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Choosing a Winning Subject for Your Next Press Release

October 29 2014

If you’ve had trouble recently getting the attention of even the most faithful of your editor and journalist friends, then you may need to take a look at the type of material you’re sending. You could be getting a little too “familiar” and started figuring that everything is ok to send or even write about.  Read More

PR Problems You Never Expected

October 29 2014

Most PR pros have a grandiose idea of what public relations is before they go into the field. They see representation of it on TV or a movie and believe that the job is all glamour and hobnobbing with celebrities all the time. However, after a few years actually doing PR work, they quickly discover it’s not all glitz and fun.  Read More

Differences Between Writing a Press Release and a Blog

October 28 2014

Writing is writing, right? You sit down, bang your head on the desk for a while, and eventually you come away with something that resembles properly formed sentences. While there is some truth to this (especially the head banging part), it would be unwise to pretend that the process of writing a press release and a blog is the same.  Read More

Keyword Research Has Value in Press Release Writing

October 27 2014

So the days of writing a press release for the sole purpose of SEO have come and gone. Easy come, easy go, as the saying goes. No longer is it advisable to craft a press release for the simple hopes of getting a little link juice out of it. For shame. Read More

Why Your Press Release Might Seem Longer Than It Really Is

October 24 2014

A good press release is tight, to the point, and doesn’t waste any words. If your press releases don’t meet this criteria, there’s a better than average chance that reporters will take one quick look at them and move on to the next one. Why? Because reporters are busier than ever before. Every day, even reporters working for the smallest publications get bombarded with press releases, and there’s simply not enough time to read them all. So, if your press release is too long, you’re out of luck. Even worse, if it just looks long, despite having an average word count, you’ll lose the reporter’s interest immediately. Read More

Media Coverage: Winner Even When You Don’t Get A Link

October 24 2014

SEO has ruined the way many businesses approach PR. The constant chase for higher search engine rankings has caused some to focus all of their PR efforts on attaining more backlinks to boost their search engine placement. The obsession with SEO and link building has gotten to the point that some PR folks view media coverage that doesn’t include a link back to the company’s website as useless and a waste of time. Read More

The Value of Adding an Info Box to Your Press Release

October 23 2014

While the main goal when sending a press release is to have your story ultimately get picked up by the reporter, the first and most important thing you’re trying to do is to get your press release read. And with reporters receiving dozens—even hundreds—of press releases day in and day out, this is often a more difficult feat than it might seem. That’s why it’s so important that your press release stand out from all the others and make it quick and easy for the reporter to glean the key information from your story. One of the best tactics for achieving both of these things is to add an info box to your press release. Read More

Controversy Isn’t Something to Avoid Like the Plague

October 22 2014

Eminem, Kanye West, Donald Trump, Michael Moore, Rush Limbaugh, and Mark Zuckerberg; GoDaddy, Carl’s Jr., Rolling Stone, and Dove. What do all of these people and companies have in common? They’ve all used controversy to generate attention and bolster their brands to a new level. You could even argues that, without controversy, many of the names on that list would be unknown. Read More

Your Press Releases’ Page Views are Overrated

October 21 2014

When it comes to measuring the success of your press releases, it’s often a bit tricky, but there are numerous metrics you can look at. From counting how many reporters actually covered the story to seeing how many interactions it received to monitoring traffic to your website, there are countless useful figures you can use to gauge the value of your press release. However, there is one press release metric that I find to be a little misleading and slightly overrated – page views. Read More

5 Incredibly Annoying Press Release Writing Habits

October 21 2014

There’s no glamour in writing press releases. It’s not sexy. It’s not terribly exciting, either. And there’s no fame and fortune waiting for a press release writer. But make no mistake, there absolutely is an art to writing great press releases. And when you’re competing against hundreds of other press releases trying to grab a reporter’s attention, you’d better hope you didn’t make any of these annoying mistakes when writing your release: Read More