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Stories are only as good as their endings. If you have an amazing story but goof up the very last part it leaves a bad taste in readers’ mouths. Even though they enjoyed the story up until that point, it will be the main thing they remember, guaranteed. 

Безымянный-2This goes for every single thing you write, be it a creative short story, a blog post, or even a press release. The very ending solidifies the piece with your readers and, in the case of a press release, can help create real interest in your announcement and the company as a whole.

Want to improve your press release endings? Here are three tips. 

1. A Strong Statement 

Whether you close out the press release with a quote from your CEO or one last vital piece of information, it’s important to remember that the press release is all about sending a message. Rather than just concentrate on pure facts, a closing statement could wrap up the press release for everyone reading. Leave them with a strong statement that makes them recall a powerful image.

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For example, if you’re writing a press release about a new product, you want to burn the image into readers’ minds that it will change their lives. So a quote from a satisfied customer or real-world example of how the product will affect readers can go a long way in closing out strongly. 

2. Common Ground 

Readers really respond to companies that seem to “get” them. If you can tap into why your customers love your company or WILL love your company, you can close out your press release with this sentiment for a little added “oomph.”

For instance let’s say your intended audience already knows about your product line. When you close out your press release about your brand new product, simply remind them why they love you in the first place. Something like “You’ve seen what we can do for your life. Now come check out the future of MegaCorp Inc. with the new HyperVox 3000!”

Many customers just need the simplest push to send them over the edge to buy more of your stuff. Remind them that they already love you can be that push. 

3. Squeeze in Some More Relevant Info 

Most likely you know to write in the “inverted pyramid” style where the most important data goes up top and the lesser stuff trickles down. You make sure to get in all the who, what, where, etc., so that readers get the whole story. However, sometimes some info doesn’t seem all that relevant near the top. Thus, you’re hesitant to include it.

If you get to the bottom and realize there’s some info you couldn’t fit into the rest of the press release, consider putting it in the closing sentence. It may round out the release in readers’ minds as they feel like they got even more of the story.

Example: You’ve already detailed the event your company is hosting, including the location, time, and those in attendance. While the fact your event is in its fourth year may not be totally relevant, it could be in the closing sentence. In fact, it could lend certain credibility to the event as readers will know it’s not your first rodeo.

What’s the best example of a closing sentence you’ve seen?

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