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Will Newspapers Always be a Part of PR?

April 09 2013

Generally, when people think of public relations, at some point a newspaper will flash in their mind. That’s because for most people two things are true: newspapers are a thing that exists, and written press releases – designed for print media – are a big way in which companies spread news regarding their recent developments. Read More

How to Keep a Stale PR Campaign Fresh

April 08 2013

P.U.! Do you smell that? Something stinks, and it’s not the month old bread you left on top of the fridge (well, it may be that, too. Go throw it away). Your campaign has been sitting around for way too long and it’s starting to go crusty and turn funny colors. For some reason, you’re just ignoring it as it dies. Read More

So You Just Offended a Large Portion of Your Customer Base…

April 05 2013

Well, it finally happened. The dreaded day when you wake up and realize those 10,000 emails in your inbox means you’re going to have a very bad day…week…month. You or another member of your team posted something online or your company ran a commercial and now thousands of people are clamoring for your head. Or, at the very least, an explanation. Read More

Be Exciting! Be Dangerous! Just Don’t Be Boring

April 04 2013

A friend of mine is a movie aficionado, so much so that he started a movie review website. He’s one of those film buffs that can’t just tell you if a movie is “good” or “bad.” If you ask him, you better be prepared to sit down for a while and have a working idea of film theory. Read More

How to Know if Your Event Warrants a Press Release

April 02 2013

Newsflash—the internet is flooded with crappy content. Among that crappy content are thousands, if not millions, of worthless press releases. You know the kind. You’ve probably read a few of them when you first started writing press releases and you scoured the web looking for examples. You know—the releases that you finish reading and all you can say is, “Huh? What’s the news?” Read More

How Should You Conclude Your Press Release?

April 02 2013

In life there are two kinds of people: those who start things only to walk away, and those who finish what they began. And when it comes to writing a press release (or any form of copy, for that matter), it’s easy to get lumped in that first group. Why? Because when you sit down to write a press release, you have a good idea of what it’s going to be about, so getting started is easy. However, once you’re a paragraph or two in, it’s also easy to hit that wall and wonder how in the world you’re going to finish things up.
Read More

Your Competitors Know What You’re Up to Online

March 26 2013

Hey, guess what? Everyone in your community is watching you, including all the people who want you to fail so they can capitalize on your demise. Your competitors are watching you like a hawk – especially what you’re doing online! Read More

Why You Should Always, Always Be Nice

March 25 2013

It’s always upsetting when you contact someone from your favorite company or brand only to find out they’re extremely rude or uncaring. You like to think just because their product is awesome that they must be cool as well, but that’s not always the case. Whether it’s hubris or ignorance, some company reps just don’t get why they should be nice when they’re already making money. Read More

Are You Getting the Maximum Mileage from Your Press Releases?

March 11 2013

You spend a lot of time, energy, and maybe even money writing and distributing your press releases. It seems like kind of a shame (and a waste) to spend so many resources writing a press release only for you to send it out and forget all about it. Surely, you should be getting more from all your hard work, right? Read More

Leveraging Your Case Studies for PR Gain

March 07 2013

Case studies are an incredibly powerful marketing and PR tool. In fact, in the 2012 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends Report from the Content Marketing Institute, 70 percent of B2B marketers said that they believe case studies are an effective marketing tool. It was one of the highest rated content marketing tactics in the survey. Read More