #1: New Property Listing Announcement


“Exciting New Listing: [Property Address] Hits the Market!”

Spacious Family Home in [Neighborhood/City] – Open House Scheduled!

[City, Date] — [Your Real Estate Agency] proudly unveils a new listing at [Property Address]. This elegant [number of bedrooms] bedroom home in the heart of [Area/Community] will be open for viewing on [Open House Date].

“This home represents a perfect blend of comfort and style, tailored for [target audience, e.g., modern families],” expressed [Your Name, Title at Real Estate Agency].

The property features [list key features like a renovated kitchen, large backyard, swimming pool, etc.]. Ideal for [describe ideal buyers, like families, young professionals, etc.], this home offers [highlight unique selling points or community features].

The property is available for viewing starting May 2024..

For updates on open house schedules and property details, visit [Your Agency’s Website URL].

About [Your Real Estate Agency]: [Brief description of the agency, including how long you’ve been in business, any specializations, and what sets you apart from others in the area].

Contact Information:
Name: [Your Name]
Phone: [Your Phone Number]
Email: [Your Email]

Template #2. Real Estate Market Report Release


“Real Estate Market Update: Trends and Analysis for [Month/Year]”

Comprehensive Insights into the [Specific Market] Real Estate Trends

[City, Date] — [Your Real Estate Firm] has published a comprehensive market report detailing the current real estate conditions in [Location], unveiled today.

“The insights provided in this report are indispensable for anyone looking to make informed decisions in today’s market,” stated [Your Name, Title at Real Estate Firm].

This report highlights significant trends, including [mention key findings, such as rising prices, inventory levels, or popular neighborhoods]. [Describe implications for buyers, sellers, or investors].

The full report is available upon request and offers in-depth analysis useful for making informed real estate decisions.

The full report is available as of [Release Date].

For more information and to download the report, visit [Website URL].

About [Your Real Estate Firm]: [Brief description of the firm’s expertise and areas of focus].

To request a copy of the market report or for further details, please contact:
Name: [Your Name]
Phone: [Your Phone Number]
Email: [Your Email]

Template #3. Real Estate Investment Opportunity


“Announcing a New Investment Opportunity in [Property Type] at [Location]”

Prime Investment in Growing Market – Expected High ROI

[City, Date] — [Your Investment Firm] announces a promising new real estate investment opportunity at [Property Address or Description], available from [Start Date].

“With projected high returns, this investment is an ideal match for [target investors],” highlighted [Your Name, Title at Investment Firm].

Interested parties can access investment details starting [availability date].

About [Your Investment Firm]: [Short description of your firm’s investment focus and past success].

For further investment information, visit [Website URL].

Contact Information: Name: [Your Name]
Phone: [Your Phone Number]
Email: [Your Email]

Template #4. Completion of Real Estate Development Project


“Completion Celebrated: [Project Name] Now Ready for Occupancy”

[Project Type] in [Location] – A New Benchmark in Real Estate Development

[City, Date] — [Your Development Company] celebrates the completion of [Project Name], a [project type] at [Project Location], now ready for occupancy.

“We are thrilled to set new standards with [Project Name], which promises to be a benchmark in real estate development,” announced [Your Name, Title at Development Company].

[Details about the development’s features and community benefits].

Properties are available as of [Release Date].

For more details on the project, visit [Website URL].

About [Your Development Company]: [Brief overview of the company’s mission and other projects].

Contact Information:
Name: [Your Name]
Phone: [Your Phone Number]
Email: [Your Email]

Template #5. Renovation Completion Announcement


“Grand Reveal: [Property Address] Unveils Major Renovations!”

Transformed Space Ready to Impress in [Neighborhood/City]

[City, Date] — [Your Real Estate Agency] is excited to reveal the extensive renovations completed at [Property Address], marking a significant enhancement in [Neighborhood/City].
“These renovations bring a new level of sophistication and modern amenities to [Property Address],” said [Your Name, Title].

The property will be open for tours starting [Start Date].

This [type of property, e.g., historic home, commercial building] has been beautifully updated with modern amenities while preserving its unique architectural heritage. Highlights include [list renovated features like updated kitchens, new roofing, eco-friendly utilities].

For further details and scheduling a tour, visit [Website URL].

About [Your Real Estate Agency]: [Brief description of your agency’s focus on renovating and revitalizing properties].

Contact Information: Name: [Your Name]
Phone: [Your Phone Number]
Email: [Your Email]

Template #6. Award or Recognition Announcement


“[Your Real Estate Agency] Honored with [Award Name] for Excellence in Real Estate”

Recognition for Outstanding Contributions to [Market/Community]

[City, Date] — [Your Real Estate Agency] is honored to receive [Award Name], recognizing our excellence in the real estate market of [Area].
“This award reflects our dedication and hard work in serving the [Area] community,” declared [Your Name, Title].

This award highlights our efforts in [specific achievements or contributions, like community service, innovative projects, customer service excellence].

About [Your Real Estate Agency]: [Brief overview of the company and its significance in the industry].

More information about our services and future plans is available at [Website URL].

Contact Information:
Name: [Your Name]
Phone: [Your Phone Number]
Email: [Your Email]

Template #7. Strategic Partnership or Collaboration Announcement


“[Your Real Estate Company] Forms Strategic Partnership with [Partner Company]”

Collaboration Set to Enhance Real Estate Services in [Region]

[City, Date] — [Your Real Estate Company] has formed a strategic partnership with [Partner Company], enhancing real estate services across [Region].
“Our collaboration with [Partner Company] marks a pivotal step towards expanding our service offerings in [Region],” remarked [Your Name, Title at Real Estate Company].

Together, we will focus on [describe the purpose and goals of the partnership, such as developing new properties, offering combined services, etc.].

Details on the partnership are available from [Start Date].

For more information, visit [Website URL].

About [Your Real Estate Company]: [Brief background of your company and its mission].

Contact Information:
Name: [Your Name]
Phone: [Your Phone Number]
Email: [Your Email]

Template #8. Community Event or Sponsorship Announcement


“[Your Real Estate Agency] to Sponsor [Event Name] in [Community/City]”

Supporting Community Growth and Engagement through Local Events

[City, Date] — [Your Real Estate Agency] is proud to sponsor [Event Name] in [Community/City], taking place on [Event Date].
“Sponsoring [Event Name] underscores our commitment to the community and its growth,” stated [Your Name, Title at Real Estate Agency].

Event details and our community involvement information are available at [Website URL].

About [Your Real Estate Agency]: [Information about your agency’s involvement in the community and any relevant achievements].

Contact Information:
Name: [Your Name]
Phone: [Your Phone Number]
Email: [Your Email]

50 Reasons to Write a Press Release for Your Real Estate Project/Company

I suspect that you’re thinking “this is a great idea, we should be writing more press releases! But, other than the obvious, I have no idea what to write them about.”

I’ve got your back. Here are 50 reasons to write a press release for your project or company:

  • 1. Announcing a New Property Listing: Use a press release to introduce a new property to the market, highlighting its unique features and selling points.
  • 2. Revealing a Significant Property Sale: Share details of a major sale, emphasizing the demand in the area and your role in facilitating the transaction.
  • 3. Introducing a New Real Estate Development: Announce a new development project, outlining its scope, potential impact, and timeline.
  • 4. Reporting Annual Sales or a Milestone Achievement: Celebrate significant milestones, such as reaching a sales target or company anniversary.
  • 5. Announcing Expansion into New Markets: Inform the public about your agency’s growth and explain how you plan to serve new communities.
  • 6. Launching a New Division or Service: Introduce a new segment of your business, explaining its benefits for your clients.
  • 7. Sharing Major Market Analysis or Research Study Results: Release findings from a market analysis or research study that offers valuable insights into the real estate market.
  • 8. Highlighting Participation in a Community Event: Detail your involvement in local events, demonstrating your commitment to the community.
  • 9. Announcing a Partnership with Another Company: Describe a new partnership, focusing on how it will enhance your services or client experiences.
  • 10. Reporting on Economic Changes Affecting Real Estate: Discuss how recent economic shifts impact the real estate market and what that means for buyers and sellers.
  • 11. Celebrating an Award or Recognition: Share news of an award or recognition you’ve received to build credibility and trust.
  • 12. Announcing Sponsorship of a Local Event: Explain your sponsorship of a local event, highlighting your investment in local community welfare.
  • 13. Launching a New Technology or Tool for Buyers and Sellers: Introduce innovative technologies or tools that will improve the buying or selling experience for your clients.
  • 14. Reporting on Trends Affecting Property Prices: Provide insights on local property price trends and what factors are influencing changes.
  • 15. Celebrating the Anniversary of Your Business: Mark the anniversary of your business with reflections on past successes and future goals.
  • 16. Announcing a Seminar or Webinar You Are Hosting: Promote educational events you’re hosting, emphasizing the benefits and knowledge attendees will gain.
  • 17. Introducing a New Team Member or Executive: Welcome new key personnel, detailing their background and what they bring to the team.
  • 18. Highlighting Significant Renovations or Restorations: Share updates on major property renovations or restorations, underlining their enhanced value.
  • 19. Announcing a New Client Service Initiative: Introduce new services designed to improve client satisfaction and detail how they benefit your clients.
  • 20. Detailing a Successful Case Study or Client Story: Share a success story that illustrates your expertise and the positive outcomes you deliver.
  • 21. Highlighting Your Involvement in a Major Transaction: Discuss your role in significant real estate transactions, demonstrating your industry leadership.
  • 22. Discussing Changes in Real Estate Regulations and Their Implications: Explain recent regulatory changes and how they affect the real estate market and your clients.
  • 23. Announcing Participation in a Trade Show or Conference: Share details of your involvement in industry events, highlighting your active role in the real estate community.
  • 24. Sharing Insights from a Speaking Engagement: Highlight key messages and insights from presentations you’ve given at industry events.
  • 25. Reporting on Community or Economic Development Initiatives: Discuss your involvement in initiatives that aim to improve economic or community development.
  • 26. Offering Expert Commentary on Real Estate Market Conditions: Provide your expert opinions on current market conditions, establishing yourself as a thought leader.
  • 27. Revealing a New Real Estate Investment Opportunity: Announce investment opportunities, detailing the potential benefits and returns for investors.
  • 28. Announcing a New Client Referral Program: Introduce a new referral program, explaining how it rewards clients for their loyalty and referrals.
  • 29. Reporting on Seasonal Impacts on the Real Estate Market: Discuss how seasonal trends affect the real estate market and what that means for buying or selling.
  • 30. Celebrating a Successful Community Outreach or Charity Drive: Share the outcomes of charity drives or community outreach efforts, highlighting your company’s social responsibility.
  • 31. Announcing Receipt of a New Certification or Professional Designation: Share news of new certifications or designations that enhance your professional credibility.
  • 32. Introducing a New Marketing Campaign: Launch a new marketing initiative, explaining its goals and expected impact on your business.
  • 33. Highlighting a Special Promotion or Discount on Services: Promote special offers, emphasizing the savings and benefits to potential clients.
  • 34. Announcing Your Company’s Role in a Major Urban Development Project: Detail your involvement in significant urban development projects, underscoring your capability in handling large-scale endeavors.
  • 35. Reporting on the Completion of a Significant Project: Announce the completion of major projects, showcasing your ability to deliver results on time and within budget.
  • 36. Detailing the Impact of Technological Advancements on Your Business: Discuss how new technologies are transforming your business operations and client interactions.
  • 37. Sharing Your Forecast on the Future of the Real Estate Market: Offer predictions about the real estate market’s direction, providing valuable foresight to clients and peers.
  • 38. Announcing the Adoption of New Sustainable Practices: Highlight new sustainable practices your business is adopting, underlining your commitment to environmental responsibility.
  • 39. Reporting on a Panel or Forum You Participated In: Detail your contributions to discussions on panels or forums, highlighting your thought leadership.
  • 40. Announcing Free Consultations for First-Time Home Buyers: Promote special offers for first-time buyers, such as free consultations, to attract new clients.
  • 41. Highlighting Your Company’s Response to a Crisis or Emergency: Detail your proactive measures and community support in response to local or national emergencies.
  • 42. Announcing a Change in Company Leadership or Ownership: Inform the public about key changes in leadership or ownership, discussing the future direction of the business.
  • 43. Detailing a New Customer Loyalty or Reward Program: Introduce a loyalty program, emphasizing how it benefits long-standing clients.
  • 44. Announcing a New Funding Round or Financial Milestone: Share news of financial milestones or new funding, highlighting your company’s growth and stability.
  • 45. Discussing the Impact of a New Government Policy on Real Estate: Analyze new government policies affecting real estate, providing expert insights into their long-term implications.
  • 46. Highlighting Your Efforts in Historic Preservation: Share your initiatives in preserving historic properties, showcasing your commitment to maintaining cultural heritage.
  • 47. Announcing Your Response to a Significant Industry Challenge: Discuss how your company is addressing major industry challenges, emphasizing your innovative approaches.
  • 48. Detailing the Benefits of a Recent Merger or Acquisition: Explain how a recent merger or acquisition will benefit your clients and enhance your service offerings.
  • 49. Announcing a Campaign to Address Housing Affordability: Launch a campaign aimed at improving housing affordability, detailing how you plan to make a difference.
  • 50. Celebrating a Record-Breaking Month or Quarter in Sales: Highlight record-breaking sales achievements, underscoring your company’s success and momentum in the market.

Each of these topics not only serves as a good reason for a press release but also helps maintain a strong presence in your industry and community.

Real Estate Press Release Examples

Are you looking for examples of successful press releases? Here are 10 actual press releases that you can use as examples as you write your own:

Example #1: Real estate company announces property available for sale


NORTHBROOK, Ill., May 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Hilco Real Estate, LLC, announces May 17, 2024 as the bid deadline for the Chapter 11 bankruptcy sale of two commercial condominiums in New York City’s historic Greenwich Village. These condominiums occupy the first and second floor of the building located at 350-354 Avenue of the Americas. With 176 feet of prime, wraparound frontage on the corner of 6th Avenue and Washington Place, these offerings benefit from high visibility and heavy foot traffic.

The ground-floor retail space, totaling over 7,850± square feet and zoned C1, boasts 15-foot ceilings, exceptional location and can accommodate single or multiple tenants. While currently not built out, the versatile layout can be retrofitted to take advantage of three separate entry points, which present a unique opportunity for various uses.

The second-floor space, spanning 8,942± square feet and zoned C2, offers ample flexibility for community-oriented endeavors. Previously occupied by a daycare, the space retains its built-out infrastructure, providing a turnkey solution for a new operator. This setup can also offer potential investors the ability to combine both floors and potentially increase the value for a prospective tenant.

The condominiums sit just one block from Washington Square Park and four blocks from NYU, ideally positioned to take advantage of excellent foot traffic. Additionally, eight subway lines, including the A, C, E, B, D, F, M and 1, and the PATH train are within walking distance, ensuring easy accessibility for both employees and customers.

Greenwich Village, on the west side of Lower Manhattan, is known for its history of fostering art and creativity, with notable former residents including Edgar Allen Poe, Jackson Pollack and Bob Dylan. The neighborhood also features multiple attractions, including Washington Square Park, the Village Vanguard jazz club, the Comedy Cellar, the historic Jefferson Market Library and several historic districts dedicated to preserving the Village’s character and charm. In addition to being lauded for its creative culture, Greenwich Village is home to New York University (NYU), The New School and Cooper Union, with over 64,000 students in attendance between the three universities. Despite the pandemic, the neighborhood also saw a 1.85% population increase from 2020 to 2021 and a 4.29% increase in median household income.

Jonathan Cuticelli, vice president at Hilco Real Estate, states, “The commercial spaces listed with this bankruptcy deal will provide investors with the flexibility to capitalize on the neighborhood’s vibrant atmosphere and diverse population. As Greenwich Village continues to grow, the next owner will be well-positioned to serve the community.”

The sale of 350-354 Avenue of the Americas is being conducted by Order of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court District of the Southern District of New York (Manhattan), Bankruptcy Petition No. 23-10068-JPM, In re: Nuovo Ciao-Di LLC. Bids must be received on or before the deadline of May 17 at 5 p.m. (ET) and must be submitted on the Purchase and Sale Agreement available for review and download from Hilco Real Estate’s website.

Interested buyers should review the requirements in order to participate in the bankruptcy sale process available on Hilco Real Estate’s website. For further information, please contact Jonathan Cuticelli at (203) 561-8737 or [email protected].

For further information on the property, sale process, and terms or to obtain access to due diligence documents, please visit or call (855) 755-2300.

About Hilco Real Estate

Hilco Real Estate (“HRE”), a Hilco Global company (, is headquartered in Northbrook, Illinois (USA). HRE is a national provider of strategic real estate disposition services. Acting as an agent or principal, HRE uses its experience to advise and execute strategies to assist clients in deriving the maximum value from their real estate assets. By leveraging multi-faceted sales strategies and techniques, aggressive repositioning and restructuring experience, a vast and motivated network of buyers and sellers, and substantial access to capital, HRE exceeds expectations even in the most complex transactions.

Example #2: Real estate company reports successes

CenterCal Properties outperforms, achieves 94% occupancy across mixed-use retail portfolio in Q1 2024

New store openings, compelling property activations drive traffic, results

EL SEGUNDO, Calif., April 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — CenterCal Properties, a premier full-service commercial real estate company serving the western U.S., released first quarter 2024 results indicating 94% occupancy across its mixed-use retail portfolio. The forward-thinking company outperformed the retail sector as a whole, which had a 10.3% vacancy rate according to preliminary estimates from Moody’s Analytics CRE. During the first quarter, CenterCal Properties celebrated more than 15 new store openings at various properties across its five-state footprint, delivering on its promise to create dynamic, community-driven gathering places.

“At CenterCal Properties, our philosophy centers around not just building spaces, but crafting communities where people can connect and thrive,” said Founder and CEO, Jean Paul Wardy. “Every project we undertake is a testament to our dedication to high standards, creativity and integrity. Based on our most recent occupancy rate of 94%, it is clear that our approach resonates with consumers and retailers alike.”

At its iconic destinations across California, Idaho, Oregon, Utah and Washington, CenterCal Properties takes a place-making approach that evolves with each community’s needs. For Wardy and his team, that approach means constant assessment of current offerings, and consideration of new tenants and activations that will keep properties fresh and relevant. At 2ND & PCH in Long Beach, Calif., this philosophy has contributed to a 17.4% increase in foot traffic, year over year. The increase is attributed, in part, to a combination of a well-curated assortment of retailers, now including EVEREVE and Vuori, and a host of experiences that appeal to diverse audiences. In the first quarter of 2024, the property coordinated a two-day fitness- and wellness-focused ‘Long Beach Strong Beach’ event that doubled as a fundraiser for Long Beach Century Club which supports amateur athletes in middle and high school programs. The center also held various spring-themed events, including kids’ clubs, Makers Markets, Easter bunny photos and egg hunts.

Other properties throughout the CenterCal Properties portfolio have enhanced their offerings. The Veranda in Concord, Calif., welcomed Humphry Slocombe’s innovative ice cream along with J.Crew Factory. Bay Street Emeryville in Emeryville, Calif. is adding more exciting premier restaurants such as the much-anticipated Mumu Hot Pot where diners will experience the enticing flavors of Asian cuisine in a relaxed dining environment and JARS by Fabio Viviani, a revolutionary new dessert concept from the celebrity chef know from his time on “Top Chef.” JARS mixes nostalgic flavor combinations with wildly creative and instagrammable presentations.

From cultural celebrations, such as the commemoration of the Lunar New Year, to concerts on village greens and other gathering spaces, CenterCal Properties is providing more than a standard shopping experience. By offering an ever-changing collection of shopping, dining, entertainment and community experiences, the company is creating iconic, can’t-miss destinations. These mixed-use developments are becoming well integrated with their neighborhoods and providing places where people can come together, connect and develop a sense of belonging — contributing to success for CenterCal Properties and its stakeholders.

About CenterCal Properties LLC

CenterCal Properties LLC, a premier full-service commercial real estate company founded in 2004, is redefining the landscape of the western U.S. With a focus on community-building, the company creates spaces that foster connection, enjoyment, and a sense of belonging. Under the visionary leadership of Founder and CEO Jean Paul Wardy, CenterCal Properties has become synonymous with excellence and innovation, boasting a portfolio of iconic destinations across California, Idaho, Oregon, Utah and Washington. Rooted in core values that include creative persistence, high standards, resourcefulness, delivering today and unwavering integrity, CenterCal Properties specializes in the investment, development, leasing and management of high-quality retail and mixed-use development from its headquarters in El Segundo, Calif. More information, including a full property portfolio, is available at

Media Contact: Kristen Sharkey

E: [email protected]; M: 203.644.899

Example #3: Real estate new hire announcement press release

Coldwell Banker Warburg Welcomes Real Estate Veterans Kathy Kaye and Lorraine Baker

Kaye and Baker bring executive and C-suite experience and diverse skills to the CBW team.

NEW YORK, March 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Coldwell Banker Warburg, the premier brokerage that’s been at the forefront of New York luxury real estate for more than 100 years, is pleased to announce that broker Kathy Kaye and agent Lorraine Baker have joined the firm. Kaye joins with a legendary track record of property sales, amassing more than $200 million in her career, while Baker also brings over $200 million in career sales to the company.

“Lorraine is a powerhouse in the Manhattan luxury scene, boasting almost two decades of expertise and Kathy is synonymous with excellence and her extensive knowledge of Manhattan luxury and new developments across the city makes her an unstoppable force,” said Kevelyn Guzman, Regional Vice President of Coldwell Banker Warburg. “We’re thrilled to have Kathy and Lorraine join our Coldwell Banker family!”

Before joining Coldwell Banker Warburg, Kaye managed full life-cycle sales and marketing for over $5 billion in inventory and represented both buyers and sellers in significant resales. Throughout her illustrious career, she served as President of Sotheby’s International Realty Development Advisors, and as Senior Vice President for The Related Companies. Kaye is a Certified Negotiation Expert and a New York Residential Specialist certified by the Real Estate Board of New York. Further, she actively volunteers as a board member of the City of Hope’s East End Chapter/Jeanne Kaye League (named for her mother) and remains involved in the SAG-AFTRA foundation, utilizing her skills as a performing artist. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications from the University of Miami in Florida, and a Master’s in Education from Bank Street College of Education in New York.

“Throughout my career, I have always respected Warburg’s esteemed presence in the Manhattan market, and I am very excited to join the prestigious Coldwell Banker Warburg Global Luxury team,” said Kathy Kaye.

Baker has spent nearly two decades working in Manhattan real estate and has extensive market knowledge to pair with her transactional expertise. Combined with her M.B.A. degree and years of business experience in banking and sales, as well as as a Silicon Valley manager and CFO, she has earned a well-regarded reputation for professional standards and exemplary service. In Manhattan real estate, Baker has consistently performed in the top 5% of her brokerage firm’s business in recent years and has been recognized by “Real Trends” as one of America’s Best Real Estate Professionals.

“I am proud to be now affiliated with Coldwell Banker Warburg,” said Lorraine Baker. “Its distinguished reputation locally, combined with an incredible and interconnected network of offices across the U.S., is most advantageous.”

Additionally, Coldwell Banker Warburg recently welcomed several new agents and brokers with a diverse range of industry experience, including Andrea Saturno-Sanjana, Michael Yehuda, Alana Lindsay, Dan Ragone, Victoria Adamo, Corrina Drost, Christopher Hall, and Sally Chame.

About Coldwell Banker Warburg

Coldwell Banker Warburg, formerly Warburg Realty, is a leading residential real estate brokerage in Manhattan. In 2021, it became the first company to be fully branded under Coldwell Banker Global Luxury®, part of Coldwell Banker, one of the oldest and most established residential real estate leaders in North America. The legacy firms boast over two centuries of collective experience, offering agents and their clients a global network of resources, marketing power, and international presence. Coldwell Banker Warburg is led by Regional Vice President Kevelyn Guzman, who took the reins at the beginning of 2024. The brokerage is owned by a subsidiary of Anywhere Real Estate Inc. (NYSE:HOUS), the largest full-service residential real estate services company in the United States.

Jesse Kent
Coldwell Banker Warburg
[email protected]

Example #4: Real estate team joins larger network

Example #5: New title company launch announcement

Example #6: Real estate company announces receipt of award

Example #7: Announcement of completion of sale

Example #8: Firm provides drone overview of their investment property

Example #9: Real estate acquisition announcement–insurance-announces-strategic-acquisition-of-carson-realty-302134800.html

Example #10: Company announces pre-leasing for new property

Tips to Create a Successful Real Estate Press Release

Now that we’ve covered the basics, here are 12 tips to help you craft an even more amazing press release:

  1. Focus on a Strong Headline: Make sure your headline is compelling and clearly communicates the essence of your news. It’s the first thing people see, so it needs to grab attention and encourage further reading.
  2. Be Concise and Clear: Keep your language straightforward and to the point. Avoid jargon and overly complex sentences that might confuse your readers.
  3. Include High-Quality Images: Use professional photos of the properties or events you are discussing. Visuals can significantly enhance the appeal and engagement of your press release.
  4. Provide Valuable Information: Ensure the content is not just promotional but offers real value to your audience. This could include market insights, expert advice, or detailed property descriptions.
  5. Use Quotes Effectively: Incorporate quotes from key people in your organization or industry to provide credibility and a personal touch. Make sure the quotes add value and aren’t just filler.
  6. Optimize for SEO: Include relevant keywords naturally throughout the release to improve its visibility in online searches. However, avoid over-stuffing keywords which can make the text read unnaturally.
  7. Include a Clear Call to Action: Direct your readers clearly on what to do next, whether it’s attending an open house, visiting a website, or contacting a real estate agent.
  8. Keep It Timely: Link your news to current events or trends if possible. This makes your release more relevant and increases the likelihood of it being picked up by media outlets.
  9. Proofread Thoroughly: Errors can undermine the professionalism of your press release. Make sure to proofread your text multiple times or have it reviewed by someone else.
  10. Distribute Effectively: Use the right channels to distribute your press release. Identify which platforms (online press release sites, local media, industry publications) are most likely to reach your target audience.
  11. Follow Up: After sending out your press release, follow up with key contacts to ensure they received it and to answer any questions they might have. This can help improve your relationships with journalists and editors.
  12. Measure Your Results: Track how well your press release performs in terms of reach, engagement, and the ultimate goals you set (e.g., calls received, website visits). Use this data to refine future releases.

Implementing these tips will help you craft more effective and impactful real estate press releases that not only reach but resonate with your target audience.

Distributing Your Press Release

Using a press release distribution service like can significantly enhance the effectiveness and reach of your real estate press releases. Here’s why you should consider leveraging such a service:

  • 1. Broader Distribution: has extensive networks that include thousands of journalists, media outlets, and online platforms. By using this service, your press release can reach a much wider audience than you might achieve on your own. This is especially valuable in real estate, where exposure can directly influence buyer interest and market dynamics.
  • 2. Targeted Reach: With, you can target specific geographic locations, industries, and even individual media outlets. This ensures that your press release reaches the most relevant audience, including potential buyers, real estate journalists, and industry professionals who are most likely to be interested in your news.
  • 3. Professional Formatting and Compliance: ensures that your press release meets the professional standards required by news outlets. This includes proper formatting, adherence to journalistic styles, and compliance with legal requirements, which can be particularly intricate in real estate communications.
  • 4. SEO Benefits: optimizes your press release for search engines, increasing the likelihood that your target audience will find it through online searches. This includes careful keyword integration and creating links back to your website, which not only drive traffic but also improve your site’s search engine ranking.
  • 5. Tracking and Analytics: After distribution, provides detailed reports on the reach and impact of your press release. This includes how many people viewed it, which media outlets picked it up, and what kind of engagement it received. This data is invaluable for understanding the effectiveness of your press release and planning future communications strategies.
  • 6. Credibility Boost: Using a respected distribution service like lends credibility to your press release. Media outlets are more likely to consider your content worthy of publication if it comes through a recognized channel, which can be crucial for building your brand in the competitive real estate market.

Utilizing a service like not only amplifies the reach of your press release but also enhances its professionalism and effectiveness. For real estate professionals looking to make a significant impact, investing in such a distribution service can yield substantial returns in terms of market exposure and business growth.

Writing and Distributing Your Real Estate Press Release

Effectively using press releases can significantly boost your visibility, credibility, and reach in the real estate market.

By crafting clear, engaging, and informative releases and using a reliable distribution service like, you ensure that your news not only reaches but also resonates with the right audience.

Remember, your goal with each press release is not just to inform but also to captivate and motivate your audience to take action. With strategic planning and execution, your press releases can successfully highlight your achievements, showcase your expertise, and establish you as a leader in the dynamic world of real estate.

Whether announcing a new listing, celebrating a business milestone, or sharing valuable market insights, a well-crafted press release is a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal, ready to help you achieve your business goals.

Press Release Examples Across Several Industries

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