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Create a Positive Image by Sending Out Holiday Cards

November 10 2011

The season of gift giving and receiving is upon us. And while that used to mean running to the tree to see what sort of goodies were waiting for you, times have changed. As a savvy business person with PR on the mind, the holidays present a unique time for connecting with customers and building your brand. After all, emotions are out of control during this season. You have people running around with feelings of thankfulness and conversely those stressed over the shopping frenzy. Either way, they’re likely experiencing some extreme feelings. Read More

Choosing the Right Brand Ambassadors

November 09 2011

If you want to take your brand to the next level and really connect with the public, then you need a brand ambassador. Someone to relay your message to your target audience and drive them towards customer loyalty. But how do you go about choosing these spokespeople? Read More

5 Resources for Creating Your Blog Calendar

November 01 2011

Need help organizing your blog? Time to create a blog calendar! Organize enough, and instead of being faced with the dilemma of what to write about each day, your blog will be nearly on autopilot. You may need some help getting your calendar and scheduling going, though. Here are 5 resources that can get you on your way to blog independence. Read More

“Public Diplomacy”: America’s Public Relations Campaign

October 31 2011

Is anything more complicated than foreign policy? Discerning each region’s customs, the particulars of language, and even what times to contact a government representative can all make huge differences in countries’ relationships. If you thought your campaign was intense, well … Read More

How Fast Should You React in a PR Crisis?

October 24 2011

One bright and early morning you wake up to a phone full of text messages and missed calls. What in the world happened? Turns out the actor who voices your company’s spokesanimal, Wonky the Wallaby, got in a lot of trouble last night, and the world is in an uproar. Read More

The 5 Basic Journalist Responses to PR Pitches

October 20 2011

When getting into the business of pitching PR stories, you’ll eventually come to recognize common responses from journalists. From happy acceptance to disgusted confusion, they will run the gamut. It can also be tough to gauge exactly what they mean. Instead of taking years to discover them, though, how about we just list them for you? Read More

5 PR Lessons From the Late Great Steve Jobs

October 13 2011

Steve Jobs didn’t just leave behind a legacy of great technology and black sweaters. Another big part of his inspiration, at least in a business sense, was in the world of PR! Apple had some great public relations over the years, and – like so many paradigm-shifting technology over the past 30 years – a lot of it can be attributed to Steve. Here are five of those lessons you can take to heart for your business. Read More

How to Foster an Online Community

October 11 2011

Social media isn’t just about gathering as many customers as you can, like little prizes. It’s about establishing and maintaining a community. It’s one thing for a zillion people to click “Like” on your company’s page, but if they aren’t buying your products, who cares? Read More

Coupons as PR

October 10 2011

It’s the age old question: can coupons be used as a public relations tool, or are they firmly in the marketing camp? Business experts have argued about this for ages, and the influence of the Internet hasn’t exactly helped settle the score. Read More

5 Ways to Make Sure Your Press Releases Get Found

October 06 2011

In ye olden days, press releases were only sent directly to reporters, and if the reporters weren’t interested in your press release, they would never share it with the public and it would never see the light of day. That was it. You had to accept rejection and try, try again. Read More