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Pet Press Release Examples

Example #1: New Pet Product Announcement:


The Latest Trend in Dog Care: Aromatherapy for Dogs

CHARLOTTE, N.C.June 14 /PRNewswire/ — Aromatherapy for Dogs is the latest trend in treating dogs with anxiety, nervous dispositions, fireworks or storms. One company, Hush Puppy Dog Calming Formula, has answered the call and makes all natural products available to ease canine nerves.

“Dogs are smart. They learn ‘something is about to happen’ when calming jackets and calming shirts are on the dog ahead of a storm or event, they learn something is about to happen and they get anxious anyway,” says Pamela Roberts, owner and creator of Hush Puppy Dog Calming Formulas. “Aromatherapy impacts the brain directly, without external influence. We chose pure therapeutic grade essential oils to use in our products and have diluted them to therapeutic levels for safe, effective use in calming dogs fast.”

Easy to use products like Hush Puppy Calming Oil and Hush Puppy Bedding and Blanket Spray quickly prove how effective aromatherapy is in helping your dogs to calm down. All products are safe for dogs and humans. One of the best side effects is being able to calm down along with your dog so everyone can relax.

Clients say, “Hush Puppy Dog Calming Formulas are fantastic products because they are easy to use and they really work!” Spray or massage or even a light petting is all you need to apply Hush Puppy Dog Calming Formulas; no injections, pills, pheromones, chews, drops or medications. Aromatherapy works all on its own.

All formulas are easy to use and are safe for animals and humans. People are concerned about the food their pets eat as well as the ingredients used on their pets. Hush Puppy Dog Calming Formulas are all natural, thereby easing owners’ minds by providing the best natural pet care.

The creator of Hush Puppy Dog Calming Formula states, “You want to reassure your pet that everything is alright; they often don’t understand your words. Hush Puppy Dog Calming Formula calms them giving you and your dog peace of mind; even on trips to the vet.”

This season of storms and summer fireworks has seen an uptick in sales of Hush Puppy Dog Calming Formulaproducts. People are embracing how effective aromatherapy is when used on their dogs.

Hush Puppy Dog Calming Formula works fast for dogs with:

  • Nervous Dispositions
  • Anxiety Issues
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Travel
  • New Environments
  • Fireworks
  • Thunderstorms

Wholesale inquires welcome.

Media Relations Contact

Name: Pamela Roberts

Company Name: Hush Puppy Dog Calming Formula

Phone Number: (706) 781-9375

E-mail: [email protected]

SOURCE: Hush Puppy Dog Calming Formula

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12 More Pet Press Release Examples:

New product announcement

Brand now available in PetSmart stores

Pet insurance announcement

Acquisition announcement

Pet industry study release

Product recommendations for a healthy pet

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The Pet Marketer’s Guide to Writing and Distributing Press Releases

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What to Write a Press Release About – Pet Manufacturers and Marketers

Need ideas for topics a manufacturer or marketer of pet-oriented products and services could write a press release about? Here are 31 ideas to get you started:

  1. New Pet Food Launch: Announce the introduction of a new pet food that provides balanced nutrition for pets. Highlight its unique features, ingredients and the research behind it.
  2. Pet Care Tips for Seasonal Changes: Share a comprehensive guide on how to protect pets during seasonal changes, curated by expert vets and pet care professionals.
  3. Expansion into New Markets: Announce plans to expand business operations into new markets, detailing the strategy, timeline, and objectives for the new regions.
  4. Pet Wellness Seminar: Publicize an upcoming seminar where pet owners can learn about holistic pet wellness from industry experts.
  5. Merger or Acquisition: Release information about a recent merger or acquisition, highlighting the benefits and future prospects of this new alliance.
  6. Innovative Pet Grooming Products: Unveil a line of pet grooming products with innovative features and explain how they help pet owners maintain their pet’s hygiene.
  7. Sustainability Initiatives: Share your commitment to sustainability, detailing the steps taken to reduce the environmental footprint of your products or operations.
  8. Charitable Partnership Announcement: Announce a partnership with a charity organization and how this collaboration will help pets in need.
  9. Collaboration with Celebrity: Share news about a collaboration with a celebrity pet lover, detailing the scope of the partnership and its objectives.
  10. New Pet Healthcare Service: Announce a partnership with or a new service aimed at improving pet healthcare, detailing the unique features of the service and how it benefits pet owners.
  11. Improvements in Product Formulation: Highlight improvements made to product formulations that enhance the nutritional benefits for pets.
  12. Special Promotion or Sale: Announce a limited-time promotion or sale, detailing the benefits and deals customers can expect.
  13. Mobile App Launch: Announce the launch of a mobile app that enhances the shopping experience for pet owners or offers unique pet care features.
  14. Pet Training Program: Share information about a new pet training program that helps pet owners in handling and training their pets effectively.
  15. Research Findings on Pet Nutrition: Publish research findings that provide valuable insights into pet nutrition and health.
  16. New Store Openings: Announce the opening of new stores, detailing the services, products, and features they offer to local pet owners.
  17. Product Recall: Release information about a product recall, providing reasons for the recall and steps taken to ensure the safety of pets.
  18. Pet Insurance Partnership: Announce a new partnership with a pet insurance provider that offers added benefits to your customers.
  19. Customer Reward Program: Share details about a new customer reward or loyalty program, highlighting how it offers value to pet owners.
  20. New Board Appointment: Announce a significant new appointment to your company’s board, detailing their experience and potential contributions to the company.
  21. Veterinary Advice Column: Launch a regular advice column from a professional vet, providing tips and advice to pet owners.
  22. Pet Adoption Events: Publicize upcoming pet adoption events, highlighting partnerships with local shelters and the benefits of pet adoption.
  23. Earnings Report: Publish the company’s earnings report, focusing on financial performance, growth, and future projections.
  24. Pet Influencer Collaboration: Announce a collaboration with a popular pet influencer, detailing how they will represent your brand and products.
  25. Product Packaging Redesign: Unveil a new product packaging design, detailing the creative process and how it reflects the company’s brand values.
  26. Pet Safety Products: Launch a range of pet safety products, highlighting their features and explaining how they contribute to pet safety.
  27. Initiative to Support Homeless Pets: Announce an initiative to support homeless pets, detailing the actions and goals of the initiative.

  1. Pet-Themed Merchandise Launch: Unveil a range of pet-themed merchandise, highlighting the unique designs and how they celebrate the bond between pets and owners.
  2. Partnership with Pet Resorts: Announce a partnership with pet resorts that allows customers to access special deals and benefits.
  3. Pet Tech Products: Launch a range of tech products for pets, detailing their features and benefits for pets and pet owners.
  4. Pet Behavior Research: Publish research findings about pet behavior, providing insights that can help pet owners better understand and care for their pets.

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