Social Cause Press Release Examples [+ Templates]

Social Cause Press Releases

Giving to social causes, whether it’s via cash, service, donations of goods or services, or employee time is a good thing to do. It can also be a great way to get some positive publicity and positioning for your company through releasing a press release.

In this article we’ll provide:

Social Cause Press Release Examples

If you’re working on a press release to announce a social cause your company is supporting, it can be very helpful to see examples of press releases that others have released. The ideas you can get from looking at samples can help you figure out how to position your announcement and what to say. So, here are 12 recently released press releases announcing social cause work by companies:

Example #1: Company donates 20% of sales

Example #2: Company celebrates $2 million donation milestone

Example #3: Company announces round-up option to make it easy for customers to donate

Example #4: Non-profit calls on donors to provide support

Example #5: Company announces profit-sharing and corporate donation

Example #6: Company celebrates $31 million in employee contributions to United Way and other charitable organizations

Example #7: Employees donate more than 25,000 pounds of food to the needy

Example #8: Company launches foundation to foster employee giving habits

Example #9: Company and its employees donate 4200 toys to Marine Toys for Tots

Example #10: Company to hold month of giving to celebrate employee volunteerism

Example #11: Company reports record community investments

Example #12: Company’s employee matching gift program supports charitable causes nationwide

Tips for Writing a Better Social Cause Press Release

When you write a press release about your company’s support for a social cause, it’s important to communicate the company’s commitment effectively while engaging and inspiring the readers. Here are some tips to achieve this:

  1. Be Authentic and Transparent: Clearly state your company’s involvement with the social cause. Avoid over-exaggeration and focus on genuine efforts and contributions.
  2. Connect the Cause to Your Company’s Values: Explain why this particular social cause aligns with your company’s values and mission. This helps to establish a sincere connection between your brand and the cause.
  3. Detail the Scope of Support: Whether it’s a financial contribution, volunteer efforts, or a long-term partnership, provide specifics about what your support entails. This gives the press release substance and credibility.
  4. Include Impactful Statistics and Facts: Use data to demonstrate the significance of the social issue and how your company’s involvement is making a difference.
  5. Highlight Collaborations: If you’re working with nonprofits or other organizations, mention these partnerships. This not only gives credit to others involved but also shows a united front in tackling the issue.
  6. Use Quotes from Leadership: Include statements from your company’s leadership or key figures in the organization. This personalizes the message and shows top-level commitment.
  7. Tell a Story: Narratives are powerful. If possible, tell a story about individuals or communities impacted by the social cause and how your company’s support is making a tangible difference.
  8. Provide Clear and High-Quality Images: Visuals can be impactful. Include photos that represent the cause, your company’s involvement, or the beneficiaries of the social cause.
  9. Include a Call to Action: Encourage readers to get involved or learn more about the social cause. Provide links to additional resources or information.
  10. Make It Shareable for Social Media: Create a version of the press release or additional content (like infographics or videos) that is easily shareable on social media platforms.
  11. Be Mindful of Timing: Release the press release at a strategic time. Consider aligning it with relevant national or international days, events, or awareness months.
  12. Follow Press Release Formatting Guidelines: Adhere to the standard format of a press release to ensure it’s easily recognizable and professional, like the formatting guidelines shown here.
  13. Prepare for Media Inquiries: Be ready to provide additional information or interviews upon request from journalists or media outlets.
  14. Distribute Widely but Strategically: Use a press release distribution service like the one provided by to send your press release to media outlets, journalists, and platforms that are most likely to be interested in the social cause and your company’s involvement.
  15. Monitor and Engage After Release: After the press release is published, monitor its reach and engage with the audience through various channels, including social media and your company’s website.

Remember, the key is to balance the promotion of your company’s efforts with the seriousness and significance of the social cause. The focus should be on how your company is contributing to a greater good, rather than solely on corporate gain.

Social Cause Press Release Template Example

Work is always easier when you have a template into which you can insert your information. Since we’re all about making things easier for you, here are three press release templates to announce your company’s support of social causes:

Template 1: Financial Contribution to a Social Cause

Headline: [Company Name] Pledges $[Amount] to Support [Social Cause]

Subheadline: The donation aims to enhance [specific aspect of the social cause] and drive impactful change.

Date and Location: [City, Date]

[Company Name], a leader in [industry], today announced a significant contribution of $[amount] to [Social Cause or Organization Name]. This contribution underscores the company’s commitment to [briefly describe the social cause and its relevance].

[Quote from the CEO or relevant executive, explaining the reason for the donation and its expected impact].

[Details about the social cause or organization, including its mission, recent achievements, and how the funds will be used].

About [Company Name]: [Brief description of the company, its mission, and values].

Contact Information: [Name], [Title], [Phone Number], [Email]

Template 2: Volunteer Initiative for a Social Cause

Headline: [Company Name] Employees Volunteer [Number] Hours to Support [Social Cause]

Subheadline: The initiative demonstrates [Company Name]’s commitment to community engagement and social responsibility.

Date and Location: [City, Date]

In a remarkable display of community support, [Company Name] employees dedicated over [number] hours to [Social Cause], as part of the company’s ongoing commitment to [briefly describe the nature of the social cause].

[Quote from the CEO or relevant executive, emphasizing the importance of employee involvement in community service and the impact of their efforts].

[Details about the volunteer initiative, including specific activities, the number of participants, and any notable outcomes or stories].

About [Company Name]: [Brief description of the company, including its core values and CSR initiatives].

Contact Information: [Name], [Title], [Phone Number], [Email]

Template 3: Long-Term Partnership with a Social Cause Organization

Headline: [Company Name] Announces Long-Term Partnership with [Social Cause Organization]

Subheadline: The partnership will focus on [specific goals or initiatives related to the social cause].

Date and Location: [City, Date]

[Company Name], a [industry description] company, today announced a long-term partnership with [Social Cause Organization], aimed at [briefly describe the goals or initiatives of the partnership].

[Quote from the CEO or relevant executive, describing the synergy between the company and the organization and the expected impact of the partnership].

[Details about the Social Cause Organization, including its mission, achievements, and how the partnership with [Company Name] will further its goals].

About [Company Name]: [Description of the company, its history, mission, and values].

Contact Information: [Name], [Title], [Phone Number], [Email]

These templates can be adapted and expanded based on the specific details and context of the company’s contribution or support for the social cause. Remember to include compelling and factual content that resonates with your target audience and reflects your company’s genuine commitment to the cause.

Crafting Your Social Cause Press Release

The examples of social cause press release examples and templates offered here are designed to help you announce your company’s contributions and support for various social causes. From financial contributions and volunteer initiatives to long-term partnerships, these templates serve as valuable blueprints. Each example underscores the importance of clear communication, authenticity, and alignment with company values in highlighting their social responsibility efforts. Whether it’s supporting environmental conservation, promoting diversity and inclusion, or aiding in disaster relief, these press release examples offer a strategic approach for companies to effectively communicate their commitment to making a positive impact in society. This guide not only aids in crafting compelling press releases but also in inspiring meaningful action and awareness for important social causes.

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