Book Press Release Examples [+ Templates]

Book Press Releases

Whether you are a publishing house, a book publicist, or an author wishing to sell more copies of their book, you should definitely consider releasing one of more press releases.

In this article we’ll provide:

Book Press Release Examples

We recognize that seeing real-life examples of press releases announcing the publication or news tie-in for your book can make it easier to write yours – so here you go: 15 recently released book press releases:

Example #1: Book author announces book pre-release

Lauren Wesley Wilson Announces Debut Book What Do You Need?

What Do You Need? is Available for Pre-Order Now

NEW YORK, Oct. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Lauren Wesley Wilson, Founder and CEO of the ColorComm Corporation, announced the release of her first book, What Do You Need?:How Women of Color Can Take Ownership of Their Careers to Accelerate Their Path to Success (Publisher: Hay House).

What Do You Need? gives women of color a clear roadmap on how to navigate the unspoken rules in business. What Do You Need? empowers readers to create a strategic plan for their career by determining where they want to go and what they need to get there.

What do you need? This question, as simple as it is powerful, is not usually a question women of color get asked. But the answer to this question could be the difference between dreaming about a successful life and actually living one.

In her groundbreaking book, Lauren Wesley Wilson reveals the unwritten rules that women of color need to know in order to succeed in the workplace. Told through stories from her own career as well as ColorComm members and speakers, Lauren shares the playbook you’ll need to advance to the C-Suite. Among her lessons, she’ll teach you how to increase your value, know when to move up or move on, take (calculated) risks, and much more.

Whether you are a woman of color seeking to thrive in the workplace or an ally committed to creating an inclusive environment where everyone can excel, What Do You Need? is your indispensable roadmap to understanding, supporting, and empowering women of color in their careers.

What Do You Need? is published by Hay House and pre-orders are available now. What Do You Need? will be released April 2024.

About ColorComm Corporation

ColorComm Corporation was founded in 2011 to serve the needs of multicultural talent working in the communications, marketing, advertising, digital and public relations industries. The portfolio of brands under the ColorComm Corporation provides access and opportunity for people of color in business, delivers industry campaigns to inform and educate, counsels clients on crisis and media relations, and develops a community for those who want to achieve leadership and C-Suite positions. ColorComm Corporation includes the ColorComm Network, ColorComm Search, ColorComm Media Group and Men of Color in Communications.

For more Information


About Lauren Wesley Wilson

Pre-Order What Do You Need?:,to%20get%20half%20as%20much.

Example #2: Book achieves #1 best-seller rank

Pentera’s Cyber Book for Children Reached Amazon #1 Best Seller
“Castle Defenders” explains the cyber defender’s job in child-friendly terms as a tribute to the contribution of cybersecurity professionals to societyBOSTON, Oct. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Pentera’s new cybersecurity book for children “Castle Defenders: What Do Cyber Parents Do?” has reached Amazon’s Best Seller list in the categories for Children’s Internet Books, Children’s Parents Books, and Children’s Jobs & Careers Reference Books. The book is dedicated to cybersecurity professionals and their families, and serves as a much needed resource for parents to explain the importance of cybersecurity to children.In today’s digital-first world, cybersecurity professionals have become the frontline workers who protect our way of life. The behind-the-scenes work they do ensures the security of our critical infrastructure as well as everyday services such as healthcare, finance, and communication.

“Castle Defenders is Pentera’s way of showing our appreciation and respect to the cybersecurity professionals community,” said Aviv Cohen, Chief Marketing Officer of Pentera. “Appreciation begins at home. We offer Castle Defenders as a resource to help cybersecurity practitioners communicate the significance of their work to their families and loved ones.”

The Castle Defenders book translates common cyber terminology into a story children can understand and characters they can relate to. The story follows young siblings Emma and Oliver as they are introduced to the world of cybersecurity, learning about the important role cybersecurity professionals play in society through the prism of a castle in need of defense. The book also provides the 10 rules for cyber safety children can easily follow.

Cyber Defenders: What Do Cyber Parents Do? Is available here. All proceeds from purchases of the book will be donated to charities supporting early cybersecurity education.

About Pentera

Pentera is the category leader for Automated Security Validation, allowing every organization to test with ease the integrity of all cybersecurity layers, unfolding true, current security exposures at any moment, at any scale. Thousands of security professionals and service providers around the world use Pentera to guide remediation and close security gaps before they are exploited. For more info, visit:

Media contact
Noam Hirsch
Senior PR Manager
[email protected]

Example #3: Book tour announcement

BFFs award-winning author Corky Parker and Discovery Channel’s Charlotte Kilcher team up for Alaskan book tour
HOMER, Alaska, July 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Discovery Channel’s Charlotte Kilcher (Alaska: The Last Frontier) will be joining her childhood friend Corky Parker for an upcoming event as Parker returns to Alaska for a book tour of her memoir La Finca: Love, Loss, and Laundry on a Tiny Puerto Rican Island.Before moving to Washington state and spending her time between Seattle and the inn she owned on the Puerto Rican island of Vieques, Parker spent the 70s in Alaska where she helped to start up the radio station KSKA and the Alaska Bluegrass Festival; worked at her brother’s iconic del Mundo cafe; waited tables for future governor Tony Knowles at the Downtown Deli; and spent time as a paralegal for Brian Shortell at the Alaska Public Defender Agency. Somewhere around all that she also starred in Tom Sadowski and Jimmie Froehlich’s cult Alaskan postcard collection and film “Trailer Court,” and served a short stint as executive director to the Alaska Wilderness Guides Association.La Finca, winner of this year’s Nancy Pearl Award for memoir, is a self-illustrated chronicle of the twenty-plus years Parker ran La Finca Caribe, an off-beat eco-lodge in Vieques, Puerto Rico, beloved by visitors worldwide, including legendary chef Alice Waters. The book covers the challenges and rewards of tropical innkeeping and hurricanes to divorce and bankruptcy. It’s about how much we can learn from a place, a culture; learning how to listen to our own spirit.

Parker will be doing her tour through Alaska August 2–10, and her appearances will include an interview with KSKA about the station’s upcoming anniversary as well as events with the Homer Public Library, the Georgia Blue Gallery in Anchorage, and the Writer’s Block Bookstore and Café in Anchorage. Kilcher will join Parker for the Homer Library event to be in conversation with her about their experiences and memories in Alaska.

Fans are encouraged to join the Aug. 8 Homer Library event with Parker and Kilcher via Zoom. More information here:

Contact: Jessie Glenn
[email protected]

Example #4: Bookstore announces book signing event

Example #5: Second edition release of a book

Example #6: Publisher announces book release

Example #7: Learning series turned into a book

Example #8: Book/movie tie-in

Example #9: Publisher announces book subscription series

Example #10: Collaboration creates new book series

Example #11: Author to deliver keynote speech at conference

Example #12: Speakers bureau adds best-selling author

Example #13: Release of new author resources website

Example #14: Author wins award–leadership-expert-david-grossman-wins-gold-axiom-business-book-award-for-you-cant-not-communicate-206741591.html

Example #15: Author joins board

Key Elements of a Book Press Release

Creating an effective book press release involves several key elements to ensure it grabs attention and communicates the essential information about your book. Here’s a step-by-step guide based on insights from various sources:

Headline and Subheadline: The headline should be compelling and informative, enticing the reader to continue. A subheadline, while optional, can provide additional context or detail to support the headline.

Impactful Opening Statement: Begin with a statement that highlights the uniqueness or importance of your book. This part should capture the essence of your book and why it’s newsworthy.

Author Quotation: Include a quote from your book or an endorsement that is engaging and relevant to the book’s content. Choose a quote that reflects the book’s tone and topic.

Book Information: Present a concise and punchy description of your book, highlighting the key themes or the problem it addresses. This section should be an advertisement or elevator pitch rather than a detailed synopsis.

Short Author Bio (Boilerplate): Provide a brief author biography, focusing on achievements and credentials that enhance your credibility and appeal to your target audience. Keep it under 100 words.

Contact Information: Include your contact details such as website, email, phone number, and social media handles. Ensure that the information is up-to-date and relevant.

Call to Action (CTA): Clearly state what you want to happen after someone reads your press release. It could be a visit to your website, an invitation to an event, or a request for a review.

Press Release Distribution: Use a press release distribution service to send your press release to a network of media outlets. This approach can reach a wide audience, while ensuring your press release stands out to engage real interest.

Length and Format: Keep your press release concise, ideally no more than one page or 500 words. Format it like a news story, with a headline, subheadline, and a lead paragraph that includes key details.

Supporting Materials: If possible, include multimedia elements like photos or videos to enhance engagement and provide additional context.

Remember, the goal of a book press release is not only to inform but also to intrigue and engage journalists and readers. It’s important to balance providing clear information with maintaining an engaging and newsworthy tone.

Book Press Release Template Examples

Work is always easier when you have a template into which you can insert your information. Since we’re all about making things easier for you, here are three book press release templates:

1. Template for Non-Fiction Book Release

[Author Name]’s Groundbreaking Book: [Book Title] – Exploring [Subject Matter]
[City, Date] – Renowned [author’s field of expertise] expert, [Author Name], unveils [Book Title], a comprehensive exploration of [subject matter].
[Book Title] dives deep into [brief description of the topics covered]. “[Author quote about the book’s importance or unique insights],” stated [Author Name], [Position/Title].
This enlightening work is now available at [bookstores/online platforms]. Learn more and get a first look at [website].
Contact Information:
[Contact Name]
[Phone Number]

2. Template for Announcing a Book Tour:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE[Author Name] Embarks on Nationwide Book Tour for [Book Title]

[City, Date] – Bestselling author [Author Name] is excited to announce a nationwide tour for their latest work, [Book Title], a [brief description of the book’s genre or theme]. The tour will kick off on [start date] in [city] and will include stops in [list key cities or regions].

“[Quote from the author expressing excitement about the tour and interacting with fans],” said [Author Name].

The [Book Title] tour will offer readers a chance to meet [Author Name], get their books signed, and participate in [any special events or discussions planned]. A complete schedule of the tour, including dates, venues, and times, can be found at [website].

[Include a paragraph about the book. Briefly describe its plot, themes, or what makes it special. Mention any awards, recognitions, or critical acclaim the book has received if applicable.]

For more information about the book tour and to reserve your spot at an event, please visit [website] or follow [Author Name] on [social media handles].

Contact Information:
[Contact Name]
[Phone Number]

3. Template for Achieving Best-Seller Status


[Author Name]’s [Book Title] Hits Bestseller List

[City, Date] – [Publisher or Author’s Name] is proud to announce that [Book Title], written by acclaimed author [Author Name], has achieved bestseller status. The book, a [brief description of genre or theme], has been listed as a bestseller on [specify the list, e.g., New York Times, Amazon, etc.].

“[Quote from the author or publisher expressing gratitude and feelings about the achievement],” said [Author Name or Publisher Representative’s Name].

[Book Title], published on [publication date], has captured the attention and hearts of readers across [specify regions or demographic, if relevant]. The book delves into [brief description of the plot or subject matter], and has been praised for its [mention notable aspects of the book, such as writing style, storytelling, unique insights, etc.].

This milestone is a testament to [Author Name]’s talent and the hard work of the entire team involved in bringing this book to the readers. [Include any information about upcoming events, such as book signings, interviews, or special editions related to the bestseller status].

For more information about [Book Title] and upcoming events, please visit [website] or follow [Author Name] on [social media handles].

Contact Information:
[Contact Name]
[Phone Number]

Each template can be customized to suit the specific details of your book release, ensuring a professional and engaging announcement for your audience.

Crafting Your Company Milestone Press Release

In crafting an effective book press release, it’s crucial to communicate not just the facts, but the story behind them. The provided templates and examples offer a comprehensive guide on how to approach different types of milestones, ensuring that each announcement is not only informative but also resonates with the intended audience.

The 15 examples of book press releases showed the many different types of book press releases that can be written.

Ultimately, the key to a successful press release lies in its ability to capture the story of the milestone while engaging its audience. By using the provided templates and drawing inspiration from these examples, authors and publishers can craft messages that not only deliver the necessary information but also strengthen the book and author’s brand.

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