Product Improvement Press Release Examples [+ Templates]

Product Improvement Press Releases

Product improvements and upgrades are an opportunity to generate publicity for your company and that product through issuing a press release announcing that upgrade and what it means to customers.

In this article we’ll provide:

Product Improvement Press Release Examples

We recognize that seeing real-life examples of press releases announcing product improvements can make it easier to write yours – so here you go: 12 recently released press releases announcing product upgrades and improvements:

Example #1: Wellness software provider announces improvements

Mindbody Announces Product Improvements and “Zero-Cost Software” Potential with Mindbody Marketplace

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif., Nov. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Mindbody, the leading experience technology platform for the wellness industry, announced today a series of significant product improvements to better support the tens of thousands of fitness, beauty, and wellness businesses it serves. Notably, the company aims to be a “zero-cost software” for all customers by driving revenue to its customers through the Mindbody Marketplace—with the potential to offset the cost of its product completely.

“This past year, we’ve taken the time to listen closely to our customers’ needs and heard their rallying cries for improved reliability, customer service, and tools for revenue growth,” said CEO of Mindbody, Fritz Lanman. “We’ve made substantial investments to enhance our product in these areas—and are committed to helping our customers tap into the Mindbody Marketplace to gain new customers and more revenue.”

The Mindbody Marketplace, with 2.4 million active consumers, offers Mindbody customers the unique ability to reach the largest global pool of wellness shoppers. Enhancements in Marketplace tools such as Promoted Intro Offers and Price Drop dynamic pricing give businesses a low-cost and low-risk way to convert consumers into direct clients.

The average new Mindbody customer is generating 36% more revenue within their first six months on the platform, and many Mindbody customers are completely offsetting their software costs with recurring revenue from clients who discovered them on the Marketplace.

“Many of our customers who are using Mindbody to the full potential are already offsetting their software costs with revenue, but we want Mindbody to be a “zero-cost” software, or better, for all our customers,” said Lanman. “The potential of the marketplace is in the data—and as a key differentiator that is exclusive to our customers, we will continue to put resources into its growth.”

Lanman, having just surpassed his one-year milestone as Mindbody’s CEO, has brought on top tech leadership to refine and enhance the backend of the core Mindbody product—ultimately reducing system interruptions by 80% and increasing global uptime to 99.9%. Investments in staffing, improved training and systems, and new AI tools, have led to customer service phone response time reduction by 70% and email responses by 50%.

AI and ML (machine learning), together with Mindbody’s scale of booking data (more than 500M transactions per year), power sophisticated new tools that help Mindbody customers identify their clients who are most likely to churn or prospects who have the highest potential to spend. These insights allow businesses to make informed marketing decisions—reaching their customers and prospects at the right time, with the right message.

“We’re focused on raising the bar for ourselves, and these improvements are just the beginning of what we have in store for our valued customers,” said Lanman.

About Mindbody
Mindbody is the leading experience technology platform for the fitness, wellness, and beauty industries. With the addition of ClassPass, the leading global fitness and wellness membership, to the Mindbody portfolio, consumers and wellness businesses around the world are easily connected through a rich wellness community. Fitness studios, salons, spas, and integrative health centers—from the newest entrepreneurs to the largest franchises—use Mindbody’s integrated software and payments platform to run, market, and grow their businesses. Consumers use Mindbody and ClassPass to choose from a broad range of wellness experiences across thousands of gyms, exercise studios and wellness providers around the globe. For more information on how Mindbody is powering the world’s fitness and wellness businesses and connecting them with more consumers, more effectively, than anyone else, visit

Example #2: Collaboration with another company results in product improvement

Collaborative Improvement Solution for Product Development Teams Now Available within Jira Software

Shamaym’s Solution Enable Development Teams to Accelerate Learning from Every Success or Mistake, Make Retrospectives Actionable, and Deliver Higher Quality Products with Shorter Cycles

BOSTON, July 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Shamaym (TASE:SHMM), a leading provider of collaborative real-time learning solutions, announced today the integration of its platform with Jira Software and the availability of the Shamaym plug-in through the Atlassian Software Marketplace.

The Shamaym solution empowers developers with relevant knowledge and lessons learned from their team members in order to maximize performance, avoid repeated mistakes, and make retrospectives more effective and actionable. The collaborative learning platform is powered by AI, automating the learning process so users receive timely insights at the exact moment of need.

Transforming Project Management into Continuous Improvement

The Shamaym integration with Jira Software allows development teams to capture important lessons learned in the same platform they use daily for managing development projects, sprints, and issues. By utilizing the same software, development teams have the advantage of transforming the project management solution into a platform for continuous improvement and accelerated learning.

Elevating the Performance of All Team Members

Through the Shamaym platform, high performing team members can share tips for success, making teams smarter with valuable and actionable insights. By creating constant cycles of learning, all team members can benefit from knowledge sharing, increasing their potential for success and creating an even balance of knowledge across the corporation.

Empowering Managers to Be Better Coaches

With immediate visibility to issues and lessons learned reported throughout each sprint and release, managers can quickly understand the challenges and blockers for every team member and offer targeted and effective real-time guidance, making 1:1s and coaching more effective.

Making Retrospectives Actionable

Using Shamaym, team members come to the retrospective prepared with insights and lessons learned captured throughout the sprint. The platform highlights actionable takeaways from previous sprints, providing a better informed starting point for the next sprint or release.

Akamai Technologies turned to Shamaym as a solution for improving delivery quality and timelines. In addition to the agile methodologies the teams at Akamai had in place, they were looking for “something that would change employees’ mindset to act as a leader and have a sense of ownership,” according to Aryeh Sivan, Senior Director of Engineering. “Shamaym allows everyone to take part in our retrospectives—including employees that did not normally participate—so now everyone benefits from our collective learning.” Using the Shamaym solution, the team at Akamai saw an 86% reduction in monthly incidents and 60% fewer customer escalations.

“Development teams are under constant pressure to deliver, often rushing from one sprint to the next without a proper opportunity to reflect, learn, and improve,” said Ofir Paldi, co-founder and CEO of Shamaym. “By turning learning into part of the daily work process, we empower team members to initiate quick improvement cycles that can immediately turn into corrective actions, resulting in higher quality releases and greater satisfaction for team members.”

About Shamaym

Shamaym helps teams improve their performance and adapt quickly to changing needs by turning day-to-day actions into learning opportunities.

Our AI-powered real-time learning platform makes it easy for employees to capture lessons learned from each activity, share insights with team members, and tap into relevant takeaways at the moment of need.

Shamaym works with leading multinational organizations including LivePerson, TripActions, Applied Materials, Akamai, and Teva. Based on methodology developed by the Israeli Air Force to drive rapid learning and continuous improvement cycles, we help sales, support, and product teams drive higher KPIs and accelerated growth.

To learn more about Shamaym, visit

For additional information please contact:

DeeDee Rudenstein

Example #3: Recall and software improvement installation

Hyundai Issues Recall and Engine Software Update for Certain Sonata and Santa Fe Sport Vehicles
– Recalls Approximately 100,000 2011-2014 Hyundai Sonata and 2013-2014 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Vehicles to Inspect the Reinstallation of the Fuel Tubes of Replaced Engines

– Releases Knock Sensor Detection System Software Update to Identify Early Indicators of Excessive Engine Bearing Wear in Over 2 Million Sonata and Santa Fe Sport Vehicles

– Engine Warranty Increased to 10 Years and 120,000 Miles for All Owners of 2011-2018 Sonata and 2013-2018 Santa Fe Sport Vehicles

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif., Jan. 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — To ensure the safety of its customers, and in addition to two previous engine recalls, Hyundai has issued a subsequent recall to inspect the fuel tube installation of approximately 100,000 2011-2014 Hyundai Sonata and 2013-2014 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport vehicles whose engines were replaced under the previous two recalls. The recall is being conducted to inspect and confirm proper reinstallation of the fuel tube to the high-pressure fuel pump.

In addition, Hyundai has developed a new engine monitoring technology called a knock sensor detection system. The technology uses software innovations and leverages existing engine sensors to continuously monitor for symptoms that may precede an engine failure. More details on Hyundai’s engine recalls and the knock sensor product improvement campaign can be found at

Knock Sensor Detection System Software Update
The knock sensor technology will be installed through a free software update performed by Hyundai dealers and is rolling out through a product improvement campaign to approximately 2 million Hyundai vehicles, including all model year 2011-2018 Sonata and 2013-2018 Santa Fe Sport vehicles with engines produced in the U.S.

The knock sensor detection system software continuously monitors engine vibrations for unusual dynamic patterns that develop as an engine connecting rod bearing wears abnormally in a way that could later cause engine seizure. If vibrations caused by bearing wear start to occur, the malfunction indicator lamp will blink continuously, an audible chime will sound (in certain models) and the vehicle will be placed in a temporary engine protection mode with reduced power and acceleration. In this temporary mode, drivers maintain full control of the vehicle as brakes, steering and safety devices such as airbags remain operational.

The vehicle can continue to be operated for a limited time in engine protection mode to enable the customer to safely drive it to a Hyundai dealer for inspection and repair, but acceleration will be slower, with a reduced maximum speed of approximately 60 to 65 mph and a limited engine speed of approximately 1,800 to 2,000 rpm. Hyundai’s knock sensor technology has been evaluated by an independent, leading engineering and scientific consulting firm. When tested using a fleet of vehicles specifically prepared to test the knock sensor technology, the knock sensor system successfully detected failing connecting rod bearings and responded with activation of the engine protection mode. Further explanation of the knock sensor detection system is available at

As part of this product improvement campaign, Hyundai will extend the warranty to 10 years and 120,000 miles (up from 100,000 miles) for original and subsequent owners of 2011-2018 Sonata and 2013-2018 Santa Fe Sport vehicles for engine repairs needed because of excessive connecting rod bearing damage.

Hyundai’s Engine Recalls
Acting in the interest of customer safety and security, and in close coordination with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Hyundai voluntarily recalled more than 1 million vehicles (certain model year 2011-2014 Sonata and 2013-2014 Santa Fe Sport vehicles) in 2015 and 2017 (NHTSA 15V-568 and 17V-226) to address a manufacturing issue that could lead to excessive bearing wear and engine failure. While the majority of incidents among affected vehicles are limited to engine knocking, there have been instances of stalling and in certain circumstances an engine fire. Typically, as an engine becomes inoperable, drivers are alerted by warning lights and sounds, and while the engine may experience some hesitation, drivers should have time to safely move the vehicle off the road. When a vehicle is brought in for the recall repair, Hyundai dealers inspect, and if necessary, replace the engine. To date, these recalls have completion rates of 87 and 73 percent respectively, versus an industry average of 69 percent for recalled engines.1

In January 2019, Hyundai issued a subsequent recall (NHTSA to post shortly) to inspect the fuel tubes of 100,000 2011-2014 Hyundai Sonata and 2013-2014 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport vehicles whose engines were replaced under the previous two recalls to ensure proper reinstallation of the fuel tube to the high-pressure fuel pump. In some cases, during engine replacements the high-pressure fuel pipe may have been damaged, misaligned or improperly torqued during the engine replacement procedure and this could allow fuel to leak. Hyundai is not aware of any fires caused by this issue, but is conducting the follow-on recall out of an abundance of caution.

In addition to the recalls, and as discussed with NHTSA, Hyundai developed the knock sensor software update to deliver early warning to customers of excessive bearing wear before a more serious problem, such as engine failure occurs. The software update is being added to vehicles beyond the recalled population because it can benefit all vehicles and serve as a preventive measure.

Knock Sensor Detection System Customer Communications
Hyundai is notifying customers about the product improvement campaigns through multiple points of contact (U.S. mail, email, vehicle telematics, dealer incentives, customer-facing website, media notification) with instructions to bring their vehicle to the nearest Hyundai dealership to have the free software installed. Customers with questions may contact the Hyundai Customer Care Center at (800) 633-5151 or [email protected]. To find out whether a vehicle is eligible for the software update, input the vehicle’s VIN at Hyundai’s campaign website: Customer communications for affected vehicles have begun.

Hyundai Motor America
Hyundai Motor America is focused on delivering an outstanding customer experience grounded in design leadership, engineering excellence and exceptional value in every vehicle we sell. Hyundai’s technology-rich product lineup of cars, SUVs and alternative-powered electric and fuel cell vehicles is backed by Hyundai Assurance—our promise to deliver peace of mind to our customers. Hyundai vehicles are sold and serviced through more than 830 dealerships nationwide and the majority sold in the U.S. are built at U.S. manufacturing facilities, including Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama. Hyundai Motor America is headquartered in Fountain Valley, California, and is a subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Company of Korea.

Please visit our media website at

Hyundai Motor America on Twitter | YouTube | Facebook | Instagram

Example #4: Continuous improvement yields product upgrade

Example #5: Company achieves award for most improved supplier of the year

Example #6: New website offers improved access to essential product and company information

Example #7: New product functionality improves content creation

Example #8: Company adds new generative AI capabilities to its client platform

Example #9: Acquisition to improve company’s product line

Example #10: Company improves operational efficiency and reduces portfolio complexity

Example #11: Company secures contract to automate packaging artwork

Example #12: Company enhances product to make flushable wipes flushable

Key Elements of a Product Improvement Press Release

Writing a product upgrade press release involves several key elements to effectively communicate the new features and benefits of the product to your target audience. Here’s a comprehensive guide based on various sources:

  1. Focus on the Improvements and What they Mean to Customers

    Highlight the specific features of the product improvement, explain their functions, benefits, and what sets them apart from previous versions. It’s essential to showcase what not just the features, but how those features will improve the lives of your customers.

  2. Target the Right Audience

    Identify the type of person most likely to buy or use the upgraded product. This helps in tailoring the content of the press release to meet the needs and interests of your target audience.

  3. Craft a Compelling Headline

    Spend extra time on the press release headline to make it attention-grabbing. It should mention the unique selling proposition of the improved product and include exciting features and benefits.

  4. Include Multimedia in your Press Release

    Support your press release with relevant photos, videos, logos, and even animated GIFs. Visuals are essential for attracting attention but avoid sending large files as email attachments.

  5. Incorporate Quotes that Feature the Benefits of the Improvement

    Adding a quote from someone within the company, such as a head of design or lead engineer, can help the audience connect with your brand and understand the significance of the upgrade.

Product Improvement Press Release Template Examples

Work is always easier when you have a template into which you can insert your information. Since we’re all about making things easier for you, here are three press release templates to announce your new product improvement or upgrade:

Template 1: Product Improvement Press Release Template – Emphasizing New Features and Benefits


[Your Company Name]
[Release Date]

[Headline: Announcing the New [Product Name] Version [New Version] – A Leap Forward in [Product Category]]

[City, State, Release Date] – [Your Company Name] is thrilled to unveil the latest upgrade to our flagship product, [Product Name] Version [New Version]. This upgrade introduces groundbreaking features designed to revolutionize the [Product Category] industry.

The upgrade includes [list new features and enhancements], aiming to provide [specific benefits or objectives these features offer]. [Further details about the features and their impact on user experience].

“[Insert a quote from a company executive about the significance of the upgrade and its industry implications]”, stated [Name, Position].

[Additional information about your company’s commitment to innovation and the significance of this upgrade in your product line].

For more information on the new [Product Name] Version [New Version], please contact [Media Contact Name].

About [Your Company Name]
[A brief description of your company and its role in the [Product Category] industry.]

Media Contact:
[Media Contact Name]
[Phone Number]
[Email Address]

Template 2: Product Improvement Press Release Template – Focusing on User Experience and Market Impact


[Your Company Name]
[Release Date]

[Headline: Enhance Your Experience with [Product Name] – Now More Intuitive and User-Friendly]

[City, State, Release Date] – [Your Company Name] is proud to announce the latest update to [Product Name], focused on enhancing user experience and meeting the evolving needs of our market.

The updated version offers [list new user experience improvements], specifically designed to [how these improvements benefit users]. [Additional details about the user-centric approach in this update].

“[Insert a quote about the importance of user experience in product development]”, said [Name, Position].

[Additional information about your company’s focus on user-centric design and its importance in your industry].

To learn more about the updated [Product Name], contact [Media Contact Name].

About [Your Company Name]
[A brief overview of your company and its commitment to user experience in the [Product Category] industry.]

Media Contact:
[Media Contact Name]
[Phone Number]
[Email Address]

Template 3: Product Improvement Press Release Template – Highlighting Technological Advancements and Future Outlook


[Your Company Name]
[Release Date]

[Headline: Introducing Advanced [Product Name] – Leading [Industry] into a New Era]

[City, State, Release Date] – [Your Company Name] is excited to launch the latest version of [Product Name], a technological marvel set to redefine standards in the [Industry].

This version features [list of technological advancements], which are set to [specific advantages these advancements bring]. [Elaborate on the future outlook and how this update aligns with it].

“[Insert a quote from an industry expert or company executive on the impact of the new technology]”, commented [Name, Position].

[Additional information about the company’s innovative approach and the product’s role in shaping the future of the industry].

For inquiries about [Product Name] and its features, please reach out to [Media Contact Name].

About [Your Company Name]
[A brief description of your company’s pioneering role in technology within the [Industry]].

Media Contact:
[Media Contact Name]
[Phone Number]
[Email Address]

These templates can be customized to fit the specific details of your product and company, providing a structured approach for your press release.

Crafting an effective product improvement/upgrade press release is a vital step in communicating your latest advancements and improvements to your target audience. The examples and templates provided offer a structured approach, each focusing on different aspects of the announcement – from highlighting new features and benefits, to emphasizing user experience, and showcasing technological advancements.

By modeling your press release on these examples and customizing these templates to fit the specific details of your product and company, you can create compelling narratives that not only inform but also engage your audience. Whether you’re aiming to showcase the innovative features of your product, emphasize the enhanced user experience, or highlight your company’s forward-thinking approach to technology, these templates provide a strong foundation for your communication strategy.

Remember, the key to a successful press release lies in its ability to capture attention, provide valuable information, and convey the unique selling points of your product upgrade. With careful planning, clear messaging, and strategic dissemination using a press release distribution service, your press release can effectively amplify your product’s visibility, solidify your company’s position in the market, and foster a stronger connection with your customers and stakeholders.

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