How to Send a PR Newswire Press Release

where to send a press release

If you are a small business and want to send a PR Newswire press release, is your best solution.

As the only full-exposure, nationwide partner of PR Newswire, is the only site, other than working directly with PR Newswire, that can distribute your small business’s press release to the entire PR Newswire database.

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What is PR Newswire?

PR Newswire is the oldest authentic press release newswire in the United States. PR Newswire distributes press releases to over 4,000 websites, nearly 3,000 media outlets, and more than 550 news content systems.

If you’re trying to maximize your exposure by reaching all types of media, distributing your press releases through PR Newswire is an absolute must.

sending a press releaseHow eReleases and PR Newswire Work Together

PR Newswire specializes in helping large companies get pickup and publicity for their press releases. PR Newswire’s systems and pricing are set up accordingly, including annual membership fees, and fees that vary according to the types of media targeted for distribution.

A number of years ago, eReleases, seeing the huge advantages for small businesses to have their press releases distributed through the PR Newswire system, formed a partnership with PR Newswire. 

PR Newswire chose to partner with eReleases because they recognized eReleases’s ability to help small businesses craft a newsworthy story at an affordable price would give their journalists access to those small businesses’ news they would have difficulty accessing in other ways.

As part of that partnership, eReleases focuses on small businesses, helping them manage their press release creation and inputs into the PR Newswire system.

As a result, small businesses can get the unmatched advantages of PR Newswire’s press release distribution system that they simply could not access otherwise.

For more information, see the press release announcing the eReleases / PR Newswire partnership here.

distributing press releaseseReleases’ Exclusive PR Newswire Offer

eReleases is the only full-exposure, nationwide partner of PR Newswire. That means that all the press releases sent out through eReleases are distributed throughout the entire PR Newswire network.

Other sites may claim they offer PR Newswire coverage, but the releases they send are either 

  • Sent only to online news sites (that are virtually useless in getting pickup by the media) 
  • Only sent to a small geographic area of the nation, usually not the markets you are targeting. 

Don’t waste your time and money with other so-called press release distribution companies – they’re not giving you the distribution to the right places for your press release to succeed. is the only way small businesses can get access to PR Newswire’s complete, nationwide distribution network.

Sending a Press Release to PR Newswire Through – How it Works

Sending a press release through the PR Newswire press release newswire service is a simple two-step process.

      1. Talk with one of our professional editors (not salespeople – we promise there’s no pressure involved!)
      2. Start building your press release through our easy online process

      That’s all you have to do! From there, we will handle the rest, including:

      1. Checking it for newsworthiness and editorial fit, suggesting editorial changes where needed
      2. Formatting it to fit PR Newswire’s electronic system
      3. Sending it to PR Newswire for distribution over their newswire
      4. Sending you proof of distribution 2 hours after your press release is published, including links so you can see your press release on sites like MarketWatch, PR Newswire, Yahoo!, and many, many more.

      Besides Cision PR Newswire Distribution, You Get Much More

      At, we work hard to live up to our reputation as the best press release distribution company for small businesses.

      So, besides sending your press release out on the PR Newswire distribution feed, every press release is also sent to:

      The journalists and social media influencers most likely to pick up your story from our in-house database containing personal access info for over 1.7 million journalists and social media influencers.

      Over the last 2 decades of being in this business, eReleases has built relationships of trust with a huge number of journalists, reporters, editors, bloggers, and influencers. They know that we will only send them releases that are appropriate for them and their audience, so opening our emails won’t be a waste of time.

      Most of our competitors who claim to have large internal databases have no relationships with anyone and most of them are just mass emailing (spamming) the generic email address for each media source ([email protected],) knowing that most of those emails will go directly to spam folders then automatically deleted so will never be seen by a human being. 

      Is that how you want your precious announcement to be “distributed to the media?”

      Our Cision Influencer List – hand-selected journalists in a wide range of industry niches

      Once again, our 2 decades of networking and trust-building gives us a 94% delivery rate to the journalists most likely to run with your story. That’s what personal relationship building gets you.

      Can the cut-rate press release distribution services offer that kind of pickup? Nope.

      When it Comes to Press Release Distribution for Small Businesses, There’s Really No Better Option

      At we realize that every dollar you spend in promotion needs to work hard to get you the attention you desire.

      That’s why we work hard too – to give you the very best, widest, and most targeted distribution for your press releases.

      No false promises, no tricks. Just great distribution, great service, and great results. 

      Don’t you wish all of your suppliers would act that way?

      Get real ROI on your press release, plus save 30% on your first order.