To Write a Press Release Yourself or Not?

Need to write a press release? Can you write a press release yourself or should you leave it to a professional?

With today’s expanding online market, businesses can utilize a larger marketplace both nationally and globally. The most productive way to get your news out to the world is to write a press release. If you have experience in writing for different target audiences, you may be able to write your own press release. If your writing experience tends to be for one particular audience, like consumers or staff members, you may want to consider having a professional write the press release, if only for the first one to get a sense of tone and press release format.

One of the biggest mistakes writers of press releases make is they write it for the wrong audience.

EXAMPLE: A press release written for an audience of consumers – and not members of the press to whom the press release is being distributed — may have several exclamation marks and a catchy (clickbait-style) headline that is clever and toys with the reader with a sensational hook.

It most likely will fail in front of an audience of editors and journalists who are looking for the facts.

Leave the creative writing for copy meant for consumers, including your website, brochures, and direct mail. In fact, some of the worst press releases we have seen at eReleases were written by novelists. Even accomplished authors have trouble translating their writing for the media. Stick to your strengths.

At eReleases we have specialized analysts that can write a press release that will best market and explain your products, services and business changes. We even offer books and suggestions as well as explain what’s involved when we write a press release for you.

Be sure to read our section on how to write a press release, as well as advice on sending a press release if you decide to distribute the press release yourself.

Of course, you could always have us write your release — for a special combination price for new customers. Click here – Press Release Writing


Mickie Kennedy, Founder & President
eReleases Press Releases

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