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Quantify Fitness, Home of the 10 Minute per Week Workout, Celebrates Grand Opening in Nashville, Offers Two-Week Free Trial

NASHVILLE, Tenn.Feb. 14 /PRNewswire/ — Residents of Music City now have a smarter, simpler, more effective option for getting fit: The Quantify Fitness ( “smart-gym” provides a focused and individualized workout that delivers measurable results and benefits in just 10 minutes per week. And, for a limited time, new clients can take advantage of a free, two-week trial and see these results for themselves.

“At Quantify Fitness, we believe in exercising smarter, not longer,” says Founder Josh Jarrett. “The key is sustainability and our focus is on improving health, regardless of age or fitness level, by removing the biggest obstacle to exercise, which is lack of time.  The bottom line is that it’s not necessary to spend hours sweating in a traditional gym. Anyone can improve their physical health in just 10 minutes a week, no gimmick, with the help of our state-of-the-art technology and research backed methods.”

The centerpiece of that technology is ARX exercise equipment, which can accommodate any user’s level of strength or mobility and provide perfect resistance. The ARX workout consists of three multi-joint movements designed to activate all the major muscle groups. Built-in software provides motivation and feedback, as well as tracking progress over time. Even total beginners can see almost immediate results.

Quantify Fitness is ideal for busy adults who have struggled to carve out several hours each week for the gym or personal training. Jarrett and his team can help people of any fitness level see measurable results, build strength, increase muscle and bone density, lose fat, improve balance and posture, and experience fewer aches and pains. Best of all, this “smarter, not longer” approach is safe, fast and effective with virtually zero risk of overtraining.

Since soft opening in July 2016, Quantify Fitness has received numerous positive reviews from clients, many of whom were skeptical at first. “What a great workout!” exclaimed Rachel S. “It felt like I spent 45 minutes in a High Intensity Interval Training class, but I was in and out in 16 minutes. Josh is very patient and informed, which was great because I had a lot of questions. The machines are awesome and I can easily work it into my pretty crazy schedule.” Carey J. added that the Quantify Fitness workout is a “really great way to stay fit with a busy lifestyle.”

Other services available at Quantify Fitness include personal training and an infrared sauna. One-on-one personal training programs are tailored to the needs of each individual and include infrared sauna sessions, which penetrate and stimulate the body at the cellular level while helping shrink stubborn belly fat.

Soon, Quantify Fitness will offer neuro-feedback brain training to improve mental clarity and performance. Jarrett also intends to open additional locations to meet the growing demand.

About Quantify Fitness

Quantify Fitness opened in July 2016. The founder and CEO (Chief Exercise Officer), Josh Jarrett, is a National Strength & Conditioning Association Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA-CPT), a Certified Bulletproof Coach, a Certified NeurOptimal Brain Trainer, and a Health, Fitness, and Technology Geek. Josh also has 20 years of experience in the insurance industry where he is responsible for sophisticated data analytics. With his extensive analytics background, Josh and his wife Jessica designed Quantify Fitness to help clients objectively and realistically achieve their health and fitness goals by reaching a state of high performance, resilience, and vibrant health.


Josh Jarrett, Founder and CEO
[email protected]

SOURCE: Quantify Fitness

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How to Write and Distribute a Press Release for Fitness Marketers

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What to Write a Fitness-oriented Press Release About

Need ideas for fitness industry topics you could write a press release about? Here are 25 ideas to get you started:

  1. Announce the launch of a groundbreaking new fitness product, such as an innovative workout equipment, specialized fitness classes or programs, and personalized training plans designed to revolutionize the industry.
  2. Generate buzz by collaborating with high-profile influencers or celebrities through celebrity endorsements, strategic social media partnerships, and sponsored content that appeals to a wide audience.
  3. Promote health and wellness initiatives by organizing engaging community fitness events, hosting charity workout challenges, and conducting informative wellness workshops or seminars for the public.
  4. Attract new members with the announcement of new fitness center locations or expansions, featuring grand opening events, exclusive facility tours, and enticing special membership offers.
  5. Showcase inspiring success stories and testimonials by highlighting remarkable transformation stories, client achievements, and compelling case studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of your fitness programs.
  6. Share your brand’s awards and accolades, emphasizing industry recognition, best gym or fitness class awards, and the accomplishments of your dedicated staff.
  7. Boost brand visibility by hosting or sponsoring high-profile fitness events such as fitness expos, local races or marathons, and immersive wellness retreats.
  8. Stand out from the competition by introducing unique features or technology in your offerings, like virtual reality workouts, wearable fitness devices, and gamification elements that make exercising more enjoyable.
  9. Demonstrate your commitment to the environment by promoting sustainable and eco-friendly practices, including green initiatives, eco-friendly products or equipment, and forging community partnerships that focus on conservation.
  10. Position your brand as a thought leader by sharing expert advice and insights on topics such as professional fitness tips, nutrition guidance, and mental health and wellbeing support for clients.
  11. Announce partnerships with leading fitness or health-related brands, highlighting co-branded products, shared events, and joint promotional campaigns that cater to the fitness enthusiast.
  12. Offer exclusive limited-time promotions and deals, featuring seasonal discounts, referral rewards, and bundle packages that provide value for both new and existing members.
  13. Celebrate milestones and anniversaries, such as the number of members served, years in business, or significant company achievements, to demonstrate your brand’s growth and success.
  14. Introduce a new fitness app or digital platform, focusing on its features like personalized workout plans, progress tracking, and access to a community of like-minded individuals for motivation and support.
  15. Emphasize diversity and inclusion initiatives by offering specialized classes and programs for various age groups, fitness levels, and backgrounds, as well as accessibility features for individuals with disabilities.
  16. Launch a corporate wellness program designed to improve employee health and productivity, showcasing tailored fitness solutions, wellness workshops, and on-site facilities for businesses.
  17. Share research or studies conducted by your brand or in collaboration with universities or research institutions, highlighting the effectiveness and benefits of your fitness programs or methodologies.
  18. Offer free resources and educational content, such as e-books, webinars, and blog posts, covering various aspects of fitness, nutrition, and mental health, to build trust and authority within the industry.
  19. Announce a scholarship or grant program for aspiring fitness professionals or students, emphasizing your brand’s commitment to education and support for the next generation of industry leaders.
  20. Host a social media contest or giveaway, offering exciting prizes like free memberships, fitness gear, or personal training sessions, to engage and grow your online audience.
  21. Partner with local schools or youth organizations to promote physical activity and healthy habits among younger generations, through educational programs, fitness classes, or equipment donations.
  22. Offer a loyalty program or membership perks, showcasing benefits such as exclusive discounts, early access to events, and personalized training plans that encourage long-term commitment to your brand.
  23. Share tips for home workouts and remote fitness options, emphasizing the adaptability of your services or products for those who prefer or need to exercise outside of a traditional gym environment.
  24. Emphasize mental health and wellness support by offering resources, workshops, or classes that focus on the connection between physical and mental health, such as mindfulness, meditation, or stress management techniques.
  25. Introduce a line of branded merchandise, including workout apparel, accessories, or fitness equipment, showcasing high-quality and stylish products that promote brand loyalty and help members showcase their pride in your fitness community.

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