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What To Do After You Get Media Coverage

April 26 2013

When the topic of getting media coverage comes up, we spend all of our time talking about how to get said coverage, as if that’s the only thing you need to do. But the truth is that once you land that media coverage you so desire, your job isn’t over. It’s not time to sit back and celebrate yet. You still have some work to do. Read More

What Can You Do With That Press Release You Just Wrote?

April 25 2013

I know a guy who is a school teacher by day and a freelance writer at night. He does pretty well for himself and does a good job at keeping his two lives separate; however, every now and then someone from school finds his freelance site and starts asking questions. When that happens, he inevitably ends up getting volunteered to do extra writing for the school, as he’s told me about on numerous occasions. Read More

There are Times When It’s Okay to Turn Down a Media Interview Opportunity

April 24 2013

Many people believe that you should take advantage of every media interview you’re offered. They say that if there’s a chance to get your name out there, you do it. Read More

5 Ways to Annoy the Crap Out of Reporters

April 23 2013

It stands to reason that if you want to get press for your company you shouldn’t piss off the people who can give it to you. Media relations is an incredibly important component of getting publicity, and unfortunately, it’s a component that a lot of people mishandle. Too many time, overly eager business people don’t know how to deal with the media, and as a result, they end up doing things that annoy the crap out of reporters. And when you annoy the crap out of reporters, they tend to not show much interest in covering your company…like, ever. Read More

Why It’s Harder Than Ever To Get Newspaper Coverage

April 18 2013

For those of us who have been in this industry for a while, it doesn’t seem like all that long ago that getting mainstream press coverage in newspapers was a top priority. But in this digital age, we’ve seen an evolution or rebirth of journalism, and the truth is that getting your story in a newspaper (or on a newspaper’s website) isn’t the only path to PR success. With blogs, podcasts, YouTube, social media, niche news sites, and a host of other channels available for spreading your message, getting mainstream media coverage just isn’t as important as it used to be. Read More

Does Keyword Density Matter in Your Press Releases?

April 17 2013

Once upon a time, search engine optimization used to be all about keywords. Pretty much all you had to do to get something to rank was pepper it with the right keywords, and you were all set. This applied to press releases too. You’d simply put the keywords you were targeting in the headline, body, and backlinks, and you could fairly easily grow your search engine presence. Read More

Hot Tips for Writing a Better Boilerplate

April 16 2013

Would you believe me if I said the boilerplate was one of the most important parts of your press release? Think about it – this is the chunk of text that gets used time and time again in every press release you send out. When you’re distributing press releases on a regular basis, that means your boilerplate is going out to hundreds of different places all over the internet. It’s the paragraph that concludes every press release, making a strong statement about what your company does and what makes you different. It’s also the paragraph that journalists will refer to and borrow information from when writing about your company. Read More

The “Nuclear Option” for Social Media Posts

April 15 2013

Have you heard of the “nuclear option?” It’s whatever option is available to you that you hope will blow up like crazy, but you want to save until a last resort. In other words, you have a tactic you know will work on a large scale, but may have other consequences; hence your hesitation to actually use it. Read More

Running From Success

April 10 2013

Do you ever feel like success is running away from you? I know I occasionally feel like true success is just out of reach. This is usually a result of setting my goals way too high and not knowing what I want at the time. When I re-evaluate what I’m actually reaching for suddenly I realize just how well I’m really doing. Read More

Will Newspapers Always be a Part of PR?

April 09 2013

Generally, when people think of public relations, at some point a newspaper will flash in their mind. That’s because for most people two things are true: newspapers are a thing that exists, and written press releases – designed for print media – are a big way in which companies spread news regarding their recent developments. Read More