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What is a Partnership Press Release?

A partnership press release is a formal communication issued to the media in the form of a press release by one or more companies to announce a new partnership or collaboration between them. This type of press release is used to inform the public, media, and other stakeholders about the details of the partnership, its objectives, the benefits it is expected to bring, and any other relevant information.

Why Create a Partnership Press Release?

Up to 94% of tech executives view innovation partnerships as an essential strategy. As a result, there has been an increase in the number of partnerships and collaborations.

When entering a partnership, it’s important to announce your alliances and maximize visibility. One powerful tool for achieving this is a partnership press release. A well-crafted press release can attract the interest of stakeholders and clients.

Below is a comprehensive guide on how to write a partnership press release.

The Purpose and Goals of a Partnership Press Release

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Knowing the goals of your partnership press release is essential to its success. Clarifying your objectives can help you tailor your press release accordingly. It also ensures your message is clear and impactful.

The first step is to consider whether you want to prioritize showcasing a strategic alliance or highlight joint efforts. If you’re looking to showcase a strategic alliance, highlight the benefits of each. Also, include quotes from executives that speak to the value of the collaboration.

To highlight joint efforts, focus on the specific projects you’re working on together. You can also include testimonials from clients who’ve benefited from the partnership.

You may need a press release to attract potential investors or secure funding. If this is the case, ensure it highlights the growth potential of your partnership. This will make your partnership more attractive to potential investors.

Additionally, consider whether you want to increase brand visibility through the partnership announcement. If you are, your press release should focus on the benefits that the partnership offers. This will help position your brand as a key player in the industry.

Partnership Press Release Examples
Want examples to see how other people have created their partnership press releases? Great, here are 12:

  1. Distribution partnership announcement
  2. Investment partnership – including minority investment
  3. Company named official partner of National Football League
  4. Official reseller partnership and future innovations
  5. Global strategic partnership
  6. Partnership puts brand’s bikes on football sidelines
  7. Long-term partnership extension announcement
  8. Joint research project partnership
  9. Partnership to reimagine customer experience
  10. Termination of partnership announcement
  11. Merger announcement
  12. Strategic retail partnership

Elements of an Effective Partnership Press Release
Here’s a breakdown of what a partnership press release typically includes:

A catchy and concise headline that clearly states that a partnership has been formed.

Subhead (Optional)
A subhead can provide a bit more detail about the partnership.

The date and location from where the press release is issued.

The first paragraph typically answers the “who, what, when, where, and why” of the partnership. It introduces the companies involved and provides a brief overview of the partnership.

The body of the press release provides more detailed information about the partnership, including its goals, the terms of the agreement, how each party will contribute, and the anticipated benefits of the collaboration. It may also include quotes from key executives or representatives from the companies involved.

Brief information about each company involved in the partnership. This could include a description of the company, its mission, and its contact information.

Contact Information
The name, phone number, email address, and other contact information for the person or people who can provide additional information about the partnership.

A standard press release closing, such as “###” or “–END–”, to signify the end of the press release.

Craft an Attention-Grabbing Headline

The headline is the first impression your press release makes. This serves as a concise summary of the announcement. This is why it needs to be attention-grabbing.

To create a striking headline, consider incorporating elements that create curiosity. Ensure you also convey the significance of the partnership. Start by highlighting the key players involved such as:

  • Industry leaders
  • Well-known organizations
  • Recognized brands

This immediately captures attention and generates interest. Also, use words or phrases that spark curiosity.

To further enhance the headline, mention the specific benefits of the partnership agreement. Whether it’s groundbreaking advancements or transformative action, include details that generate intrigue.

When writing the headline, strive for conciseness. Keep it as brief as possible while conveying the essential information. A concise headline is easier to digest and more likely to catch readers’ attention.

Write a Compelling Introduction

When writing the introduction for your joint press release, provide a compelling overview. It will help capture your reader’s interest. This opening paragraph should answer the key questions:

  • Who: Identify the industries involved in the announcement
  • What: Outline the main purpose of the press release
  • When: Specify the timeframe or date associated with the announcement
  • Where: Highlight the location and context of the announcement
  • Why: Address the rationale or purpose behind the announcement

Start by introducing the partnering companies and their importance in their respective industries. To add credibility and a human touch, consider including a quote from a key executive.

Ensure you state the nature of the collaboration. Ensure you highlight key objectives and areas of focus. These can be areas related to research, development, product innovation, or market expansion.

To show the value of the partnership, elaborate on how it’ll impact the industry. It may be through improved customer experience or access to new markets.

Highlight the Partnership’s Value Proposition

Once you write a press release intro, it’s time to highlight the value proposition. Talk about your shared goals and objectives and the benefits of the collaboration.

Describe how the partnership combines the strengths and expertise of each company. Explain how the collaboration will result in improved products catering to the market. Emphasize the unique advantages and competitive edge that the partnership brings.

You can also discuss the shared goals that partnering companies aim to achieve. Whether it’s market expansion or client satisfaction, clearly communicate the partnership’s vision.

Don’t forget to provide concrete examples of how it’ll benefit various stakeholders. This can include customers, employees, investors, and more. Highlight the specific outcomes they can expect from the partnership.

Include Supporting Details and Statistics

When writing a partnership press release, include supporting details and statistics. It helps to lend credibility and reinforce the significance of the partnership. Some examples of supporting details and statistics include:

  • Market Share Data:
    This shows the scale of the partnership and its potential impact on the market
  • Customer Base Information: 
    Indicates how many customers the two companies serve together
  • Projected Revenue Growth:
    Showcases how much revenue the partnership is expected to generate
  • Other Relevant Data:
    This includes data on market trends, product development, and more

As you write your partnership press release, keep the data relevant and concise. Your readers should be able to understand the importance of the data without research. Avoid using jargon or technical terms that your audience may not understand.

If you are using data from another source, be sure to cite it. It allows readers to verify the information. Additionally, make sure that all of the data is accurate.

Incorporate Quotes and Testimonials

Include quotes and testimonials in your joint press release. It helps to add a personal touch and bring authenticity to your announcement.

Quotes provide a platform to showcase enthusiasm and shared vision. Consider including statements from key executives. These quotes should highlight the strategic significance of the partnership.

Quotes can also add credibility and humanize the announcement. This helps give readers insight into the passion and commitment driving the collaboration.

On the other hand, testimonials offer validation from satisfied clients or industry experts. These people can vouch for the value and potential of the partnership. Testimonials from clients will help build trust.

Additionally, testimonials from industry experts can provide external validation. They can also help create buzz around your partnership.

When selecting testimonials, ensure they align with the objectives of the press release. Choose statements that resonate with the key themes and goals of the collaboration. It helps enhance the overall narrative.

Provide Contact Information

At the end of the press release, include contact information. This allows interested parties to reach out for media inquiries or further information.

Providing clear and accessible contact details demonstrates professionalism. This ensures that those seeking more information can easily get in touch.

Include the details of the designated contact person who can address partnership queries. The person should be responsive and knowledgeable about the partnership.

Including both email and phone contact information offers flexibility for those reaching out. It allows them to choose their preferred method of communication.

Follow Proper Press Release Formatting

Proper press release formatting is essential to ensure readability and professionalism. To adhere to these press release features and guidelines, follow these formatting tips:

  • Use clear and concise headlines
  • Begin with a dateline (e.g., City, State/Country Date)
  • Write in a news-style format, using the third person
  • Keep paragraphs short and focused
  • Include relevant subheadings to break up the text
  • End the press release with a concise boilerplate about each partnering company

The benefits of using this formatting are numerous. They include:


By adhering to the standard format, your press release will appear credible online. This increases the likelihood of your release being taken seriously.


Proper formatting ensures that your press release is easy to read and understand. This enables journalists to quickly grasp the main points of your announcement.


Journalists often receive numerous press releases. So, following proper formatting makes their job easier. They can scan the release to determine its relevance and newsworthiness. It also comes in handy when extracting key information for their reporting.

Increased Visibility

With proper formatting, your release will most likely be picked up and published by media outlets. Journalists appreciate well-presented releases. It improves the chances of your news gaining wider exposure.

Optimize for SEO

To enhance the visibility of your press release, optimize it for search engines. First, incorporate relevant keywords, such as “partnership press release.” This will help increase the chances of your press release on relevant search results.

However, don’t overstuff keywords. Instead, focus on using keywords naturally within the content.

Another SEO optimization technique is to include hyperlinks. These links can direct readers to additional information, such as product pages. Including these hyperlinks not only improves SEO but also enhances the user experience.

Remember to optimize other elements of your press release. These elements include headlines and meta tags. It can help your press release rank higher on search engines.

Craft Your Compelling Partnership Press Release Today

Writing a partnership press release involves storytelling and strategic messaging. With these steps, you can create a release that effectively communicates your partnership. It will also generate interest and boost your brand’s visibility.

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