Hotel Press Releases

Press Releases for Hotels

In the bustling world of hospitality, staying ahead of the competition often depends on how well you can capture the attention of potential guests and the media.

A good hotel marketer has many tools in their toolbox, one powerful one being press releases.

A well-crafted press release serves as a highly profitable tool to showcase your hotel’s new amenities, grand opening, upgrades, special events, and unique offerings.

But as the digital landscape continues to evolve, so must your approach to creating compelling press releases that not only inform but also entice and engage. This article will guide you through the key elements of effective hotel press releases, giving you the insights needed to craft messages that resonate with your audience and amplify your brand’s presence in a crowded market.

Whether you’re announcing a grand opening, a renovation, or a seasonal package, mastering the nuances of press release writing can make a significant difference in your marketing strategy.

Table of Contents
The Beginner’s Guide to Writing a Hotel Press Release
Hotel Press Release Templates
50 Topics to Write a Hotel Press Release About
Hotel Press Release Examples
Tips to Write an Amazing Press Release
Press Release Examples Across Several Industries

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The Beginner’s Guide to Writing a Hotel Press Release

Writing a hotel press release might seem daunting at first, but with a few simple steps, you can create compelling and effective announcements that capture the attention of both the media and potential guests. Here’s a straightforward guide to help you get started:

1. Identify Your Main Message

Before you start writing, decide what the key message of your press release is. What are you announcing? Is it a new hotel opening, a renovation, or perhaps a special event or package? Keep this message clear and focused — this is what you want your readers to remember.

2. Write a Catchy Headline

Your headline is the first thing people will see, so make it count. It should be attention-grabbing and summarize your main message. Think about what makes your announcement special and why someone should care. Keep it concise and informative.

3. Craft an Engaging Opening Line

The first sentence of your press release should hook the reader and encourage them to read more. Start with the most important information — the “who, what, when, where, and why” of your news. This helps set the scene for the details that follow.

4. Include Quotes

Add a personal touch with quotes from key people involved, like the hotel manager or the head of the event. Quotes add credibility and a human element to your story, making it more relatable and engaging.

5. Provide Necessary Details

After the introduction, dive into the details. Describe what’s new or happening at the hotel. Explain how this will benefit or interest your audience. Be sure to include all relevant details like dates, pricing, special packages, and anything else that adds value to your announcement.

6. Add a Call to Action

End your press release with a call to action. Invite readers to visit your website for more information, book a stay, or attend an event. Make it easy for them to know what to do next.

7. Include Your Contact Information

Always provide contact information at the end of the press release. Include the name, phone number, and email address of the person who can be contacted for more details. This is crucial for journalists and interested parties who may have follow-up questions.

8. Proofread and Edit

Before you send out your press release, make sure to proofread it thoroughly. Check for any grammar or spelling mistakes, and ensure all information is accurate and well-presented. A clean, error-free press release reflects professionalism and attention to detail.

9. Distribute Wisely

Finally, distribute your press release to the right channels. This might include local and national news outlets, hospitality industry publications, and social media platforms. Tailor your distribution strategy to reach your target audience effectively.

By following these simple steps, you’ll be able to write a hotel press release that not only conveys your message clearly but also engages and excites your audience. Happy writing!

Hotel Press Release Templates

It’s always easier to write when you have a template to guide you through the process, and into which you can insert your own information. Here are 8 templates a hotelier can use as you craft your own press releases:

Template #1: New Hotel Opening


“Grand Opening: [Hotel Name] Welcomes Guests to [Location] with Exclusive Offers”
A Luxurious Getaway in [City/Region] – Grand Opening Celebrations to Follow!

[City, Date] — [Hotel Chain or Owner] is excited to announce the grand opening of [Hotel Name], a stunning addition to the [City/Region] skyline. This luxurious property, opening its doors on [Opening Date], invites guests to indulge in a blend of modern sophistication and classic comfort.

“From the state-of-the-art fitness center to our rooftop pool, every detail at [Hotel Name] has been designed with our guests in mind,” stated [Name, Title at Hotel Chain].

The hotel features [number of rooms] beautifully appointed rooms and suites, several gourmet dining options including [mention any special restaurants], a full-service spa, and extensive conference and event facilities. It is ideally situated in [mention a landmark or area], perfect for both leisure and business travelers looking to explore [City] or attend to business in the city center.

Special opening rates and packages are available for a limited time, featuring complimentary [mention any special promotions like breakfast, spa access, etc.].

The property will host a grand opening celebration on [event date], which will include [describe any special events like a ribbon-cutting ceremony, tours of the facility, guest speakers, etc.].

For more details on bookings and the opening event, visit [Hotel Website].

About [Hotel Chain or Owner]: [Brief description of the chain or owner, focusing on experience, values, or distinctive features of their hotels].

Contact Information:
Name: [PR Contact Name]
Phone: [PR Contact Phone Number]
Email: [PR Contact Email]

Template #2: Hotel Renovation Announcement


“Reimagined Luxury: [Hotel Name] Unveils Major Renovations”
Experience Enhanced Elegance and Innovation in [City/Location]!

[City, Date] — After months of extensive enhancements, [Hotel Name], managed by [Hotel Management Company], is proud to reveal its newly renovated facilities. These upgrades reaffirm our commitment to providing guests with unparalleled luxury and comfort in [Location].

“Our renovations extend from redesigned guest rooms to cutting-edge additions in our wellness and dining offerings,” announced [Name, Title at Hotel Management Company].

The renovation highlights include a new lobby area with interactive technology stations, upgraded guest rooms with smart room technology for personalized experiences, and an expanded wellness center featuring a state-of-the-art gym and a new yoga studio. The dining experience has also been elevated with the introduction of [new restaurant or bar], which offers [type of cuisine or experience].

To celebrate the completion of our renovations, [Hotel Name] will offer a [describe any promotional deals, such as discounts or special packages] for stays booked by May 2024..

The official re-launch event is scheduled for [event date], featuring guided tours of the renovated spaces, free sample services from the spa, and tastings from our new menu.

For additional information or to make a reservation, please visit [Hotel Website].

About [Hotel Management Company]: [Brief overview highlighting the company’s philosophy, other properties, and what makes them unique].

Contact Information:
Name: [PR Contact Name]
Phone: [PR Contact Phone Number]
Email: [PR Contact Email]

Template #3: Seasonal Package Promotion


“Seasonal Delights at [Hotel Name]: Discover Our Exclusive [Season] Package!”
Celebrate [Season] in Style with Unique Offers in [City/Location]!

[City, Date] — [Hotel Name] is pleased to announce the launch of its exclusive [Season] Package, available from [start date] to [end date]. This seasonal offering is designed to enhance the guest experience with themed amenities and tailored activities.

“[Season] is a magical time at [Hotel Name], and we’ve crafted our package to reflect the unique elements of [City/Location] during this period,” commented [Name, Title at Hotel].

The package includes [list package components such as accommodation options, special dining experiences, seasonal activities, etc.], all curated to provide an immersive [Season] experience. Guests can also enjoy additional perks like [mention any extra benefits such as late checkout, free room upgrade, etc.].

Special events linked with the package include [describe any events like themed dinners, local tours, etc.].

To book the [Season] Package or for more information, visit [Hotel Website].

About [Hotel Name]: [Brief description focusing on the hotel’s reputation, location, and any distinctive features].

Contact Information:
Name: [PR Contact Name]
Phone: [PR Contact Phone Number]
Email: [PR Contact Email]

Template #4: New Hotel Feature Introduction


“Elevate Your Stay: [Hotel Name] Launches New [Feature, e.g., Spa, Lounge]”
Discover Our Latest Addition for Supreme Comfort and Luxury in [City/Location]!

[City, Date] — [Hotel Name] is proud to unveil its latest addition, [Feature, e.g., a fully equipped spa, a luxurious executive lounge], set to enhance the guest experience from [start date].

“Adding [Feature] to our amenities reflects our commitment to providing top-tier services and an unmatched stay experience,” explained [Name, Title at Hotel].

[Feature] boasts [describe the feature, mentioning specifics such as the number of treatment rooms, the range of services, exclusive access, etc.]. It is designed to cater to [describe the target guest group, such as business travelers, spa enthusiasts, etc.].

Highlights of [Feature] include [detail special attributes like signature treatments, designer interiors, special programs, etc.].

Guests can access [Feature] starting May 2024., with special introductory offers including [mention any introductory promotions].

For more details or to make reservations, please visit [Hotel Website].

About [Hotel Name]: [Brief background about the hotel, emphasizing its dedication to guest satisfaction and innovation].

Contact Information:
Name: [PR Contact Name]
Phone: [PR Contact Phone Number]
Email: [PR Contact Email]

Template #5: Award Recognition Announcement


“[Hotel Name] Honored with [Award Name]: A Testament to Excellence in Hospitality”
Celebrating Our Achievement in [City/Location]!

[City, Date] — [Hotel Name] is thrilled to announce that it has been awarded the prestigious [Award Name], recognizing our commitment to excellence in hospitality and service.

“Receiving the [Award Name] is a great honor and motivates us to continue elevating the experiences we provide our guests,” said [Name, Title at Hotel].

This award highlights [Hotel Name]’s achievements in areas such as [mention specific areas like customer service, sustainability, innovation, etc.]. It is a reflection of our team’s hard work and dedication to maintaining the highest standards of service.

To celebrate this recognition, [Hotel Name] is offering [describe any promotional offers or events related to the award].

For more information about our award-winning services and offerings, visit [Hotel Website].
About [Hotel Name]: [Brief description of the hotel, its values, and how it stands out in the competitive hospitality industry].

Contact Information:
Name: [PR Contact Name]
Phone: [PR Contact Phone Number]
Email: [PR Contact Email]

Template #6: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiative


“[Hotel Name] Launches New Sustainability Program: Committing to a Greener Future”
Join Us in Our Efforts to Enhance Sustainability in [City/Location]!

[City, Date] — [Hotel Name], a leader in hospitality innovation, proudly announces the launch of its new sustainability initiative, [Program Name], beginning [Effective Date].

“Our new program, [Program Name], demonstrates our dedication to environmental stewardship and responsible business practices,” stated [Name, Title at Hotel].

[Program Name] includes measures like [list sustainability efforts such as reducing plastic use, energy-efficient systems, local sourcing, etc.]. These initiatives are part of our broader strategy to impact positively on our community and the environment.

Guests and visitors can participate in [Program Name] through [describe how guests can get involved, like opting for green room services, attending sustainability workshops, etc.].

For further details about our sustainability efforts and how you can contribute, please visit [Hotel Website].

About [Hotel Name]: [Brief insight into the hotel’s commitment to sustainability and innovation].

Contact Information:
Name: [PR Contact Name]
Phone: [PR Contact Phone Number]
Email: [PR Contact Email]

Template #7: Historical Milestone Celebration


“[Hotel Name]: Celebrating [Number, e.g., 50] Years of Hospitality Excellence”
Marking a Half-Century of Unforgettable Experiences in [City/Location]!

[City, Date] — This year, [Hotel Name] proudly celebrates [Number of Years] years of providing exceptional hospitality services to guests from around the world.

“As we reflect on our journey over the past [Number of Years] years, we are grateful for the memories we’ve created with our guests and the community,” reflected [Name, Title at Hotel].

The milestone will be commemorated with a series of events including [list events like a gala dinner, themed weekends, historical tours of the hotel, etc.]. These events are designed to celebrate the rich history of [Hotel Name] and its role in the [City/Location] community.
We invite our guests, past and present, to join us in this celebration. Special anniversary packages are available, offering [describe packages, including any perks or memorabilia].
For event details and bookings, please visit [Hotel Website].

About [Hotel Name]: [Brief history of the hotel, its significance in the industry, and its evolution over the years].

Contact Information:
Name: [PR Contact Name]
Phone: [PR Contact Phone Number]
Email: [PR Contact Email]

Template #8: New Management Announcement


“Leadership Evolution at [Hotel Name]: Welcoming Our New General Manager, [Name]”
A New Era of Innovation and Excellence Begins in [City/Location]!

[City, Date] — [Hotel Name] is excited to announce the appointment of [New Manager’s Name] as its new General Manager, effective [Start Date]. With a proven track record in the hospitality industry, [New Manager’s Name] is set to lead [Hotel Name] into a new era of growth and success.

“[New Manager’s Name]’s leadership is expected to bring fresh perspectives and innovative approaches to our hotel operations,” said [Name, Title at Hotel].

[New Manager’s Name] has over [Number] years of experience in the hospitality industry, having previously worked at [Previous Roles/Jobs]. His/Her/Their expertise in [mention specific areas like guest relations, hotel management, etc.] will be invaluable as we continue to enhance our services and guest experiences.

Under the new leadership, [Hotel Name] plans to introduce [list any new initiatives or changes, such as service improvements, renovations, etc.].

To learn more about [New Manager’s Name] and what this means for your next visit, please check out [Hotel Website].

About [Hotel Name]: [Brief overview of the hotel, emphasizing its commitment to innovation and high-quality guest experiences].

Contact Information:
Name: [PR Contact Name]
Phone: [PR Contact Phone Number]
Email: [PR Contact Email]

These templates cover a range of scenarios that might arise in a hotel’s operations, providing a structured and detailed approach for effective communication through press releases.

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50 Topics to Write a Hotel Press Release About

Need ideas to write your press release about? Here are 50!

Certainly! Here are 50 reasons for you to write a press release for your hotel, with each reason explained:

  • 1. Grand Opening: Announce the launch of your hotel to generate buzz and attract initial guests.
  • 2. Renovation Completion: Inform the public about recent renovations to encourage new and returning visitors.
  • 3. New Management: Introduce new management to reassure stakeholders of continued quality and innovation.
  • 4. Hosting a Major Event: Highlight your hotel’s role as the venue for a significant event to boost visibility and bookings.
  • 5. Launching New Services: Promote new services like a spa or concierge to enhance guest experiences and satisfaction.
  • 6. Special Packages: Announce special packages or discounts to attract guests during off-peak seasons or holidays.
  • 7. Culinary Events: Feature upcoming culinary events or chef specials to attract food enthusiasts and local diners.
  • 8. Awards and Recognitions: Celebrate awards or recognitions your hotel has received to build credibility and prestige.
  • 9. Sustainability Initiatives: Detail your efforts in sustainability to appeal to eco-conscious travelers.
  • 10. Technological Upgrades: Inform guests about new tech features in your hotel that enhance convenience, such as mobile check-in.
  • 11. Art and Culture Events: Promote art exhibitions or cultural events hosted at your hotel to attract a niche audience.
  • 12. Holiday Celebrations: Announce special events and accommodations for holiday seasons to attract festive travelers.
  • 13. VIP Guests or Celebrity Visits: Highlight the stay of a celebrity or VIP guest to boost your hotel’s prestige.
  • 14. Corporate Social Responsibility Events: Share your involvement in charitable events to showcase your hotel’s community engagement.
  • 15. Seasonal Openings: Announce the seasonal opening of parts of your hotel, such as a summer garden or a winter lounge.
  • 16. Partnership Announcements: Detail new partnerships with local businesses or tourist attractions to offer guests enhanced experiences.
  • 17. Historical Milestones: Commemorate significant anniversaries of your hotel to showcase its heritage and longevity.
  • 18. Guest Loyalty Programs: Launch or update a loyalty program to retain existing customers and attract new ones.
  • 19. Executive Speeches or Presentations: Promote speeches or presentations by your hotel’s executives at major industry events.
  • 20. Staff Achievements: Highlight exceptional achievements of your staff to emphasize the quality of service at your hotel.
  • 21. Health and Wellness Programs: Introduce new health and wellness programs to attract guests interested in fitness and relaxation.
  • 22. Safety Measures: Update guests on new safety measures and certifications to reassure them of their well-being during their stay.
  • 23. Economic Impact Reports: Release information on your hotel’s impact on the local economy to reinforce community ties and support.
  • 24. Accessibility Enhancements: Announce improvements in accessibility to welcome guests with disabilities.
  • 25. Industry Collaboration: Share news of your involvement in significant industry collaborations that could reshape market standards.
  • 26. Guest Testimonials and Stories: Feature compelling guest testimonials and stories to attract potential visitors.
  • 27. Networking Events: Promote exclusive networking events held at your hotel to attract business professionals.
  • 28. Guest Surveys and Feedback: Share results from guest surveys and feedback to demonstrate your commitment to guest satisfaction.
  • 29. Film or Media Productions: Announce your hotel’s inclusion in films, documentaries, or TV shows to capture the interest of fans.
  • 30. Seasonal Decor and Theming: Highlight your seasonal decor and theming efforts to attract guests looking for immersive experiences.
  • 31. New Hotel Policies: Inform guests of new policies designed to improve their stay experience.
  • 32. Contests and Giveaways: Promote contests or giveaways hosted by your hotel to engage with guests and attract attention on social media.
  • 33. Staff Appointments: Announce new key staff appointments to inform stakeholders of your leadership and operational strength.
  • 34. Educational Programs: Introduce educational programs or workshops hosted at your hotel to attract students and professionals.
  • 35. Real Estate Developments: Discuss any expansions or real estate developments to keep investors and local community informed.
  • 36. Crisis Management: Communicate your strategies and actions in managing crises to maintain trust and transparency.
  • 37. Travel Packages: Launch exclusive travel packages in collaboration with airlines or travel agencies to offer comprehensive travel solutions.
  • 38. Hotel Reviews and Ratings: Share positive reviews and ratings from reputed travel sites to build trust among potential guests.
  • 39. Local Community Projects: Describe your involvement in local community projects to showcase your commitment to local development.
  • 40. Pet-Friendly Services: Introduce pet-friendly services and amenities to attract travelers who wish to stay with their pets.
  • 41. Fitness and Recreation Facilities: Promote new or revamped fitness and recreation facilities to attract health-conscious travelers.
  • 42. International Expansions: Announce your hotel’s expansion into new countries to attract international investors and guests.
  • 43. Mobile App Launch: Launch a mobile app for your hotel to enhance guest interaction and provide convenient service options.
  • 44. Guest Safety Initiatives: Highlight initiatives taken to ensure guest safety, particularly in response to current health concerns.
  • 45. Themed Weekends or Holidays: Promote themed weekends or special holiday celebrations to offer unique experiences.
  • 46. Wi-Fi and Connectivity Upgrades: Inform guests about upgrades to Wi-Fi and connectivity to improve their stay experience.
  • 47. Music and Live Entertainment: Announce schedules for music and live entertainment to enhance the atmosphere and attract local foot traffic.
  • 48. Artistic Collaborations: Feature collaborations with artists to enhance the aesthetic appeal and cultural value of your hotel.
  • 49. Eco-Friendly Practices: Share your adoption of eco-friendly practices to appeal to environmentally aware travelers.
  • 50. Influencer Partnerships: Announce partnerships with social media influencers to tap into their follower base and generate buzz.

These reasons provide numerous opportunities for you to engage with different audiences, enhance your hotel’s image, and drive bookings through strategic communication.

Hotel Press Release Examples

Want to see examples of actual press releases sent out by other hotels? Here are ten you can use for ideas as you write your own.

Example #1: New hotel launch announcement press release

Introducing TOOR Hotel: An urban boutique hotel curated for the modern traveler
TOOR Hotel Logo (CNW Group/The TOOR Hotel)

This design-forward property in downtown Toronto will offer bespoke stays and premium rental residences with unparalleled lake and city views

TORONTO, April 24, 2024 /PRNewswire/ – Visionary Canadian hotelier, Sukhdev Toor announces the first TOOR Hotel: a distinct lifestyle hotel and residences located in downtown Toronto. This boutique property will offer 232 guest rooms and suites, as well as 181 premium residential rental units. The project will feature a modern French-inspired bistro and bar set over two floors, valet parking, a 1,500 square foot fitness centre and yoga studio, a 3,000 square foot terrace, and an additional 1,100 square feet of meeting and event space. The 33-story development will offer guests and residents unobstructed views of Toronto and Lake Ontario.

TOOR Hotel, an urban lifestyle hotel and residences in downtown Toronto where you can stay with style in the city. Located in the Garden District, this design-forward destination property offers bespoke guest rooms, premium rental residences, the Muse Bistro + Bar, as well as top amenities and event spaces including a 3,000 sq ft terrace. (CNW Group/The TOOR Hotel)
TOOR Hotel, an urban lifestyle hotel and residences in downtown Toronto where you can stay with style in the city. Located in the Garden District, this design-forward destination property offers bespoke guest rooms, premium rental residences, the Muse Bistro + Bar, as well as top amenities and event spaces including a 3,000 sq ft terrace. (CNW Group/The TOOR Hotel)
This remarkable new property is a gateway to Toronto from the east end of the city, creating a strong marker on Jarvis Street, just north of Moss Park. The Arcadis IBI-designed tower offers a dramatic and distinct design unlike any others in the city. The interplay of forms, architectural elements, materials, finishes, and textures make for a unique and memorable structure in Toronto’s skyline.

Curated to offer a distinctive and inspired experience for the modern traveler, TOOR Hotel provides easy access to the best of Toronto. Centrally located in the Garden District in downtown Toronto, TOOR Hotel is the perfect hub to access the financial district, historic sites, green spaces, world-class shopping, dining, arts, and theatre. It is also steps away from the new Moss Park subway station, providing seamless accessibility across the city.

Over the years, TOOR Hotel President and CEO, Sukhdev Toor, has developed dozens of hotels across Canada and the United States under Manga Hotel Group. He brings almost four decades of experience in operational excellence to this new property. Mr. Toor is enthusiastic about the future of hospitality in Toronto: “As Toronto continues to grow, this prime location makes it a perfect retreat for travelers. The TOOR Hotel epitomizes the essence of a true urban lifestyle hotel, bringing a new offering to Toronto,” says Mr. Toor. “From the downtown positioning to our thoughtfully designed spaces and architecture, no detail has been spared in providing our guests a unique and memorable experience.”

TOOR Hotel is proudly Canadian and represents the values its citizens are known for globally – hospitality and approachability. With a commitment to supporting Toronto, TOOR Hotel highlights the best of the city with personalized touches including locally sourced amenities and offerings. TOOR Hotel crafts a unique stay for guests that evokes sophistication, style, and character. Guests can experience a truly Canadian stay with the country’s largest city at TOOR Hotel Toronto.

A Vibrant and Celebratory Architectural Design
TOOR Hotel is an architectural triumph. The Arcadis IBI-designed hotel evokes sophistication with its modern design and character that is representative of Toronto and its continued growth. “We embodied a sense of playfulness when creating this building, introducing organic elements of the natural environment of the Garden District, and using a juxtaposition of articulated boxes, one floating above the other to embody distinct programmatic functions. This interplay of forms alongside the unique combination of luxury hotel suites, rental residences and a shared amenities floor and restaurant make this unlike any other location in the city,” says Mansoor Kazerouni, Global Director of Buildings at Arcadis IBI Group.

Design-Forward Rooms Provide Urban Escape in the Heart of Downtown Toronto
TOOR Hotel’s guest rooms and suites feature the best in Canadian design inspired by Toronto’s vibrant parks and green spaces. Guest rooms and suites welcome relaxation with contemporary interiors, floor-to-ceiling windows, and modern amenities including 55″ televisions and Nespresso machines. The washrooms have been designed with custom artwork and soothing colours, pulling the room’s atmosphere into additional spaces. All guest rooms have Lutron lighting to create a custom atmosphere with its range of smart controls.

The TOOR Hotel rooms were designed by DesignAgency, a Toronto based award-winning international design studio. “We wanted this property to really celebrate the vibrant heart of the city, in a space that was unlike any other. We drew inspiration by incorporating elements from the city grid forms and Victorian architecture like arches and round towers, reflecting themes of geometry, connectivity, and interlaced layers,” says Matt Davis, Founding Partner of DesignAgency.

Inspired Gathering at Muse Bistro + Bar
TOOR Hotel offers destination dining and gathering spaces with the Muse Bistro + Bar. Designed by Mackaywong, Muse Bistro + Bar is a sophisticated dining hub with European-designed interiors and modern French-inspired cuisine. The two-story restaurant, which is over 2,500 square feet, features a ground floor with space for meetings, working and for those grabbing a quick bite on-the-go. The second floor will offer a more refined dining experience alongside an additional 1,100 square feet of meeting and event space. With a custom menu designed by The Fifteen Group, North America’s leading restaurant consulting agency, Muse Bistro + Bar promises exceptional food, drink and ambiance for visitors and locals alike.

TOOR Hotel and Residences
TOOR Hotel will open in 2024 and will be the first of four boutique TOOR Hotel Collection properties scheduled to open in downtown Toronto locations over the next five years. The collection will range from lifestyle to luxury 5-star hotels, with each property curated to be a unique reflection of its neighbourhood’s aesthetic and atmosphere.

Elevated above the TOOR Hotel, premium rental units comprise the top 15 floors of the building. The 203 Residences will be the first of its kind to offer multi-family residential rentals situated above an upscale hotel. Residents can enjoy hotel-inspired services and conveniences, while engaging in a warm and inviting community. Occupancy begins early summer 2024.

Stay with style in the city at TOOR Hotel. Visit for more.

About TOOR Hotel
TOOR Hotel is an urban boutique hotel that offers a distinctive and inspired experience curated for the modern traveler. Backed by a history of excellence in hotel operations, TOOR Hotel is proudly Canadian and represents the values its citizens are known for globally – hospitality and approachability. Design-forward, comfortable, and memorable, TOOR Hotel features destination dining, valet parking, a 1,500 square foot fitness centre and yoga studio, a 3,000 square foot southern terrace on the 14th floor, and an additional 1,100 square feet of meeting and event space. The 33-story development will offer guests and residents unobstructed views of Toronto and Lake Ontario. Transforming Toronto’s skyline, this upscale property provides the perfect setting for immersing in the vibrant and diverse experiences the city has to offer. Stay with style in the city at TOOR Hotel.

About Manga Hotel Group
Manga Hotel Group is a leading Canadian hospitality investment, development, and management group. As a privately held owner and operator, Manga Hotels focuses on the development and management of high-quality residences, independent hotels, and hotels affiliated with prestigious brands such as Hilton, Marriott, Hyatt and the InterContinental Hotels Group. The organization’s combined portfolio consists of 28 hotels, 15 food and beverage outlets, 5 high-rise residential rental developments, 9 airport parking sites, and more than 12 projects in progress.

About Arcadis IBI Group
Arcadis is the leading global design and consultancy organization for natural and built assets. We maximize impact for our clients and the communities they serve by providing effective solutions through sustainable outcomes, focus and scale, and digitalization. We are 36,000 people, active in more than 30 countries that generate €4.0 billion in gross revenues. We support UN-Habitat with knowledge and expertise to improve the quality of life in rapidly growing cities around the world.

About DesignAgency
DesignAgency is an award-winning international design studio with 25 years of experience in interior design, architectural and landscape concepting, strategic branding, and visual communications. With studios in Toronto, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles and Barcelona, DesignAgency has a global reputation for creating exceptional environments and brands.

Example #2: Hotel reopens after renovations

The Frenchmen Hotel is Reborn: Reimagined Boutique Hotel in New Orleans Welcomes Mardi Gras and Jazz Fest Guests
Historic The Frenchmen Hotel will reopen February 1, 2022

NEW ORLEANS, Jan. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In time to welcome guests making the pilgrimage to New Orleans for the return of Mardi Gras and Jazz Fest, the fully renovated and reimagined The Frenchmen Hotel (417 Frenchmen Street) will open on February 1, 2022. There is nowhere better than iconic Frenchmen Street to celebrate the rebirth of New Orleans’ favorite season. Award-winning entrepreneur and restaurateur, Robert Thompson, has thoughtfully reimagined and breathed new life into the historic, boutique hotel situated at the doorstep of the treasured Marigny neighborhood, just one block off Esplanade and the French Quarter.

“It’s an incredible privilege to reopen one of the most beautiful boutique hotels in NOLA,” said Thompson, founder and CEO of Angevin & Co., which purchased The Frenchmen Hotel in June 2021. “I’ve been in love with New Orleans for a long time and moved my family here full-time last year. It’s a dream come true to dedicate the revival of The Frenchmen Hotel to the people and the place that’s meant so much to me.”

Each of the 27 guest rooms of The Frenchmen Hotel has been entirely renovated using Leonor Fini, a painter who embodied the creative, eccentric and avant-garde characteristics of the French surrealist movement, as the muse. The original character of the historic 1860s building has been left intact and washed with energetic, rebellious Fini hues. Guests will find in each room colorful vintage rugs, the original ceiling medallions and different pieces of curated art works that celebrate femininity and a bohemian lifestyle. In addition to enticing rooms, the refreshed and refined aesthetic is sophisticated but not intimidating, centered around an intimate, lush pool courtyard. Thompson and team are leaning into his deep expertise in food and beverage service to revitalize two on-property bar spaces, including an outdoor mezzanine bar reserved for guests of the hotel. On the lower-level, guests and locals can take in nightly live music while imbibing craft cocktails at the new hotel bar, Midnight Revival, which also will celebrate its grand opening on February 1, 2022.

The atmosphere at Midnight Revival will complement Frenchmen Street with live music and a cocktail menu that features both classic and tropical libations. Visitors and long-time locals can step into Midnight Revival and immediately feel the energy of New Orleans.

“The spirit of this city makes you feel like the night is always young, and we want everyone – from first-time visitors to seasoned revelers – to manifest that magic each time they raise a glass in Midnight Revival,” said Thompson.

The Frenchmen Hotel is the first hotel from Robert Thompson’s Angevin & Co. hospitality portfolio. Earlier this month, Thompson and team announced the purchase of another historic New Orleans hotel, The Whitney Hotel, which is planned to re-open following a top-to-bottom renovation and the addition of a restaurant, bar and flower shop, in early 2023.

The Frenchmen Hotel is now accepting reservations with rates starting at $180/night for a standard room, to $1,000/night for the Frenchmen two-bedroom suite. Call (504) 688-2900 or visit to reserve a room. Follow The Frenchmen @frenchmen_hotel on Instagram and @FrenchmanHotel on Facebook to learn more. For updates from Midnight Revival, follow @midnightrevivalnola on Instagram.

About Angevin & Co.
Angevin & Co. is focused on providing creatively inspired, neighborhood-centric hospitality experiences where our lobbies, bars and restaurants are the beating heart of our hotels. Led by hospitality industry veteran, Robert Thompson, Angevin & Co. develops the concepts and operates boutique hotels and their bars, cafes and full-service restaurants across the country, spanning from the Rocky Mountains to the southern U.S., and is based in New Orleans, L

Example #3: Hotel offers special discounts to AARP members

Choice Hotels is proud to offer AARP members discounts on over 7,000 Hotels Across 22 Hotel Brands

NORTH BETHESDA, Md., March 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Choice Hotels International, Inc. (NYSE: CHH) one of the world’s largest hotel franchisors, announced an agreement to offer AARP members discounts on hotel stays at Choice Hotels’ properties, including Cambria Hotels®, Comfort®, Radisson®, Country Inn & Suites® by Radisson, and more.

“We are delighted to provide AARP’s nearly 38 million members with discounts on hotel accommodations,” said Abhijit Patel, vice president, revenue management and distribution, Choice Hotels. “Many AARP members are avid travelers who frequently book hotel accommodations, and Choice’s portfolio offers members a diverse range of hotels to meet their needs. We are excited to extend our commitment to exceptional experiences and value to the AARP member community.”

According to AARP Research’s 2023 Travel Trends Study, the most popular destinations in 2023 for the 50-plus were Florida, California, Las Vegas, Texas, Arizona, and New York. Choice Hotels offers hotels for every type of stay in these sought-after locations where AARP members want to travel.

Through this agreement, AARP members will enjoy a 10% discount on their hotel stays at all participating Choice Hotels locations. These discounts will be communicated through various Choice and AARP member channels and other communication platforms.

“We are excited that AARP members may choose Choice Hotels in popular destinations across the globe,” said Jason Mugg, senior vice president of lifestyle, AARP. “Their reach offers AARP members a broad selection of brands and properties with a discount to meet their needs.”

Reservations can be made directly on, through Choice’s reservation line at (800)-228-5050, hotel sites, or travel agencies. For more information about Choice Hotels and how to use your AARP member benefit, please visit

About Choice Hotels®
Choice Hotels International, Inc. (NYSE: CHH) is one of the largest lodging franchisors in the world. The challenger in upscale and a leader in midscale and extended stay, Choice® has over 7,500 hotels, representing more than 630,000 rooms, in 46 countries and territories. A diverse portfolio of 22 brands that range from full-service upper upscale properties to midscale, extended stay and economy enables Choice® to meet travelers’ needs in more places and for more occasions while driving more value for franchise owners and shareholders. The award-winning Choice Privileges® rewards program and co-brand credit card options provide members with a fast and easy way to earn reward nights and personalized perks. For more information, visit

About AARP
AARP is the nation’s largest nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to empowering people 50 and older to choose how they live as they age. With a nationwide presence, AARP strengthens communities and advocates for what matters most to the more than 100 million Americans 50-plus and their families: health security, financial stability and personal fulfillment. AARP also produces the nation’s largest circulation publications: AARP The Magazine and AARP Bulletin. To learn more, visit,ñol or follow @AARP, @AARPenEspañol and @AARPadvocates on social media.

About AARP Services
AARP Services, founded in 1999, is a wholly-owned taxable subsidiary of AARP. AARP Services manages the provider relationships for and performs quality control oversight of the wide range of products and services that carry the AARP name and are made available by independent providers as benefits to AARP’s millions of members. The provider offers currently span health products, financial products, travel and leisure products, and life event services. Specific products include Medicare supplemental insurance; credit cards, auto and home, mobile home and motorcycle insurance, life insurance and annuities; member discounts on rental cars, cruises, vacation packages and lodging; special offers on technology and gifts; pharmacy services and legal services. AARP Services also engages in new product development activities for AARP and provides certain consulting services to outside companies.

Example #4: Hotel offers special promotional deals–resorts-debuts-winter-chalet-campaign-to-kick-off-cozy-season-across-its-luxury–lifestyle-hotels-302002211.html

Example #5: Hotel chain wins award

Example #6: Hotel chain announces new CEO

Example #7: Hotel acquisition announcement press release

Example #8: Hotel chain announces 13 new hotel openings

Example #9: Hotel firm announces CSR initiatives

Example #10: Hotel works to provide true neighborhood experience to guests

Tips to Write an Amazing Press Release

Now that we’ve dealt with the basics, let’s go a bit deeper and talk about how to take your press release from ho-hum to amazing! Here are 11 tips to help you do that:

  • 1. Understand Your Audience: Before you begin, consider who you’re writing for. Tailor your message to appeal to travel journalists, bloggers, potential guests, and industry partners. Knowing your audience will help you shape the content to meet their interests and needs.
  • 2. Lead with a Strong Headline: Your headline is your first impression. Make it count by being clear, compelling, and concise. Include the most attractive element of your news to draw in readers, such as a unique feature of your hotel or a special event.
  • 3. Use an Engaging Hook: Start with a strong opening line that summarizes the news while enticing the reader to learn more. This could be an intriguing fact, a significant achievement, or an upcoming event that captures interest.
  • 4. Be Concise and Focused: Keep your press release tight and to the point. Avoid jargon and overly complex sentences. Each paragraph should serve a clear purpose and add value to the overall message.
  • 5. Highlight What’s Unique: Emphasize what makes your hotel different or better than others. Whether it’s an exclusive package, a newly renovated spa, or a gourmet restaurant opening, make sure these unique selling points stand out.
  • 6. Include Quotes: Add quotes from key personnel, like the General Manager or the head of PR. Quotes should provide insight or enthusiasm about the announcement and add a human element to the press release.
  • 7. Provide High-Quality Images: Visuals are crucial in the hospitality industry. Include high-quality images of the hotel, amenities, or specific features mentioned in the release. Ensure you have the rights to use these images and provide clear captions.
  • 8. Include a Clear Call to Action: Guide your readers on what to do next. Whether it’s booking a stay, attending an event, or visiting your website for more information, make the action clear and straightforward.
  • 9. Add Necessary Contact Information: Ensure you include contact details for further inquiries. This should include the name, phone number, and email address of your hotel’s PR contact.
  • 10. Proofread and Edit: Before sending out your press release, thoroughly proofread it for any spelling, grammar, or factual errors. An error-free release reflects professionalism and attention to detail.
  • 11. Distribute Strategically: Identify the best channels for distribution that will reach your target audience effectively. Consider using online PR services, direct media contacts, and social media platforms tailored to travel and hospitality.

By following these tips, you can create an impactful and engaging hotel press release that captures attention and encourages further exploration of what your hotel has to offer.

Distributing Your Press Release

Even the best press release in the world won’t do you much good unless you get it into the hands of journalists, editors and bloggers who really want to publish information on that subject. That’s why distributing your press release is a vital element of any successful PR strategy.

The Importance of Using a Press Release Distribution Service Like

When you’re ready to send out a press release for your hotel, utilizing a press release distribution service like can significantly amplify your message’s reach and impact. Here’s why choosing such a service could be a game-changer for your publicity efforts:

  • 1. Extended Reach: has access to thousands of news outlets, including major news sources, specialized trade publications, and popular blogs. This extensive network ensures that your press release reaches a broad and diverse audience, far beyond what you could achieve on your own.
  • 2. Targeted Distribution: can target specific industries and regions, ensuring that your press release reaches journalists, influencers, and media outlets in the travel and hospitality sector who are most likely to be interested in your news. This targeted approach helps attract the right attention and generate relevant media coverage.
  • 3. Credibility and Professionalism: Press releases distributed through recognized services like are often viewed with more credibility by journalists and readers. This professional dissemination helps build your hotel’s brand reputation as serious and noteworthy in the industry.
  • 4. SEO Benefits: optimizes your press release for search engines, increasing the likelihood that your news will appear in search results when potential guests search for accommodations in your area. This SEO boost can lead to increased website traffic and, ultimately, bookings.
  • 5. Measurable Results: With, you receive detailed reports and analytics on the performance of your press release. You can track how many times it was viewed, who picked it up, and what kind of engagement it received. This data is invaluable for understanding the effectiveness of your press release and can help guide your future marketing strategies.
  • 6. Time and Resource Efficiency: Crafting the perfect press release is just one part of the equation—distribution can be equally challenging and time-consuming. handles the distribution process for you, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your hotel’s marketing and operations.

Using a press release distribution service like not only enhances the reach and effectiveness of your hotel’s press releases but also adds a layer of professionalism that can be crucial in building and maintaining a positive brand image. This strategic approach to news dissemination ensures that your announcements make the biggest possible impact in a crowded marketplace.

Writing and Distributing Your Hotel Press Release

Press releases can be an invaluable tool for promoting your hotel and filling your rooms every night. Using the templates, examples, tips, and ideas I provided here, you can attract significantly more media attention to your hotel, build excitement among future guests, and help them to choose you over your competitors.

Press Release Examples Across Several Industries

And, just because I know you’ll appreciate them, here are another 15+ great press release examples for situations you may encounter.

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Additional Press Release Examples

Finally, here are some tips and training to help you write an amazing press release:

Additional Press Release Resources

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