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Investment Industry Press Release Examples

Example #1: White paper release announcement


Alpha Vee Solutions Releases Research White Paper on Controlling Stock Selection Risks in Multi Factor Equity ETF’s

“The effect of fundamental multi factor analysis on risk is demonstrated and some new techniques for performing such analysis are introduced.”

BOSTONJune 13 /PRNewswire/ — Alpha Vee Solutions ( Releases Research Results White Paper on Controlling ETF Stock Selection Risks
 The effect of fundamental multi factor analysis on risk is demonstrated and some new techniques for performing such analysis are introduced.

Executive Summary
Stock Selection risk can be defined as the probability that the return of a portfolio composed of individual stocks will be worse from an expected benchmark. Historically, this type of risk has been the most commonly considered risk by investors. Modern investment products, such as multi factor ETF’s that follow the benchmark index, can attempt to neutralize this risk and let the investor concentrate on sector and market risks only (discussed in previous articles in this series).  Despite this trend, there is still a lot to be gained by controlling the stock selection risk. The legendary investor, Benjamin Graham, was quoted as saying: “invest only if you would be comfortable owning a stock even if you had no way of knowing its daily share price.” His statement can be translated in modern terms to advocating fundamental analysis over technical analysis. Indeed, this is the preferable approach by professionals and it is the best method for controlling the stock selection risk. In this research, the effect of fundamental analysis on risk is demonstrated and some new techniques for performing such analysis are reviewed.

This is the fourth and last article in a series which deals with controlling risks in equity investment with a focus on using Smart Beta ETFs. Over the past 15 years, the Smart Beta ETF industry has grown from nearly null to about half a trillion USD. The first article in the series reviewed four main risk components: Market, Sector, Currency and Stock Selection. The second and third articles reviewed the market and sector risks and how they can be controlled. In this article, we delve deeper into the stock selection risk and show how data driven tools can provide some protection against uncontrolled stock picking.

About Alpha Vee Solutions Ltd.
Alpha Vee is a global independent investment strategist. Alpha Vee licenses a wide range of dynamic and smart beta multi factor indices to leading asset managers for global product distribution. Alpha Vee also offers its research technology platform as well for limited SaaS research use. For more information on the web at or email at [email protected]

About Alpha Vee Market (AVMI) and Sector Indicators (AVSI)
Alpha Vee licenses advanced dynamic and adaptive indicators for the inclusion into model portfolios, indexes for a wide range of asset managers needs.  The Alpha Vee Market indicator (AVMI) guides managers for over and under broad equity market exposures for the US, European and Japan markets.  The Alpha Vee Sector Indicator (AVSI) provides over and under weighting guidance by sector.  The combination of indicators provide a highly effective tool to identify and capitalize market trends.

Contact: Leigh Eichel
Alpha Vee Solutions Inc.
[email protected]

SOURCE: Alpha Vee Solutions Ltd.

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The Investment Industry Marketers Guide to Writing and Distributing Press Releases

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What to Write a Press Release About – Investment Banks, Mutual Funds and Other Non-Retail Investment Firms

Need ideas someone in the non-retail side of the investment industry could write a press release about? Here are 30 ideas to get you started:

  1. Introduction of a New Investment Tool: Announcement of a newly developed investment tool aimed at assisting investors in making informed decisions.
  2. Successful Mergers and Acquisitions: Sharing details about a recent successful M&A deal, showcasing the team’s expertise.
  3. Launch of an Investment Fund: Introducing a new investment fund, its strategies, target returns, and the management team’s experience.
  4. Strategic Corporate Restructuring: Announcing changes made to a company’s structure to maximize shareholder value and improve operational efficiency.
  5. Market Outlook and Analysis: Sharing insights into current market trends and future investment opportunities.
  6. Implementation of ESG Principles: Announcing the firm’s commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles in their investment strategy.
  7. Innovative Use of Fintech: Detailing the implementation of new fintech strategies to enhance services and boost operational efficiency.
  8. Appointment of Key Personnel: Sharing news about the appointment of a new high-level executive and their vision for the company’s future.
  9. Industry Awards and Recognitions: Celebrating recent awards or recognitions that enhance the firm’s reputation in the industry.
  10. Expansion Announcement: Announcing the opening of a new office or division, indicating growth and increased service capacity.
  11. New Partnership Announcement: Detailing a new strategic partnership that will enhance the firm’s services or reach.
  12. Release of Investment Research Report: Announcing the publication of a research report on a specific sector or trend in the investment industry.
  13. Assets Under Management Milestones: Celebrating milestones in assets under management, demonstrating growth and client trust.
  14. Promotion of Diversity and Inclusion: Detailing initiatives promoting diversity and inclusion within the organization.
  15. Hosting an Investment Seminar or Webinar: Announcing an upcoming seminar or webinar with insights on investment strategies.
  16. Enhancing Investor Services: Introducing new features or tools designed to improve investor experience and outcomes.
  17. Risk Management Strategies: Providing insights on new risk management strategies to protect investor interests.
  18. Business Sustainability Measures: Announcing measures to improve the firm’s sustainability, such as reducing its carbon footprint or enhancing energy efficiency.
  19. Capital Raising Success: Detailing the success of a recent capital raising round and its implications for the firm’s future.
  20. Regulatory Compliance Update: Sharing news about compliance with new regulations and continued commitment to ethical practices.
  21. Rebranding Announcement: Announcing a new brand identity, including the company’s refreshed mission and vision.
  22. Economic Impact Studies: Publishing a study showcasing the firm’s economic impact on the local or global economy.
  23. Performance Reports: Announcing quarterly or annual performance reports, emphasizing key successes and growth areas.
  24. Employee Training and Development Programs: Highlighting the firm’s commitment to the continual professional development of its employees.
  25. Philanthropic Donations: Announcing significant charitable contributions or initiatives the firm is sponsoring.
  26. Launch of an IPO: Announcing the launch of an initial public offering (IPO) and the prospects it presents for the company.
  27. Cross-Border Investments: Detailing the firm’s strategies and successes in managing cross-border investments and navigating global markets.
  28. Investment in Startups: Sharing the firm’s recent investments in promising startups and their potential impacts.
  29. Fintech Collaborations: Announcing collaborations with fintech companies to offer cutting-edge solutions to investors.
  30. Investment in Sustainable Industries: Highlighting the firm’s investments in industries that promote sustainability and environmental friendliness.

What to Write a Press Release About – Retail Investment Firms Like Financial Planners, Stock Brokers, etc.

Need ideas someone in the retail side of the investment industry could write a press release about? Here are 30 ideas to get you started:

  1. Introduction of a New Financial Planning Tool: Announcement of a new tool or software designed to help clients manage their financial plans more effectively.
  2. Launching a New Service: Introducing a new service tailored to the specific needs of individual investors, such as specialized retirement planning or estate planning.
  3. Tax Planning Updates: Sharing updates on tax laws and strategies to minimize tax liabilities and maximize returns for clients.
  4. Financial Literacy Program: Detailing a new program aimed at improving clients’ financial literacy and empowering them to make informed decisions.
  5. Appointment of Key Personnel: Announcement of the appointment of a new financial advisor or other key staff member, detailing their qualifications and experience.
  6. Client Success Strategies: Sharing investment plans tailored to specific types of clients showing how the firms planning can help them achieve their objectives.
  7. Free Initial Consultation Offer: Offering a limited-time opportunity for potential clients to receive a free initial financial consultation.
  8. Educational Webinars and Workshops: Announcing the schedule for upcoming webinars or workshops on topics such as investment basics, retirement planning, or tax strategies.
  9. Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives: Showcasing the firm’s commitment to diversity and inclusion within its client base and team.
  10. Updates on Regulatory Compliance: Announcing the firm’s compliance with new financial regulations to assure clients of its dedication to legality and ethics.
  11. Community Involvement and Philanthropy: Highlighting the firm’s involvement in community service or philanthropic efforts.
  12. Implementation of Advanced Technology: Detailing the adoption of new technology to improve client service, such as a client portal or automated robo-advisory service.
  13. Sustainable Investing Options: Announcing new services focused on sustainable, responsible, and impact investing.
  14. Team’s Professional Achievements: Highlighting the achievements of team members, such as advanced certifications or industry awards.
  15. Customer Service Enhancements: Introducing new features or services designed to improve the customer service experience.
  16. Partnership with Other Financial Institutions: Detailing a new partnership aimed at expanding the firm’s services or client benefits.
  17. Offering of New Investment Products: Announcing the availability of new investment products, such as exchange-traded funds (ETFs) or mutual funds.
  18. Risk Management Strategies: Sharing insights on the firm’s strategies for managing investment risk on behalf of clients.
  19. Insights on Market Trends: Providing analysis of recent market trends to keep clients informed and ready to make decisions.
  20. Business Expansion: Announcing the opening of a new branch or office to serve a wider geographical area.
  21. Improvement in Client Retention Rate: Highlighting increased client loyalty and trust as evidenced by improved retention rates.
  22. Introduction of a Referral Program: Launching a new referral program as a way to thank clients for their loyalty and recommendations.
  23. Financial Planning for Specialized Groups: Offering tailored financial planning services for specialized groups, such as millennials, women, veterans, etc.
  24. Study on Client Satisfaction: Releasing the results of a client satisfaction survey to demonstrate commitment to service improvement.
  25. Retirement Planning Seminar: Announcing a seminar focused on retirement planning and strategies.
  26. Holistic Financial Planning Approach: Introducing a holistic approach to financial planning that considers all aspects of a client’s financial life.
  27. College Savings Plans: Sharing information about 529 or other college savings plans to assist clients with education-related financial goals.
  28. Employee Training and Development: Highlighting the firm’s commitment to continuous learning and development for its employees.
  29. Real Estate Investment Advisory: Offering advisory services for clients interested in diversifying their investment portfolios with real estate.

Robo-advisory Service: Introducing a new robo-advisory service for automated, algorithm-driven financial planning with minimal human supervision.

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