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What are the best practices for content promotion? Obviously, we include social media sharing, SEO, digital advertising, as well as cross promotion across websites, social media pages, and through email. These are all great ways to get the word out about the valuable content that you have to offer. However, there might be another way to get an edge on the competition and that’s through the use of press releases. Using a wire service helps you to reach new audiences and builds relationships with journalists or influencers in your industry.

chalkboard with Content is KingFirst you need to decide on your goals for the press release. Do you want more traffic going to your blog or are you hoping to increase sales? Be sure to set a measurable goal.

Then decide on your press release format, which may be a little different for content marketing promotion. Here are a few examples:

  • Full Content—If you want your content read in full, consider publishing a full blog post in a press release. Be sure to include back links to your website so that readers have the opportunity to learn more about your company.
  • Short Promo—A short promo highlights a few passages from your post and gives the reader some key takeaways, while encouraging them to visit your site to learn more.
  • Multiple Content Pieces—Another short promo that highlights several content pieces linked by a similar theme. Be specific about which ones you include and keep the number of links small.

Remember that all press releases should include the following:

  • Catchy Headline—You want something snazzy to draw readers in to your release.
  • The Lead—It needs to summarize what the press release is about and provide the most important facts.
  • Who, What, When, Where, Why & How—Whatever information is not included in the lead, is written in the next several sentences.
  • Contact Information—Give them a way to get in touch with you; include your website and social media pages.

When you have written your press release, determine where you want it distributed. This is where using a service can come in handy. The last step is measuring your results. Take a look back at the goals you had set for the press release and notice what you achieved and where you fell short. Use this information to tweak your next campaign.

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