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Fóumami, Boston’s Fast-Casual Asian Breakout Success, Announces Franchising

Restaurant has thrived in hyper-competitive, high-pressure environment since 2010
BOSTONMay 26 /PRNewswire/ — Michael Wang, founder and CEO of Fóumami ( announced today that his fast casual Asian restaurant concept has entered the franchising arena.  Fóumami, which opened its doors in 2010 in Boston’s Financial District, is uniquely positioned to capitalize on Asian food’s status as the fastest growing segment in the fast casual category.

“While building Fóumami certainly has been a labor of love, I’ve always brought an analytical eye to the process, and a vision for Fóumami as a franchising opportunity and a national brand.  We’ve held back on expansion for six years in order to prove our concept and work through every aspect of our business,” observes Wang.  “What’s exciting for everyone is that Fóumami hasn’t even begun to tap into what’s possible using Asian ingredients and food traditions.”

Fóumami builds on familiar offerings including sandwiches, soups and salads, and elevate them into something extraordinary. While Fóumami sometimes pushes the envelope on “what Asian food is,” everything is rooted in the superb techniques and combinations that have stood the test of time. Wang’s family has a proud tradition of operating great restaurants over many generations. This longstanding excellence is evident in everything that is served.

Wang’s concept is perfectly attuned to upmarket customers who are increasingly seeking out a wide variety of Asian flavors whether they’re eating out or preparing meals at home. Fóumami has met the challenge of being in the weeds every day with smart, demanding customers who want unique, freshly prepared options, but who often don’t have a great deal of time.

Points of differentiation:

  • A far-reaching brand concept along with proprietary flavor profiles dramatically distinguish Fóumami from everything else out there—and position the company as a long distance runner.
  • A full day of menu options centered on Asian food.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner—and specialty coffees and teas in-between give potential franchisees an invaluable full day of potential revenue.
  • Bings (or breads) are what make practically every Fóumami menu item stand out from the competition. They’re made on the premise, with recipes and techniques that are difficult, if not impossible to replicate elsewhere.
  • Specialty coffees and teas:  Whole lychees, fresh ginger root, and cinnamon bark are just a few ingredients that impart a distinctive flavor to the signature hot and cold beverages that bring customers back in day in and day out, and sometimes back in the same day.  This category has become all but essential to the profitability of fast casual restaurants.
  • A better vibe: Fóumami’s design aesthetic provides customers with an atmosphere that resembles a hip new café or wine bar where they can relax and unwind.  This makes Fóumami a more viable destination for dinner and for people who simply want to escape the office or the house.

Influencers and Decision-Makers are already won over:

Influencers and decision makers who watch the food shows, blog, Tweet and talk on Yelp know that great things seldom happen when random ingredients are simply thrown into a salad bowl or between two pieces of bread. Fóumami is all about quality ingredients, but it’s also about taking the extra steps that make all the difference.

Sandwiches never sit in a refrigerator—and get extra crunch and flakiness from the homemade bing. A Fóumami salad means flash cooking ingredients during the last minute to add important extra layers of flavor.

Fiscally fit:

Since its establishment in 2010, Fóumami has been able to offer extraordinary food in a dramatically more attractive setting while maintaining efficient food and labor costs that are enviable within the industry.    Fóumami is the perfect marriage of founder Michael Wang’s dollars and cents practicality gained from his family—and the acumen he gained as a Harvard MBA graduate.

About Fóumami:

Established and headquartered in Boston in 2010 by founder and CEO Michael Wang, Fóumami (Fóumami America, LLC) is a fast casual Asian restaurant concept that offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner options that are prepared fresh daily, directly on the premises.

About Michael Wang:

Michael Wang’s lifelong ambition has been to dramatically expand the breadth and quality of Asian food in America.  As a third generation restaurateur, Michael continues a family tradition set forth by his grandfather, who founded the famed Chew Young Roo chain of restaurants in Asia in 1945. After a successful career on Wall Street as a young analyst at Goldman, Sachs & Co., he entered the Harvard Business School. While there, he articulated a comprehensive business plan for a fast-casual Asian restaurant. Fóumami opened its doors in 2010 at 225 Franklin Street in Boston’s financial district.

Andrew Seid
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(617) 528-9296

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SOURCE: Foumami America, LLC

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