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How to Monitor the Web for Brand Mentions

October 05 2011

Online reputation management is essential. Almost everyone is involved in social media these days. Your customers are all over Facebook, Twitter, blogs, review websites, message boards…you name it. And in some cases, they might be talking about your company. Read More

5 Reasons to Use an Infographic as a Press Release

October 03 2011

People have been declaring the press release dead for a while now, and while I don’t agree with that assessment, I also think it’s time to push the boundaries of what a press release can be. These days, there are social media press releases, press releases with video embedded, and a range of other variations on the traditional press release. Read More

How to Get Noticed Within Your Industry in 30 Days or Less

September 29 2011

Getting noticed. When you boil the public relations field down to its core, “getting noticed” is what’s left in the pot. When you perform even the most basic PR tasks for your company, you do so in the hopes that someone will stand up and say, “I see you!” Read More

How Do You Know When It’s Time to Let a Customer Go?

September 27 2011

You do everything you can to keep your customers and clients around. Why wouldn’t you? Anything else seems ridiculous – how else do you pay your bills? As a result, you probably end up doing some ridiculous things way beyond when it’s time to let certain people go. Read More

How to Prepare Your PR for a Product Launch

September 20 2011

The walls of your office building can barely contain your team’s excitement: it’s almost time for launch! The product has been perfected, the website is ready to go at midnight – everything seems like it’s in place. Read More

What Constitutes a PR Conflict of Interest?

September 15 2011

Conflicts of interest can sneak up on you. The obvious basic definition of a PR conflict of interest is being involved in multiple interests where one could possibly corrupt your decision making of the other. A very obvious example would be working for a video game company while you own stock in their major competitor. The possibility exists that your PR decisions would not be as honest in this situation, as lowering your employers’ sales might increase your own bank account. Read More

PR Ethics Concerns: Pay for Play Journalism

September 02 2011

Everybody wants to get on the good side of the media, but what lengths will some people go to be on the right side of the fence? One insidious trend has been causing major waves in the journalism world for quite a while now. It’s called “pay for play,” and it has many people crying foul. Read More

How to Evaluate a Press Release Writer

August 30 2011

PR graduates who know how to pump out a press release are a dime a dozen. However, you’re looking for GOOD press releases and don’t want to get something that looks like it was done via a form. How do you filter out the rest and hire the best? Let’s take a look at some ways you can evaluate your potential press release writer. Read More

Will Google Panda Kill Free Press Release Directories?

August 26 2011

By now, you’ve probably heard a little something about the Google Panda update. In short, this Google algorithm update is designed to reduce the value of duplicate content, low quality content, and low grade links from content farms. Read More

The 6 Worst Press Release Headline Mistakes You Can Make

August 24 2011

Writing a great headline is one of the most important things you need to do to get your press release read. A great headline entices the reader and invites them to check out your story. It tells them to keep reading. Read More