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Are Social Media Relationships Real Relationships?

June 19 2013

Social media is obviously here to stay as it just becomes more and more powerful over the years. While the format has changed from your MySpaces to your Twitters and Facebooks and what not, social media is absolutely everywhere now. More pertinent to you, social media is becoming one of the most important aspects of public relations, and the trend doesn’t seem to have an end.  Read More

Why Bad News Can Be Good News

June 17 2013

Oh man. You were out buying a coffee and happened to see somebody’s laptop playing a video and your company’s name flashed across the screen. The reporter certainly didn’t look happy – and now your phone is buzzing like crazy. This week definitely just got way longer.  Read More

Finding Your Voice When Most of Them are Already Taken

June 10 2013

Business blogs everywhere all say the same thing: find your company’s “voice” and half the work is done for you. Suddenly everyone knows you because of your unique presence and you can’t physically stop the money from rolling right into your bank account! Read More

The 10 Traits of a Kick Ass PR Pro

June 05 2013

Want to be better at PR? Then you need to develop the traits shared by the PR pros who kick ass. I’m talking about the PR guys and gals who have all the right connections, know how to pitch a winning story, and always seem to be getting media coverage. Read More

Choosing the Right Keywords for Your Press Release

June 04 2013

In one report from comScore, it was revealed that U.S. searchers conducted 371 million news-related searches on search engines in February 2012. 371 million news-related searches in one month! Read More

What You Can Learn From This One-Sentence Press Release

May 31 2013

A few weeks back, the popular rock band Stone Temple Pilots made a major splash in the news when they announced they were firing their lead singer Scott Weiland. The group announced this shocking news in a one-sentence press release that simply read, “Stone Temple Pilots have announced they have officially terminated Scott Weiland.” Read More

Can You Actually Be Creative With Press Releases?

May 29 2013

Press releases are like freshwater aquariums: if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. Occasionally they do come in different shapes or sizes and the fish vary, but inevitably when someone asks you to see their freshwater aquarium you just roll your eyes in mock anticipation. Read More

5 Powerful Tips for PR Students

May 28 2013

Making the most of your time at school as a PR student is essential to getting a powerful start to your career. Here are 5 tips every PR student should follow: Read More

Are Your Press Releases Written in AP Style?

May 24 2013

There’s more to writing a press release than the average person thinks. Not only is there a particular format to follow (headline, summary, date, content, about the company), but there are also a set of standard procedures you should adhere to. This is known as “Proper AP Style.” No clue what that means? If not, read on and learn how to make sure your press releases follow commonly held stylistic procedures. Read More

How to Keep Your Social Networking Accounts Safe from Hackers

May 23 2013

Last month, both Burger King and Jeep had their Twitter accounts hacked. In both cases, the hackers posted that the companies had been sold to their competitors (Burger King to McDonald’s and Jeep to Cadillac) and posted a series of damaging and obscene messages. While the story might appear funny to the average person, the truth is that social networking hacking represents a very real threat to companies of all sizes. Read More