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Jewish Musician with ALS Announces Candidacy for U.S. President

EAST LANSING, Mich.March 15 /PRNewswire/ — Lee Abramson has announced that he is an independent candidate for the Presidential election in 2012.

Abramson (40) is a Jewish musician and entrepreneur who suffers from ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease). He said he would bring a much needed perspective to the Oval Office.

Abramson proposes immediate changes to defense strategy and the overall defense budget, along with a major revision of the tax code, and the elimination of private health insurance companies, which will be replaced by a government healthcare plan.

He says Obama Care does not go far enough, and proposes a completely new healthcare plan he calls “Americare,” which will provide government healthcare for everyone from cradle to grave.

“Americare will pay for the needs of all United States citizens and allow healthcare providers to be compensated according to their skill set. It will replace Medicare, Medicaid, and all private insurance. I believe that all private insurance companies are criminal organizations, because they make profits by delaying and denying care which could in many instances cause unnecessary deaths and suffering to people who rely on private insurance,” explained Abramson.

Abramson wants the liquidation of all private insurance companies, moving their administrative workers into Americare jobs. He wants to offer forgiveness of all medical indebtedness for anyone with debts resulting from the previous healthcare system. He said the cost of Americare will be paid from the savings obtained through military budget cuts.

His drug policy will include the legalized sale of marijuana, which will be sold through authorized dispensaries.

“Marijuana will be treated as a strictly revenue issue, with all taxes going to the States. There will be a strictly enforced age limit of 18 years for use,” Abramson stated.

Abramson says he would make immediate cuts in funding for nuclear submarines. All nuclear reactors aboard warships and the people running them will be reassigned to new domestic nuclear plants. This would be followed by a scaling back of strategic bombers and fighter planes, as well as research on military aerospace engineering.

“The money saved could then be used to provide advanced domestic light rail throughout the country. The next to go is funding for tanks and armored personnel carriers, because conflicts we are involved in, specifically in Afghanistan, require foot patrols to engage with civilians, making tanks and armored personnel carriers irrelevant to the conflict there,” he explained.

Abramson also proposes a more progressive tax policy. He says people with higher incomes should pay a higher percentage of their income than the middle-class.

Abramson says his own battles with ALS have enabled him to gain insight and experience that will bring a fresh new perspective to the office of President. He said he will have great empathy and understanding for the people of America who suffer from medical problems.

Details of his qualifications and platform, as well as a sign-up form for his mailing list and music download links, can be found on his campaign website at


Lee Abramson
Lee Abramson
Press Contact:

Jared Scott
Committee for Electing Lee Abramson for President in 2012

SOURCE: Lee Abramson for President

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