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At we’re all about helping you build your business by maximizing the return you get on your press releases and public relations activities.

One of the ways we do that is by providing absolutely free instructions, templates, and samples of press releases to make it easy for you to craft amazing press releases.

Here are just a few of those resources to help you:

How to Write a Press Release Training and Examples

  1. Press Release Template
  2. How to Format a Press Release
  3. How to Write a Press Release Headline
  4. How to Include Quotes in Your Press Releases
  5. How to Write a Press Release: An Advanced Guide
  6. Press Release Examples & Sample Press Releases
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What Are You Announcing? Examples and Templates by Type Of Press Release

  1. Launching a New Product
    1. New Product Press Release Instructions
    2. More New Product Launch Examples and Templates
    3. Tech Launch Example
  2. Launching a Product Improvement
  3. An Event
    1. More Event Examples and Templates
  4. A Grand Opening
  5. Achievement of a Major Milestone
    1. Individual Completes Milestone Example
    2. Podcast Achieves Major Milestone
  6. Receipt of an Award or Recognition
    1. More Awards Achievement Examples
  7. A New Hire or Promotion
    1. More New Hire or Promotion Examples and Templates
  8. A Partnership With Another Organization
    1. Tech Company Announces Licensing Deal
  9. An Acquisition or Merger
  10. Social Cause Activities
  11. Release of a New Book
    1. More New Book Examples and Templates
    2. Author Announces New Book Press Release Example
    3. Foundation Publishing Example
  12. Political Campaign Activities
    1. Individual Announces Candidacy in Election – Press Release Examples
  13. Music-Related Announcement
    1. How to Write a Music Press Release
    2. Music Producers, Directors & Songwriters Press Release Example
    3. Musician & Theater Press Release Example
  14. School/University Announcements
    1. Student Wins Major Award Press Release Example
  15. Media, Network, and Local Station Announcements
  16. Nonprofit Announcements
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Press Release Examples Across Several Industries

advertising marketing iconAdvertising & Marketing Press Release Examplesautomobile iconAutomotive Press Release Examples
Art Press Release Examplesbank iconBanking & Financial Services Press Release Examples
books iconBooks Press Release Examplesbusiness iconBusiness Press Release Examples
electronics iconConsumer Electronics Press Release Exampleseducation iconEducation Press Release Examples
environment iconEnvironment & Ecology Press Release Examplesfashion iconFashion Press Release Examples
fitness iconFitness Press Release Examplesfood iconFood & Beverage Press Release Examples
government iconGovernment Press Release Exampleshealthcare iconHealthcare Press Release Examples
hotel iconHotel Press Release Examplesinternet iconInternet Technology Press Release Examples
investment iconInvestments Press Release Exampleslaw firm iconLaw Firm Press Release Examples
personal finance iconPersonal Finance Press Release Examplespets iconPets Press Release Examples
real estate iconReal Estate Press Release Examplesretailing iconRetailing Press Release Examples
seniors iconSeniors Press Release Examplessoftware iconSoftware Press Release Examples
sports iconSports Press Release Examplestransportation iconTransportation & Trucking Press Release Examples
travel iconTravel Press Release Examples
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Finally, here are some tips and training to help you write an amazing press release:

Additional Press Release Resources

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