Press Releases For Artists

Artist Press Releases

As an artist, you know that getting the word out about your art is key to your commercial success.

A well-crafted press release can be a pivotal tool for artists like you looking to share their latest work, exhibitions, or achievements to a broader audience. In the bustling world of art, where new talents and established icons alike vie for attention, a press release serves not just as a tool of information, but as an art form in itself.

This article guides you as an artist through the art (sorry, I couldn’t resist) of creating engaging and effective press releases that capture the essence of your work and resonate with galleries, critics, investors/buyers, and the media.

Whether you’re a painter gearing up for a gallery opening or a sculptor announcing a groundbreaking installation, mastering the art of the press release can amplify your voice in the art community, ensuring your creative achievements receive the spotlight they deserve.

Table of Contents
How To Write an Artist Press Release
Artists Press Release Templates
52 Reasons to Write an Artist Press Release
Sample Artist Press Releases
Tips to Make Your Press Release Great
The Importance of Using a Press Release Distribution Service like
Press Release Examples Across Several Industries

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How To Write an Artist Press Release

Writing a press release is different than any other type of writing you’ve ever done. The media expects the information to be communicated in a certain way and format.

Here is an explanation of each element of an artist press release. I’ll give you templates and examples of different types of press releases artists may want to create later in this article.

Release Date

  • Purpose: To tell the reporter when this information can be released.
  • How to Write:
    • Usually this line will read For Immediate Release, unless the information is embargoed until a future date, a rarity for artists.
  • Example: For Immediate Release
  • Headline and Subheading

    • Purpose: To capture attention and summarize the main news.
    • How to Write:
      • Headline: Make it succinct and impactful, focusing on the newsworthy aspect of receiving the contract.
      • Subheading: Use this space to add an intriguing detail or highlight that makes the news more appealing, such as the uniqueness of the contract or the scale of the distribution.
    • Example: Headline: “Springfield Artist Secures Major Contract to Design National Greeting Card Line”. Subheading: “Exclusive Series to Feature Celebrated Watercolor Techniques”.

    Date and Location Line

    • Purpose: To provide the publication date and geographical context of the press release.
    • How to Write:
      • This line should be placed at the top right under your headline/subheadline.
      • Include the city and date.
    • Example: Springfield, IL: September 15, 20XX. For Immediate Release.

    Introduction Paragraph

    • Purpose: To introduce the who, what, when, where, and why.
    • How to Write:
      • Start with a strong sentence that covers the essential details: who has received the contract, what the contract is for, and any notable specifics.
      • Press releases are written in inverted pyramid style, with the most important information in the first paragraph, and decreasing in importance as the release progresses.
      • Mention any forthcoming milestones associated with this contract, such as the release date of the greeting card line.
    • Example: “Up-and-coming Springfield artist, Jane Doe, has just inked a significant contract with Major Greeting Cards, Inc., to design their next line of holiday greeting cards, set to launch nationwide this coming November.”

    Body Paragraphs

    • Purpose: To provide further details about the information introduced in the first paragraph. In this case, the contract and its implications.
    • How to Write:
      • Discuss the scope of the greeting card line, including themes or special features.
      • Highlight Jane Doe’s style or unique approach to card design that made her the chosen artist for this contract.
      • Mention any previous successes or relevant experiences that make this contract a natural step in her career.
    • Example: “The upcoming ‘Seasonal Wonders’ series by Jane will encompass a range of designs all showcasing her signature watercolor style that has won her multiple design awards. This partnership marks a significant milestone in her career, reflecting her growing influence in the design world.”


    • Purpose: To add a personal perspective or an endorsement.
    • How to Write:
      • Include a quote from Jane Doe expressing her excitement or vision for the project, and possibly a quote from a representative of the greeting card company to show mutual enthusiasm.
    • Example: “I am thrilled to bring my passion for art into homes across the country through these greeting cards,” says Jane Doe. “Major Greeting Cards shares my vision for creative and heartfelt communication.”

    Call to Action

    • Purpose: To encourage the audience to look forward to the product launch.
    • How to Write:
      • Offer information on how consumers can view or purchase the greeting cards once they are available.
    • Example: “Stay tuned for the ‘Seasonal Wonders’ release this November at retailers nationwide and online at”


    • Purpose: To provide background about the artist.
    • How to Write:
      • Include a brief overview of Jane Doe’s career, her style, and other partnerships or accolades.
    • Example: “Jane Doe is a Springfield-based artist known for her vibrant watercolor paintings. Her work has been featured in galleries across the Midwest and in various national art publications.”

    Contact Information

    • Purpose: To offer a way for the press and other interested parties to reach out for more information.
    • How to Write:
      • Provide the contact details of the artist or their representative, ensuring that the information is accurate and accessible.
    • Example: For further details, interviews, or media inquiries, please contact:

This structure helps to communicate the significant news of the contract effectively, ensuring that all relevant details are clear and engaging.

This same format can be used for many types of press releases. Here are several templates you can use as the basis for your press releases

Artists Press Release Templates

1. Art Exhibition Opening Press Release Template


Headline: Acclaimed Artist [Artist Name] Debuts New Exhibition: [Exhibition Title]
Subheadline: Experience [Theme/Subject] in a Stunning Visual Display Starting [Opening Date]

[City, Date] — [Artist Name] invites you to the unveiling of their much-anticipated exhibition, [Exhibition Title], at [Venue Name] running from [Start Date] to [End Date]. This series captures [brief description of the theme or focus of the exhibition].

Opening Reception: The public is warmly invited to attend the opening reception on [Opening Date], [time], at [Venue Address]. The event will feature a live [type of performance] and an opportunity to meet [Artist Name] and discuss the inspirations behind their latest works.

About the Exhibition: [1-2 sentences elaborating on the exhibition, its significance, and what makes it unique.]

Contact Information:
[Contact Name]
[Phone Number]
[Email Address]

2. New Art Collection Launch Press Release Template


Headline: [Artist Name] Launches Groundbreaking New Collection: [Collection Title]
Subheadline: [Collection Title] Offers a Bold New Take on [Artistic Theme/Technique]

[City, Date] — [Artist Name] is proud to present their groundbreaking new art collection, [Collection Title], which is now available for viewing and purchase at [Venue/Website]. This innovative work challenges conventional perceptions of [relevant theme or subject].

Exclusive Viewing: Art lovers are invited to an exclusive first look on [Date] at [Venue Address], where [Artist Name] will host a walk-through and Q&A session.

Collection Highlights: [Briefly mention the key pieces in the collection and what makes them special.]

Contact Information:
[Contact Name]
[Phone Number]
[Email Address]

3. Artist Award Announcement Press Release Template


Headline: [Artist Name] Wins Prestigious [Award Name]
Subheadline: [Award Name] Recognizes [Artist Name] for Outstanding Achievements in [Art Form]

[City, Date] — In a significant recognition of talent and creativity, [Artist Name] has been awarded the [Award Name], announced on [Date]. This award honors [Artist Name]’s exceptional contributions to the field of [art form].

Award Details: [Details about the award ceremony, including date, location, and why the artist was chosen.]

Artist’s Reaction: “[Quote from the artist expressing feelings about the award and what it means for their career.]”

Contact Information:
[Contact Name]
[Phone Number]
[Email Address]

Art Collaboration Announcement Press Release Template


Headline: [Artist Name] and [Collaborating Artist/Company Name] Reveal Exciting New Collaboration
Subheadline: Collaborative Project [Project Title] to Blend [Artist’s] Signature Style with [Collaborator’s Expertise/Style]

[City, Date] — [Artist Name] is excited to announce a collaboration with [Collaborating Artist/Company], titled [Project Title]. This unique project is set to combine [description of each party’s contribution] to create something truly innovative.

Project Insights: The collaboration will debut with a special event on [Event Date] at [Event Location], featuring an exclusive preview of the works produced.

What to Expect: [Brief description of the project’s scope, theme, or purpose.]

Contact Information:
[Contact Name]
[Phone Number]
[Email Address]

5. Art Workshop Series Press Release Template


Headline: [Artist Name] to Host Interactive Art Workshop Series
Subheadline: Hands-On Workshops to Dive Deep into [Technique/Subject] Starting [Start Date]

[City, Date] — Join [Artist Name] for a series of engaging and educational art workshops beginning [Start Date] at [Location]. These workshops are designed for [target audience] and will cover [topics or techniques].

Session Details: The first workshop, titled [Workshop Title], will focus on [specific focus of the workshop], providing attendees with [describe the takeaway or end result].

How to Participate: Interested participants can register at [Website/Contact] by [Registration Deadline].

Contact Information:
[Contact Name]
[Phone Number]
[Email Address]

These templates provide a structured way to convey your artistic news effectively, ensuring each release captures attention and delivers essential information clearly and professionally.

Sending Press Releases Yourself

Reasons to Write an Artist Press Release

Let me guess, you’d love to get more free publicity for your business using press releases, but you’re so busy creating your art that you can’t think of anything to write about.

I’ve got your back! Here are 52 different topics you may want to consider for your press release writing challenge. (Hint, that’s one a week!)

  1. Announcing a new exhibition or art show: Share the details of an upcoming exhibition, including dates, venue, and featured works.
  2. Launching a new art collection or series: Introduce a new body of work that explores fresh themes or techniques.
  3. Receiving an award or recognition: Celebrate an accolade received from a prestigious institution or organization.
  4. Hosting or participating in an art workshop or class: Promote educational opportunities led or facilitated by the artist.
  5. Collaborating with another artist or organization: Highlight a partnership that merges different artistic styles or disciplines.
  6. Opening a new studio or gallery space: Announce the opening of a new creative space that invites public engagement.
  7. Participating in a community project or public art initiative: Detail involvement in projects that benefit or beautify community spaces.
  8. Launching a new book, catalog, or portfolio of works: Promote the release of a publication that showcases the artist’s portfolio.
  9. Holding a charity event or fundraiser involving their artwork: Announce art-related events that support charitable causes.
  10. Celebrating a milestone or anniversary in their career: Mark a significant career milestone or anniversary with a retrospective look at achievements.
  11. Unveiling a public sculpture or installation: Share the debut of a new public artwork and its significance to a community or space.
  12. Releasing limited edition prints or artworks: Announce the availability of limited edition pieces, offering exclusivity to collectors.
  13. Being featured in a prominent magazine or art publication: Highlight significant media coverage that elevates the artist’s profile.
  14. Offering exclusive previews or sales of their work: Invite select audiences to preview or purchase new works before they are widely available.
  15. Announcing a partnership with a gallery or cultural institution: Detail collaborations that enhance the artist’s reach and visibility.
  16. Receiving a grant, fellowship, or scholarship: Share news of financial support or endorsement from cultural funders.
  17. Hosting a special guest or celebrity at an art event: Promote events featuring notable figures which can attract additional media and public interest.
  18. Announcing participation in an art fair or festival: Detail involvement in significant art fairs that showcase the artist’s work to a broader audience.
  19. Launching an online gallery or digital exhibition: Introduce initiatives that expand the artist’s work into the digital realm.
  20. Revealing a new artistic technique or medium they are using: Share innovative artistic methods or materials that differentiate the artist’s new works.
  21. Announcing a speaking engagement or panel participation: Promote events where the artist will share insights or discuss art topics publicly.
  22. Highlighting a residency or artist exchange program: Detail the benefits and experiences gained from participating in artist residencies.
  23. Announcing a major commission or acquisition of their work: Share significant sales or commissions that validate the artist’s work and prestige.
  24. Addressing significant changes in their artistic direction: Explain shifts in thematic or stylistic approaches in the artist’s oeuvre.
  25. Promoting a virtual reality art experience or digital project: Introduce cutting-edge digital projects that expand the artist’s traditional media boundaries.
  26. Announcing a live performance or interactive art event: Promote participatory events that engage audiences in new and dynamic ways.
  27. Promoting a documentary, film, or video project about their work: Announce visual media projects that explore or document the artist’s creative process.
  28. Announcing a retrospective or lifetime achievement exhibition: Celebrate a comprehensive exhibition that surveys the breadth of the artist’s career.
  29. Launching a crowdfunding campaign for a new art project: Invite public support for new artistic endeavors through crowdfunding platforms.
  30. Announcing the closure of a significant exhibit or show: Mark the conclusion of important exhibitions, inviting last-chance visits and summarizing its impact.
  31. Revealing restoration or conservation efforts on important works: Share details about the preservation of significant artworks and the importance of these efforts.
  32. Promoting a tour of their studio or art-making process: Invite the public to gain intimate insights into the creative process through studio tours.
  33. Highlighting their involvement in educational initiatives: Detail the artist’s role in educational programs or initiatives that foster artistic learning.
  34. Announcing their work being featured in a commercial or film: Share the integration of the artist’s work into mainstream media projects.
  35. Receiving a prestigious art-related position or professorship: Announce academic or leadership roles that showcase the artist’s expertise and influence.
  36. Launching a new interactive website or digital portfolio: Introduce a newly designed website that features the artist’s portfolio and upcoming projects.
  37. Announcing a guest curator role at a museum or gallery: Detail
    the artist’s involvement in curating exhibitions, showcasing their curatorial skills.
  38. Revealing new merchandising projects involving their art: Share collaborations with brands or new lines of merchandise that feature the artist’s work.
  39. Celebrating the acquisition of their work by a major museum: Announce the inclusion of the artist’s work in a prestigious museum collection.
  40. Participating in a cultural exchange program abroad: Detail experiences and artworks created during international cultural exchange programs.
  41. Hosting an art-related podcast or video series: Promote a new platform where the artist discusses art and interviews other creatives.
  42. Launching a subscription service for exclusive art content: Introduce a subscription model offering exclusive content, early access to artworks, or special editions.
  43. Announcing a significant collaboration with an international artist: Share details about collaborative projects with artists from different cultural backgrounds.
  44. Participating in a panel discussion at a major art conference: Highlight involvement in influential discussions on the future of art and industry trends.
  45. Revealing a philanthropic initiative supported by art sales: Detail charitable projects funded by proceeds from the artist’s work.
  46. Promoting a new public art initiative they are leading: Announce leadership in significant public art projects that aim to engage communities.
  47. Announcing the launch of a new art school or teaching initiative: Share the establishment of educational institutions or programs led by the artist.
  48. Celebrating a collaboration with a renowned art director or designer: Highlight prestigious collaborations that merge art with design and fashion.
  49. Promoting a specialty art event, like a night viewing or art dinner: Invite audiences to unique art events that offer unusual viewing experiences.
  50. Announcing a new art series inspired by recent global events: Introduce artworks that respond to current events, showcasing the artist’s engagement with contemporary issues.
  51. Announcing a virtual or augmented reality exhibition: Share details about a unique exhibition that utilizes virtual or augmented reality technology to offer an immersive artistic experience from anywhere in the world.
  52. Launching a new artistic grant or scholarship program: Promote a new initiative funded or organized by the artist to support other emerging artists through grants or scholarships, demonstrating commitment to the artistic community and fostering new talent.

Even if you decide not to write all 52, there are some amazing ideas there I think you should consider! Remember – all you need is for a few of these to get significant pickup, setting you up to spend even more of your time actually creating art!

Sample Artist Press Releases

I know that it’s always easier to write whan you have samples to work from. So, here are 10 real artist press releases to give you ideas and more content to model as you write your own.

Example #1: Artist Selling Sports Art Collection

Renowned Sports Artist Selling Original Art Collection with Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle & Hundreds of Hall of Famers

Rare original artwork signed by hundreds of legendary Hall of Famers including Ted Williams, Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio, Jim Brown, Muhammad Ali, Willie Mays, Hank Aaron & Sandy Koufax

GRANITE BAY, Calif., April 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Thousands of rare original works of art and signed sports memorabilia from acclaimed artist Gary Longordo’s personal collection will be available for sale to the general public. The collection includes unique items signed by some of the best Hall of Fame athletes of all time including Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Tom Brady, Michael Jordan, Ted Williams, Joe DiMaggio, Jim Brown, Wayne Gretzky, Muhammad Ali and many other star players from past and present. will be selling this incredible collection from May 5, 2024 to May 12, 2024.

Auction Monthly, a Northern California sports cards and memorabilia company, was selected to manage the sale of Gary Longordo’s personal art, memorabilia and sports card collection. Auction Monthly recently helped a Sacramento man sell hundreds of rare vintage Babe Ruth baseball cards found in a California closet. The most amazing part of Longordo’s collection is the hundred’s of original paintings signed by legendary pro athletes and celebrities. The collection includes more than two thousand lots including original sports and pop culture artwork, vintage and modern sports cards, memorabilia, collectibles, ephemera, and incredible sports items featuring legendary Hall of Famers from baseball, football, basketball, hockey, boxing, golf and other sports. The estimated value of this collection is in the high six figures.

Gary Longordo is a sports and pop culture artist from Estero, Florida, who started his training in Italy. After moving to America, he worked several jobs as an artist and became one of the country’s most successful forensic artists. Longordo also created celebrity cakes at a famous bakery in Wilmington, NC. He has worked with celebrity bakers, large corporations, top athletes, and professional sports teams during his long career as an accomplished artist. Longordo was commissioned by many top athletes to paint celebrity portraits.

The highlights of this incredible collection are the hundreds of original Longordo paintings signed by many of the top professional athletes of all time. It is very rare to find so many high valued Hall of Fame signatures in a single collection. This is a dream collection for any fan of sports, art, music and Hollywood. In addition to sports, there are paintings of Marilyn Monroe, the Beatles, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, and movies like The Godfather. “I was blessed to be able to do what I love to do for so many years,” said Longordo.
More information about this incredible sports and pop culture works of art and signed memorabilia auction will be made available to the public at on May 5th.

About Auction Monthly:
Auction Monthly helps collectors sell sports cards, memorabilia and other collectibles. Auction Monthly sells many items to direct buyers and they use select auction houses for consignments. The owners of auction monthly created the company to provide collectors a better way to sell sports cards and collectibles. Collectors trust selling with Auction Monthly based on the company’s reputation for achieving top prices and providing white glove customer service from start to finish.

For breaking stories and new information:

Media Contact:
[email protected]

Example #2: Street artist collaborates with major company

Artlist Partners with Internationally Acclaimed Artist Luke Smile in Make it Move Project, Setting Creativity in Motion by Transforming Street Art into Exclusive Digital Template

Marketers, influencers, and content creators can integrate in video projects authentic street art from Artlist’s catalog in video projects

TEL AVIV, Israel, March 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Artlist, the creative technology company used by more than 26M digital creators and major brands worldwide, announced their collaboration with pioneering street artist Luke Smile. This partnership marks a significant step forward in democratizing art creation, blending the vibrant energy of street art with digital accessibility to empower creators worldwide. The Make it Move collaboration aims to bridge the gap between physical art and digital creativity together with Luke Smile, who is known for his captivating typographic artworks and use of a combination of traditional sign writing, spray paint, and hand-cut stencils.

Over the coming days, Luke will transform a blank wall in Shoreditch, an iconic home of street art in London, into an eye-catching visual feast. The wall art has been digitized as a typography template exclusively available on Artlist — offering users an unprecedented opportunity to integrate authentic street art into video projects.

Liran Friedman, Head of Brand Marketing at Artlist: “Artlist is dedicated to empowering brands and creators by providing them with the highest quality creative assets made by real artists to bring their visions to life. Partnering with Luke Smile is a natural extension of our mission, enabling us to bring the raw, unfiltered art of the streets into the digital realm for our users to explore, create, and make it their own.”

Luke Smile added, “Street art is about making bold statements and connecting with people in unexpected places. This collaboration with Artlist allows my art to exceed physical boundaries and reach a global audience. It’s about empowering all creators to experiment and express themselves in new ways, using the streets as a canvas and the digital space as well.”
Artlist’s templates are versatile, easy to use, and suitable for a variety of creative projects, including video production, graphic design, and digital art, in all platforms. Artlist users have the freedom to customize these templates, allowing for endless creative possibilities.

In addition to the digital collaboration, we are excited to invite Londoners and visitors alike to experience Luke Smile in action, creating his live art installation from 11th-16th March, at Great Eastern Street Gallery, EC2A 3NT. Visit Make it Move for more information.
This collaboration not only highlights Artlist’s commitment to innovation and creativity but also underscores the importance of street art as a powerful medium for social commentary and public engagement. By turning physical street art into a downloadable template, Artlist and Luke Smile are setting a unique standard for creative collaboration, one that encourages creators to push the boundaries of their imagination.

About Artlist

Artlist is a leading creative technology company providing the top global brands and individual creators with a catalog of over 2M professional, high-quality, and exclusive digital assets for video creation made by award-winning artists. Over 26M users, including top-tier global brands like Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and Calvin Klein, trust Artlist as a complete solution for video creation. Artlist provides complete creative freedom with unlimited usage, unlimited downloads, and a simple global license suitable for any project. Artlist’s mission is to empower people to create without limits, through its two products:

1. Artlist, an all-in-one platform for video creation, including high-quality and curated royalty-free music, SFX, footage, templates, plugins, and more.

2. MotionArray, the ultimate marketplace for creators, including high-quality video templates by the world’s top motion designers, presets, plugins, music, SFX, stock footage, graphics for design, motion graphics, and stock photos.

These catalogs are constantly updated through contributions from a global team of world-class artists.

Artlist has been recognized as a top startup by Wired and LinkedIn. Founded in 2016, it has continued to revolutionize the creative industry by offering unique assets under a subscription-based model.


Ravit Shimnony
PR and Communications Manager at Artlist
[email protected]

Example #3: Artist featured in podcast interview to announce art exhibit

Acclaimed British artist Maggi Hambling talks about life and death as she prepares for first solo exhibition in Asia since 2019

New and recent series of works will be exhibited in The Night, an exhibition at Pearl Lam Galleries, coinciding with Art Basel Hong Kong

LONDON and HONG KONG, March 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Maggi Hambling occupies a unique position as an artist who has consistently embraced a spirit of rebelliousness throughout her career, making her one of the most celebrated women artists in the British art scene.

This spirit is evident in her tributes to seminal intellectual figures such as Mary Wollstonecraft, an important advocate for women’s rights, and memorial sculptures honouring figures like the 19th-century author Oscar Wilde and the 20th-century composer Benjamin Britten.

Speaking in The Pearl Lam Podcast ahead of the opening of her new solo exhibition in Hong Kong, Maggi Hambling talks openly about her career and about life and death, saying:

“I’ve always worked very hard and have been in my studio every day. But obviously as one gets a tiny bit older, it seems like less and less time. And so, one has to really go for it. I think about death every day.”

Click here to watch the exclusive new video with Maggi Hambling:

Maggi Hambling’s new solo exhibition ‘Maggi Hambling: The Night’ will open at Pearl Lam Galleries at Printing House, 6 Duddell Street, Central, Hong Kong from 26 March to 16 May. The exhibition marks the first solo exhibition by Maggi Hambling in Asia since the artist’s museum retrospectives in Beijing and Guangzhou in 2019. Pearl Lam Galleries will also showcase an important new Wall of Water painting by the artist at Art Basel Hong Kong.

The Night will include two new series of paintings that have never been seen before. This includes Maggi Hambling’s 2023 series with works titled Sexy, Sexy Dream, and About to Kiss, which explores the seduction and intimacy to which the silent night and shifting clouds can bear witness. It also includes Hambling’s Night Sky and Night Clouds paintings from 2021 that present a universal subject connecting the East and West along with the North and South.

Influenced by Chinese and Japanese paintings, the works featured throughout The Night showcase a technique reminiscent of Chinese calligraphy, a connection rooted in Hambling’s art student days when she would regularly study Chinese ink drawings on display at The British Museum.

Maggi Hambling says:

“I’m excited to return to Hong Kong and to be working with Pearl Lam. The subject of my exhibition, The Night, is one I have returned to throughout my career. Night inhabits a mysterious territory where beauty, fear, desire and dream combine and invite us in.”

Pearl Lam, Founder of Pearl Lam Galleries, says:

“I’m delighted to present new and recent works by Maggi Hambling at Pearl Lam Galleries at Printing House in Hong Kong and also in our group presentation at Art Basel Hong Kong. Her contributions to the British art scene are truly exceptional, and she is someone whom I believe has carved a path for a new generation of artists with a brutally honest and direct approach. Her artworks continue to resonate with me on a deeply personal level.”


Exhibition Dates:
26 March–16 May 2024
Pearl Lam Galleries, Printing House, 6 Duddell Street, Central, Hong Kong
Gallery Hours:
Monday–Saturday, 10am–7pm

Tips to Make Your Press Release Great

I know, you’re an artist, not a press release writer, so let me give you 16 tips to help you produce a press release that’s worthy of the art you’re so great at creating.

  1. Highlight What Makes Your Art Unique: Always emphasize what sets your art apart from others. What’s special about your technique, theme, or collaboration?
  2. Describe Vividly: Use descriptive language to help readers visualize your artwork. Make them feel excited to see it.
  3. Include Great Photos: Attach clear, high-quality images of your artwork. Visuals are key in art and help make a strong impression.
  4. Keep It Short and Sweet: Make your press release concise. Avoid long sentences or art terms that might confuse people who aren’t artists.
  5. Use the Right Keywords: Help people find your press release online by including keywords related to your art, your name, the venue, and the city.
  6. Be Clear About What to Do Next: Tell readers exactly what you want them to do after reading your release. Should they visit an exhibit, buy tickets, or check out your website?
  7. Use Quotes: Add quotes from yourself or others involved in the exhibition. This gives a personal touch and offers more insight.
  8. Check Your Work: Make sure there are no spelling or grammar mistakes in your release. Errors can make you look less professional.
  9. Send It Out at the Right Time: Choose the best time to send your release, usually early in the week. Avoid weekends and holidays when fewer people are paying attention.
  10. Follow Up: After sending your release, check in with important contacts to make sure they received it and offer any extra information or an interview.
  11. Share on Social Media: Don’t just send your release to newspapers or magazines. Post it on your social media to reach even more people.
  12. Tell a Story: People love stories. Include something about how you made your artwork, what inspired you, or what challenges you faced.
  13. Provide Useful Links: Add links to your website, where your art can be bought, or where people can learn more about you.
  14. Consider Professional Help: If you want your release to reach a lot of people, think about using a professional service that sends out press releases.
  15. Make Connections: Build relationships with journalists and bloggers who cover art. A friendly connection can make it more likely they’ll cover your story.
  16. Utilize a Professional Distribution Service: For broader reach, consider using a professional press release distribution service that can target relevant art news outlets, journalists, and publications.

By following these tips, you can create press releases that not only share your news but also draw more attention to your art and help you connect with your audience.

The Importance of Using a Press Release Distribution Service like

When you’re ready to share your art with the world, using a press release distribution service like can significantly enhance your outreach. These services are designed to distribute your news efficiently and broadly, which is crucial for gaining visibility in the competitive art world. Here’s why you should consider using a service like for your press releases:

  1. Wider Reach: has extensive networks that include thousands of journalists, publications, and news outlets. This means your press release can potentially reach a vast audience, including national and international readers. It’s not just about reaching more people, but the right people who are interested in art like yours.
  2. Targeted Distribution: With, you can target specific industries, geographic locations, and even individual journalists who focus on arts and culture. This targeted approach ensures that your press release reaches those most likely to be interested in your work, increasing the chances of coverage and engagement.
  3. Professional Formatting: Press releases need to adhere to specific formats to be taken seriously by professional journalists and news outlets. knows exactly how to format your release to meet industry standards, enhancing its professional appearance and improving its reception.
  4. SEO Benefits: includes SEO optimization as part of their service, helping your press release rank higher in search engine results. This is crucial for increasing online visibility and attracting more traffic to your website or online portfolio.
  5. Credibility: Using a respected distribution service like can lend credibility to your press release. Journalists are more likely to trust and consider content that comes from a recognized source, which can lead to more and better media coverage.
  6. Tracking and Analytics: After distributing your press release, it’s important to understand how it performed. provides detailed analytics and tracking tools that let you see how many people viewed your release, who picked it up, and what kind of engagement it received. This information is invaluable for understanding the effectiveness of your press release and planning future communications strategies.
  7. Time and Resource Efficiency: Managing the distribution of a press release on your own can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. By using, you save time and resources that you can then dedicate to creating more art or handling other aspects of your business.
  8. Access to Expert Advice: doesn’t just distribute your release; they often offer expert advice on how to craft your message to ensure it has the maximum impact. This guidance can be incredibly helpful, especially if you are new to writing press releases or if you want to make a significant impact with your announcement.

Using a service like can elevate your promotional efforts significantly, ensuring that your artistic achievements receive the attention they deserve in a crowded and competitive marketplace.

Writing and Distributing Your Art Press Release

In the art world, where standing out can often be as challenging as creating the art itself, effectively communicating your achievements and events through press releases is essential. Whether you’re announcing a new exhibition, launching a collection, or celebrating an artistic milestone, a well-crafted press release can be your gateway to broader recognition and success.

Utilizing a professional distribution service like amplifies this effect, ensuring that your news reaches not only a wider audience but the right audience. These services streamline the process, enhance your release’s professional appeal, and provide valuable insights into its performance. With the help of such platforms, your artistic endeavors gain the visibility they need to thrive in a competitive market.

Remember, every press release is an opportunity to tell your story and connect with an audience that can appreciate and support your art. By leveraging the power of professional press release distribution, you can significantly boost your chances of making a lasting impact in the art world.

Press Release Examples Across Several Industries

And, just because I know you’ll appreciate them, here are another 15+ great press release examples for situations you may encounter.

Pulling Hair

Additional Press Release Examples

Finally, here are some tips and training to help you write an amazing press release:

Additional Press Release Resources

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