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The days of sitting back and waiting for the media to come interview you or cover your company are long gone. These days, one of the best ways to get your name out there is by writing contributed articles to targeted publications your audience reads. That’s right, you need to be the content creator. Dwindling staffs and budgets have left publications of all sizes with content gaps that need to be filled, and pitching your own articles give you the ability to establish your expertise, share your message, and be a part of the conversation with your audience. It also gives you more control over the message than if someone from the publication was the one writing about you.

business meeting conference journalism microphonesOf course, there are some rules that need to be followed when penning guest articles. These guidelines vary from one publication to another, but the one rule that just about every media outlet has is that your article can’t be self-promotional or sales-oriented in nature. That’s right – your article isn’t going to be one long advertisement for your brand. If that’s what the publication wanted, they’d make you pay for the space.

Instead of trying to write a piece that’s just a big pat on your own back, you need to pitch something that’s useful to the readers. A contributed article should be based on your expertise. You should draw on your life experiences to create a piece that shares your unique knowledge in a way that helps the reader. Focus on the problems that your audience is dealing with. Think about the types of experiences they encounter when dealing with your products and services, and offer them your unique insight into successful ideas for dealing with these issues.

The great thing about writing a contributed article that draws from your own life and business experiences is that it highlights your expertise and knowledge while also injecting your personality into the story. This helps your build rapport with your audience, and the trust you earn will eventually carry over to your brand. That’s a true PR win.


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