How to Send a Press Releasehow to send a press release - spam in email inbox

Don't Tarnish Your Good Name Spamming Editors - How to Reach Media the Right Way

There are people on the Internet that will sell you the email addresses of editors and publishers. Did the editors request to be put on these lists? Do they look forward to your press release?

The answer is no!

how to send a press release - spam in email inboxSending unsolicited email, even press releases, is spam. To most of us, spam is a nuisance. To professionals who rely on email for much of their work, spam is a nightmare. Be careful that you send a press release only to those with whom you have an existing relationship.

In the years I spent contacting and querying editors to accept press releases for, I heard many horror stories. Some editors were forced to change their email addresses because of press release-related spam. The sad part: most of these releases were untargeted. Press releases on gardening products were being sent to computer hardware magazine editors. It shouldn’t have to be this way. When you send a press release, make sure it is targeted to the correct journalists.

Some editors told me point blank: “if you don’t query me, I will never read your press release.” A few even told me they were compiling a blacklist of companies so these “spammers” would never receive press in their newspapers, magazines, and trade journals.

If you send press releases yourself, we recommend:

  • Identify editors & reporters who would be most interested in what you have to say.
  • Choose your media list carefully. If sending via e-mail, be sure the editors & reporters accept press releases via email. Queries should be over the phone or in writing (snail-mail).
  • Only send your release to one person per news outlet.
  • Brevity is not only allowed, it is encouraged and rewarded. It shows you respect the time of busy editors & reporters. If they require more information, they will ask.
  • Purchase an AP stylebook and learn how to properly abbreviate words and numbers, as well as the proper way to refer to most formal names and titles.
  • End your press release with either ### or -30- typed across the center of the page a couple lines below the end of your text.

Be patient. Sending a press release is like fishing.

Not every editor or reporter will bite.

Not every cast will produce a catch.

You may have to rewrite the release and try again, or wait until you have another event, announcement, or idea to submit.

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Of course, you could always have us send your press release — starting at just $299. Click for more information on press release submission


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