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Fashion Accessories by Parvane Provides Ethical Alternatives for Eco-conscious Leather Consumers, Offers Discounts Through May

Reclaimed, vegetable-tanned leather allows patrons to enjoy fine Italian products without harming animals or the environment

VANCOUVER, British ColumbiaApril 22 /PRNewswire/ — Consumers who love leather handbags but don’t want to support the conventional leather production industry now have an ethical alternative: Fashion Accessories by Parvane. With eco-friendly vegetable-tanned leather handbags imported from Italy and made from hides reclaimed from the meat industry, Parvane is one of the few leather accessories retailers making sure customers can enjoy beautiful leather products without harming animals or the environment. And until the end of May, Parvane is offering its Italian leather handbags, computer bags, messenger bags and wallets for up to 70% off.

The leather in the I Medici bags from Parvane is vegetable-tanned, making it biodegradable and free of toxic chemicals, including the chromium salts typically used to tan leather. Thus the bags are ideal for people who suffer from chrome allergies.

“The vast majority of the world’s leather is chrome tanned,” explains Parvane founder Parvaneh Zamani. “Chrome tanning is environmentally destructive and produces leather that is not biodegradable and cannot be worn by those with chrome allergies. Vegetable tanning is safe, natural and non-toxic, and it produces a lovely, warm leather with a rich look and feel.”

Zamani founded Parvane nine years ago with the goal of offering traditional Italian leather bags to a global audience. She chose to carry I Medici bags on because she knew she wasn’t the only one who wanted beautiful leather accessories that were environmentally friendly.

“One of the things that really sets our bags apart from many other leather bags available today is the leather sourcing,” said Zamani. “I Medici bags are made from rawhides discarded by the meat industry and reclaimed by the tanneries. No animals are killed for their skin.”

In addition to the sale that will run through May, which discounts I Medici handbags to as low as $49.00, Parvane offers free shipping to the U.S. and Canada year-round. All authentic I Medici leather handbags come with original factory tags displaying the Genuine Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather Consortium trademark and serial number.

About Fashion Accessories by Parvane

Founded in 2006 by Parvaneh Zamani, Fashion Accessories by Parvane is a leading Canadian retailer of leather handbags, purses, computer bags, messenger bags and wallets imported directly from Italy and Europe. In addition to its leather goods, Parvane also offers wool and silk scarves from Nepal. Learn more and view the entire Parvane collection at

Parvaneh Zamani
Fashion Accessories by Parvane

SOURCE: Fashion Accessories by Parvane

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