WireWatch™ Report: Proof of Press Release Distribution

Watch Your Press Release Go Live!

Once eReleases sends out your release, your press release will quickly stream to several popular websites. And within a couple of hours, eReleases will email you proof of press release distribution through its complimentary WireWatch™ report, providing you with more than 50 links showing your press release on various websites. Just click to see your press release on sites like MarketWatch, PR Newswire, and Yahoo! All of our press releases appear on Google Web, Google News, Bing, PR Newswire, as well as on Yahoo! News.

Of course, your press release may also be picked up by other websites and media, both online and offline (in print), which you can track with traditional news clipping services. But WireWatch™ gives you the instant gratification of seeing your press release go live. And only eReleases offers it.

Below are links to our most recent WireWatch™ reports showing proof of press release distribution. Note that each link will open a pdf containing the WireWatch™ report, and each link in the report will open a new window where you can view the client’s press release on the respective news outlet’s website.

The complimentary WireWatch™ report includes links to the actual press release as it appears on a select group of sites we sample for this report.

Some sites display releases longer than others; links will expire as sites rotate their content.

*Site metrics are collected at a domain level. For example, Google and Google News share google.com as a domain and so would have a single visitors/day ranking. Similarly, groups of news websites that share a domain will show the same visitor statistics since they cannot be separated into discrete numbers.

For additional clipping or company watch notices, we recommend a clipping service. You can read more about various ones at https://www.ereleases.com/clipping-services/