How to Write a Press Release for an Event (+Template and Examples)

One way companies can get additional public relations exposure is through promoting their events. And the best way to tell the press about that event is through writing and distributing a press release about that event.

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Event Press Releases – Keys to Success

There’s a difference between holding a successful and successful promotion of that event and you can have one without the other. Here are the keys to the portion of the event promotion that will come through issuing and distributing a press release for that event.

The Goal of a Press Release for an Event

Many people have a mistaken concept of what makes a press release successful. They think it was successful if the media printed their press release word-for-word. But that’s not really the goal of a press release. 

A press release is designed to get a journalist to write their own story about your event. The purpose of a press release for that event is to give the media the key information they need to:

  • Decide whether this event is newsworthy and applicable to their audience
  • Start writing their story. 

Ideally, the press release should trigger a call from the journalist to find out more about the subject of that press release so they can craft their own story.

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Find the Newsworthy Aspect of Your Event

The first, and most important, step in writing a press release is to find something that makes it newsworthy and interesting to journalists and their audiences.

For example, the party celebrating the groundbreaking for your new factory isn’t news. Nobody cares about a party. What is newsworthy, and interesting to both the media and their audience, is the number of new jobs that the new factory will bring to the community.

Likewise, the fact that your company is sponsoring next month’s First Friday In the Park concert probably is not newsworthy (after all, someone was going to sponsor it.) Possible newsworthy aspects of that event could be:

  • The donation of the proceeds from that concert going to building a home for one of your city’s homeless people.
  • The bringing back a musician to perform at it who has now hit it big, but hasn’t performed in your city since their early days playing gigs in the local bars, and their story.
  • Your funding of x tickets to allow at-risk youth to attend the concert for free.
  • The long-term commitment your company has to sponsor local civic events and the community at large.
  • Etc.

The more newsworthy your story, the more likely it is to be covered. Figuring out that hook and extending it throughout your story is what will contribute to the success of your press release.

Writing an Event Press Release

The next key is to write your press release in the traditional press release style and format. There’s a definite format you should follow and reporters expect a press release to contain certain types of information in certain orders. We don’t recommend deviating from that style.

To make this easy for you, I’m going to give you a free press release format you can use to craft your press release. And, I’m going to give you multiple different examples of successful event press releases, to use as models as you write your own press release.

Download Your Free Press Release Template 

The first step is to download a copy of our free press release template, which will make everything easier.Microsoft Word press release template Here’s a free press release template in Microsoft Word format. (No opt-in or email address required.)

And here’s a press release template in Google Docs format.

Formatting Your Event Press Release

The links above give you an excellent template you can use to write press releases on any subject.

Any press release should contain:

  • A release date – which is typically “For Immediate Release,” but it could also be a date/time in the future indicating the earliest time that this information can be made available to the public.
  • A headline designed to draw the attention of the journalist and communicate the newsworthy hook for your press release
  • Optionally, a second headline, emphasizing the newsworthiness of the press release
  • A dateline (when and where the story originated)
  • The body of the press release
  • Complete contact information for the person the media can contact to get more information for their story
  • Three hash marks (# # #) at the bottom that denote “THE END” in journalistic parlance.

Here is a complete, step-by-step manual for writing a successful press release, including:

Still unsure of your capacity to create an amazing press release? Let our professional editorial team write one for you.

Key Elements you may Want to Include in a Press Release for an Event

The information above focuses on the elements of a successful press release on any subject. Here are some key elements that you may want to consider using in a press release promoting an event:

  • Why this event is newsworthy
  • Date and time of the event
  • Why people will want to attend the event
    • What will happen at the event
    • Featured performers/guests at the event they won’t want to miss
    • Things they will learn or receive from the event
  • Quotes from event leadership, giving alternative news angles reporters may want to consider
  • How this event will impact the community, including charitable aspects of the event
  • How to get tickets, RSVP, or other details they need to know to attend the event
  • About the event (event boilerplate language)
  • History of the event
  • Sponsors of the event
  • About the company (company boilerplate language)
  • Press contact information

Distributing Your Press Release

Now that you’ve created an amazing press release for your event, how do you get it into the hands of the appropriate journalists, media outlets, and influencers to get the publicity you desire?

First, virtually every event has a local aspect and most attendees will likely be from the local area. You will definitely want to send your press release to the key media personalities in your local market.

But many stories also have a much wider reach. While it’s unlikely that people will travel thousands of miles to attend the grand opening of your new factory, the fact that you are building a new factory, and that you’re doing so because you’re growing, releasing new products, improving your competitive posture in the marketplace, etc. are all newsworthy stories. Many event stories should also be promoted to a wider audience than just your local media sources, including trade and other news organizations and influencers.

Which raises the question – how do you know who to send your event press release to? And how do you get their contact information?

You could easily spend days compiling the contact details of every journalist, blogger, influencer, and other media figure who covers your industry and products.

Roughly 60% of that list will be accurate. And next week, some of those contact details will change.

Then you must figure out how you are going to deliver your press release to each of them. (That’s also no small achievement; after all, we make our living doing just that!)

What if you were to save yourself all that time and effort and just let us do it for you? (Plus, you get lots lots more when you choose to distributes your press releases!) is the #1 distributor of press releases for small businesses. We invite you to consider using our service to distribute your press releases to those who are most likely to cover your story.

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Event Press Release Examples

Earlier, I promised to give you event press release examples you can use to get ideas and use as a model as you write your own.

Here are three examples:

Example #1: Anniversary Event


YachtFest San Diego Offers Glimpse of Glamour During Rough Economic Waters

10th Anniversary Event Celebrates a Decade of San Diego’s Yachting Success

SAN DIEGO, July 20, 20xx — Recognized as the West Coast’s premier boutique yacht show, YachtFest San Diego 20xx will open the international yacht show season at San Diego’s Shelter Island from September 17 to 20.

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, YachtFest San Diego, presented by San Diego Marine Exchange, offers what larger shows don’t – a close glimpse inside some of the world’s most luxurious floating vessels that range in size from 60 to over 155 feet.

“Our 10th annual event will entice yachting enthusiasts to sail toward America’s Finest City,” said Doug Sharp, of Sharp Design and YachtFest Board Chair. “YachtFest San Diego is the foremost place in the Western United States to buy, sell or charter premium yachts, not to mention one of the classiest venues to step aboard a glamorous first-class Superyacht.”

With San Diego recently dubbed the “new super-yacht capital” by CNN, new and improved megayacht facilities, and the wave of affluence in the city – YachtFest organizers anticipate greater interest in builder, charter, fractional and brokerage yachts.

More than $60 million worth of boats, yachts, super yachts, luxury cars and other accessories will be on display and for sale during the show at Shelter Island’s Island Palms Hotel and Marina at 2051 Shelter Island Drive. In addition to viewing yachts, attendees can check out the newest in yachting products and gain exclusive access to luxury goods.

YachtFest San Diego will be open Thursday through Saturday, September 17 through 19, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday, September 20, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Ticket prices vary, including:

* General Access tickets: $34. Allows guests to experience the life aboard a first-class yacht. Two Day General Admission tickets are available for $48.

* Preferred Access Badge: $64. Gives yachting enthusiasts priority when boarding allyachts, as well as a complimentary beverage.

* Two-Day Preferred Access Badge: The ultimate package for yachting connoisseurs.

Available for $78, this badge enables guests to soak in the lavish lifestyle of a yachtsman.

All general admission tickets are $5 off, and preferred access badges are $10 off if purchased before Sept. 1. Children 14 and under are free with a paying adult, and active or retired military will receive a 50 percent discount with I.D.

About YachtFest San Diego

YachtFest San Diego attracts visitors from around the world for an impressive showcase of mega-sized, luxurious yachts in addition to the latest equipment and other related luxury products for sale and on display.

YachtFest sponsors include San Diego Marine Exchange, Landmark Aviation, Sharp Design, Fraser Yachts Worldwide, Driscoll Boat Works, Wright & L’Estrange, The Marine Group, Bartell Hotels, Shelter Island Marina and Knight & Carver.

For more information on attendance, sponsorship or exhibitor opportunities, log on to or call Integrated Sports Marketing at 858-836-0133.


Sandy Young / Jean Walcher, JWalcher Communications

619-295-7140, [email protected] / [email protected]

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Example #2: Golf Event, Featuring Hole-In-One Contest


Rising Golf Star ‘Z’ Brings Spirit of Community Support to Youth and Sports Fans of Metropolitan D.C.

Zakiya Randall Community Golf Event Set for Sept. 15 in Prince George’s County, MD, Features Car Giveaway from Chrysler for Hole-in-One

ATLANTA, Aug. 21, 20xx — The Creating Leaders in Sports Foundation announces that Zakiya Randall, fondly known by fans as “Z,” will be playing in her native Prince George’s County, Maryland in her premier community-sponsored golf event on September 15, 20xx. Randall, 16, began golfing at the age of ten and in six short years has grown to dominate her golf demographic, winning more than 45 local and national Tournaments.

Randall, by sharing her talent and dedication to excellence with other young people just like her, hopes to encourage her peers to excel in both academics and sports through hard work, commitment and community support. “I invite all golfers and golf fans – especially teens and youth – to join me in Maryland on Sept. 15. You will see firsthand the excitement of youth involvement in golf,” said Randall.

Randall, poised to become a dominant player on the LPGA tour, has been featured in EBONY, GolfWeek, Sports Illustrated and African-American Golfers Digest. BlackAthlete Sports Network called her “Golf’s Next Phenom,” and this year she was a finalist – and youngest nominee – for Amateur of the Year by Atlanta Sports Awards.

Randall invites major corporations, foundations, business owners, professional athletes, celebrities, sports organizations, community groups and individuals to show their support for the community-sponsored golf event and to demonstrate the importance of providing continuous support to talented youth. “This continuous support will ensure that talented youths’ dreams turn into reality, and cost does not become a hindrance to achieving greatness. This is an opportunity not to be missed – bring your family and your friends and let ‘Z’ help you win,” commented Randall.

The Chrysler Corporation is a major sponsor of the event and will give away a new automobile to the lucky player who scores a hole-in-one. The event will feature additional prizes and great food. Admission is free for youth ages 10-13; $10 for youth ages 14-17; and $55 for adults.

For more information, please contact 1-866-920-1537. To participate in the event, register at To make a donation, go to

About Zakiya Randall

Zakiya Randall, a resident of Atlanta, is a natural athlete who began playing golf after winning several junior tennis championships. In 20xx, she was overall champion of the Georgia PGA Junior Tour, and in 20xx, she earned lowest score in the U.S. Women’s Open Local Qualifier in Roswell, Georgia. She was division winner and overall junior girls champion at the 51st Mid-West 20xx National Championship. Randall joined the PGA’s Hole-in-One club after dropping in a shot from 180 yards out on a par-3 hole. Learn more about Randall at

# # #

Example #3: Webinar Announcement


Free Webinar to Explore Recession Marketing, from Pre-click to Postclick

How to beat your competition using smart marketing is the topic of a webinar on September 16 that features bestselling author Bryan Eisenberg, paid search guru Craig Danuloff, and post-click marketing expert David Brussin

PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 10, 20xx — Tough economic times are no reason to rein in marketing, according to a panel of industry experts participating in a complimentary online marketing webinar being presented on September 16, at Noon Eastern, 9AM Pacific, by Philadelphia-based Monetate, Inc.

According to one of those experts, bestselling author Bryan Eisenberg, Chief Persuasion Officer and Co-Founder of FutureNow, there’s never been a better time to steal market share from your competitors.

“While many companies become anxious and go into a bunker mentality in a recession,” says Eisenberg, “great companies invest in the customer experience and the optimization of their marketing, thus grabbing market share.”

The webinar, which is titled “Recession Marketing: From Pre-click to Post-click,” brings together Eisenberg, a leading advocate of persona marketing, and two specialists in the pre-click and post-click phases of online marketing, respectively Craig Danuloff and David Brussin.

Craig Danuloff is President and Founder of ClickEquations, Inc. A frequent speaker at industry conferences such as SMX, Danuloff regularly shares his paid search expertise in the ClickEquations Blog ( During the webinar, Danuloff will be describing SEM techniques for targeting profitable customers via search campaign design and deep analytics.

David Brussin is CEO and Co-Founder of Monetate, Inc. An accomplished public speaker, Brussin has shared lessons learned from thousands of web site personalization campaigns in appearances at events such as the Online Marketing Workshop. In this webinar, Brussin will be discussing the art and science of deriving and acting upon persona information in the post-click experience. He will also provide attendees with practical tips on using existing analytics data to assess the potential benefits of segmented marketing for e-commerce sites.

# # #


More Event Press Release Examples

Announcement of upcoming investor event

Holiday shopping event announcement

Charitable event announcement

Announcement of participation in multiple outside events 

Friends and family shopping event

Tasting event announcement

Upcoming events plan announcement

Focus on the Newsworthiness of Your Story

My final piece of advice is to focus your press release on the most newsworthy aspect of your event. 

Nobody cares that you’re having an event. What they care about is how it affects them.

This may require some creativity, and possibly even some redesign of your event to ensure there is something that makes it worth reporting on by the media.

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Want more example press releases? I’m happy to help…

Press Release Examples Across Several Industries

And, just because I know you’ll appreciate them, here are another 15+ great press release examples for situations you may encounter.

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Additional Press Release Examples

Finally, here are some tips and training to help you write an amazing press release:

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