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NewswireLite™ $249

  • PR Newswire custom national distribution (direct to journalists & newsrooms)
  • 400 words
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  • Targeting at PR Newswire's discretion.

Newsmaker™ $399

  • Buzz Builder features
  • Premium news outlets via Associated Press
  • 500 words & two industry targets
  • 100+ media sites guaranteed

PR Pro™ $499

  • Newsmaker features
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  • PRTrue™ Send
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Client Testimonials

Coverage in Ad Age!

February 25th, 2014

"Did you see today’s coverage??? Honestly – I was shocked…

I’m pretty pleased with the surprise:"

Charles Cantu, CEO
President, Allerca
Huddled Masses

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Extremely Good Interview from Press Release

February 24th, 2014

"We received an extremely good interview from the last press release we sent, which was on our MA in Gerontology program.

People here are very pleased."

John Whitman
Concordia University

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PRWeb or eReleases? Take it from experience -

"You got Reuters, Yahoo Finance & more. PRWeb couldn’t even get Google News!

You guys sent me a PR Newswire Distribution Report with an incredible summary. And then today, a note to thank me? I should be thanking you!"

Thank you,
Monica McIntyre

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