Press Release for A Movie

Movie Press Releases

You’re working on a movie and you want to give your months of work the love it deserves from the rest of the industry and potential viewers. What should you do? You absolutely should send out press releases!

When you’re releasing a new movie, a well-crafted press release can really make a difference in drumming up excitement from the moment you start until it’s finished, gets shown at Sundance, picked up by a major studio or streaming channel, and don’t forget, your Academy Award!

This article will show you how to create a movie press release that grabs media attention and gets audiences excited. We’ll walk you through the key features that make your movie stand out, how to highlight your film’s biggest attractions, and the best timing to go public.

Plus, we’ll give you 10 press release templates specifically designed to publicize movies, and 10 sample movie press releases for you to model.

Whether you’re a seasoned publicist or a first-time filmmaker promoting your own project, this will help you launch your movie effectively and make a strong impression in the busy world of entertainment.

Table of Contents
Writing Your Movie Press Release
Movie Press Release Templates
50 Reasons to Write a Press Release for Your Movie
Movie Press Release Examples
Tips to Create a Quality Movie Press Release
Using a Press Release Distribution Service
Writing and Distributing Your Movie Press Release
Press Release Examples Across Several Industries

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Writing Your Movie Press Release

Writing a press release for your movie might seem challenging, but it’s a great way to get people excited about what you’ve created. Here’s a beginner’s guide to help you get started:

1. Start with a Strong Headline

Your headline should grab attention and make people want to read more. Think about what’s most exciting about your movie. Is it a famous actor? A unique story? Whatever it is, make sure your headline highlights it.

2. Create a Captivating Opening Line

The first line of your press release should give the reader the essential information but in an interesting way. Mention the movie title, a major star, or something unique about the film.

3. Provide Important Details

In the next few paragraphs, dive into the details. Answer these questions:

  • What is the movie about?
  • Who stars in it?
  • Who directed it?
  • When and where will it be released? Keep this section clear and to the point.

4. Include Quotes

Add a couple of quotes from the director, lead actors, or producers. This personal touch can add credibility and a human element to your story.

5. Add a Call to Action

Tell the reader where they can watch the trailer, visit the movie’s website, or when and where they can see the movie. This guides your audience on what to do next.

6. Wrap It Up with Background Information

Finish your press release with a brief background about the production company or any previous successful movies they’ve released. This builds more trust and interest.

7. Contact Information

Don’t forget to include contact details like a phone number, email address, and website. This makes it easy for journalists and interested parties to reach out for more information.

8. Proofread

Before you send out your press release, make sure to proofread it for any spelling or grammatical errors. It should look professional and polished.

That’s it! With these steps, you can write a press release that might just help your movie become the next big hit.

Movie Press Release Templates

Writing a press release is always easier when you have a template you can use as your guide. Here are 10, covering different aspects you will want to consider writing a press release about for your movie:

Template 1: Announcing the Start of Production


[Movie Title] – Production Begins on [Director’s Name]’s Latest Film
[City, Date] — The cameras are rolling for [Movie Title], the latest project from new director [Director’s Name]. Announced today, the film, starring [Lead Actor’s Name], has officially entered production. [Movie Title] is a [Genre] that explores [Brief Description of the Plot or Theme].

“[Quote from the Director or Producer on what this film aims to achieve or why it’s special],” said [Name, Title].

The film is shooting on location in [Location] and is expected to continue through [End Date of Shooting].

Stay tuned for more updates by visiting [Website URL].

Contact Information:
Name: [Your Name]
Phone: [Your Phone Number]
Email: [Your Email Address]

Template 2: Completing a Film on a Small Budget


[Movie Title] – A Cinematic Achievement on a Shoestring Budget

[City, Date] — [Movie Title], directed by [Director’s Name] and starring [Lead Actor’s Name], has wrapped up production, achieving remarkable creative results despite its modest budget. This [Genre] film tells the story of [Brief Description of the Plot].

“[Quote from the Director or Producer on overcoming budget constraints],” said [Name, Title].

[Movie Title] demonstrates that great storytelling doesn’t need blockbuster budgets.
For exclusive behind-the-scenes insights, visit [Website URL].

Contact Information:
Name: [Your Name]
Phone: [Your Phone Number]
Email: [Your Email Address]

Template 3: Acceptance into a Film Festival


[Movie Title] – Official Selection at [Film Festival Name]

[City, Date] — [Movie Title], a [Genre] film by [Director’s Name], has been officially selected to compete at [Film Festival Name], taking place on [Dates of Festival]. This prestigious inclusion highlights the film’s quality and the dedication of its creative team.

“[Quote from the Director or a Cast Member on what this selection means to them],” said [Name, Title].

The festival screening is scheduled for [Screening Date], with additional showings on [Other Screening Dates].

For more information on the festival schedule, visit [Website URL].

Contact Information:
Name: [Your Name]
Phone: [Your Phone Number]
Email: [Your Email Address]

Template 4: Being Picked Up by a Studio


[Studio Name] Acquires [Movie Title] for Distribution

[City, Date] — In a significant development, [Studio Name] has acquired the distribution rights to [Movie Title], directed by [Director’s Name] and starring [Lead Actor’s Name]. This [Genre] film, which has been creating waves in the festival circuit, is now poised for a wider audience.

“[Quote from the Studio Head or Producer on the acquisition],” stated [Name, Title].

[Movie Title] is expected to hit theaters nationwide on [Release Date].
For updates on release plans and promotional events, visit [Website URL].

Contact Information:
Name: [Your Name]
Phone: [Your Phone Number]
Email: [Your Email Address]

Template 5: Winning an Award


[Movie Title] Wins [Award Name]

[City, Date] — [Movie Title], directed by [Director’s Name] and starring [Lead Actor’s Name], has been honored with the prestigious [Award Name] at [Event or Festival Name]. This [Genre] film has captured the hearts of audiences and critics alike, thanks to its [Unique Selling Points of the Movie].

“[Quote from the Director or a Cast Member on winning the award],” exclaimed [Name, Title].
This accolade marks a significant milestone for the film’s journey and is a testament to the hard work of the entire cast and crew.

Discover more about [Movie Title] and its journey to success at [Website URL].

Contact Information:
Name: [Your Name]
Phone: [Your Phone Number]
Email: [Your Email Address]

Template 6: Independent Film Release


[Movie Title] – A Captivating Journey of [Brief Description of the Theme], Premiering at [Festival/Location] on [Date]

[City, Date] — [Movie Title], a thought-provoking film directed by [Director’s Name], makes its debut at [Festival/Event] on [Date]. This film, starring [Lead Actor’s Name], explores [Brief Description of the Plot or Theme], challenging audiences with its deep insights and raw emotion.

“[A Quote from the Director or a Cast Member],” says [Name], [Title].

[Movie Title] has already garnered attention with its [Mention any awards, nominations, or critical acclaim].

Visit [Website URL] for additional information and exclusive behind-the-scenes content.

Contact Information:
Name: [Your Name]
Phone: [Your Phone Number]
Email: [Your Email Address]
Website: [Movie URL]

Template 7: Major Blockbuster Release


[Movie Title] – An Epic Adventure Starring [Lead Actor’s Name] Hits Theaters [Release Date]

[City, Date] — Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime with [Movie Title], starring [Lead Actor’s Name] and directed by [Director’s Name]. This epic story takes you on a thrilling journey in a world where [Brief Description of the Movie Setting]. [Movie Title] is set to premiere in theaters everywhere on [Release Date].

In [Movie Title], [Brief Description of the Plot]. This film features stunning visuals, a gripping storyline, and heart-pounding action that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

“[A Quote from the Director or Lead Actor about the Movie],” said [Name], [Title].
[Optional: Information about special screenings, premieres, or promotional events related to the movie.]

For more information about [Movie Title] and to watch the trailer, visit [Website URL].

Contact Information:
Name: [Your Name]
Phone: [Your Phone Number]
Email: [Your Email Address]

Template 8: Documentary Film Release


[Movie Title] – Unveiling the Truth About [Documentary Subject], Premieres [Date]

[City, Date] — Discover the untold story of [Documentary Subject] in the new documentary, [Movie Title], directed by [Director’s Name]. Premiering on [Release Date], this documentary delves deep into [Brief Description of the Documentary’s Focus].

“[Quote from the Director or Featured Subject],” stated [Name], [Title].

The film is set to screen at [Event or Location] and will be available for streaming at [Streaming Service] starting [Date].

For further details and screening schedules, visit [Website URL].

Contact Information:
Name: [Your Name]
Phone: [Your Phone Number]
Email: [Your Email Address]

Template 9: Family Movie Release


[Movie Title] – Fun and Laughter for the Whole Family, Coming to Theaters [Release Date]

[City, Date] — Bring the whole family to the premiere of [Movie Title], the latest animated sensation from [Production Company], releasing on [Release Date]. Featuring the voices of [Lead Voice Actors], this heartwarming tale explores [Brief Description of the Movie’s Theme].

“[Quote from a Producer or Voice Actor],” exclaimed [Name], [Title].

Don’t miss the special family matinee screenings starting [Start Date of Screenings].

Check out [Website URL] for more fun content and games related to [Movie Title].

Contact Information:
Name: [Your Name]
Phone: [Your Phone Number]
Email: [Your Email Address]

Template 10: Horror Film Release


[Movie Title] – A Terrifying Thrill Ride, Opens [Release Date]

[City, Date] — Experience fear like never before with [Movie Title], the newest horror film from director [Director’s Name], opening in theaters on [Release Date]. Starring [Lead Actor’s Name], this film promises to deliver chills and screams with its [Brief Description of the Horror Elements].

“[Quote from the Director or Lead Actor],” stated [Name], [Title].

For those who dare, [Movie Title] also features special midnight showings across select cities.
Explore more if you dare at [Website URL].

Contact Information:
Name: [Your Name]
Phone: [Your Phone Number]
Email: [Your Email Address]

These templates cover crucial milestones in the lifecycle of a film project, each tailored to communicate key developments effectively.

Notice one key point about this series of templates – you should not rely on one single press release to publicize your movie. That rarely works. You’ll likely want to issue a series of strategic press releases to get and keep the attention you need for your movie to be a success!

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50 Reasons to Write a Press Release for Your Movie

Since you’re normal, I assume you are 100% focused on creating an amazing piece of cinema. But publicity is going to drive the financial success of your movie. So you need to consider releasing multiple press releases throughout the life of your movie.

Here are 50 ideas you may want to consider writing a press release about for your movie:

  1. Announce a new film project. Let the world know you’re starting a new movie, generating initial buzz.
  2. Reveal casting choices. Share who will star in your film, catching fans’ and media interest.
  3. Highlight a partnership. If your film involves a notable collaboration, a press release can spotlight this partnership.
  4. Confirm production dates. Inform the media and stakeholders when shooting begins or ends.
  5. Launch a trailer. Use a press release to announce the release of your movie’s trailer, directing traffic to view it
  6. .

  7. Promote film festivals. When your movie is featured in a festival, announce its participation and screening times.
  8. Celebrate wrapping up production. Mark the completion of filming by sharing what’s next for the movie.
  9. Announce a premiere. Invite press and influencers to your movie’s red carpet premiere.
  10. Detail unique production techniques. Highlight innovative filming techniques or technologies used in your movie.
  11. Introduce new filmmakers. Shine a light on a debut director or screenwriter involved in the project.
  12. Discuss thematic elements. Dive into the themes and messages of your film, appealing to deeper audience interests.
  13. Explain the inspiration behind the film. Share the real-life or fictional inspirations that sparked the creation of your movie.
  14. Announce special editions or re-releases. Inform audiences about special or extended versions.
  15. Highlight awards and nominations. Publicize any accolades or nominations your film receives.
  16. Promote charity tie-ins. If your film is connected to charitable causes, make that known.
  17. Announce a director’s cut or special release. Let enthusiasts know about exclusive versions with added content.
  18. Communicate changes in release dates. Keep your audience informed of any shifts in your release schedule.
  19. Feature guest directors or cameo appearances. Excite your audience with news of special contributions.
  20. Spotlight international releases. Announce when and where your film will be available globally.
  21. Unveil a soundtrack release. Use a press release to announce your film’s soundtrack, especially if it features notable artists.
  22. Highlight technical achievements. If your film excels in areas like VFX or cinematography, let the press know.
  23. Promote viewer contests and giveaways. Engage your audience with fun competitions related to the film.
  24. Announce availability on streaming platforms. Inform viewers when the film can be streamed and on which services.
  25. Detail collaborative projects related to the film. If there are any cross-promotional efforts, such as with video games or books, announce these.
  26. Offer interviews with the cast and crew. Generate more content and depth around your film by offering interviews.
  27. Provide behind-the-scenes insights. Share stories and photos from behind the camera to enrich your audience’s experience.
  28. Announce a sequel or series adaptation. If your film is set to have follow-ups, break the news through a press release.
  29. Highlight film’s participation in charitable activities. Connect your film to positive social impact by detailing its charity involvement.
  30. Promote limited-time screenings. Announce special showings, like IMAX or 3D releases.
  31. Explain the significance of the location. If location plays a key role in your film, highlight its importance.
  32. Showcase a restored version of an old film. If you’re releasing a restoration, a press release can attract fans of classic cinema.
  33. Announce VR or interactive experiences. If your film offers virtual reality experiences, let tech-savvy viewers know.
  34. Promote educational aspects. If your film has educational content, emphasize how it can be a learning tool.
  35. Spotlight eco-friendly production practices. If your production emphasizes sustainability, highlight these efforts.
  36. Celebrate milestones in production or release. Mark significant achievements or anniversaries with a dedicated release.
  37. Announce adaptations from other media. If your film is based on a book or another medium, this can intrigue existing fans.
  38. Detail box office success. Share success stories about your film’s performance to attract further interest.
  39. Promote cross-media tie-ins. If your movie connects with other media forms like comics or series, highlight these extensions.
  40. Announce film-related events or tours. If there are special events like exhibitions or tours, use a press release to invite audiences.
  41. Detail exclusive merchandise. Promote special merchandise related to the film to boost sales and engagement.
  42. Highlight participation in community events. If your film is involved in local festivals or community events, let the public know.
  43. Announce a director or producer’s new role. If key creators in your film take on new significant roles, share this career progress.
  44. Promote a film’s educational distribution. If your film is distributed in schools or universities, announce its educational impact.
  45. Highlight guest writer contributions. If prominent writers contributed to your screenplay, this could attract their followers.
  46. Announce a remake or reboot. When launching a remake, a press release can address why the new version is relevant today.
  47. Promote fan interactions or Q&A sessions. Engage directly with your audience through planned interactive sessions.
  48. Explain changes in cast or crew. If there are major changes in your team, keep your audience updated.
  49. Announce film-related exhibitions or installations. If your film spawns artistic or interactive exhibitions, promote these unique events.
  50. Detail a film’s archival release. If older films from your studio are being archived for public or private viewing, share the news.
  51. Highlight a film’s impact on tourism. If your film has boosted local tourism, discuss the economic and cultural impact.

Each of these reasons offers a strategic opportunity to engage with your audience, build interest, and enhance the visibility of your film.

Movie Press Release Examples

It’s always easier to write when you can see how other people have done it. So, here are 10 sample movie press releases that actually ran in the media:

Example #1: Independent film secures international release

Independent Film, A Rose Between Thorns Secures Deal With Novus Distribution For Worldwide Release

Film’s Director, Nigel “TruCapo” Lewis Locks in Three Picture Deal with Duende Media

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The award-winning independent film, A Rose Between Thorns has landed a distribution deal with Novus Distribution bringing the St. Kitts film to a global audience. A Rose Between Thorns’ Director, Nigel “TruCapo” Lewis signs a three picture deal with Duende Media, the production company behind the independent film.

A Rose Between Thorns is the groundbreaking feature debut by filmmaker, Nigel “TruCapo” Lewis, a native of St. Kitts and Nevis, the smallest islands in the Caribbean. The poignant film, A Rose Between Thorns depicts a young girl’s emotional journey as she uses dance to escape from the pain caused by her violent family life.

The award-winning independent film, A Rose Between Thorns has landed a distribution deal with Novus Distribution.

“A Rose Between Thorns is such an important story that we’re now able to share with a broader audience thanks to Novus Distribution,” said Duende Media’s Head of Development, Juliana Scaminaci. “We look forward to continuing to support Nigel on his filmmaking journey with this film and his future projects.”

Nigel “TruCapo” Lewis began his filmmaking career in 2009 as a music video, commercial and documentary director in St. Kitts and Nevis. He quickly became a coveted director and visionary for local video projects on the Islands. His storytelling displays his passion for his country and his craft capturing the unique cultural experiences of Kittitians and Nevisians.

“This distribution deal means so much to me and to St. Kitts, allowing me to share a film that not only helped kickstart my career but one that means so much to me and my community personally,” said Nigel. “I look forward to working with Duende Media on future pictures that I hope will not only entertain but that will inspire.”

A Rose Between Thorns is the first feature film production to be shot on location with an all-local cast and crew in the island nation of St. Kitts and Nevis. A Rose Between Thorns has been well received at film festivals around the world, after premiering at the American Black Film Festival.

About Duende Media

Duende Media was founded in 2007 by writer, producer and director Agustin Fernandez, a nine time Emmy Award Winner and the executive producer of the Oscar winning documentary, The Lady In Number 6. Duende Media is a full-service production company with a filmography that includes feature-length films Badge of Honor, Dweller, A Rose Between Thorns and the Emmy Award-winning Mini-series, GABRIEL.

About Novus Distribution

Novus Distribution provides alternative distribution solutions for Indie filmmakers. With over 20 years of experience in the film and television industry, Novus understands the obstacles and challenges for the independent filmmakers. Novus’ philosophy is that your film is your property, and as the filmmaker you’re entitled to have control when it comes to distribution.

Example #2: YouTube star announces new theatrical release movie

Sunlight Entertainment & Announce Wide Theatrical Release For Their First Feature Film, ‘Ryan’s World The Movie: Titan Universe Adventure,’ Premiering on Over 2,100 Screens Nationwide August 16th

This Marks The First Ever Wide Theatrical Release For A Digital Creator-Driven Movie, Embracing A Trend Of Fierce Fandom Independent Films Following The Concert Movie Blockbusters Of Last Year

LOS ANGELES, March 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ —, the leading kids and family creator content and IP company, and Sunlight Entertainment, the Kaji family owned production studio, announce today the wide theatrical release for their first feature film, Ryan’s World the Movie: Titan Universe Adventure, premiering on 2,100 screens in theaters nationwide August 16th. The film artistically blends live-action sequences with captivating anime inspired by Ryan’s World flagship series, Titan Universe. Here, viewers witness Ryan’s thrilling metamorphosis into Red Titan, his beloved animated superhero persona.

Building on Sunlight and’s trailblazing successes with Ryan’s World – such as launching the first-ever major toy line from a digital creator (earning over $1B at retail), premiering the first hit TV show from a digital creator (Ryan’s Mystery Playdate on Nickelodeon), and unveiling the inaugural Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon from a digital creator (from 2020 to 2023) – Ryan’s World the Movie: Titan Universe Adventure now marks the historic debut of the first wide theatrical release from a digital creator, setting the stage for fellow creators to chart similar groundbreaking paths. and Sunlight Entertainment, will release the independent film across the United States in all major markets.

“Our decision at to embark on this first-of-its-kind endeavor independently with our partners, Sunlight Entertainment, stems from our incredible confidence that Ryan’s World fans will come out for a magical theatrical experience,” said Chris M. Williams, Founder and CEO at He continued, “We recognize the immense potential of independently distributed theatrical releases from digital creators in shaping the future of cinema as we aim to open doors for future and fellow creators, and elevate the entire creator community.”

Sometimes referred to as “the most popular kid in the world… EVER,” Ryan cemented his status as a worldwide personality known by kids and families on a first name basis ever since he started his YouTube channel in 2015. His audience cannot be understated with a reach of 61 Million subscribers and 83 Billion lifetime views across his YouTube channels with 34 billion minutes watched last year alone, while Ryan’s World series and specials have expanded to 45 platforms globally, including Peacock, Paramount+, Hulu, Sky and Amazon Kids+. Ryan’s World content also anchors Ryan and Friends, the most widely distributed kids FAST channel in the U.S. and Ryan and Friends Plus, the largest independent kids SVOD service in the U.S.

“Making a feature film has been a dream of ours that became a reality,” said Shion Kaji, Ryan’s father and CEO of Sunlight Entertainment. He continued, “We are over the moon that we will be able to share our newest, biggest adventure yet and connect with even more fans who love to laugh, play and learn like we do when Ryan’s World the Movie: Titan Universe Adventure hits theaters this August.”

Ryan’s World the Movie: Titan Universe Adventure is the first theatrical film with the cast made up of digital creators, and features the stars of Ryan’s World, the massively popular Kaji family, playing themselves, Ryan Kaji, Shion Kaji, Loann Kaji, Emma Kaji, and Kate Kaji. is partnered with massively popular creators and their combined roster of 50+ partners has over 1 Billion subscribers on YouTube. tapped into some of those creators to star alongside the Kaji family in the movie including Evangeline Lomelino of GEM Sisters as Aiden (1.3M Subscribers on YouTube and 700M+ Lifetime Views across GEM channels), Dan Rhodes as himself (35.8M followers across TikTok and YouTube garnering 17.5B views on YouTube alone becoming the most viewed magician channel of all time on the platform; and was named YouTube Top 10 Creator of 2022) and Stella Wallace of The Stella Show as Rylexa (1.8M Subscribers on YouTube and 1B+ Lifetime Views).

“Ryan’s authenticity has been the driving force behind his success in connecting to millions of viewers around the world, and I am honored to have the privilege of directing his first-ever movie, transitioning him from YouTube star to movie star,” said Albie Hecht, Chief Content Officer at and film Producer and Director of Ryan’s World the Movie: Titan Universe Adventure. He continued, “This partnership will be a first of its kind, bringing a brilliant YouTube creator’s popularity to the big screen, and opening doors for other creators who follow him.”

In Ryan’s World the Movie: Titan Universe Adventure, Ryan takes to the big screen for his most epic adventure yet. When his twin sisters, Emma and Kate, get sucked into a mystical comic book, Ryan has no choice but to rise up as the great big brother he is and jump in after them. Adventures, battles, and hilarious debacles ensue, as Ryan and his friends navigate the Titan Universe and bring everyone back home safely before his parents catch on.
Ryan’s World the Movie: Titan Universe Adventure is produced by Sunlight Entertainment’s Shion Kaji and Loann Kaji, along with’s Albie Hecht, who also serves as director. The animation was produced by Shin-Ei Animation, the Japanese animation studio behind the popular anime series “Doraemon” and “Crayon Shinchan.” The film is executive produced by’s Chris M. Williams. Diondra Meravi serves as supervising producer. Chase Landau and Rose Frankel from are co-producers. Screenplay by Rose Frankel, with story by Shion Kaji and Rose Frankel. works with the largest kids creators in the world to develop global franchises spanning premium original content, content distribution, retail licensing, and gaming – with the creator network totaling over 1 Billion subscribers and 681 Billion lifetime views on YouTube alone. content is distributed on 45 platforms in over 80 countries, with their content library growing +51.4% YoY to 41K hours available for distribution.’s content library, consisting of tens of thousands of kids and family videos, generates hundreds of millions of hours of viewership every month. The content library comprises many seasons of the company’s breakthrough MishMash™ format alongside originals including Magic Mayhem with Dan Rhodes, Toys and Colors Kaleidoscope City and the Emmy-nominated television series Ryan’s Mystery Playdate.

About is the leading studio building kids and family entertainment franchises with the most popular digital creators in the world. harnesses the power of audiences built on YouTube and expands them across all types of diverse kids and family platforms and experiences. The company brings kids more of what they love from these creators by producing original video and audio content, mobile games, metaverse worlds, live events and robust consumer product lines ranging from toys to toothbrushes. Key franchises include Ryan’s World, Love, Diana, Onyx Monster Mysteries and Toys and Colors: Kaleidoscope City.
The company’s content library, consisting of tens of thousands of kids and family videos, is distributed globally on over 45 platforms, generating hundreds of millions of hours of viewership every month. The content library comprises many seasons of the company’s breakthrough MishMash™ format alongside originals including the Emmy-nominated Ryan’s Mystery Playdate and the animated series Onyx Monster Mysteries and Love, Diana Adventures.
Founded in 2017 by Chris M. Williams (CEO), the company’s headquarters and filming studios are located in Culver City, Calif. The executive team includes studio veterans and visionaries from a mix of traditional and digital entertainment backgrounds, including Albie Hecht and David Williams.

For more information about the portfolio of franchises and creators and its premium slate of content, visit, or check out @pocketwatchHQ on Instagram, /PocketwatchHQ on Facebook, @pocketwatchhq on TikTok @pocketwatchhq, and pocketwatch-studios on LinkedIn.

About Sunlight Entertainment:

Sunlight Entertainment is Ryan Kaji’s family-owned and operated production company that develops family-friendly content that is driven to help kids learn. Founded in 2017, Sunlight Entertainment was created by Ryan and his family to help streamline the workflow of one of YouTube’s largest kids’ channels, Ryan’s World. The company continues to grow and currently manages ten YouTube channels: Ryan’s World, Ryan’s World Español, Ryan’s World in Japanese, EK Doodles, Ryan’s Family Review, Vtubers, Combo Panda, Gus the Gummy Gator, The Studio Space and the Stick with Kaji – Podcast. Sunlight Entertainment employs a 30-person team of videographers, editors, animators, writers and voice actors to help produce live action and animated content — releasing about 25 videos a week. Currently, Ryan’s World has rapidly evolved from a toy review YouTube channel to a global kids play and entertainment brand through digital and broadcast entertainment, toys, and consumer products.

For more information about, please visit

Example #3: Movie picked up by streaming service

Survival Drama ON FIRE Heads to NBC Universal Streaming Service Peacock March 22

LOS ANGELES, March 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Cineverse Corp. (NASDAQ: CNVS) announced today that the pulse-pounding survival drama ON FIRE is coming to the NBC Universal streaming service Peacock this spring. Inspired by the true and harrowing events from several catastrophic wildfires on the Pacific coast, the film premiered at the 2023 Mammoth Film Festival where it was nominated for Best Genre Film. Starring Peter Facinelli (The Twilight Saga), the film is set to premiere on Peacock March 22.

In addition to Facinelli, ON FIRE is anchored by the exceptional talents of Asher Angel (Shazam! Fury of the Gods), Fiona Dourif (Chucky) and Golden Globe nominee Lance Henriksen (Aliens).
ON FIRE tells the story of an ordinary man thrown into extraordinary circumstances. Dave Laughlin (Facinelli) is a humble man who has spent his life working to be a great husband, father and son. Living in a remote area of Northern California, he finds his world suddenly and violently torn apart as devastating wildfires rip through the surrounding area. With precious moments ticking by, Laughlin must flee with his son (Angel) and pregnant wife (Dourif) if they have any hope of surviving the rapid forces of mother nature.

At its core, ON FIRE not only captivates with its compelling narrative, but it also delivers a profound message addressing pressing global climate concerns. The film poignantly tackles the urgent issue of the climate crisis while also paying homage to the unwavering courage and support of our fearless firefighters.

“With a deep and diverse catalog of content, we could not think of a better home for this film,” said Marc Rashba, EVP, Partnerships at Cineverse. “Peacock has an incredible audience, and we feel the themes in the film reflect so many of them. From family and faith to action and survival, this film is able to touch at the core of who we are and the inherent fight within us all.”


Cineverse’s advanced, proprietary technology drives the distribution of over 70,000 premium films, series, and podcasts to more than 150 million unique viewers monthly. From providing a complete streaming solution to some of the world’s most recognizable brands, to super-serving their own network of fan channels, Cineverse (NASDAQ: CNVS) is powering the future of entertainment. For more information, please visit


For Media
The Lippin Group for Cineverse
[email protected]

For Investors
Julie Milstead
[email protected]

Example #4: Indie film announces public release

Example #5: New independent production company to release first feature film

Example #6: Announcement of independent movie awards

Example #7: Documentary announces red carpet premieres

Example #8: Exclusive brand partnership with movie announcement

Example #9: New film sponsored by humanitarian organization premieres

Example #10: Singer announces multi-part movie release–the-movie-to-air-in-17-episodes-on-abcmusicloungecom-97632979.html

Tips to Create a Quality Movie Press Release

You’ve spent months creating your movie, it’s vital you give the press release announcing it the best possible chance at success. So, here are tips to improve the quality of your press release:

  1. Be Concise: Keep your press release short and to the point. Aim for around 400-500 words so that you can quickly capture the reader’s attention without losing their interest.
  2. Use a Catchy Headline: Your headline should be engaging and give a clear idea of what your movie is about. Think of it as the first hook to reel in your audience.
  3. Get to the Point Quickly: Don’t bury the lead. Make sure the most important information is at the beginning of the press release.
  4. Use Active Voice: Write in an active voice to make your press release lively and engaging. This helps to keep the reader interested.
  5. Include Quotes: Add quotes from the director, actors, or producers. This personalizes the press release and can provide insight into the movie.
  6. Add a Human Element: Talk about the inspiration behind the movie or any interesting stories from the set. This can make your release more relatable and engaging.
  7. Optimize for SEO: Use keywords related to your movie, such as the genre, names of the cast and crew, and key themes. This helps in making your press release more visible online.
  8. Include High-Quality Images: If possible, include a high-quality still from the movie or behind-the-scenes photos. Visuals can make your press release more appealing.
  9. Proofread Thoroughly: Errors can detract from your message. Proofread your press release multiple times, or have someone else review it to catch any mistakes.
  10. Include a Clear Call to Action: Tell the reader where they can watch the trailer, buy tickets, or learn more about the film. Make it easy for them to take the next step.
  11. Target the Right Audience: Tailor your language and information to appeal to the specific audience that would be interested in your movie.
  12. Be Timely: Release your press release at a strategic time, such as just before your movie premieres, during a major film festival, or right after a significant award win.
  13. Use Data and Statistics: If available, include interesting data or statistics such as social media engagement rates or crowdfunding success to bolster your release.
  14. Stay On Brand: Ensure that the tone and style of your press release match the branding of your movie. Consistency is key in effective communication.
  15. Follow Up: After sending out your press release, follow up with key contacts to ensure they received it and to answer any questions they might have.

These tips will help you craft a press release that not only informs but also excites and engages your intended audience.

Using a Press Release Distribution Service like to Send It Out

Using a press release distribution service like can be a crucial step in ensuring your movie press release reaches the right audience. Here’s why it’s so important:

Maximize Your Reach

With, your press release can reach a vast network of media outlets, journalists, and newsrooms. This isn’t just about quantity; it’s about quality. These are connections that might take years for you to build on your own. By leveraging their extensive network, you ensure your news is seen by key influencers in the industry.

Target the Right People allows you to target specific journalists and media outlets that are most likely to be interested in your movie. This targeted approach means your press release isn’t just cast out into the void. Instead, it lands directly in the inboxes of those who are most likely to cover your story, increasing your chances of getting noticed.

Gain Credibility

When your press release is distributed by a recognized service like, it gains an additional layer of credibility. Journalists and editors trust established distribution services and are more likely to consider your press release seriously if it comes through a reputable channel.

Save Time

Sending out press releases individually can be incredibly time-consuming. streamlines this process, allowing you to focus on other promotional activities. You prepare your press release, and they handle the distribution, saving you precious time and effort.

Track Your Results provides analytics and reporting tools that help you understand how your press release performs. You can see how many people viewed it, who downloaded it, and what kind of engagement it received. This information is vital for understanding the effectiveness of your press release and can help guide your future marketing strategies.

Using a service like can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your press release efforts, making sure your movie gets the attention it deserves in a crowded marketplace.

Writing and Distributing Your Movie Press Release

Crafting an effective movie press release and utilizing a distribution service like are critical steps in your film’s promotional strategy. A well-written press release can capture the attention of the media, generate buzz among potential viewers, and provide essential information about your movie in a concise and engaging manner.

By leveraging the reach and credibility of a professional distribution service, you ensure that your press release makes an impact, reaching industry influencers and maximizing exposure for your project.

Remember, your goal is to not only inform but also excite and engage your audience, setting the stage for a successful movie launch. Whether you’re an indie filmmaker or part of a larger studio, these tools are indispensable in navigating the competitive landscape of the film industry and achieving visibility in a sea of entertainment options.

Press Release Examples Across Several Industries

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Additional Press Release Examples

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