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  1. Refresh Your Ideas: 7 Ideas to Update Old Content

    August 22 2016

    There are many reasons why it is a good idea to refresh or reuse your blog content from time to time. First off, updating content takes a lot less time than creating an original post from scratch. Second, if your audience as grown over the life of your blog, most people haven’t seen this earlier post so it’s brand new to them. Third, if you’ve changed your mind or new research has come out about your topic, it’s always wise to update your previous thoughts. Because of the way SEO works, people searching specifically for the topic(s) mentioned in your blog may still stumble across it even if it is years old. It’s in your best interest to make sure that the article is accurate and reflects your true feelings….

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  2. How to Get Better Media Coverage for Your Release

    August 08 2016

    Anyone familiar with marketing their business will recognize that frustrating moment when they wish someone would pay attention to their press release. Sometimes the lack of attention is attributed to something as simple as not having an attention grabbing headline or focusing on the wrong media outlet. It doesn’t mean the press release isn’t newsworthy, just that you haven’t framed it in the right way to catch the eye….

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  3. Facebook Instant Articles: Getting Started Sharing Your Content

    July 25 2016

    Last year, Facebook introduced Instant Articles to get their toe in the publishing game. They also wanted to offer an option for faster downloads and better displays of content, which meant having the content open directly in Facebook’s app, instead an outside website. It started as a beta test with a few large publishers like National Geographic and Buzzfeed, and last month Instant Articles opened to everyone with a Facebook page….

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  4. Calls to Action: 5 Tips to Make Them Better

    July 11 2016

    Great calls to action are usually part of a great design and they contain great copy. Moved to click a call to action on a website? It is usually because it stands out from the page and because the wording intrigues you. If there are multiple CTAs on a site, they must be differentiated from each other both by color and word choice to guide the reader easily….

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  5. 7 Tips for Getting Started on YouTube for Business

    June 27 2016

    Often when you think of social media for business, you immediately think of Facebook or Twitter. Many companies don’t even consider YouTube as a great alternative to the standard networks, which can be a boon for you. YouTube levels the playing field, allowing smaller businesses to compete with much larger ones. All it requires is creative content and timely delivery….

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  6. 5 Tips for Effective Email Newsletters

    June 13 2016

    Ah, the dreaded newsletter. Either they never get opened or worse, they head directly to the spam folder. It seems every nearly every company, brand, or organization offers some type of email newsletter, whether or not it gets read is another story. So what can you do to set your newsletter apart from the thousands sent out daily?…

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  7. 6 Free Online Tools for Small Business

    May 30 2016

    Starting a business is hard and keeping it in the black is even harder. It seems everyone wants a nice chunk of change between bills, rent, taxes, and salaries. With all that money going out the door, finding a free service to handle an aspect of your business is awesome news….

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  8. Yes, It IS Possible to Sell a Service on Instagram

    May 16 2016

    Perhaps you have never considered Instagram for your business. If you are an accountant or an attorney, maybe you didn’t think your line of work was creative enough. Now it might take a little more work, but you can definitely sell your skills and services on Instagram.

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  9. Set Your Business Apart with a Customer Inner Circle

    May 02 2016

    When you were first starting out in business, you had a few friends, family members and customers that you leaned on for support and advice. Now these might have changed over the years, but chances are your business still has some trusted friends and customers. They also probably still give you advice informally or tell you when your company has a problem. And that’s great. Businesses need those checks and balances to keep growing and operating smoothly.

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  10. Yes, It IS Possible to Sell a Service on Pinterest

    April 11 2016

    Wait, what? If you aren’t that familiar with Pinterest, you might think it was all pallet projects and paleo recipes. But it is so much more and you can definitely sell what you do on it. Plus, with over 70 million users on it, why wouldn’t you?…

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