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  1. Contacting Bloggers and Journalists: A How To

    April 10 2017

    The nice thing about contacting bloggers and journalists is that the basics of reaching out to them are the same as if you were reaching out to a friend. First off, you want to personalize your greeting. You wouldn’t reach out a friend with a Dear (Insert Name Here) or you would have a very confused friend. You also wouldn’t reach out a friend with some random, off the wall request that had nothing to do with them. The same is said for journalists and bloggers, you want to know what interests them and what they write about BEFORE you consider sending them a pitch or a press release….

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  2. Pitch vs. Press Release: What’s the Difference?

    March 20 2017

    Have some news about your company? Do you have a new product coming out? What about some new services? You might be thinking that now is a great time to write a press release about the goings-on at your place of business. However, not all news requires a press release and more often than not, your news doesn’t warrant a formal press release….

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  3. 5 Advices for Small Business Growth in the Industry

    February 24 2017

    Ensuring the growth of your small business is imperative to its success. You can’t expect greatness if you don’t constantly work on improving your entire business and that cannot be done without certain things. For starters, you need a great marketing campaign that will bring in new customers. You’ll also need to plan everything else accordingly and create certain milestones for the business. These milestones will help you reach your end goal, and they will help you constantly see how well your business is doing. Overall, you just need to work hard and dedicate yourself to the success of your business. Here are 5 advices for small business growth in the industry….

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  4. 12 Ideas to Fill Your Editorial Calendar

    February 20 2017

    As 2016 winds down, we are starting to look at filling our content calendar for 2017. It’s difficult to keep content fresh, which is why we start brainstorming early on. If you know your niche and what your customers respond to, putting ideas on your calendar shouldn’t be too hard. However, we have 15 easy ideas to keep your readers hooked and coming back for more….

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  5. 7 Tips for Using Metrics to Improve PR Campaigns

    February 10 2017

    Thanks to the date from metrics, it has become easier to measure the effectiveness of PR campaigns. Historically, in order to gauge how successful a particular campaign was, PR professionals had to rely on somewhat mysterious reach and circulation numbers. Now anyone can improve their PR campaigns using a variety of easy to find and understand metrics.

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  6. 4 Tips for Understanding Social Media Metrics

    February 06 2017

    Contrary to popular belief, you do not need an advanced degree in social media to understand its metrics. Even though there are many different metrics to look at for your business, the important question to ask yourself with each of them is whether or not that metric is helping you to make choices and take action….

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  7. 7 Tips to Improve Facebook Targeting

    January 23 2017

    If you use Facebook for advertising your business, you probably have already seen just how many different ways you can market to potential customers. Even the smallest change you make, like switching out an image or changing the tone can make a big difference in the outcome of the advertisement….

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  8. 5 Google+ Hangout Ideas for Small Business

    January 09 2017

    Ever had a situation with a customer that really wasn’t resolved via email? Perhaps you needed to be able to chat with them face to face in order to figure out the best way to resolve their situation? This situation pops up for many small business owners and employees, most often when there isn’t time to drive to where the customer’s location. Thankfully, we have Google+ Hangouts, where you can video chat with your customers at any time from a computer, tablet, smartphone….

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  9. A Pinterest Business Account: Why You Should Have One

    December 26 2016

    It seems like everyone is on Pinterest these days. Whether it’s finding that perfect recipe or planning your dream house, Pinterest is a great way to gather all of your ideas in one place. It’s also a great place to gain new customers and make a little money. If you don’t already have a Pinterest Business account or if you have been using your personal one for your work, here are a few reasons to get one….

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  10. Need Some Inspiration? 15 Great Quotes to Motivate You

    December 12 2016

    Are you having a blah day? Struggling to find the motivation to get started on your work? We all have these days. You wake up in the morning, ready to tackle the day, but after that first cup of coffee you just stare blankly at your computer screen….

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