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Branding a Cult

January 28 2015

What do Star Trek, Harley-Davidson, Oprah Winfrey, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), Apple, the Volkswagen Beetle, Jimmy Buffett and Linux have all in common? These entities are among the handful of national and international brands that have reached cult status.  Read More

Asking To See An Article Draft Is Asking For Trouble

January 26 2015

Next time you’re surfing for an interesting movie, consider checking out “The Insider.” The 1999 movie – starring Al Pacino, Russell Crowe and Christopher Plummer – tells the true story of Dr. Jeffrey Wigand (Crowe), a tobacco industry whistleblower, and Lowell Bergman (Pacino), a producer for the television news magazine “60 Minutes.” The film follows Wigand and Bergman’s attempt to get Wigand’s story about tobacco companies manipulating nicotine levels and lying to Congress about it out to the public. The movie shows the pair had to learn to trust each other as corporate lawyers, news producers and the media tried to derail the truth.  Read More

How to Guarantee Your Press Release Won’t Be Read

January 21 2015

On average, I receive fifty press releases each day. On top of that, I receive an additional 100 correspondences. My inbox is a disaster area. I have over 300 unread emails in my inbox from the past ten days and it’s likely that eighty percent of those are press releases. The question is: why do I read only some, and not all, of these press releases?  Read More

Give TV Producers Lead Time

January 19 2015

Even for the best publicists, booking a client onto a talk show on a day’s notice is a rarity. Just as great visuals are important when pitching TV producers for an interview, so too is providing leeway to consider your proposal. Giving the producer — and yourself — enough lead time to schedule an interview which will coincide with your event or publicity tour will help meet those objectives, and create a positive rapport for future dealings.  Read More

Headlines for Humans: Reel In Real Journalists

January 14 2015

Headlines change lives. Think I’m being dramatic? Get this. You could be sitting on top of the most interesting news in the world and the world will pass it by if your press release has a boring headline.  Read More

Press Releases Should be Part of Your SEO Strategy

January 12 2015

We all sit around and try to figure out Google’s algorithm (don’t we?), but there are more productive ways to optimize your SEO on search engines. You’ve no doubt already written several blog posts and fixed up your website to include the appropriate buzzwords to get users’ attention. But what else can you do? Well, for one, you can write press releases.  Read More

Here’s What A Great PR Pro Will Really Do For You

January 07 2015

 Thinking about hiring a PR guy or gal to help promote your business? Having a savvy public relations pro in your corner can be an incredible asset. The right PR pro will help your business get its message out there to your target audience. But these days, the role of PR professionals is constantly evolving thanks to the growth of digital and social media, and with so many people claiming to be PR “gurus,” “ninjas,” and an assortment of other equally ridiculous monikers, finding a truly qualified PR pro can prove quite challenging. That’s why it’s important to understand what today’s PR pro should really do for your business. Read More

What the Recent Decline in Working Journalists Means for You

January 07 2015

Recent information from The Pew Research Center revealed that the number of current working journalists is the lowest it has been since at least 1978. As of 2012, the total newsroom workforce in America was just 38,000, compared to 55,000 just 6 years earlier in 2006. Simply put, newsrooms have been devastated by layoffs in recent years, and many journalists have been forced to find new lines of work.

But what does all of this mean for you, the PR person?

Read More

4 Tips To Help Your Business Get More Local Press

January 05 2015

Every brick-and-mortar small business is part of a local neighborhood and geographic community. Here are several tips to help your business get more local press. Read More

Every Pitch is a Learning Experience

December 31 2014

With today’s journalist shouldering more responsibility than ever before, it’s essential that you master the art of pitching stories. Your pitches must immediately grab the attention of the targeted journalist if you want to get noticed and get coverage. Read More