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Half a Million Hits, a Dozen Radio Interviews:

When several of us at the National Lampoon were laid-off, I posted us on eBay: For Sale – National Lampoon Comedy-Writing Staff.

And then I sent out a press release through eReleases. Without the press release, the stunt would have undoubtedly been lost forever, awash in a sea of countless auctions.

Thanks to eReleases, the ad received over a half-million hits.

Suddenly, we were getting calls from around the world.

We did at least a dozen radio interviews, one in Canada, one in Ireland. The story was picked up by every major news source I can think of and plastered all over the internet.

Within a week, the prestigious advertising firm Foote Cone & Belding was calling us! And to top it off, that month we were featured in the New Yorker’s “Talk of the Town.”

Thanks eReleases! Nothing could have been easier or more inexpensive to use!

Steve Brykman

Steve Brykman


Major Metropolitan Newspaper Article, 12+ Reprints, Huge Website Traffic Increase

We launched our website and issued our first press release through eReleases. The press release generated one article in a major metropolitan newspaper, which was reprinted in at least a dozen additional newspapers, as well as several blogs.

This resulted in a significant increase in traffic to our fledgling website, as well as the opportunity to guest-blog for the websites of several home design magazines. We are very happy with the wonderful service we received from the staff of eReleases, as well as the result of our press release, and are excited about moving forward with additional PR efforts.

Karen DeVenaro

Karen DeVenaro

Founder, See Jane Drill

eReleases Blows Every Other Service Out of the Water

Over 30 years we’ve used different press release services, and I’ve had nothing but difficulty. Service not on time, then being hounded to buy more. Just never satisfied. Now, after discovering eReleases, they’ve blown every other service out of the water. This is the one I’m sticking with.

David Hamburger of SVE reviewing eReleases press release service

David Hamburger

V.P., Specialty Vehicle Engineering

More Work and Revenue From Every Release Sent –

We’ve used Mickie Kennedy’s services 45+ times for our national published PR needs. EVERY TIME we have used eReleases, we see instant benefit with increased online traffic and increased Requests for Proposals (RFPs). This has always brought CDV Systems more work and more revenue. My two businesses would not have the clients nor the projects without eReleases doing their job of broadcasting our PR documents to the world… Period! Mickie’s staff is World-Class! Please know that I am extremely cautious when it comes to offering a recommendation. However, eReleases gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION.

Cyril Verley

Cyril Verley

Registered Architect, CDV Systems

Nervous Before Trying eReleases – 2 Feature Articles as a Result

Not having used a press release service before, I was a bit uneasy about making the choice between several other competitors of eReleases.

To my relief and delight, they made the entire process very simple and the results were very impressive.

On our first release, we got the attention of several key media outlets, two of which went on to do editorial features about us. Great experience so far.

Erin Hedley

Operations Manager Revel Custom Wine Cellars

Best Amazon Ranking Ever

Despite using various advertising venues over the past 1-1/2 years, the day my eReleases press release ran, my book jumped to its best ranking on Amazon in the 22 months it has been out, and there seems to have been a domino effect by achieving that high ranking.

Author Paul Harris

Paul Harris

Author, Diary From the Dome

Amazing Service, 3 Book Publishers, 40 News Websites, Interviewed on TV and Radio – Not Cynical Anymore

I am actually so blown away by the quality of their customer service I haven’t even mentioned how effective the actual service is. Its honestly awesome. I have never… ever used a press release service where I got ACTUAL PRESS INQUIRIES.

Not sure if you saw that I was on the cover of the Omaha World Herald (money section) a few weeks back. That was because they picked up the release.

All in all over 40 news websites picked it up and syndicated the press release. I even got interviewed by my local hometown radio and news stations.

AND we had 3 different book publishers talk to us about doing a deal with them.

Sometimes, as an internet marketer, I always am so cynical about stuff. I always think there is an angle to everything. But sometimes people still deliver an amazing service with amazing customer service also.

Full Disclosure: I have not received any compensation whatsoever for writing this post. Yes I know it was awesome and they should have paid me. Its all good though.

Jerry Schoemaker

Jerry Schoemaker


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Success Stories From Our Clients

Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, Daily Mail, Yahoo! Philadelphia Inquirer and More

Before doing a press release I had doubts – like are journalists really going to see these press releases or are they just going off into the abyss? I found that eReleases was really invested in the success of their customers. My business has been picked up in magazines and on TV and radio [including Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, Daily Mail, Yahoo! Lifestyle, Philadelphia Inquirer, and more]. eReleases will help you get your company in the news every step of the way.

Mike Allebach, Allebach Photography, reviews eReleases PR service

Mike Allebach

Owner, Allebach Photography

Published in the New York Times
I am overwhelmed.

The New York Times was the ONE outlet I really wanted but doubted my story would be of significance.

Amazing. Amazing. Thank you.

Olivia F. Scott

Olivia F. Scott

Omerge Alliances

5 Media Inquiries, a National Morning TV Show. eReleases Provides Great Value.

In the three days since the press release was sent, we’ve received five media inquiries, one of them a call with the executive producer of a national morning TV show. I’ve positioned myself as a subject matter expert, and they’re extremely interested in including Reflection Band in their segment to be aired nationally.

Getting eReleases’ value along with the power of the PR Newswire distribution engine is the best of both worlds.

Frank Rosello

Frank J. Rosello

Co-Founder & CEO, Reflection Band

Best Kept Secret in PR

eReleases is the best kept secret in PR. Amazing results and a great team!

Nora Murray

Founder, SoundBite Communications

Editorial Staff Makes Sure It’s Right Before It Goes Out

I use eReleases when I send out stuff and I’ve got contacts from major magazines and newspapers as a result of doing that and I would like to strongly suggest that you take a look at Mickie Kennedy’s company and see what it is that they do.

They’re very good at it. They also have an editorial staff that looks at what you’re doing and makes sure it’s right before it goes out.

They’ve saved me from making a few mistakes so check these folks out and I do definitely give them a high endorsement.

Perry Marshall

Perry Marshall

Author & Google Ads Expert

338.8 Million Impressions – Half a Million Dollars in Value

While some releases are more effective than others, we have received literally millions of impressions from stories picked up from eReleases distribution. uses eReleases to distribute their most important news, and have consistently been happy with the outcome in stories that appear in newspapers, magazines and on the Internet.

We measure the success of our PR Program in impressions and their value.’s annual PR campaign garnered more than 338.8 million impressions with a retail value of more than a half million dollars. We could not have achieved that kind of exposure without the help of eReleases distribution. Additionally, the relationship eReleases has with major search engines helps to index us with not only those search engines but high-profile media too.

The difference between eReleases and other online distribution services is:

1) The cost – eReleases is one of the most affordable services.

2) Our release goes out on PR Newswire – one of the most trusted and effective wire services available. Other online distribution services may use the Internet, but not a trusted wire service for distributing news. Using PR Newswire makes a huge difference in story pick up.

I really appreciate a company like eReleases. Customer support is important to me and eReleases is always quick to respond and extremely helpful. I’ve been lucky enough to take advantage of some of their special offers, which allows my client and my company to save money on an already affordable press release distribution service. Their professionalism, and customer orientation is a refreshing approach. Many thanks for all the great service.

Marti Mayne

Marti Mayne

Media Contact for, now part of VRBO

Major News Television Show

Love eReleases they are truly the best!

We already got picked up by a major news television show!!

Thane & Cynthia Murphy review eReleases press release distribution service

Thane and Cynthia Murphy

Founders, Assuaged

Does eReleases Work?
Just Ask Our Customers!

25 Business Journals Plus 9 1st Page Listings on Google

Thanks to eReleases, my press release was picked up by nearly 25 city business journals, Forbes, CNBC, FoxNews and many others.

Also, my press releases are listed on the first page of Google for the term “publicity thought leader.”

This is a great selling tool that I use to show prospects that I’m at the top of my game and I know how to get worthwhile, strategic publicity placements that get results and build brand image.

When you type “publicity thought leader” with quotation marks, I have 9 listings on the front page of Google for that term. It includes press releases, blog posts and articles. Pretty amazing.

Dan Janal

Dan Janal

Author, Speaker, PR Coach

Nothing From the Other Guys Then eReleases Got Washington Post, Spin, Wired and More

I hired a “specialty entertainment publicist” for my rock band, shelled out my $1,200, and got nothing for it.

Not one single pickup.

What’s worse, her release didn’t even go out over the wires (that would have cost an extra $800 I found out later). The next time around I got smart and put out through eReleases.

Within 10 days we had articles in the Washington Post, the SJ Mercury News (plus a follow-up article), and the online versions of Spin, Wired, Billboard, and the BBC, plus a bunch of blogs.

An absolutely amazing value.

Black Lab Rock Band

Paul Durham

Rock band Black Lab

Recommendation From a Top PR Consultant

I have been consistently pleased by the service provided by the eReleases team — and by the company’s overall business model. I am happy to endorse and recommend eReleases.

Steve Vitoff's review of eReleases PR distribution

Steve Vitoff

PR Consultant, B2B Writer

Reunited With Abducted Sons – Thanks eReleases

Father reunited with abducted sons—missing for 1-1/2 years:

Thank you and eReleases for your help! I would not have been able to reunite with my sons without the professional coordination and kind help. The press release helped rally many people in helping me locate my children.

T. Sugimoto

No Salespeople, Just Amazing Service

I rarely take the time to share my experience with other B2B vendors, but eReleases has blown me away in the last few weeks. We were evaluating services for a press release and decided to use them for a host of practical reasons, but what really stood out in my mind was their family-style approach to service.

There are no salespeople who will call you before you can get your release out, but they (main contact was Janelle) were ultra-proactive through phone calls and emails to make sure I was happy with the service and to update me on how the release was doing. Not annoyingly so, but just enough so I knew there was someone I could connect with if I needed to.

That is dedication to customer service. And they never asked me to spend another dime.

I highly recommend.

Karen Kelly, Tapple, reviews eReleases PR work.

Karen Kelly

Chief Marketing Officer @ Tapple

Featured on Dr. Oz

You are wonderful! I have to share this with someone.

Not only did the press release get me 4 contacts to feature my products so far, the best one is that we are going to be featured on Dr. Oz.

I can’t believe it. It seems so unreal that I am going to wait to really believe it when I see the show air in a few weeks. eReleases rocks, YOU rock, and I am so thankful for your company.

Your happiest customer!

Total Skincare

Betty Wolfe

Total Skincare Solutions

Featured on Shark Tank, Web Traffic Up 800%

Featured on Shark Tank: I am very glad that I used your service.

It is everything you advertise yourself to be. My story appears on numerous high end web sites.

My web site averages about 80 visits per day now, up from 10.

I have received several emails applauding the lemons to lemonade press release.

Yesterday the local news station KTVZ-NBC did an interview.

Monday, I managed to get an article in the Oregonian Newspaper online and in print (300,000 circulation).

Then I did a radio interview @1110KBND Radio and a promo spot (for the TV show Shark Tank) was posted on internet; it has been shown on TV numerous times.

Amazing soundbite: “I want to buy this company and whack this guy!”

Qubits Toy Company

Mark Burginger

Qubits Toy Company

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Success Stories From Our Clients

50,000 Website Hits, 20,000 Press Release Views

We got 50,000 hits to our website and over 20,000 hits to our press release with eReleases.

Doing PR is like setting up a large travel agency for your island, which will create new routes for planes, choppers and ships. In addition, in today’s open web and social world, potential customers have a chance to do additional research on you and your product, where while they punch in the name of your product in search, they will find your site and other sites that speak positively of you.

Using eReleases for PR distribution was a perfect choice for us, and we’re looking forward to using this great tool to reach higher highs and close bigger deals.

I personally and strongly suggest to all companies large and small to take advantage of this service and not to underestimate the power of press releases. Let the clients find YOU!

I’m looking forward using eReleases more for all of my “adventures.”

Roman Iospa

Roman Iospa

GenesisOne Solutions

Totally Reliable, Easy Ordering

eReleases is the best PR distribution company I have worked with in 30+ years.

They are totally reliable and responsive and their order process is easy and efficient.

Diane Sparks, University of Chicago, review of eReleases press releases

Diane Sparks

Senior Recruiter, NORC at the University of Chicago

eReleases Results Brought Me to Tears

I don’t know quite what to say… other than this actually brought me to tears. Not only have you assisted a charity you have helped to carry a message of hope, wishes and dreams. The potential that you have helped generate is one that moves toward assisting children and sending a message about adoption in a meaningful way.

As a former business professional who dealt with media and the purchase of PR, I could not be more pleased that our small foundation could have this much assistance from a firm such as yours. While this is a personal message as well that adoption and parenting is possible, it is one that carries with it the vast potential to make inroads into communities and reach individuals who are searching for advice and assistance.

Thank you on behalf of myself and the children who will ultimately benefit from spreading the word.

I would be proud to lend my voice to the others on your website, which is a core belief that we all can make a difference and with your assistance is can be wide, far reaching and possible.

Brian Tessier

Brian J. Tessier

Author and Children's Advocate

Great Media Results Then 2 Venture Capitalists Reached Out to Us…

Initially, I was reluctant to submit a press release for our nascent internet business.

We had experienced a less-than-impressive foray with a more expensive service, and we were underwhelmed.

I had some questions, and eReleases service before the sale impressed us. After some discussions with the co-leadership, we took the plunge.

Since the first release, our traffic has increased a few hundred percent, numerous TV outlets across the country have picked up the story, and three major national magazines have us slated for mention in November. We plan to put out a couple more releases with the holiday season approaching. Great results! I have recommended eReleases to two other firms with which I am affiliated.

Even with the PR value of the release, the best part of our review of results from eReleases involved attention from venture capitalists. Two VCs who had never heard of us before reached out, and discussions continue. Without an investment bank behind us, we now are talking to more VCs referred from the initial two about a round of funding that could launch us into our next phase of growth.

I’m not sure how many companies can brag about an IRR (Internal Rate of Return) of a few thousand percent on such a small investment.

James Wallace

James Wallace

Entrepreneur & Startup Founder

10 New Clients – eReleases is the Best in the Business

My first press release with eReleases got me coverage in approximately 13 different publications, as well as a segment on a local television show!

As a result of my very first press release with eReleases, I received 10 new clients and approximately 4,200 website hits!

eReleases is the best in the business as far as I am concerned and, therefore, they have no competition! They offer the best prices and the most “bang for your buck.”

I would recommend this service to anyone with a new business looking to gain exposure locally and nationally — or even internationally!

Jason Templer, Scoops Pet Waste Management review of eReleases PR

Jason Templer

Owner, Scoops Pet Waste Management Services

Media Requests in Minutes, Internet Presence up 10X

Literally within minutes of our very first eRelease being put out on the wire we began receiving media requests for interviews and received coverage online, in print, and on television!

I could not believe the extent and quality of the response!

As a direct result, our internet presence increased more than tenfold, and we are still getting customers months later with no further effort on our part.

Working with the eReleases team was easy and I especially loved the tool that showed us where and who had picked up our release. Bar none, this has been one of the best investments we’ve made in growing our business!

Linda M. Lopeke, SMARTSTART Coach, review of eReleases press releases.

Linda M. Lopeke


Easiest and Most Cost Effective – Calls Come in from Every Release

With eReleases we always receive calls from media outlets all around the country.

It’s the easiest and most cost effective way to get our press releases sent out across the country — and that benefits our members wherever they are.

Timothy Stone

Timothy Stone

Association of Professional Animal Waste Specialists (aPaws)

Does eReleases Work?
Just Ask Our Customers!

eReleases Generated Same Result As PR Agency So Fired the Agency and Saved $60,000

I am a small business owner who founded and manages a consulting group that specializes in Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Talent Management and Organizational Development.

All of my clients are Fortune 500—or comparable—and include ABC Television Network, Amgen, BWM, Ciba Vision, Disney, Goldman, Sachs & Co., Motorola, Northrop Grumman and Xerox, to name just a few.

I always did the “rain-making” for my group including the PR and built the practice from a meager $50K annual revenue in 2000 to several million today.

This year I revisited the PR avenue and after seeing multiple proposals from several agencies I opted to go it alone with the help of a rather unique company, eReleases—with their help (And they have been exceptional, professional and reasonable) I put out a press release two weeks ago around the release of my new book and got the same or better pick-up than I had with the agency. Now, with both considerable cost savings and market penetration I can afford to roll out upwards of a dozen releases this year with what will be a savings to about $60k.

Stephen Xavier

Stephen Xavier

Cornerstone Executive Development Group

Radio Booking 2 Hours After Sending Press Release

We submitted a press release with eReleases on behalf of one of our authors.

Within 2 hours of the release going live, our author was booked for a radio interview and he was later asked to contribute (ongoing) to a monthly “expert column” in his industry.

Talk about free PR!

Kenny Atcheson, Creative Profit Pros, review of PR distribution by eReleases.

Kenny Atcheson

Creative Profit Pros

Trade Magazine Article Within 3 Hours of Sending

Within just three hours of sending the press release, we had a story written about it by a respected trade publication. In those few short hours, we also received numerous calls from journalists nationwide. was also the subject of countless tweets reciprocating our story.

Your service absolutely surpassed all expectations.

Aaron Rosenthal

Most Reliable Distribution Source for Us

As a result we have secured coverage on ABC, NBC, MSNBC, and gotten covered in the Washington Post to name a few.

Great way to publicize any news. Our website clicks sky-rocketed by thousands … increasing 200 percent from pre-release statistics.

eReleases has been the most reliable source of distribution for us, where we are confident that the word is getting out to the necessary outlets.

I have not felt that confidence with anyone else.

Hunaid Baliwala, Bridges TV, review of PR by eReleases.

Hunaid Baliwala

Bridges TV

Huge Story in Variety

Thank you dear friends for your efforts.

We already have a huge story in Variety thanks to you getting the press release out.

It’s really great for us!

eReleases Client Review - Natasha Shliapnikoff

Natasha Shliapnikoff


I Didn’t Expect It To Work So Well, So Fast

I can’t believe the response in just a few hours. Two local news radio stations (ABC and CBS) have already aired stories this afternoon. It’s great advertising for Santa Teresa High School.

I really didn’t expect it to work so well so fast. Thank you so much. I had already tried sending press releases out myself with no replies. Your service totally made the difference.

Scott Brian

Scott Brian

Percussionist, Teacher, Composer

They Called Me Overseas

I do a lot of business with companies in the US (I am based in Tokyo), but this is the FIRST time that any service provider has actually called me overseas. They were friendly, efficient, and personal. This, as much as the quality of their products, is the reason I have decided to do business with them going forward.

eReleases Client Review - David Russell

David Russell

Managing Director, Russell Communications Int’l

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Success Stories From Our Clients

You Were Right – Multiple Releases Work

You were right. Press releases require persistence.

Although our first press release got us a brief mention in local newspapers, it wasn’t until the third press release that we received the coverage we had hoped for with a story written about our company in the Honolulu Star Bulletin.

James Pretorius - Hawaii's Vacation Rental Directory

Nobody Else Compares to eReleases

As an award winning publicist I have tried many release distribution channels over the years.

NONE compare to the eReleases product and GREAT customer service.

It does not get any better.

J. Michael Palka, Marketing500, review of press release distribution by eReleases.

J. Michael Palka

Senior Business Advisor, Marketing500

Underwhelmed With Higher Priced Services – eReleases Gets Us Coverage in Big Publications

Before trying eReleases, we overpaid for other wire services, even had tried emailing releases directly to journalists… frustrated by the lack of results.

With eReleases we were picked up by the Wall Street Journal, LA Times and more!

Craig Klein

Craig Klein


Hundreds of Sales, Leads, Inquiries, Website Hits Whenever We Use eReleases – “At This Point It’s All eReleases”

Our company has been featured on The Tonight Show, CNN, CBS Evening Magazine, Fox, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, and our recent press release was picked up by Fortune and numerous other newspapers, magazines, websites, etc.

We always get hundreds of a combination of sales, leads, inquiries, website hits, etc., when we use eReleases. Our releases are all over the internet instantly and what is amazing is how many people use our releases without our even being initially aware of it.

In terms of ease of use, bang for your buck, one stop PR shop, it’s hard to beat eReleases.

Our product was voted one of the top 100 gifts by Entertainment Weekly and we don’t even advertise.

At this point it is all eReleases… clean, simple, and effective!

Craig Wolfe

Craig Wolfe


8 Solid Leads on Distribution Day

We had used a number of press release distribution services in the past with little to no tangible results.

eReleases was different: on the distribution day, we generated 8 solid leads for the IRS Whistleblower program and also fielded a handful of press and media inquiries. Two thumbs up!

Dominique Einhorn

Dominique Einhorn

French-American Entrepreneur

Same Day Coverage Worldwide – BBC, Gizmodo and More

We are very excited today at Sugar Labs because our press release placed with you has resulted in BBC News coverage and a Slashdot post!

We’ve had thousands of page views on Gizmodo and coverage in the UK, Russia, China, Italy, Germany, and Spain.

The day is not over on the West Coast, there will be more articles to come I am sure.

Sugar Labs

Sean Daly

Marketing Coordinator, Sugar Labs

Multiple Releases creates Results – “I am very happy”

I have had a fantastic experience with eReleases!

I have had some write-ups about my novels. You do have to issue press releases each month to gain the exposure you need.

It does work but you have to be prepared to stick to a good plan using well written releases and do this for at least a year or all the time if you have the money to gain the exposure for your company.

As an independent author I am now starting to reap the rewards of my press release plan. I am very happy.

eReleases Client Review - Sam Jane Brown

Sam Jane Brown


Does eReleases Work?
Just Ask Our Customers!

Steady and Substantial Increase in Website Traffic

It’s been one month since we sent our first press release via eReleases and we are simply blown away by the results.

We’ve been through a lot of press release distribution services before and all of them send out reports on how many views our press release got and which media websites picked up our story. The views were nice and the media exposure was impressive; however, we didn’t really feel any positive and tangible results to our organization. That is, until we used eReleases.

We recently looked through our website analytics and noticed a significant increase in “Direct Traffic” following the eReleases distribution of our press release:

Kurt Lao Weight Rater Web Traffic

We understand that other types of traffic (i.e. search engine, referral) can be deceptive when judging results and media success because they are based on a lot of uncontrollable and sometimes fortuitous factors; but a steady and substantial increase in “Direct Traffic” is undeniable. It represents brand awareness, recognition, and loyalty — positive effects to our organization that we attribute to using eReleases for our press release distribution.

We are a small organization with humble resources. You don’t know how much it means to us to receive this type of positive and tangible impact to our brand and organization. Your service definitely provides the most bang for each hard-earned buck.

Kurt Lao

Kurt Lao

Weight Rater

Tested 10 Different Press Release Distributors – eReleases Now My Go to Provider

I kicked off a press release campaign that involved 1 press release a week for 10 weeks.

I used a different service for each release to see, A) which gave me my best bang for the buck and B) which was the least painful to use.

eReleases was my favorite of them all. They have been my go to provider since then.

I can’t say enough about the customer service and how good it feels that there is a real person out there making an effort to help me push our press releases. To the whole eReleases team, thank you!

Peter Moeller, Scarinci Hollenbeck,, eReleases PR service review.

Peter Moeller

Director of Marketing & Communications, Scarinci Hollenbeck, LLC

CNN Feature Story plus NBC

CNN did a feature video story, and NBC did a story after the eReleases press release.

CNN - Save a Child’s Heart Foundation

David Litwack

David Litwack

Executive Director, Save a Child’s Heart Foundation

You Really Care about your Clients

As I said in our news piece about eReleases, the truly great thing about you guys is that you really care about your clients. That’s so nice, a great comfort and quite rare in these hectic times. Really well done!

I’m already planning the next release. With the current release being the foundation of our strategy, I think it’s important that I keep ’em rolling.

Keith McCormack PhD, McCormack LTD, review of eReleases.

Keith McCormack PhD

Head of Research, McCormack Ltd

The Media Caught the Release and it Spread like Wildfire

The day Senator Barack H. Obama became president-elect, I created a Presidential Heritage Safari to Kenya to complement my already successful African Safari Collection.

By noon, I had sent my press release to eReleases and by day’s end you had hit the ‘wires’ with the news and 2AFRIKA, INC. experienced an immediate paradigm shift to a higher dimension. The media caught the release and it spread like wildfire not just nationally but internationally.

As a result of the assurance of eReleases that ‘they’ would target the appropriate audience, the story was carried by The Washington Post, Conde Nast Portfolio, The Wall Street Journal and USA Today to name but a few. The enormity of the message was overwhelming and was aired on CNN by Pauline Frommer, daughter of the well known travel writer, Arthur Frommer, was texted and aired on Voice of America who serves over 430 million readers & listeners… and the most unusual of all, I was interviewed telephonically by a New Zealand Radio Station located in Auckland!

When eReleases says ‘they’ll get the job done’ they do!

Well done Mickie and all at eReleases—you deliver!

With warm African wishes!

2Afrika Logo

Kenneth R. Hieber


New Customers, 200,000 Website Visitors, Phones Flooded for 3 Straight Days

We recently submitted a press release through your company to promote our nationwide “Free Massages on Tax Day” campaign, aimed at increasing traffic for our customers. We were floored by the response. Not only were our phones flooded for 3 days straight, we had over 200,000 unique visitors to our webpage.

Plus, many of our customers reported up to 60 new calls per day and several new customers from the campaign. Additionally, our story was featured on Fox News, CBS and NBC. We attribute this to the distribution of the press release to so many important outlets.

We will be using your services again, in the coming days, to promote our “Massage For Mom” campaign.

Thank you so much for making our campaign a success!

Hilary Wahlbeck

Hilary Wahlbeck

Marketing Manager, HydroMassage

The Best Investment I’ve Made in My Business

When I launched my website, I did a press release with eReleases. They walked me through the process and helped me with my headline. Then, after the press release was out there, I got published on sites like Yahoo Finance, and I got a report from them that included the stats of the press release. They also contacted me to make sure everything was good.

Honestly, it’s been the best investment I’ve made in my business just from the rankings and the traffic alone. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

eReleases Client Review - Kevin McClelland

Kevin McClelland

Hockey Training

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Success Stories From Our Clients

I Found a Strategy to Dramatically Increase Sales

When I did a Google search, the press release turned up on lots of places including USA Today and The New York Daily News.

The fact that so many selected to use the press release indicate there is lots of interest in the topic. I have hit upon a strategy to dramatically increase sales.

Bob Livingstone

Bob Livingstone, LCSW

Psychotherapist & Author

Front Page News – Coverage I Could Never Have Afforded

I really did not have any money to spend on a press release, but I felt compelled to try it. After much research, I decided to go with your company while praying something happens.

Well, something did happen.

You see, the first several weeks after publishing my press release without much fanfare, all I noticed was an increase in website traffic. Then, a call came asking if I would perform a radio show similar to those I had done many times in the past, and because of history I did not expect much.

Then it happened.

Somehow, a reporter in my local area saw the press release and called wanting to write a story. We talked for a while and the next thing you know the story hit the front-page news! The day it did, hundreds went to my website and well what can I say, I certainly got back my press release investment and more.

News pickup from eReleases press release for Dr. Robert Fahey

There is no way I could afford the space given in the paper, as that would have easily been many thousands of dollars, and the orders that are now coming in show the reality that working with you pays.

Go figure. This works! Thanks for support and help in positively moving my press release from good to great!

Dr. Robert Fahey

Dr. Robert Fahey

Psychic Spirit Medium and Clairvoyant

Years Later: The Phone Still Rings From That Article

On our first eReleases distribution, we were promptly contacted by Fast Company who then wrote a great article about our company.

That was a few years ago.

The phone still rings from that article to this day, and we have since continued to use eReleases for all of our press release distribution needs.


Jeffrey Kay Custom Flip Books

Today Show and I Should Do My Own Show

I was in New York last week thanks to the Today Show!

We taped a segment for tomorrow’s show.

Schedules change all the time, but this should be a fun little look into what I do with menus!

I think they did a great job and I have been getting calls from restaurants, restaurant and hotel chains, magazines, manufacturers and entrepreneurs with menu ideas! Very interesting calls! I even got an email from an Emmy Winning Casting Director who said I should get my own show! I will put my people in touch with his people!

I hope to fill up my Menu Bootcamps with this kind of publicity!

Greg Rapp

Gregg Rapp

Menu Engineers

Call From Hearst 2 Hours After Distribution, Multiple Articles the Next Day

First let me say that the performance of your staff in assisting me in getting the press release in top form for distribution was outstanding. I had every suggestion incorporated and I believe that they certainly contributed to the success of it.

And, a success it has been—two hours after the distribution occurred, I had a call from a business editor at Hearst Media’s Connecticut office, proposing to do a feature article in the Hearst Connecticut outlets: Connecticut Post, Stamford Advocate, Greenwich Times and Danbury News-Times.

A feature article then appeared in all of the foregoing local newspapers the next day.

Ray Keating, Pontimax Technologies & yrConnected, review of eReleases PR service.

Ray Keating

Managing Member, Pontimax Technologies & yrConnected

We Got a Magazine Cover

On behalf of Norton’s U.S.A., I would like to say thank you for helping us with our first press release. We are very happy with how smooth the process was. You also made us feel special with all of your hands-on help.

We did earn the cover of the Daily Herald Business Ledger. You can see our cover here:

Daily Herald Business Ledger

We are very excited about this coverage — and you had a part in it!

Melissa Schwartz

Melissa Schwartz

Norton’s U.S.A.

OK Results From Another Company but You Guys Knocked It Completely Out of the Park

My experience with eReleases was ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!

Not too long ago, I used another press release company and was “somewhat” satisfied with the results (seeing how it was my first dealing with a press release company), but you guys knocked the ball COMPLETELY out of the park.

After about a week, I am still amazed at the amount of exposure I received from your company.

Needless to say, eReleases has a new regular.

Keep up the EXCELLENT work!

eReleases Client Review - John W. Bowlin, Sr.

John W. Bowlin, Sr.

Bowlin Security Consulting, LLC

Does eReleases Work?
Just Ask Our Customers!

Absolutely Overwhelming Results – 50 Radio Stations, the Wall Street Journal, and more

We used your press release distribution service a few months ago and the response was absolutely overwhelming.

We got stories on at least 50 radio stations, including major syndicated shows, as well as in the Wall Street Journal and in dozens of other publications!

Thank you!

American Flags

Jeffrey Reynolds


New York Times Interview Within Hours of Sending

Within hours of the press release hitting the wire, we were able secure two media interviews for the author and an article that appeared online for The New Times. The PR is now listed immediately when someone Googles the book.

When eReleases claims they will get your PR into the right hands, they aren’t kidding.

Wilton Manors

James Bennett

Smith Media

Coast-to-Coast Coverage on NPR

I am now a firm believer in the power of eReleases. I submitted a press release about our sales surge due to the government’s distribution of free potassium iodide pills.

Not only did that press release itself generate additional orders, but it was read by a reporter for National Public Radio (NPR). They came to my business and interviewed me for over an hour.

And on Thanksgiving Day a story about aired coast to coast on NPR.

Emails, orders, calls and hits on our website were, and still are, unbelievable. National coverage from an inexpensive press release! Now for THAT, I give thanks.

Troy Jones

Troy Jones

Article in Financial Advisor

I am very excited to have gotten the first one out the door. Here is the result of the first release—an article in “Financial Advisor”!

Thank you for your help!

Bill Seagraves, CatchFire Funding, eReleases press service review.

Bill Seagraves

President & Founder, CatchFire Funding

“I’m So Happy I Went With Your Firm. I’m So Impressed.”

Wow, I already have several requests for my book!

I’m so happy I went with your firm. I’m so impressed.

(Ursula Mohr, attended culinary school before enlisting in the U.S.A.F., a former surgical nurse and Vietnam Veteran, she is an award-winning pastry chef and baking instructor, she resides at 9,000 ft., in Colorado’s White River National Forest.)

Encyclopedia of High Altitude Baking

Ursula Mohr

Author, The Encyclopedia of High Altitude Baking

“Some PR Services Are Cheaper. I’ve Tried Them All. eReleases Is the Best.”

I just sent another successful press release using eReleases. The editor asked if I would mind if he made a minor change to the headline.

“Of course. Why wouldn’t I want to make money?” I said.

The latest eReleases release we sent was picked up by several national services, most notably The Wall Street Journal. It would be irrational to argue with that kind of success.

Some PR services are cheaper. I’ve tried them all. eReleases is the best.

Mark Lemon

Mark Lemon


Huge Effect on Our Small Organization: eReleases Started It All

I want you and the great staff at eReleases know that your news breaking story on our non-profit, “Quantum AetherDynamics Institute Publishes Secrets of the Aether,” had a huge impact on our small organization:

– The well-written press release helped draw attention to our goal of promoting our Theory of Everything, and because of it we received recognition and speaker invitations.

– Since the press release, we have achieved many major milestones, including selling over 500 copies of our book.

– We were invited to present our flagship paper, A New Foundation for Physics, before distinguished scientists at the Physical Interpretations of Relativity Theory conference held in London, in September.

– Our presentation was also covered by the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

– The paper was published in the Infinite Energy Magazine.

– A favorable editorial appeared on United Press International.

– We have been visited by virtually every major government office and laboratory, as well as most of the eminent universities.

– We are in ongoing communication with dozens of physics PhD’s.

– We now have an Executive Board, a growing Advisory Board, and a dedicated team of volunteers.

I just wanted you to know that eReleases started it all. I recommend your services to anyone who needs editing and distribution of news for their organizations.

Quantum AetherDynamics Institute

Jim D. Bourassa

Executive Director, Quantum AetherDynamics Institute

More eReleases Reviews -
Success Stories From Our Clients

264 Pickups Already, and 2 Phone Interviews!

Great job by everyone on your end!

264 pickups already, and 2 phone interviews!

Tom Zgainer, America’s Best 401k, eReleases press release review.

Tom Zgainer

CEO, America’s Best 401k

Significant Increase in Stories Referencing Our Press Releases – “We’ll Never Go Back to… a Traditional Wire Service”

We have used eReleases for over two years now and have had a lot of success with them.

The last press release we issued through them about a month ago was picked up by several sources: Washington Post, The Financial Times, and the Economist, to name just a few.

It’s a great service at a very reasonable price, plus their customer service is excellent.

We’ve seen a significant increase in the number of stories referencing our press releases. We’ll never go back to just using a traditional wire service!

Heather Tinsley-Fix

Heather Tinsley-Fix

Press Relations, TeleGeography

That One Article Paid Our eReleases Fee Many Times Over – Sold Out in One Week

I just wanted you to know that eReleases really put our new FlexiSnake product on the map!

Here’s what has developed after one simple press release with no advertising dollars spent:
– 2 TV station contacts in major markets
– 3 newspaper mentions
– an online magazine review
– an MSN online video product review
– a contact from a national marketing company
– numerous foreign distributor contacts

One of the newspaper calls was a positive review by the Chicago Tribune, which resulted in online orders that ran us out of product within one week. That one article paid many times over our eReleases fee.

In addition to that, there was a viral “aftermath” where folks would see a mention somewhere via the many news sites that picked it up on PRNewswire.

Folks would buy and then pass along their favorable product experiences in blogs and gadget sites.

The product sells itself, but people didn’t know about it, and eReleases got that ball rolling for us.

Scott Turner

Scott Turner

FlexiSnake Distributing

Advertising Age Article

Did you see today’s coverage??? Honestly – I was shocked…

[A feature article in Advertising Age, the go-to trade publication for the advertising industry.]

Charles Cantu Advertising Age

I’m pretty pleased with the surprise.

Charles Cantu

Charles Cantu

CEO of Huddled Masses

Hundreds of Reservations, 100,000 Website Visitors, Press in Every Country Including Radio, TV and Print

Thought we should update you on the success of our press release submitted through eReleases.

Over the last week we have received more than 100,000 hits to our website, hundreds of reservations, 100-plus radio interviews worldwide, press in every country, and national and international TV broadcasts: ABC, CBS, NBC, Discover, Time (TIME magazine’s Best Inventions), Newsweek, the Economist, Technology Review, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, San Diego Union Tribune, and more.

A success indeed, and we will continue to use you for all our upcoming press releases.


Simon Brodie

President, Allerca

Best Results for the Best Price

I love eReleases. I have found that they have the best results of any service online for the best price. Mickie and his team go above and beyond with customer service and I love that I can see that my release is actually read by members of the media.

Thank you for your help in getting our news in front of more people!

Cara Posey, ExpertFile, comments on experience with eReleases press releases.

Cara Posey

Chief Marketing Officer, ExpertFile

International Results From Just Two Press Releases

First, I really appreciate that your firm sets very realistic expectations about the impact of press releases. There are many firms out there that promise the world only to disappoint. Having realistic expectations along with an understanding of how the process really works allowed me to look at my results with a glass half full vs. glass half empty attitude.

I want to give some feedback on my recent press releases that were distributed by eReleases. With the first one, I received several media inquiries via email, including one from Rome Reports TV News Agency out of Rome, Italy. Wow! I had the release appear in at least two print publications.

With my second, and most recent, press release (only 3 days ago), I have received several media inquiries via phone, have done a radio interview with a reporter from AP Radio, and had an article published on TMC Net. I don’t think I could ask for more than that.

I am very pleased with the exposure my company and product have received based on these press releases, both in the general media as well as my focused areas of religion and technology.

Keep up the great work.

John Kreiner

John Kreiner

Business and Information Technology Executive

Doubled Our Traffic

The press release for Crystal Heels this month was a huge hit! It doubled our traffic in the last couple of days and was picked up by many blogs and websites! A huge thanks to you, the writers and everyone at eReleases who helped make this happen!

I have included a few links I found that picked up the story:
– BroadwayWorld
– StyleBistro
– The Los Angeles Fashion
– Compromesso
– TodaEla (Brazilian)
– Cromoda (Croatia)

Thanks again and looking forward to many more successes like this one!

Crystal Heels

R. Fox

Crystal Heels

Sales Are Up Since We Went With eReleases

I was thrilled with the release. Its positioning was outstanding.

One measure of a solid company is their ability to manage bumps in the road. I talked to three people there as we worked through some glitches. It made me feel like I was dealing with real people.

When I spoke with my boss about it on Monday, I was so excited because I’d been begging them to try eReleases for over a year. Sales are up since we went with eReleases.

Geoffrey Ives

Geoffrey Ives


Tens of Thousands Wasted on Print and Google Ads – Then We Found eReleases…

We started advertising in two of the leading magazines in November and continued through March spending $5,000 per month. We were doing a 1/3 page ad in each magazine along with advertising on their respective web sites. After spending roughly $25,000, we did not get a single phone call—not a single web hit was registered by our web server coming from the magazine web sites.

We had tried Google Ads in two spans. Spending from a few hundred to several hundred dollars per month, we saw no tangible effects.

We turned to the idea of a press release. Mostly because we were running out of money and also because, the other forms were not working. No one had heard anything about us. A google search, even when the adwords were running, using keywords that should have hit our site, never produced our site anywhere on their top two pages of hits (aside from the ads of course).

We had just done our first press release a day or two before. I was walking across the parking lot to pick up lunch for a working lunch business meeting. A car drove past with the passenger in the car waving. The wave seemed a bit over energetic. While standing in the line to get lunch, I was approached by somehow who is somewhere between an acquaintance and a friend. This person works for the company that we deploy on. In fact, you could say that he writes the software that we compete against.

Again, his energy seemed above normal. He briskly walked up and thrust out his hand to shake and while shaking my hand he spilled “GREAT PRODUCT!” I was still not understanding. But it finally dawned on me that he was talking about our product. “We are passing it all around the office” he said. Then added “It has created quite a stir.” (The “it” was a copy of our first press release.)

But, that isn’t possible? How could someone buried in the bowls of a huge corporation know anything about us? I eventually determined that someone in his group saw the press release on an electronic magazine, printed it out, and passed it among the group.

Our e-store hit stats show us going from about 50 hits per day in April to well over 400 hits per day in June. We had no other advertising running at the time. All the other print ads and Google ads had run out.

Perry Smith

Perry Smith

Ease Software, Inc.

eReleases Is One of the Best Hidden Secrets on the Internet

EPM, Inc. used eReleases to write and distribute a press release.

Knowing that the seal and gasket industry isn’t exactly the most glamorous business, I was looking for a press release that would emphasize our company’s successful online operations.

When I received the press release to approve the copy they had written, I immediately replied with the following email: …”That is KILLER! That headline is great—it made me smile when I first read it because I knew where you were headed with the story line. Cool! Go ahead and distribute—I like it a lot. Just let me know when you have sent it out. I will let you know what the results are.”

And the results?

The very same day it was released, we appeared on several websites, including Yahoo! An editor from IBM Industry Watch called, which resulted in an article on their site.

This was an amazing experience. I consider eReleases one of the best secrets on the Internet. I must say that I am somewhat hesitant to share this secret with everyone—especially my competitors.

EPM, Inc. - The Seal Man

Jerry Whitlock, aka “The Seal Man”

EPM, Inc.

Best Money I’ve Ever Spent…

I would like to thank eReleases for their excellent, cost-effective service.

I was pleasantly surprised at our results.

Since sending out our press release, GiftLulu has gained the attention of Brides magazine and I was named “Female Entrepreneur of the Year” by Minorities In Business magazine and will be honored at a gala event at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles.

Without a doubt, this was the best money I have ever spent.


Karen Levy


I have been interviewed by … New York Times, Money Magazine, and more…

As a result of the press releases, I have been interviewed by several important publications, including the New York Times, Money Magazine, the Toronto Sun, and most recently, Costco Connection.

While it is difficult to correlate publicity to immediate sales, there is no doubt that it has helped me to gain a strong presence in a crowded field. I must confess that I tried a lower-cost provider once, but the results were so poor that I will never make that mistake again.

Arthur Bradley, Ph.D.

Arthur Bradley, Ph.D.

Author of The Handbook to Practical Disaster Preparedness for the Family