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Fashion Accessories by Parvane Provides Ethical Alternatives for Eco-conscious Leather Consumers, Offers Discounts Through May

Reclaimed, vegetable-tanned leather allows patrons to enjoy fine Italian products without harming animals or the environment

VANCOUVER, British ColumbiaApril 22 /PRNewswire/ — Consumers who love leather handbags but don’t want to support the conventional leather production industry now have an ethical alternative: Fashion Accessories by Parvane. With eco-friendly vegetable-tanned leather handbags imported from Italy and made from hides reclaimed from the meat industry, Parvane is one of the few leather accessories retailers making sure customers can enjoy beautiful leather products without harming animals or the environment. And until the end of May, Parvane is offering its Italian leather handbags, computer bags, messenger bags and wallets for up to 70% off.

The leather in the I Medici bags from Parvane is vegetable-tanned, making it biodegradable and free of toxic chemicals, including the chromium salts typically used to tan leather. Thus the bags are ideal for people who suffer from chrome allergies.

“The vast majority of the world’s leather is chrome tanned,” explains Parvane founder Parvaneh Zamani. “Chrome tanning is environmentally destructive and produces leather that is not biodegradable and cannot be worn by those with chrome allergies. Vegetable tanning is safe, natural and non-toxic, and it produces a lovely, warm leather with a rich look and feel.”

Zamani founded Parvane nine years ago with the goal of offering traditional Italian leather bags to a global audience. She chose to carry I Medici bags on because she knew she wasn’t the only one who wanted beautiful leather accessories that were environmentally friendly.

“One of the things that really sets our bags apart from many other leather bags available today is the leather sourcing,” said Zamani. “I Medici bags are made from rawhides discarded by the meat industry and reclaimed by the tanneries. No animals are killed for their skin.”

In addition to the sale that will run through May, which discounts I Medici handbags to as low as $49.00, Parvane offers free shipping to the U.S. and Canada year-round. All authentic I Medici leather handbags come with original factory tags displaying the Genuine Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather Consortium trademark and serial number.

About Fashion Accessories by Parvane

Founded in 2006 by Parvaneh Zamani, Fashion Accessories by Parvane is a leading Canadian retailer of leather handbags, purses, computer bags, messenger bags and wallets imported directly from Italy and Europe. In addition to its leather goods, Parvane also offers wool and silk scarves from Nepal. Learn more and view the entire Parvane collection at

Parvaneh Zamani
Fashion Accessories by Parvane

SOURCE: Fashion Accessories by Parvane

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The Fashion, Clothing, and Accessories Marketer’s Guide to Writing and Distributing Press Releases

Resources to help you write an amazing press release and distribute it to the right people to get publicity for your company, cause, or announcement.

What to Write a Press Release About – Fashion, Clothing, and Accessories Manufacturers and Designers

Need ideas for topics a manufacturer or designer of fashion, clothing, or accessories could write a press release about? Here are 30 ideas to get you started:

  1. Unveiling of the Fall Collection – Announce the release of the brand’s new fall collection, detailing the inspiration and key pieces.
  2. Collaboration with a Renowned Artist – Highlight a partnership with a renowned artist to create a unique fusion of art and fashion in a new collection.
  3. Eco-friendly Accessories Line Launch – Share the brand’s commitment to sustainability with the introduction of a new eco-friendly accessories line.
  4. Ethical Sourcing Practices – Discuss the brand’s implementation of ethical sourcing practices in its production process to promote fair trade.
  5. Introduction of Bespoke Services – Announce the launch of custom design services, allowing customers to have input in their garment or accessory design.
  6. New Fabric Technology – Highlight the use of innovative fabric technology that enhances the comfort, durability, or functionality of the clothing.
  7. Capsule Collection with a Celebrity – Announce a collaboration with a famous personality to release a capsule collection reflective of their personal style.
  8. Awards or Recognition Received – Detail the brand’s recent achievement of a prestigious award or recognition in the fashion industry.
  9. Acquisition of a New Brand – Discuss the company’s acquisition of another brand and how this contributes to the company’s growth and market position.
  10. New Sustainable Packaging – Announce the implementation of eco-friendly packaging solutions as part of the brand’s sustainability initiative.
  11. Fashion and Technology Fusion – Share about the brand’s latest collection featuring wearable technology, merging the fashion and tech industries.
  12. Partnership with a Luxury Hotel or Airline – Detail a unique partnership with a luxury hotel or airline for the creation of exclusive uniforms or travel accessories.
  13. Brand’s Involvement in a Fashion Exhibition – Highlight the brand’s participation in an influential fashion exhibition and what visitors can expect.
  14. Trademark or Patent Acquisition – Announce the acquisition of a new patent or trademark, enhancing the brand’s portfolio and market exclusivity.
  15. Incorporation of Indigenous Art in Designs – Share about a collection that honors and incorporates indigenous art, showing respect for diverse cultures.
  16. Artisan Empowerment Initiative – Announce an initiative focused on empowering local artisans, contributing to local economies and preserving traditional craftmanship.
  17. Launching a Children’s Line – Detail the introduction of a new children’s clothing or accessories line, focusing on comfort, style, and safety.
  18. Special Edition Release for Brand Anniversary – Share about a special edition clothing or accessories line released to celebrate the brand’s anniversary.
  19. Venturing into Athleisure – Announce the launch of an athleisure collection, combining style and functionality for sports and casual wear.
  20. Fashion Mentorship Program – Detail a new mentorship program for aspiring fashion designers, encouraging talent and creativity.
  21. Accessories Inspired by a Movie or TV Show – Share the launch of a new accessories line inspired by a popular movie or TV show.
  22. Carbon Neutrality Achievement – Announce the brand’s achievement in reaching carbon neutrality, highlighting its commitment to tackling climate change.
  23. Initiative to Support Emerging Designers – Discuss an initiative designed to support and showcase emerging designers’ work.
  24. New Patented Design Unveiled – Detail the release of a product featuring a new patented design that sets the brand apart.
  25. Focus on Traditional Weaving Techniques – Discuss a new collection that highlights traditional weaving techniques, preserving and showcasing these skills.
  26. Luxury Pet Accessories Line – Announce the launch of a luxury pet accessories line, offering fashionable and high-quality items for pets.
  27. Introduction of Gender-Neutral Clothing – Highlight the brand’s forward-thinking approach with the introduction of a gender-neutral clothing line.
  28. Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives – Share about the company’s initiatives to promote diversity and inclusion within its workforce and designs.
  29. Launch of a Virtual Fashion Experience – Announce a new virtual fashion experience that lets customers try on clothing and accessories in a virtual space.
  30. Use of Biodegradable Materials – Detail the use of new biodegradable materials in the brand’s products, promoting environmental sustainability.

What to Write a Press Release About – Fashion, Clothing, and Accessories Retailers

Need ideas for topics a fashion, clothing, or accessories retailer could write a press release about? Here are 30 ideas to get you started:

  1. Store Grand Opening – Announce the opening of a new store, detailing the unique features and offerings of the location.
  2. Seasonal Sales Event – Promote an upcoming seasonal sales event, highlighting special discounts and deals for customers.
  3. In-Store Celebrity Appearance – Detail an upcoming in-store event featuring a celebrity or influencer who will meet and interact with customers.
  4. New Loyalty Rewards Program – Launch a loyalty program aimed at providing special benefits and rewards to regular customers.
  5. Inclusive Sizing Expansion – Announce the expansion of clothing ranges to include more sizes, promoting inclusivity and body positivity.
  6. Introduction of Personal Styling Services – Share the offering of new personalized styling services available to customers in-store or online.
  7. Holiday-Themed Collection – Unveil a collection specially curated for a holiday season, emphasizing the variety and versatility of the items.
  8. Showcasing Local Designers’ Collection – Announce the addition of a local designer’s collection to the store, supporting and promoting local talent.
  9. Augmented Reality Fitting Room Launch – Discuss the launch of an augmented reality fitting room feature on the store’s app or in-store, enhancing the shopping experience.
  10. Store’s Anniversary Celebration – Detail plans for celebrating the store’s anniversary, including special promotions, events, or limited-edition merchandise.
  11. Pop-Up Shop Announcement – Announce the opening of a pop-up shop, giving details about its location, duration, and exclusive offerings.
  12. Partnership with a Fashion Charity – Share details about a partnership with a charity where a portion of the store’s profits goes to support a cause.
  13. Introduction of Contactless Payment Options – Announce the integration of new contactless payment methods, enhancing customer convenience and safety.
  14. Store Remodel or Upgrade – Detail the remodel or upgrade of a store, highlighting improved features and layout for a better shopping experience.
  15. Employee Training Program Success – Share about the success of an employee training program aimed at improving customer service and product knowledge.
  16. Launch of In-store Events or Workshops – Announce a series of fashion-related events or workshops for customers, such as styling tips or DIY customizations.
  17. E-commerce Website Launch – Detail the launch of the retailer’s e-commerce website, expanding accessibility for customers.
  18. Click-and-Collect Service Introduction – Announce the implementation of a click-and-collect service, blending online and in-store shopping experiences.
  19. Exclusivity of a Designer Collection – Share about acquiring exclusivity rights to sell a particular designer’s collection, adding prestige to the store.
  20. Achievement of Green Building Certification – Announce the achievement of a Green Building certification, showcasing the brand’s commitment to sustainability.
  21. Introduction of Private Label Brand – Announce the launch of the retailer’s own private label brand, highlighting the unique selling points of the new line.
  22. Extended Store Hours for the Holiday Season – Inform customers about the extension of store hours during the holiday season for their convenience.
  23. Collaboration with a Beauty Brand – Detail a partnership with a beauty brand to offer makeup and skincare products in the store, expanding the product range.
  24. Implementation of AI for Personalized Shopping – Announce the use of artificial intelligence to provide personalized shopping recommendations to customers.
  25. Mobile App Launch – Share details about the launch of a new mobile shopping app, highlighting features such as personalized alerts and easy checkout.
  26. Free Shipping Policy – Announce a new policy of offering free shipping to customers, improving their online shopping experience.
  27. Fashion Recycling Program – Launch a program where customers can recycle their old clothes in-store, contributing to sustainability efforts.
  28. Customer Appreciation Event – Detail an upcoming event to show appreciation for customers, with special deals, giveaways, or in-store entertainment.
  29. Introduction of Virtual Personal Shopping Services – Announce a new service where customers can use video calls for personal shopping assistance.
  30. Vintage Collection Launch – Share about the launch of a vintage collection, appealing to customers interested in retro styles and sustainable shopping options.

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