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Outside the Link: Google’s Crowned PR as the New SEO

November 28 2014

Remember years ago when you would search for something and come across a website riddled with nonsense words everywhere? Those Wild West days of SEO are thought of with a quiet laugh and a roll of the eyes. Those websites were never pretty and often full of junk and even viruses, but they always seemed to pop up top.  Read More

Public Relations Tips for Small Town Folks

November 26 2014

When most people think of people working in PR they imagine someone with a Bluetooth device in their ear, a latte in one hand, a tablet/phablet in the other, and driving downtown in the big city with music blaring. While some of that is undoubtedly true (where’s my phablet and latte?), it’s not the case for a large portion of the PR world.  Read More

Writer’s Block, Your Press Release, and You

November 24 2014

Does writer’s block really exist? Personally I’ve never experienced it. While this sounds like bragging it could be dumb luck – after all, most writers who talk about writer’s block have been around for some time and experienced it, so it’s not like I’m special. However, even when I’ve been faced with the real prospect of having a huge brain meltdown I’ve managed to push through and finish it.  Read More

How to Deal with Unexpectedly Ornery Fans

November 18 2014

Seemingly out of the blue, your fans are all over your case. You thought you were doing everything right, but for whatever reason they’ve gotten something under their skin and are looking to complain. You get the feeling if you weren’t around they would’ve convened on someone else, but there you are, trying to figure out what the problem is. Read More

PR Problems Social Media Experts Have That Newbies Don’t

November 14 2014

Think things get easier as you go along when it comes to PR and social media? That’s not necessarily true, unfortunately. In fact, some things get tougher as you go along, even though your knowledge and skills increase. But these factors inevitably will lead to challenges you never expected when you started out.  Read More

Micro vs. Macro Blogging – Which is Better?

November 12 2014

You know what blogging is, but do you know the difference between macro and micro blogging? While it seems like it’s just about the size of the message, there’s much more to it than that. The types of messages and what they convey about your business can vary quite a bit depending on the medium used.  Read More

Closing Out Your Press Release with a Bang

November 11 2014

Many words have been typed about the beginning of a press release. And it’s true; making a first impression is vital to making it into a newspaper or magazine or anywhere else. If you don’t knock their socks off right away they’ll simply move on to the next press release.  Read More

Tips for Shy PR Pros on Talking to People in Real Life

November 11 2014

The prevalence of social media in PR is a dream come true for introverts. They can type away with a level of separation from other people that’s not found in many other industries. There’s not even a real need to talk to people on the phone on a regular basis. Read More

5 Stupid Press Release Blunders Smart Companies Make

November 11 2014

Newbie or old pro – nobody is safe from making the occasional blunder. And this happens all the time on press releases. There are so many elements and so many things could go wrong that even the best in the business slip up and make goofy errors.  Read More

Why PR Will Never Be the Same (Offline)

November 07 2014

If you’ve been in the PR business for a while, you may remember what it was like before computers were such a big part of the industry. Never mind smartphones and tablets; desktop computers and the web in general had an immediate, huge impact on public relations. Read More